After More Than 10 years, Flamingos are Back at the Solila Nature Reserve

By , 14 Oct 2020, 15:15 PM Lifestyle
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October 13, 2020 - The Solila Nature Reserve in Tivat has welcomed the return of the most celebrated among wetland birds: after more than 10 years, flamingos have come back to Solila, symbolizing the commitment to the protection of endangered and rare wetland habitats!

Late yesterday afternoon, Miloš Mitkić, an ornithologist and volunteer at the Solila Nature Reserve, photographed three young flamingos feeding in the shallows of the coastal part, and their feathers, which have not yet gained their characteristic pink hue, show that they are this year's young.

Single Flamingo


These birds are very sensitive to disturbances and interference by humans, and it is believed that precisely due to traffic, hunting, fishing and use of canoes in the previous period, flamingos stopped coming to the area of ​​Solila. After Morsko Dobro took over management, a system of pedestrian paths was introduced, motor traffic was banned, and the authorities clamped down on poaching, which prevented people moving outside the defined paths, and which certainly contributed to the return of these elegant birds.

Flamingos often look for large areas of sea shoals, and it would appear that there is enough food for them in the sea area adjoining Solila. We believe that, due to the good management of this protected area, flamingos will again be regular guests at Solila.



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