Kotor Assembly Session to Elect New Municipal President Scheduled 14 June

By , 31 May 2019, 09:59 AM Politics
Kotor Assembly Session to Elect New Municipal President Scheduled 14 June Kotor Assembly President, Dragica Perovic, Copyright: www.dan.co.me

May 31, 2019 - The President of the Kotor Municipality Assembly with the imperative provisions of the Law on Local Self-Government, and on the basis of the submitted request - complies the initiative by the newly formed majority assembly to convene the session of the Kotor Assembly, scheduled the 20th session with the proposed agenda - the election of the President of the Municipality of Kotor. The meeting will be held on 14 June 2019, at 6 pm at the palace Bizanti.

President Perovic said that, although the initiative, as well as the previous action for the dismissal of President of the Municipality of Kotor, Vladimir Jokic, was not submitted following the law, which makes it deficient and unreasonable, she filed the request within the statutory deadline.
"With this act, I point at all the pressures and speculations of outdated DPS staff - public pretensions to the most responsible functions in legislative and executive power in the city. It is because I am deeply committed to the legitimate work of the management we formed in 2017, and in particular, the work of the local parliament, which, as a legislative body, is most likely to implement and apply the law. Of course, after the elections have taken place, and not after the deliberate overcompensation of the government.
However, as now underlined, the affirmed and prospective DPS deputies Aprcovic, Avramovic, and Sudjic revoke their hands from the fact that they are the direct culprits for the current situation in the Municipality of Kotor. I owe the most obvious explanation to the public," Perovic said.
"They are the ones who, with the so-called Assembly session of 24 April with its SDP facilitators, our former coalition partners, caused an "extraordinary state" in the Municipality of Kotor!
Citizens of Kotor and broader should know that employees in the Kotor Municipality and local public companies did not get their salaries for April. They left you and your families without dinner! Those, the same ones who, after they dismissed Vladimir Jokić, did not propose and elect a person who will serve as chairman until the election of a new president. They are those who knowingly and comprehensibly did it only for the purpose of being able to appear as rescuers now, after a month, just at a time when the Administrative Court and the competent Ministry of Public Administration should make decisions and give instructions for the work of the Municipality of Kotor to introduce it back to legal flows.
They are those who bring legal violence as a new manner and model of work on the Montenegrin political and legal scene. They are those, who earned the justification of their act on 24 April just a day later, 25 April, at the Assembly of Montenegro, proposing the so-called Kotor Law on Amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government. The reason is that it is easier for them to open each other, including Pandora's box, just not an electoral one.
And finally, I want to tell to this new assembly majority - how they started, they should continue to work, and the best judgment on them and us will be time, "Dragica Perovic, the President of the Kotor Municipal Assembly, told in a statement to the public.

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