We Will Save Sinjajevina Even If We Have To Die For It!

By , 16 Nov 2020, 21:49 PM Lifestyle
We Will Save Sinjajevina Even If We Have To Die For It! Sinjajevina, Source: ICCA
November 16, 2020 - The guards of Sinjajevina have been nobody's concern for a month now. The outgoing government is doing everything to exhaust them and shake them from defending the mountain, while the newly-elected are in no hurry to take power and thus save the lives of those who have been protesting at Margita in Sinjajevina since October 16. 
"Representatives of the new government visited us and supported us at the beginning of the protest, for which we are grateful. Still, citizens also expect more concrete steps from them, which is to take power, annul the military range decision in Sinjajevina and prove that they are dedicated representatives of the people," the protestors stated today.
The camp on Margita, set up on October 15, was not abandoned for a moment, even though the temperatures dropped below zero overnight.
"On the one hand, this shows our determination to save Sinjajevina from destruction with live ammunition, and on the other hand, the negligence of the outgoing government, which is in the technical mandate and the future, which delays the formation of the government, while citizens freeze defending the beauty and wealth of Montenegro. Someone in this country must finally understand that human lives are at stake above someone's desire to be a minister or to get themselves "the right spot".
Last week, from the People's Assembly held here in the montain, we invited the winning parties' leaders and the holders of the winning lists to come and be our guests only for 24 hours, but during the week, no leader came to visit us. We understand the obligations, but if they had come, maybe after sitting on a cold stone in Sinjajevina, they would have decided to urgently shake the government and save the lives of their citizens who have been protesting at an altitude of 1,700 meters for a month. It would prove that the citizens will no longer have to defend this country's potential with their bare lives, despite the changes decided on August 30 the results of which we are still waiting for.
In order to respect the National Coordination Body's new measures to suppress the spread of coronavirus, organizers decided to leave only four guards of Sinjajevina on Margita. Three of them - Vladeta Vlado Bojić, Radoš Rašo Vučinić, and Radoje Pujo Čobeljić, swore a month ago that if they should, they will give their lives for Sinjajevina.
In Camp II in Bunarine, there will also be a people's guard. The remainder will be in locations from which they can come to defend the mountain at short notice if the outgoing minister starts to implement his insanely destructive plan and take mortars to Sinjajevina.
"Even though we are left to ourselves, once again, we are sending a message from Sinjajevina that we will save it, even if we have to give our lives for it," reads the Civic initiative 'Let's save Sinjajevina' statement.

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