Ministry of Education Plans Digitalization of Educational System

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Ministry of Education Plans Digitalization of Educational System #Uči Doma- Learn at Home Project

May 18, 2020 - From September 1, every first-grade student in Montenegro, all seven and a half thousand, in 500 classes and their 500 teachers, in addition to the classic ones, will have digital textbooks and other contents, the Ministry of Education announced.

In this way, a comprehensive digital transformation of the education system will begin through the pilot project Digital Classroom.

"I can freely say that this is a turning point which means the modernization of the educational process and at the same time giving up the anachronistic traditional, outdated way of presenting teaching content," said Minister of Education Damir Sehovic.

He explained that digital content would be presented in the form of 2D and 3D animations, video materials, simulations, virtual models that will be related to the curriculum and the content of the textbook itself.

"From the next school year, children will have the opportunity to absorb knowledge in a modern, European way and to make that knowledge more permanent," said Sehovic.

The Ministry of Education plans to equip all classrooms with a quality wi-fi signal and IT equipment in all primary and secondary schools by September. Smartboards and smart TVs will be purchased by the sixth grade of primary school, for which the Ministry of Education cooperation with the European Investment Bank, allocated 4-5 million euros.

Thanks to the Learning at Home project, the school year will be completed in a regular way, which will end following the projection defined by the school calendar. It means that the school year will end on June 12, ie, on May 20 for students in the final grades of primary and secondary schools.

"With the Learn at Home project , we saved the children, what is most important, their health, but we also enabled the continuity of learning, which was the essence of the whole story," Sehovic emphasized.

The project Learn at Home project (Uči Doma) has involved 240 teachers from 34 schools. They have recorded 1,700 lectures.

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