23 Jun 2020, 12:12 PM

June 23, 2020 - A thrilling event "Mountain Festival Orjen 2020" intended for mountaineers, nature lovers, and everyone with a positive and strong will, this year is held for the fourth time in the mountain lodge "Za Vratlom" in Orjen, from June 26-28. This year's program consists of a series of exciting activities such as a presentation to mark the tenth anniversary of the Everest expedition, a presentation of the "Via Dinarica" ​​trail, and the traditional way of life on the Orjen.

"We will promote the new publication of the magazine "Planinarske Novine" and award prizes to the best texts in the competition for a short mountaineering story. We will organize the traditional "Orjen Marathon," a presentation and field testing of the potential centre for vertical sports, a mountain race "Orjensko Srce" (Orjen Heart), and a mounteaineering orientation competition," say the organizers. The Mountaineering Association of Montenegro and the host of the festival Mountaineering Club "Subra" are organizing the festival with the support of the Ministry of Sports.

Mountain Festival Orjen 2020 Program

Friday, June 26

Gathering of participants in the afternoon (mountain lodge "Za Vratlom")
19:00 - Opening of the Mountain Festival, welcome speeches, the opening of the photo exhibition and service
19:30 - Promotion of the 10th issue of Planinarske Novine and awarding prizes to the best texts in the PSCG competition for a short mountaineering story
20:00 - Presentation "Ten years since the Everest expedition," Dragutin Vujović, participant of the expedition
21:00 - 23:00 - Campfire, socializing

Saturday, June 27

07: 00-14: 00 - Hiking tour - 21st Orjen marathon - organized outing on Subra (circular trail)
Around 3 pm - Joint lunch for all participants
17:00 - 19:00 - Presentation and field testing of the potential for a centre for vertical sports, Mišković and Radović beams
19:00 - Panel discussion "Sustainable use of the mountain"
20:00 - 20:20 - Traditional way of life on Orjen, Orjen Nature Park
20:20 - Presentation of "Via Dinarica," Ante Romac (Croatia)
21: 00 - 23:00 - Campfire, socializing, live music

Sunday, June 28
08:30 - Mountain Running race "Orjensko Srce"
10:00 - Competition in mountaineering orientation
Noon - Announcement of winners in both races
13:00 - Lunch together and closing of the festival

Note: In addition to the mountain lodge, participants can stay in their tents on the plateau out front.

Contact phone for registration of participants: +38269262331 Iva Verigo

16 Jun 2020, 13:05 PM
June 16, 2020 - The Secretariat for Culture, Sports, and Social Activities of the Municipality of Kotor in cooperation with the Public Institution Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" Kotor - City Library and Reading Room organizes a series of forums entitled "Kotor 2020 - consequences and recovery after COVID-19."
It is a project that will be implemented during the summer, every other Friday at noon in various locations of the Old Town.
The first tribune will be held on June 19 at noon on the Maritime Museum's terrace. The President of the Municipality, Zeljko Aprcovic, the Director of the Tourist Organization, Ana Nives Radovic, the Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Spiro Ivosevic, and the Director of the Port of Kotor, Marko Radulovic, will take part. The moderator for the first part of this cycle will be the librarian of the City Library and Reading Room Jasmina Bajo.
The project aims to review the situation in society caused by the epidemic crisis, analyze the current situation, and remedy the consequences in social life and creation. It is planned that in fifteen-minute presentations on interesting topics from various fields, reputable and competent citizens of Kotor - representatives of institutions, organizations, festivals, NGO sector. They will discuss the issue of economy, culture, sports, entrepreneurship, tourism, education.
"We believe that after teaching online, video conferencing applications, the inability to go to work for a large number of employees, the total interruption of cultural and sports activities, and live programs, this project will be a novelty in the Cultural Kotor Summer, which is just beginning. The goal is to include as many of our citizens as possible, to think about how and what should be done to get out of the crisis and the problems that the whole world is in as painlessly as possible, which did not bypass Kotor either," the organizers say. 
14 Jun 2020, 19:07 PM

Petar Pejaković on the occasion of this year's Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children

June 14, 2020 - “The Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children will be held for the 28th time in its traditional period from July 2nd to 10th. It is important that the Festival is held on those days, not only because of its long tradition, but also because during this global crisis it is a positive thing to start the entire "cultural summer" in Montenegro with a festival dedicated to children and children’s culture,” said Pejaković.

