Orjen Attractions: Door of Subra, Masterpiece of Nature

By , 25 May 2019, 22:24 PM Photo of the Week
Orjen Attractions: Door of Subra, Masterpiece of Nature Orjen Mountain, The Door of Subra, Photo by Zeljko Starcevic

May 25, 2019 - The Door of Subra on the Orjen Mountain is one of the biggest natural attractions of Herceg Novi's hinterland.

Today, as part of the Jubilee 20th edition of Orjen Marathon, mountaineers and nature lovers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the attractions of the Herceg Novi hinterland in the company of experienced guides of the Subra Mountaineering Club. Among the fascinating masterpieces of nature is recorded by one of the best connoisseurs of this area, archaeologist, climber and speleologist, Željko Starčević. You have a chance to join at Mountaineering Hut "Za Vratlom" also tomorrow when there is a mountain race, but also a recreational tour through the route Orjen Heart.
Members of the Mountaineering Club Subra and the officers of the Orjen Development and Protection Agency often organize various activities in the area of the Nature Park, which covers a rich natural and cultural heritage. Along with the popular hiking and cycling routes, Orjen has offered Adventure Park Vrbanj since last year, yet another good reason not to miss this gorgeous mountain.

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