Stop Illegal Fishing Warns: Dynamite on Luštica Active Again

By , 27 May 2019, 14:29 PM Lifestyle
Stop Illegal Fishing Warns: Dynamite on Luštica Active Again Stop Illegal Fishing -"Stop Krivolovu" Logo

May 27, 2019 - The Citizens Association "Stop Illegal Fishing" warns that dynamite has been reactivated at Luštica. Although the fight against all kinds of illegal fishing in Montenegro has lasted for two years, with the active participation of citizens and almost all competent services, the fact is that the judiciary and the prosecution have not yet adequately prosecuted perpetrators, and the perpetrators are getting wind in their backs to continue criminal activities.

In the words of one of the initiators and leaders of the group, Aleksandar Vukovic, they tried to activate all the competent services, because things are getting out of control.
"For the past twenty days, the detonations of dynamite on Lustica can be heard from Platamuni towards Zagora. As the fish moved to the shore, they have activated again. First by throwing the dynamite into the sea from the inaccessible rocks, and over the last few days they have been so courageous to do it from the boats. They throw explosives without paying attention to who is around them, looking only for their raw, material interest, without worrying about the nature and the security of other people," Vukovic said.
The Stop Illegal Fishing re-appeal to citizens to actively engage in the fight against piracy, primarily explosive devices, since dynamite, whose possession is a criminal offense, can have catastrophic consequences for human lives, not only the detrimental impact on the marine ecosystem. Although the working group made up of representatives of all relevant institutions takes all the necessary measures, the judiciary institutions have not yet sent adequate messages to the perpetrators.
"All the results so far would not be reached if there was not closed cooperation between the citizens, the police, the Inspection Department, the competent ministries. From that point of view, we can be content. The last and most crucial step remains, which I hope will soon be regulated. When we have the criminal convictions, based on which the perpetrators will end up in jail for crimes they do, I think we ended up with the job. In addition to punishment for the perpetrators, such verdicts will send a clear message to all potential criminals that the state has firmly decided to settle with them," Vukovic concludes.

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