Exhibition - "Nautical Culture" to Open in Tivat

By , 21 Oct 2020, 21:18 PM Lifestyle
Exhibition Announcement - Delfin Tivat Exhibition Announcement - Delfin Tivat Nikolina Gardašević

October 22, 2020 - In honor of 70 years of the sailing club "Delfin", an exhibition named "Nautical culture" will open on October 24th, in the Museum and Gallery Buca Lukovic – Tivat.

Club Delfin was formed in January 1951, and is one of the most famous sailing clubs in Montenegro. This club is of great significance, since it has competed for many years in national competitions. The biggest accomplishment of the club so far is the fact that it managed to place in the top 50 in the Olympic Class.

The President of Club Delfin, Frano Tripovic, will open the exhibition "Nautical culture" on Saturday, at 19:00. The exhibition is of a documentary nature.

"Nautical culture" will mainly be open on the first gallery floor, but it will be presented on the second as well.

The exhibition "Nautical culture" is made up of photos of documentary importance, as well as those recently taken. In addition to the photos, the visitors will also be able to see trophies, documents, diplomas, thank-you notes, and other artefacts.

Current exhibitions at Museum and Gallery Buca include:

  • "Code“ by Katarina Lakovic,
  • "Recollection“ by Marija Dzoganovic, Balsa Gobovic and Marko Gosovic,
  • "Characteristics of local fishing in Tivat“ by Igor Lazarevic.

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