Youngsters deal best with big things, even when they, like coronavirus, seem like monsters from a fairy-tale. Even as its evil fire burned on all sides, and turned their world upside down, they were patient. And as one of the rewards for their courage, the Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children, as announced by the event’s Director, Petar Pejaković, will also be held this year, from 2nd to 10th July.

Although somewhat redacted, the 27 year-old festival will continue in its attempts to bring to the most sincere of audiences positive creativity for children and young people, both in the drama and in the literary and musical segments. Pejaković spoke further to Pobjeda about this year's programme.

How much, due to the consequences of coronavirus, has this year's concept for the Festival changes, and is it possible to hold it in the traditional period?

The Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children will be held for the 28th time in its traditional period from July 2nd to 10th. It is important that the Festival is held on those days, not only because of its long tradition, but also because during this global crisis it is a positive thing to start the entire "cultural summer" in Montenegro with a festival dedicated to children and children’s culture. Children are also the most impatient and deserve the most attention first, after an extraordinary period in which we were all deprived of many things. For that reason, the motto for this year's Festival is: "Everything has stopped, but the children are still growing". That is, everything can stop, but children cannot. This sounds like a just a phrase, but it's not really, it's already a basic, and if you will, harsh reality. We have an obligation to be aware of this, to respect it and to lend a hand.

Will the youngest audience be able to watch any performances from the region and abroad this year, and will it be possible to organize the competitive part of the programme? 

We are still in discussions on performances from the region that will be part of the Festival. We are waiting for the general situation in the region to return to normal in order to bring the best possible performances from neighbouring countries. What is certain is that there will be several professional performances at the Festival coming from outside Montenegro. We have decided that this year there will be no competition taking the format of professional awards conferred by an expert jury. This is not the right time for that, and without participation from international competitors there would be no true or worthy competition. The children's jury will still work this year and will award the "Dragan Radulović" award. Here, the symbolism of this award and the act itself are more important than the competition.

 Has the Festival programme already taken shape, that is, has it been agreed what will be performed at the Festival this year?

The programme of the 28th Festival has largely been agreed. There will be 10 performances on the main theatre programme. Most of the theatres in Montenegro, several theatres from the region and some of the best productions of the Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children will be taking part. The festival has striven, especially in the last ten years, towards quality internationalization, that is, towards the opportunity for our children to see and a broad range of quality theatre performances from all over the world. So far, the Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children has been attended by children's artists from 45 countries on five continents. This year, we are, in the artistic sense, in a kind of quarantine, and we rely on our own production and capabilities. We need to make the best of this difficult circumstance. This year we need to turn to ourselves, reflect, and honestly see where we are, what we are doing, and what and how to proceed. In the case of the Kotor Festival of Theatre for Children, it is a good opportunity to get a true picture of the Montenegrin youth and children’s theatre scene and to make the right decisions on how to improve it and quickly and in a quality way, and for sure a lot needs to be done.

Can we expect some local premieres at the Festival?

From 2nd to 7th July, the City Theatre of Podgorica will present two new premieres in Kotor:  “Maca papučarica” (The Slipper Kitten) and “Na ivici neba” (On the edge of the Sky). The Nikšić Theatre will perform “Kraljević i prosjak” (The Prince and the Pauper). The Royal Theatre Zetski Dom will premiere the play “Ljubavno doba” (The Age of Love), made in the Drama Studio and intended for young people. In addition to these local premiere performances and several other performances from the region, the Festival will also welcome performances that were previously produced or co-produced by the Festival and the Nikola Đurković Cultural Centre: “Ivo Visin – kapetan od snova” (Ivo Visin - Captain of Dreams), “Lagarije - predavanje o surogatu” (Make-Believe - A Lecture on Substitutes) “Kinez” (The Chinese Man), “Cvrčak i mrav” (The Cricket and Ant) and “Kako rastu veliki ljudi” (How Great People Grow).

How has this year's music and literature programme been designed?

