Luštica Bay Offering New Attraction - Walking path to Oblatna Bay

By , 14 Aug 2020, 22:59 PM Lifestyle
Luštica Bay Offering New Attraction - Walking path to Oblatna Bay Walking path from Luštica Bay to Oblatna, Copyright: Luštica Development

August 14, 2020 - Luštica Bay is offering a new attraction intended for all residents, guests, and visitors. From today, they are invited to enjoy a 700 meter-long hiking trail, leading from the village marina to the Bay of Oblatna and the Almara beach.

In addition, a temporary access path has been formed by adaptations in space, with minimal terrain modeling on a rocky surface, and without permanent physical changes.

The trail, integrated into the surroundings, includes several wooden bridges over existing bays. In contrast, a wooden path was made over the steep rocks to preserve the coast's natural ambiance in the Trašte bay.

"We expect that it will be exciting to all visitors because it is a pleasant walking route, from the entrance to the parking lot in the Marina Resort to the Bay of Oblatna and the Almara beach. Rest points have been provided at several places, with wooden benches that offer a very nice view of the sea. This year we decided to be mostly outdoors in the company of nature. Our activities were aimed at enhancing what we offer, so our new facilities include three beaches, a new lighthouse and terraces, and gardens for new shops on the promenade, "said Dragana Bećirović, PR advisor to Luštica Bay.

On the parts of the new path where the terrain is flat, the promenade was constructed by filling with fine white gravel. The route is visually protected from the sea, and the edges are fashioned from natural local stone, reflecting the natural environment's color, so as not to disturb the appearance. The height differences in the level of the path are facilitated by wide steps made of coniferous shapes.

A protective fence is made for each location. Depending on the nature of the terrain, there are wooden slats, natural branches attached to the existing greenery, and wooden poles placed in locations where it was necessary to provide additional protection.

The descent to the two natural beaches along the trail is made possible by wooden stairs that will be removed after the summer - the statement concludes.

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