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05 May 2019, 00:56 AM

03 May 2019 - At the end of September 2019, Herceg Novi could host a birthday celebration of the largest carnival family in the world, FECC - Dies Natalis 2019, if the Montenegrin presentation wins over Italy and Macedonia, which also submitted their presentations.

The final decision will be made after the presentation, which will be held at the end of June at the convention of the Federation of European Carnival Cities - FECC, in the Turkish city of Yalova.

The president of the NGO Maškare, Ivan Peulić recently spoke with the members of the International Board of FECC, Budva Municipality President, Marko Bato Carević and representatives of the Tourist Organization of Budva on the topic of following 17th International Travel Carnival Festival.

"Support has certainly come from representatives of the FECC of Montenegro. At the convention in Turkey, we will present Herceg Novi and Montenegro as possible destinations of this event. An official meeting was held today at Hotel Alexander with FECC president Lars Algel. The meeting was also attended by FECC President Montenegro Branko Đurica, Vice President of the International Board of FECC Josip Silov, as well as members of the board Aleksandar Cicimov and Aleksandar Vasović," said Peulić for Radio Jadran.

He is convinced that Herceg Novi could be the host of this event, because there is a great chance for this to happen.

"A good "basis" for this is our jubilee Feast of Mimosa, after which there are plenty of positive impressions, and we must try to design a better programme for this weekend and present Herceg Novi as a desirable destination. The birthday of FECC every year moves to another country. As far as I know now, we have a better impression compared to Italy and Macedonia, and I hope that 25 nations will support the convention." pointed out Peulić.

The Herceg Novi Municipality already accepted the proposal and unofficially supported the candidacy in March during the Mimosa Feast, while the support was provided by the Directorate of the 50th Feast of Mimosa, the President of the Municipality, Stevan Katić and Vice President Miloš Konjević.

"Maškare" are also participating in the 17th International Travel Carnival and 18th Spring Night under Masks.

"The carnival officially began last night, the programme on the streets of Budva, the restaurant and cafes that were full of food. Abrum was led by Carnival Director Marija Pjerotić and a delegation from the International Board of FECC. The carnival atmosphere already staggered last night with numerous masks that continued the party in the old town's streets. "Satiri" is one of 72 carnival groups from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro," concluded Peulić.

At 7.30 PM a large carnival rally from the main Post Office to the Square of the Painter is planned, and at 11.30 PM "The Carnival Show" is scheduled. Programme leaders and hosts will be members of The Books of Books.

04 May 2019, 01:16 AM

02 May 2019 - During its last session, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Information on the implementation of the project "Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal on the Adriatic Coast - Boka Kotorska Bay" and accepted the Financing and Project Agreement.

When presenting the Information, it was stated that the Municipality of Kotor, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, KfW Bank and Vodacom, nominated this project for donor funds under the third call for project applications from the Western Balkans Investment Framework. The Western Balkans Investment Framework Steering Committee positively assessed the project and it was decided that the construction of the sewerage network in Risan and Perast will be financed with the amount of 4.58 million EUR, which will solve the priority issue of wastewater collection in these coastal areas, which represents the first phase of the entire project.

On the same occasion, the Government of Montenegro also approved the Proposal of the Decision Amending the State Study of the "Sector 36" location. It is an area that is in direct contact with the areas of a series of planning documents, which together form the tourist complex Luštica Development.

Bearing in mind the fact that the intensive realisation of activities in the Marina area of ​​the Luštica Bay project, which includes, among other things, the construction of the Chedi Hotel, the main marina, as well as the residential facilities within Phase I, requires a well balanced and realistic plan of all infrastructural and communal facilities services needed for the adequate functioning of future capacities, there was a need for additional planning of some of the infrastructure and service facilities in that zone.

Through amendments provides for valorisation of the area with respect to the guidelines deriving from the legislation and all documents related to the protection of nature and cultural heritage.

The Government of Montenegro also passed the Draft Amendments to the State Study of the Location "Arsenal" Tivat. The main goal of the amendments is to correct the essential elements of the functionality of the space indicated in the previous plan. In that sense, it was aimed at correcting the zoning of the tourist purpose and its positioning in an adequate location, increasing the free and public surfaces, linking the pedestrian surfaces and forming a few squares as the adequate spaces of the Mediterranean urbology.

02 May 2019, 23:40 PM

01 May 2019 - An exhibition of paintings titled "The Eyes of the Sea" by academic artist Milo Albijanić from Tivat will be opened in the SPA Gallery of the Institute Dr. Simo Milošević on May 3rd.

As noted by the academic artist Vesna Supšić, Mile Albijanić uses the fish as a symbol and inspiration. The drawing is always side-by-side, but with details that do not illustrate the real life of water beings but are the product of an internal dialogue instead.

"This is the conversation that leads to the dramatic evolution of collages, as well as the reality in which they are created, but also the colored game of suggestion of motion, water and environment. In addition, the fisheye is also present, omniscient, significant and indispensable, just like God's," Supšić said.