 The other programmes will be quite comprehensive, considering this year's situation. A new book will be presented at the Festival for the first time from Ćuk Editions - “Ivo Visin – Kapetan od snova” (Ivo Višin - Captain of Dreams) by Jelena Lela Milošević with illustrations by Đorđe Kalezić. It is a continuation of the publishing endeavours by the Festival, aiming to fill the gap in domestic literary publishing for children. In addition, two more literary evenings are planned, three programmes of children's drama, five music and dance programmes, three exhibitions, animation programmes around the city, film screenings, and over twenty art installations in the Old Town, entitled “Stone Heritage".

How significant are the consequences of coronavirus on the event financially, and did you find support in organizing this year's edition?

The plan is for patrons from the Municipality of Kotor and the Ministry of Culture to set aside 40 percent of the previous sum used to support the Festival, which as part of KotorArt is one of the three festivals of national significance in Montenegro. It is difficult to know how many cuts there will be when it comes to other areas of life, but it would not be positive for culture and children to be most affected by the emergency situation. 

Theatre is Resilient

Although we are currently a country without active cases of the virus, and many measures have been relaxed, the situation in the region and the world is still uncertain. Do you have access to alternative solutions if things take a turn for the worse?

We planned alternative solutions two months ago, so we have several scenarios for holding an extraordinary edition of this year's Festival. These include moving it, holding the various programmes separately, and virtual or “guerrilla” editions and programmes for children and youth. Theatre is very resilient, it is used to difficult conditions, and it has high standards and requirements, so it will surely survive and be a guide in terms of other areas of life.

Source: Pobjeda - Svetlana VIŠNJIĆ

12 Jun 2020, 13:20 PM
June 12, 2020 - With changes to the decision on the amount and manner of calculation and payment of fees for the use of national parks, adopted by the Government of Montenegro yesterday, children up to the age of 15 will now be able to enter national parks in our country free of charge.
Until now, children under the age of 12 were not required to pay an entry fees to visit national parks.
- Amendments to the decision were made following the demand for specific services in national parks. There was a need to abolish and reduce the prices of particular fees. Tickets to the Durmitor National Park for three, seven, and 15 days and tickets to all national parks for ten days were cancelled because the analyzes showed little interest in those tickets - the Government stated.
Fees for commercial fishing have also been abolished following a new decision on the cost of issuing a license for commercial fisheries and aquaculture.
- Annual ticket fees for all national parks are now 50 percent cheaper. Discounts have also been introduced for fees for sport fishing and sport fishing licenses for members of sport fishing associations, clubs, and societies - the Government said.
The new regulation was adopted at the request of commercial fishers from Skadar Lake and the National Parks of Montenegro to reduce the annual fee for commercial fishing by 50 percent and extend the validity of issued licenses to mitigate the consequences of the new coronavirus.
- National Parks of Montenegro are obliged to issue a 50 percent discount to all commercial fishermen who apply for a license to conduct commercial fishing on Skadar Lake from the date of adoption of the information. The fee reduction applies to all future annual licenses issued for commercial fishing valid until the end of this year - said the Government.
Commercial fishers from Skadar Lake, whose licenses were issued on March 23 and who paid the fishing permissions in full, will have their licenses extended for another year free of charge. For fishing licenses that were valid on March 20 or paid from January 1 to May 1, the validity is extended until September 1 without an additional fee.
12 Jun 2020, 13:02 PM

June 12, 2020 - One of the world's most relevant comics artists, the phenomenal Cian Tormey, is the new confirmed guest of this year's edition of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival- HSF, which will be held from September 4 to 9 at several locations in Herceg Novi.

The outstanding Dublin-based artist works for the world's two most prominent labels- US giants Marvel and DC. In addition to Batman and titles from the "Batman" universe such as Batgirl with screenwriter Cecil Castellucci and Catwoman with legendary Sean Gordon Murphy and Blake Northcott, Cian Torney is currently working on a new edition of Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch for Marvel and the latest sequel to the excellent Injustice series for DC Comics.

Before a full transition to Ninth Art, Tormey was a multi-award winning art director in the world of marketing. In parallel with his regular job, he worked on the DC Anthologies comic book series with well-known screenwriters such as Kyle Higgins, Mariko Tamaki, and Paul Dini. His work did not go unnoticed even by competitors Marvel, and he was brought onboard for the Doom story within the critically highly rated saga War of the Realms, and on titles such as Valkyrie and Annihilation Scourge: Alpha.

