Education System Prepares for Regular School Year Start

By , 07 Aug 2020, 00:06 AM Lifestyle
Education System Prepares for Regular School Year Start Illustation

August 6, 2020 - The education system is being prepared for the regular beginning of the school year, which should be acceptable to both parents and students, the Ministry of Education announced, and the portal reports.

They will communicate with the Institute of Public Health in the coming days to receive confirmation.

The Ministry says that, given the public's expected interest, they must announce their position at the beginning of the school year. They point out that the appearance of coronavirus has clearly shown that it is not acceptable to make long-term plans and promises, which can be changed in a few days, due to objective circumstances.

"At the same time, the epidemiological situation changes day by day, and a serious education system must have a support scenario for such unforeseen situations, which are possible in the coming weeks and months," the Ministry of Education claims.

That is why they will record classes for the first quarter, "exclusively as" Plan B ", and not as an already established substitute for regular classes during August."

"Re-recording video lessons will serve as a temporary basis for the education system, so that a possible deterioration of the epidemiological situation would not find us unprepared. However, as we have already said, this basis will most likely serve only as a support to the education system and will be a useful resource for students and teachers in regular classes," the Ministry explains.

They hope that the prescribed measures will assure the improvement of the epidemiological situation and that they will receive confirmation from the competent health institutions that children, to everyone's satisfaction, can be in school in September.

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