Mile Albijanić was born on October 19, 1963, in Bileća, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he finished elementary school and gymnasium. He graduated in 1990 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, at the pedagogical department, as a teacher of fine arts. He worked for many years as an instructor and in workshops with disabled people, as well as a guide and souvenir designer.

There is an enviable number of collective and independent exhibitions behind his name, and he also enjoys photography. He is the organizer of the artistic event "Nacrtajmo se u eNKa", and he is also a founder member of the Art Group group "Tri Art" and a full member of ULUBIH (Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Visual Artists). Since 2013, he has the status of a freelance artist.

The audience at the Spa Gallery in Herceg Novi will be greeted with about 40 works of medium format, made with oil on canvas and paper. The exhibition will be opened by journalist Vitka Vujnović.

01 May 2019, 04:29 AM

29 April 2019 - The contest of rock bands, which was supposed to be opened on April 29, named the Carnival Nights of May in Budva, was postponed to Tuesday due to poor weather.

According to the Tourist Organization of Budva, seven bands will compete for prestigious awards: "Refugee Jesus & Apostles", "Jack Lupino & The Leftovers" and "The Grupa" from Budva, bands "Esid radio" and "Winged" from Podgorica, "Štrajk Mozga" from Nikšić, and the band "Eastock" from Užice.

The three-member jury, composed of Živorad Žika Jelić, YU group frontman, Miodrag Džemo Radonjić, bass player of the former cult Montenegrin group "Makadam" and Vladimir Bulatović, the vice-president of the Municipality of Budva will select the three best bands. For the third-ranked band, a cash prize of 300 EUR is prepared, while the second prize is 500 EUR, and the winner takes 1.000 EUR.

According to the jury, the two best rock band at Carnival Nights will perform on the main stage as a pre-band "YU group" whose concert should begin at 10 PM.

The rock night will be opened by a biker rally that will start at 6 PM in front of the "Beer & Bike" club in Budva. The rally will go to Petrovac and then return to the main town square.

On Wednesday, May 1st, at noon, the concert will be held by the City Music of Budva. At 7 PM the folk dance groups from the region and Turkey will take place, while the singing choir "Grbalj" will perform at the main stage simultaneously. Folklore ensembles will perform at the main stage, and ethno-night will round up the concert of the group "Sanja Ilić and Balkanika" in the most beautiful way, which is scheduled for 10 PM.

Zumba and salsa night will be the job for Jelena Rozga and her band which is scheduled for Thursday (May 2nd), Abrum and The Band group concert for Friday (May 3rd), a large carnival rally for Saturday (May 4th) and a children's Carnival for Sunday (May 5th).

From May 2nd to 5th, DJs and local groups in the Old City, the Palais Square and the Square between the churches are planned.

During the event, the parking of vehicles on the access roads to the Old Town and the square is forbidden, while the traffic will be completely prohibited on the trip: Tre Canne - Mediterranean - The old bus station on Saturday, May 4th from 5 PM and 30 minutes, until the passage of the carnival rally, the Tourist Organization of Budva announced.

01 May 2019, 04:13 AM

29 April 2019 - The upcoming summer in Herceg Novi may not be ready for lack of parking slots, but it will no longer happen that tourists, who struggled to find a parking slot, have to wander around to buy a ticket or pay for a parking, as noted by the representatives of Parking Service of Montenegro.

In the next few days, the Parking Service Company will deliver four parking payment machines for the purchase of parking tickets at places where there is no kiosk. The procurement contract, worth 30,000 EUR, was signed with Telekom, while the Parking Service is financing the devices.

In this way, for the first time in Herceg Novi, the system of purchasing parking tickets will be introduced, which is one of the segments of the so-called Smart parking, which is already in use in Podgorica. Except for parks, "smart parking" also includes telephone applications, installation of sensors under the asphalt, through which data on the number of free parking spaces are sent, and more.

As explained by the Parking Service, the parking machines will be placed at 4 locations: at Tonsati, across the Kanli Towers, between City Cafe and Atlas Bank and in Igalo, at TC Solemar.

They should first make it easier for foreign tourists to buy tickets, as it is in several foreign languages. It is important to note that the parking machines will receive both paper and coins, with the possibility of returning the change. In addition, the parking payment machines will come equipped with solar panels.

Through the parking lot, you can buy tickets for the so-called yellow zone (Dubrava, Tonsati) and red zone (city center and Igalo), or for about 200 parking slots.

For this season, there will be about 1,000 parking spaces in public and general parking lots under the "parking" of the Parking Service, and during the summer, there will be no price increases. This means that the parking slot in the yellow zone will cost 0,50 EUR and in the red 0,80 EUR. Subscription day ticket in the yellow zone costs 5 EUR.