"As the coronavirus pandemic subsides across Europe, so the number countries to which Montenegro opens its borders is increasing. The last updated list includes the Republic of Ireland, and this is the perfect reason to announce another one special guest of the fourteenth edition of the HSF, which comes from that very country. It is a great joy to have the honour of hosting this artist in Herceg Novi. Thus we further raise the reputation of our festival, which in art circles in Europe already stands as the main summer event dedicated to comics," say the organizers of HSF.

They remind us that the list of special guests announced so far includes the British PJ Holden, Slovenian Izar Lunaček, German Sedat Oezgen, Russian Artyom Trakhanov, and Italians Marco Mastraco and Mario Milano.

08 Jun 2020, 12:54 PM
June 8, 2020 - The first Blue Flag in Montenegro for 2020 flew today at the Tivat beach "Kalardovo," ceremoniously raised by the Director of the National Tourist Organization, Željka Radak Kukavičić.
This year, the Blue Flag was awarded for a total of 32 bathing areas and one marina. This number is a recognition, both to leaseholders and to the Public Company for Management of Marine Assets of Montenegro in achieving internationally recognized standards in the organization of bathing areas.
 As the "Blue Flag in Montenegro" Program takes place on two levels, before a beach or marina becomes a member of this prestigious club, it must pass the pilot phase, which lasts two years. Ten bathing areas have been registered for this phase in 2020, and flags and certificates can be picked up by leaseholders of bathing areas in the premises of the Public Company for Management of Marine Assets of Montenegro in Budva and at branches in other coastal cities.
Today's ceremony was also attended by the Director of the Public Company for Marine Management Predrag Jelusic, the Director of the NGO "Ekom" Sasa Karajovic, the Director of TO Tivat Danica Ćeranić, representatives of the Service for Sustainable Development of Marine Property and media representatives.
 The number of Blue Flags on Montenegrin beaches has been increasing from year to year, thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of patrons and leaseholders. The Blue Flag program has been implemented in Montenegro since 2003 when the NGO "EKOM" became an associate member of the Foundation for Environmental Education and thus gained the right to be the National Operator for Montenegro. JP Morsko Dobro immediately recognized the importance of the Blue Flag and, from the very beginning, became the general sponsor and patron of the Program, which is one of the most important activities related to the responsible management of the coast and beaches.
 The Blue Flag is an internationally accepted and recognizable symbol of high standards in tourism and environmental protection awarded to beaches and marinas that meet 32 ​​program criteria in four areas. A bathing area gains its Blue Flag label based on seawater quality, beach services and safety, environmental standards, and education and awareness-raising among the public about the ecological values ​​of the sea and the coast. 
 The Blue Flag is awarded for the current season. It is based on the results from the previous one, which is judged by the National Commission consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Public Company Morsko Dobro, Red Cross of Montenegro, Port Authority, and environmental NGOs. 
 Based on the National Commission proposal, the Blue Flags are awarded to beaches every year by the International Jury in Copenhagen. The members of the international jury are representatives of renowned institutions such as the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the International Rescue Organization (ILS), the UN Environment Program, the International Marine Association (ICOMIA) and others.
07 Jun 2020, 20:41 PM
June 7, 2020 - Thanks to Eldin Kuba Omeragić, YC Delfin, friends of the club and numerous sponsors, and a large number of visitors who joined the humanitarian party, "Tivat looks after its people," an additional 2808.45 euros and $ 20 were raised in the campaign Jelena#BudiOptimist.
From early morning, in the company of hardworking members of the Women's Organization Tivat and the only women's sailing team in our country - Jelena's "Montenegro Sailing Team," the pier in front of Delfin premises was a kitchen and stage, where locals and guests took turns, feasting in Priganice, pancakes, croissants, Burek.
delfin 7
delfin 5
Kuba Eldin Omeragić i Luka Maslovarić, Photo by Miko Photography Studio
Lunch was prepared by the captain of the action, Eldin Kuba Omeragić, and the master of grating and cooking, Luka Maslovarić, who shared the grills - Kuba took care of the meat and Luka took care of the fish. The changeable weather did not disrupt the action much, because the hangar of the club was available, so two parasols were enough to keep the photo team Miko Photography Studio and musicians - Marko Đurišić and Bokelian band Nitro from getting wet. For the tattoo master, Friday Jones, the Delfin's hangar was an excellent body painting workshop.
delfin 1Friday Jones and Staša Ćeranić, Photo by Miko Photography Studio
Veterans of YC Delfin joined the gathering, proud of the younger generations who manage the club not only as a primary naval school for Tivat children and the world ambassador of our city, but also as a meeting place and joint actions of locals, where every guest can feel the real atmosphere of Tivat and its people. There were also the youngest Dolphin competitors, who used the day for swimming with their friends, which attracted the older ones, so we can say that the bathing season has become official. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to dinner - pizzas donated by Tivat pizzerias.
delfin resize
Apart from the locals, who arrived from all the cities of Boka, the party was joined by a large number of foreigners, mostly residents who are working on one of the large projects in our town. Probably, like the others, they were sorry that the party ended around 10.30 am, but the meaningful day should have ended with style and left the hangar and mule ready for today's training for the Optimist class, which started at 11 am.
The Organizing Committee and the Management of the club, as well as the friends of the action Jelena #BudiOptimist, thank everyone who contributed to the great result that the "optimist class" achieved at yesterday's "regatta." Tivat looks after its people!
05 Jun 2020, 20:32 PM

