Emergency Directorate Urges: Red Meteorology Alarm for Montenegro

By , 22 Dec 2019, 14:32 PM Lifestyle
Emergency Directorate Urges: Red Meteorology Alarm for Montenegro Emergency Directorate Informs Citizens: ​​Montenegro strongly influenced by cyclone activity, Donja Lastva Waterfront, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
December 22, 2019 - Based on information from the Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology, the Emergency Directorate informs citizens that the area of ​​Montenegro today will be strongly influenced by cyclone activity that will cause severely unstable weather, heavy rain, and strong south wind.
In the central and southern regions, heavy rain is expected, in the coastal and higher continental regions, especially in the mountainous areas in the north, occasional south winds will be stormy.
The Emergency Directorate calls on citizens to adapt their activities to the announced meteorological situation both on land and at sea.
The notification was sent to all entities in the protection and rescue system to raise operational readiness and operational activity.
Heavy rainfall and high tide led to the flooding of the Kotor waterfront, and numerous pontoons along the coastal road in Dobrota. The entrance to the Old Town and the main town square is flooded, so without deep rubber boots, it is not recommended to move around this part of the municipality.
Due to the unprecedented tidal wave, the water level in the port of Kalimanj in Tivat has reached such an altitude that Kalimanj street and Ribarski put is flooded. The local Emergency Team decided to close those streets for traffic, Zoran Barbić, head of the Protection and Rescue Service, told Radio Tivat. The authorities are urging citizens who have vessels in Kalimanj to head to the port as a matter of urgency to start pumping rainwater and seas, as many ships are already threatened. It is also critical in Donja Lastva, where sea level is equalized with the height of the waterfront, and waves are spreading across the promenade of Filip Milosevic.
Last night, due to heavy rainfall, there was a landslide in Brajici, which is why vehicles on the Budva-Cetinje road are moving to one lane alternately.
According to the Protection and Rescue Service, there was no need for intervention in Herceg Novi so far.
The red meteorological alarm, which was confirmed by the European Network of Meteorological Stations for southern and central Montenegro, announces heavy rainfall until 10 pm tonight. Rain tomorrow morning. The highest daily air temperature around 18 degrees.
Source: Radio Tivat, Boka News, Radio Jadran

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