International Mountain Car Race Kotor - Trojica 2018 Held this Weekend!

By , 27 May 2018, 08:55 AM Sport
International Mountain Car Race Kotor - Trojica 2018 Held this Weekend! Facebook

May 26, 2018 - The international mountain car race Kotor - Trojica 2018, organized by AMSK "Blažo Smiljanić" - Kotor, is held over this weekend with the support of the general sponsor of the Municipality of Kotor. This year's race counts for the FIA Championship of the Central European Zone, Croatia, and Montenegro, and is dedicated to her creator Tripo Bukilica. Bukilica was head of the club from 1994 to 2018, and during that time the club achieved the highest results.

Race Director Slavko Tujkovic said that 70 years ago on the track Kotor - Njegusi, the first international race was organized, and that the idea of Tripo Bukilica was to turn this event into a race for the European Championship.

"We have continued this path, and we are confident that in the coming period we will realize the idea. The International Mountain Car Race Kotor - Trojica has between 120 and 130 competitors from 14 countries in the last two years, and this year we also expected a good response."

Tujković pointed out that this year, the most significant attention is paid to the security of both the participants of the race and the audience.

"In the field of security of the entire event, a team of licensed experts is engaged, behind which are years of quality work and experience. Our race is both local and state-owned, because over two thousand people from countries in the region visit, and more than 200 people participate in the organization of the race, Tujković emphasized.

Tujkovic said that the organization of such an event requires considerable material resources.

"Unfortunately, automotive operates at the club level, so the organization of such events is not easy because there is no alliance, and the Ministry of Sports cannot provide full support. After the new law on sport passed, we hope that we will form the alliance and return this status to this trophy sport, which deserves it," said Tujkovic.

The director of the race pointed out that the legendary Yugoslav and Montenegrin driver Željko Bato Banićević will drive for AMSK "Blažo Smiljanić" this year.

The first training race started on Saturday at noon, and 30 minutes after the end of the first run, the second began. The opening ceremony of the race is on Sunday, May 27, at 10.45 am, the first race is scheduled for 11.00. The second race follows just 30 minutes after. The closing of the regular traffic route on May 26 and 27 is from 8.30 am until the end of the race.

AMSK "Blažo Smiljanić" - Kotor won first place in the general placement at this year's first race in Podium.

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