June 5, 2020 - The first Blue Flag in Montenegro this year will be raised on June 8, on the World Ocean and Sea Day, at the "Kalardovo" beach in Tivat. On that occasion, all the winners of the exclusive world eco-label in our country will be announced.

The international recognition "Blue Flag" is an exclusive ecological feature that is awarded annually to beaches and marinas whose users want to participate in this program and meet a total of 32 binding criteria. In Montenegro, this recognition has been awarded since 2003 thanks to the NGO "ECOM" from Kotor, became a member of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), and thus gained the right to be a National Operator with the financial and organizational support of the Public Company "Morsko Dobro."

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, an international Blue Flag jury met online on April 21 to evaluate the applications of over 4,500 candidates for the 2020 Northern Hemisphere. Extensive preparations by the International team ensured that the online format did not interfere with the quality and results of the meeting.

The International Jury of the Blue Flag in 2020 consisted of Peter Kristensen, European Environment Agency (EEA), David R. Green, Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC), Birguy Lamizana, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Sophie Lewis, World Cetacean Alliance (WCA), Bernard Combes (UNESCO), Jean-Michel Gaigné, International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), Erik Bech, International Life Saving Federation (ILS), Dirk Glaesser, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) & Lourdes Diaz (FEE) ).

The April meeting was also an opportunity to select the winners of the first competition for the best environmental practices at Blue Flag sites in over 40 countries.

The international jury says that the global crisis of COVID-19 will affect the upcoming season of the Blue Flag in the northern hemisphere, and asks that all awarded locations apply local and national health guidelines above all other rules. In these uncertain times, it is essential to remember the important role that the Blue Flag plays in supporting local communities and tourists to identify safe and sustainable destinations. Thanks to the recognized excellence of the Blue Flag award, the public can be sure that it will be safe to visit the places where the blue flag is flying this summer as well.

Last year, 30 beaches waved the Blue Flag in Montenegro. Among the marinas, Marina Bar deserved this recognition, while there were 14 more beaches in the pilot phase for obtaining this ecological label.

