Coronavirus in Montenegro: 21 Infected, 5,565 Under Health Surveillance

By , 22 Mar 2020, 21:01 PM News
Coronavirus in Montenegro: 21 Infected, 5,565 Under Health Surveillance National Coordination Team for Infectious Diseases, Source:

March 22, 2020 - The Institute of Public Health announced tonight that coronavirus had been confirmed in five more people. In Montenegro, we now have a total of 21 infected with the new coronavirus. In addition to spreading the infection, the public's attention since yesterday is also occupied by the decision of the National Infectious Diseases Coordination Body to publish lists of people who have been prescribed self-isolation on the Government's website.

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The Institute reported tonight that five new cases of coronavirus infection had been identified by the analysis of 10 specimens, while another eight patients are undergoing analysis. They also said that all five were linked to already confirmed cases of the CONVID-19 infection.
"There are 5,565 people under health surveillance in Montenegro. The Institute is closely monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation, which they will regularly inform the public about," the IJZ said.

HRA: Publication of the names of persons who have been prescribed self-isolation is a violation of the right to privacy

Many human rights organizations responded to yesterday's decision and the publication on the Government's list of names, surnames, and addresses of persons who have been issued mandatory 14-day self-isolation decisions due to coronavirus.
The Human Rights Action (HRA) considers this procedure illegal, unconstitutional, and contrary to the European standard of privacy, and we urge the Government to end this practice, the NGO said today. The National Coordination Team for Infectious Diseases, with the approval of the Government last night, with the permission of the Personal Data Protection Agency, has begun to publish the names of persons who have been issued decisions on mandatory self-isolation.
"We are concerned about the negative stigmatization that exposes people and children whose identity and address have been disclosed, which can ultimately lead to violence. We caution that people who feel the symptoms of the virus can now be expected not to seek or do not seek timely medical attention for fear that their identity could also be disclosed. We understand the legitimate goal of health and life protection that the Government's National Coordination Body had in mind. But consider the measure decided in a situation where it was not declared a state of emergency, there is no legal basis, and it sets a dangerous precedent. Control of persons in self-isolation must be ensured otherwise, without expecting citizens to do police work, "the HRA said.

As of tonight, a ban on religious services in the presence of believers

The National Coordination Body (NKT) for infectious diseases decided tonight to oblige all religious communities to adapt their activities to the current epidemiological situation, the rites in religious buildings are performed exclusively without the presence of citizens.
According to the Montenegrin Government, the decision was made based on a report by the relevant security services, according to which only 1,350 people attended religious ceremonies throughout Montenegro today, as well as epidemiologists' estimates that these rallies present the highest epidemiological risk.
The NKT for Infectious Diseases emphasizes that it is not a matter of closing religious buildings since they remain open to priests, but that the measure obliges religious communities to perform rituals and other activities without the presence of citizens.

The Government will continue to publish lists of persons who have been prescribed self-isolation

"The National Coordination Body reiterated today its strong commitment: disclosing a person's identity in home self-isolation is necessary for a situation where Montenegro, unfortunately, faces an unacceptable number of violations of a home self-isolation solution. We state that no one, because of his or her indiscipline, has the right to endanger others and that it is the task of every citizen to be disciplined and to call, encourage and warn others about it, "reads a statement from the National Infectious Diseases Coordination Body. 

School in times of Coronavirus: Tomorrow Starting Distance Learning- UčiDoma

Education Minister Damir Šehovć said at the presentation of the #UciDoma distance learning concept that students would also have health and knowledge at the time of the coronavirus spread. "Teaching can be made up for, and human life cannot," he said at the presentation of the concept.
Shehovic pointed out that the concept included 150 teaching staff and IT professionals, who prepared over 300 recordings of lectures, in which over 100 lecturers participated. The lessons will be available on three TV stations- UčiDoma (1-5 grade of elementary school), UčiDoma 1 (6-9 grade of elementary school), and UčiDoma 2- the TV channel for high school students.
All the school program will be available on Youtube's Uči Doma and website.

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