Great Beach Without Plastic - 22 Illegal Landfills Mapped and Described

By , 25 Oct 2020, 10:52 AM Lifestyle
Great Beach Without Plastic - 22 Illegal Landfills Mapped and Described Grand Beach Ulcinj, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević

October 25, 2020 - The project "Great Beach Without Plastic" - Ulcinj was held to raise awareness among the public and institutions about plastic pollution sources and consequences. We implemented activity projects with a focus on several groups: school-age children, tourists, and institutions, announced the NGO Green Life.

To present the problem of pollution at Great Beach, the report "Illegal Landfills in the Hinterland of the Great Beach" was prepared. All locations, a total of 22 sites where waste is located, were mapped and described. The report was presented to the institutions and resulted in the rehabilitation of three locations.

Five educational workshops were carried out with school-age children. In an age-appropriate way, they were provided with information on how it is possible to avoid the generation of plastic waste and why it is essential to do so. They were presented with the negative impacts of using disposable plastic and were told how waste negatively affects the environment.

"We organized three educational events on the beaches to raise awareness and explain to beach users that their actions on this issue are significant and that it is possible to influence the problem by global example, which is international in scope. We provided the information to those who wanted to be eco-friendly but did not know how to put the theory into practice.

On three different beaches, we have placed educational boards that will serve as warnings and explain why disposable plastic should be avoided, of course, with ways presented of how to do so. In this way, we have promoted the message we are trying to convey even when we are not directly present," the organizers anounced.

The project "Great Beach Without Plastic" was supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco within the initiative Beyond Plastic Med (BEMED), announced the organiser, NGO Green Life.

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