05 Jun 2020, 19:07 PM
June 5, 2020 - This Saturday, you have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable night walk through the Herceg Novi hinterland's most beautiful viewpoints in the company of connoisseurs of natural beauty and cultural heritage of Orjen. In the fourth edition of the event "Above Boka by the Moonlight," on the night of the full moon, participants will be able to visit the fortification-lookout point Tajno Brdo, former military positions on the top of Gručalica and the lookout point under the hill Šilobod.
All three viewpoints are interesting for their turbulent history, but also the exceptional views of the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. The night aspect of the organized tour of the event gives a note of unusualness, even mysticism. To complete the story, upon returning to the village of Kameno, a short presentation "WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS-beings of darkness" follows. It is organized in the beautiful ambiance of the courtyard of the church of St. John.
8.45 p.m. Gathering at the crossroads in the village of Kameno, introductory information, division of participants into groups.
9 p.m. Departure with guides to three attractive viewpoints and historical places Tajno Brdo, Gručalica and lookout under Šilobod.
10.30 p.m. Gate of the St. John Church at Kameno: occasional refreshment, and then the popular presentation "WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS-beings of darkness" (Željko Starčević-Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen)
11 p.m. End of the official program
Participation is free, and arrival is at your own expense. The place is a 10-minute drive from the roundabout in Meljine on the way to Trebinje. At the lookouts, visitors will be able to find many exciting things about their sites. For safer movement on the terrain, illuminated only by the moonlight, it is necessary to have a reliable flashlight and adequate indoor footwear. The event is suitable for people in average physical condition. Participation is according to standard terms: on one's own and for children on parental responsibility.
The organizers of the event are the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen and the Local Community of Kameno-Žlijebi, with the support of the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, and the help of "Cicak acoustics," mountaineering club "Subra" and Joke's kitchen.
03 Jun 2020, 21:04 PM
June 3, 2020 - Sailing club Delfin from Tivat and friends invite you to an all-day charity party entitled "Tivat looks after its people." The party will be held on Saturday, June 6, from 10 am to 10 pm on the pier in front of the club, and includes entertainment, gastronomic and educational programs.
jk delfin"On the great energy of the action Jelena #BudiOptimist, wholeheartedly supported by the organizing committee of the Meštar O' Konopa (Master of the Ropes) challenge, we crossed the COVID-19 epidemic period in an atmosphere of togetherness and creation, providing our Jelena with significant help in her fight to recover and return to sail together," says Eldin Kuba Omeragic, the initiator of the humanitarian party "Tivat watches after its people." 
"Again, we decided to gather all our strength and have a good time, continuing the action of Jelena #BudiOptimist in the way that suits us best - with fun, play, excitement, but also good food that we will offer all day," says Cuba.
The program consists of three segments - presentation, education, and consumption. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the music of Bokelian bands, learn how to make Priganice and pancakes, pose for a professional portrait, learn the basics of macrame technique in the company of Meštri O' Konopa. But also to enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner, which will be prepared by renowned Tivat chefs on the spot.
"For brunch, we have pancakes, pies, and Burek. Lunch falls on both fish and grilled meat. For dinner, thanks to the sponsorship of Tivat pizzerias, we will offer pizza to visitors, "explains the head of the organization, Eldin Kuba Omeragić.
"Once again, we can boast that we have animated a large number of Tivat businessmen, creatives, cultural and sports associations to join us. What there is no doubt about is that a great party awaits us on Saturday. In a way, we use the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped the action "Jelena #BudiOptimist," which we continue in our style. On Saturday, we are together to send Jelena good thoughts and additional support, but also to welcome the summer and the beginning of the sailing season, "says Kuba.
03 Jun 2020, 20:55 PM
June 3, 2020 - The local community of Stari grad Kotor is again organizing the event "Kotorska Pašta," which aims to preserve the authentic recipe of Kotor creampie, the so-called Kotorska Pašta, otherwise a gastronomic brand of ancient Kotor. The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 6, at 10:30 a.m. at the entrance to the Old Town. 
Kotorska Pasta, as this dish is called among the Bokelian families, is a sweet pie, a variant of creampie, which has three crusts instead of two.

History of Kotorska Pašta

It is assumed that the recipe for this dessert was brought to Kotor by the Italians, but the grandmothers of Kotor have kept and prepared it in this city for centuries. The way of making Kotor Pasta, i.e., the fact that it is made with three crusts, may indicate that this delicacy comes from a French cake called mille-feuille, also known as Napoleon. The exact origin of this cake is not known, although it is believed that its modern shape was designed by the famous French chef Marie-Antoine Carême. This cake is similar to creampie, but, just like Kotorska Pasta, it is made with three layers of dough.
In Kotor, this delicacy became popular in the middle of the 20th century, when these crepes were sold in the once-famous bakery "Zdravljak,"  on St. Tryphon square, between the Historical Archive and the Municipality building. Famous masters from this bakery passed this recipe on to their heirs.

Kotorska Pašta Festival

The Kotor Pasta Festival is a gastronomic event that promotes and keeps from oblivion the traditional recipe of Kotor cream. The festival has been organized since 2015, in the pre-season during June, on one of Kotor's squares. During the event, the organizers distribute visitors about 1000 creampies, made according to a traditional recipe, prepared by Kotor housewives and famous restaurants.
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