Education in 2020 - Is this really a generation of ‘Lost Learners’?

By , 07 Oct 2020, 20:05 PM Lifestyle
Educator and Teacher Trainer Sue Dixon Educator and Teacher Trainer Sue Dixon Sue Dixon/Thinking Child

October 7, 2020 - Education is only one way in which our lives have changed since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak. In these uncertain times many of us, parents and educators alike, are wondering what the consequences will be for our children - both in terms of what, and how, they are learning. In a first installment on the topic, lifelong educator, teacher trainer and language school owner Sue Dixon gives us some reassurance that all is "not lost"!


During these past COVID months there has been a great deal of debate about whether our children have suffered from ‘lost learning.

Online learning hasn’t suited everyone, especially primary aged children and many parents tell me how difficult it is to motivate children to learn at home. Many teachers haven’t enjoyed it much either!

So, what if children haven’t learnt how to do long multiplication or how to use adverbial phrases this year? Is that a serious loss of learning – I mean really?  Given the circumstances around the world I don’t think so. With the right mindset, and positive teaching environment these are things that children can catch up. The first priority is to  build confidence, re-establish routines and instil good dispositions and habits for learning.

I have recently embarked on a new education adventure (I have had many adventures it is true to say) in Kotor; Thinking Child Tuition Centre.

I am excited and privileged to have created this opportunity to teach individuals and small groups, to be able to develop those necessary thinking skills for learning in a focused and personalised way. I am confident that children’s learning will not be ‘lost’ for long.

I wish all teachers, families and children the very best learning experiences in the coming weeks and months.


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