COVID-19 in Montenegro: Good Epidemiological Situation, Update April 25, 2020

By , 25 Apr 2020, 18:08 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Good Epidemiological Situation, Update April 25, 2020, Screenshot
April 25, 2020 - Director of the Institute of Public Health, Dr. Boban Mugoša, said that in the last 24 hours, this institution had analyzed a total of 207 samples, among which one new case of COVID-19 was confirmed. The total number of coronavirus infected in Montenegro from the first registered patients on March 17 is 320. Six died, and 153 recovered to the effects of COVID-19.

Montenegro plans to continue mitigation of counter - COVID-19 measures in three phases

 At today's press conference, Head of the National Coordinating Body for Infectious Diseases, Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simovic, said that a favorable epidemiological situation gave the right to start mitigating the prescribed measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro. According to him, the plan is a new loosening of rules, which is planned in three new phases. Still, it will depend on the extent to which citizens adhere to necessary preventive measures, namely keeping physical distance, banning gatherings in private and public areas, and maintaining personal hygiene and space hygiene.
"We must work together to mitigate the social and economic consequences of this epidemic. A safe transition to a new reality has no alternative and will entail the phasing out of measures based on epidemiological risk assessments dictated by profession," said Simovic, announcing new mitigation for May 4.
The plan is then to enable the operation of retail stores, crafts, fitness centers, beauty salons, bookstores, dental offices, car rental agencies, museums, and galleries. At this stage, it is also planned to allow citizens to go to their cottages in other municipalities, and to introduce local public transport in cities where there are no COVID-19 patients.
The third phase is set to begin on May 18, and will include the opening of restaurants, cafes, hotels, beaches, and beach bars, but still without the permission of intercity traffic.
The fourth phase is scheduled for June 1, when the bull should, if the epidemiological situation remains stable, road, rail, and navigable urban and intercity traffic be established.
Simovic emphasized that the mitigation of anti-COVID-19 measures will depend on all members of society, and decisions on the introduction of new phases will depend on six essential criteria:
• The spread of infection under control
• Continued testing, monitoring of insulations and contacts
• Care for health care facilities and homes for the elderly and other vulnerable categories
• Establishment of clearly prescribed preventive measures at each workplace
• Maximize the risk of virus intake from other countries

Twenty COVID-19 patients in hospitals, two in critical condition

The director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Jevto Eraković, announced that 20 patients are currently being treated in hospitals in our country from COVID-19. Among them, there are no children. Eight patients were placed in the Clinic Center Infectious Clinic, and all were in good general condition. Intensive care has five patients, two of whom are life-threatening. There are four patients in the Bar General Hospital, and three patients in the Nikšić General Hospital.
"In general, we can be delighted with the results. What makes us even happier is that today we have 153 recovered patients, the number of health care workers under supervision is decreasing.
The director of the Institute of public health, Boban Mugoša, announced that a mandatory mask-wearing measure would be introduced in all indoor areas from Monday, to allow for a loosening of measures planned for May 4.

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, 3,156 citizens lost their jobs

Since the adoption of measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic until April 22, the number of unemployed in the country has increased by 3,156, with the highest number of newly reported unemployed registered in Podgorica, Niksic, and Rozaje. It was announced for the daily "Dan" from the Employment Service of Montenegro. In the period under review, 308 persons applied to the CES records.

Boarding seafarers need a COVID-19 test certificate

The Union of Seafarers of Montenegro, the Association of Naval Captains of Montenegro, and the Association of Agencies for the Mediation of Employment of Seafarers yesterday sent a joint letter to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs (MSA) regarding the testing of seafarers on Covid-19.
"In line with the latest recommendations from various international maritime organizations, as well as announcements from many countries, to facilitate international voyages for the embarkation and disembarkation of seafarers, many companies employing our seafarers have already begun inquiring about the possibility of meeting a seafarer before embarkation. Should have a Covid-19 test certificate.
In this regard, we have approached the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, in consultation with other relevant state bodies, to consider and facilitate this testing. This is for the reason that we would be ready in a timely manner to respond immediately to such a very certain requirement and condition for embarkation or employment.
The unwillingness or inability to respond immediately to these requests could call into question the boarding and employment of a large number of seafarers who are now on hold," the Association of Naval Captains of Montenegro announced.

Skanata: Porto Montenegro Marina is ready to serve all yachts in quarantine

The fact that the Government of Montenegro is considering a carefully controlled business re-opening program to maintain the country's economy is encouraging, as a result of the sound management of anti-virus measures in recent months, the National Coordinating Body's latest comments on Adriatic daily newspaper to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Last night, the NKT decided to lift the ban on the entry of yachts into Montenegrin marinas and ports, which had been in force since mid-March.
However, connoisseurs of nautical tourism and yachting, they mostly suspect that the latest NKT measures as they are now set will make a significant number of yachts from abroad come to our marinas again. Opening marinas for the arrival of ships in combination with keeping the current total ban on long-distance traffic in Montenegro and further keeping the paddle on catering and service facilities can hardly at this moment attract any foreign boater to come with his yacht to Montenegro.
Under the new measures, the controlled opening of marinas is ensured, while respecting the rule of self-isolation, which means that ships arriving from abroad must stay on call for 28 days. During this time, their crew and other embarked persons may not leave the vessel but to be in self-isolation. 
"Porto Montenegro Marina is ready to serve all yachts that would be quarantined in compliance with all prescribed protection measures," said the company's PR, Kristina Skanata. It is in this, she said, that they see an opportunity for all small Tivat companies and yachting services operating in that nautical settlement.
Škanata told TVCG's Morning Program that Porto Montenegro respects and implements all decisions of the NKT and WHO, and that crisis times require innovative and crisis communication. Tenants in Porto Montenegro, over 80 of them, are currently not working, but as soon as the Government gives its consent, it will implement different ways of doing business depending on the guidelines.
She stresses that Porto Montenegro continues to enjoy the confidence of the nautical clientele and considers that Montenegro has only been delayed as a tourist destination.

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