29 Apr 2019, 06:47 AM

 April 29, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate options in Montenegro through the mouthwatering RE/MAX catalogue, this week a luxury villa in the historic and gorgeous Bay of Kotor.

Looking for a slice of Adriatic paradise? How about a luxury villa in a  UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its natural beauty in a country whose arresting nature is best summed up by its official tourism slogan, Wild Beauty. 

remax-prcanj-kotor (6).jpg

A slice of paradise set near a beautiful, historic village, just 3km from one of the architectural treasures of the region, the old town of Kotor. 

remax-prcanj-kotor (5).jpg

Meet this week's Property of the Week from the RE/MAX catalogue, loctate in Prcanj, near Kotor, and introduced as follows by RE/MAX:

remax-prcanj-kotor (4).jpg

Completely new, modern villa is set on approximately 1625 sqm in the marvelous village of Prčanj.

remax-prcanj-kotor (3).jpg

The plot and the house offer a stunning view of Boka Bay and mountains. The property is located just 100m far from the sea. The boundaries of the area are the retaining walls of stone terraces, built more than 500 years ago. The property comprises of 2 houses (135 sqm and 137 sqm + 100 sqm terrace), with two separate entrances and is completely autonomous from each other. This beautiful villa can easily become home for two families.


remax-prcanj-kotor (2).jpg

The property in total has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 living room with fireplace, 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, 2 guest toilets, 2 laundry rooms, 2 wardrobes, 2 technical rooms. The ground floor of the entire villa has a 100 sqm terrace. Villa is surrounded by the green surface and it is equipped with a safety system with infrared cameras. The entrance is through a remote gated driveway which can take several cars. The villa is being sold completely finished and ready to move in to.

remax-prcanj-kotor (1).jpg

For more information, photos, price and to book a viewing, visit the original RE/MAX listing.

remax-prcanj-kotor (12).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (10).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (9).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (8).jpg

remax-prcanj-kotor (7).jpg


27 Apr 2019, 21:11 PM

26 April 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the development of Ulcinj is considered significant for the development of the whole of Montenegro and that Ulcinj should very soon have a place at the top of the municipalities by the level of development.

"The development perspectives of this municipality are remarkable, not only in the Montenegrin context but also wider. In the first place, we are committed to a responsible approach both at the state, and especially at the local level. And it must be not only administrative, but essential when it comes to resolving the development priorities of such a representative city. In the previous period, the State provided favourable conditions for investing in high-quality hotel capacities, and their attractiveness was additionally raised by the recent launch of the economic citizenship programme," the Prime Minister noted at the Prime Minister's questions. He assessed that the enviable tourist tradition of Ulcinj represents a reliable basis for attracting investors with a clear vision and potential, and that the Government wants such investors at the locations of former tourist facilities "Galeb", "Lido" and "Jadran"

Answering the question of Vice President of the Assembly Genci Nimanbegu on the plans for these three locations, the Prime Minister said that all three locations have so far been unsuccessful examples of potential development projects.

PM Marković welcomed MP Nimanbegu's interest to discuss the challenges in the implementation of these three projects, which in terms of expected investments have the potential to be the development milestone of Ulcinj, as well as to enrich the tourist offer and contribute to the employment of citizens.

He said that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism in the previous period provided detailed information on the chronology of the procedures and the status of implementation of these projects. He further stated that to implement the Conclusions of the Government of Montenegro from 10 March 2016, a legal adviser was engaged to draft an analysis of the obligations of the contracting parties and the undertaken activities of both contracting parties in the case of the Galeb Hotel, which provides an overview of possible termination procedures, as well as the legal consequences of the contract termination. The opinion of the Controller related to the Agreement on the sale of the Galeb Hotel noted that the buyer paid a purchase price of 5.7 million EUR in accordance with the deadlines stipulated by the Contract, that he provided timely guarantees and fully respected the Social Programme in the amount of 1.7 million EUR, but did not implement the investment in accordance with the Investment Plan due to the delay of the local self-government in providing planning assumptions for the implementation of the project. The Municipality of Ulcinj passed the spatial planning documents six years after the date of conclusion of the Contract, which prevented the buyer from investing the amount determined by the Agreement.

"When it comes to the implementation of the Lido Hotel Purchase Agreement, the findings of the Controller confirm that in this case the buyer paid a full purchase price of 10.8 million EUR within the agreed period of time, that he respected the Social Programme, but that the investment was not implemented in accordance with the Investment Plan, among other things, due to the lack of solution for 75% of the environmental problem - the Port Milena channel," PM Marković said.

In the case of a lawsuit filed by the Public Enterprise for the Management of the Maritime Property before the Commercial Court to terminate the Long Term Rental Agreement on the location of the former Jadran Hotel, a final verdict on this case has not yet been issued, the Prime Minister said, adding that inertia of the local self-government was observed regarding the recommendations of the Government to remove objects from Cape Bratislava, in order to create conditions for the tourist valorization of this site.

Prime Minister Marković stressed that investors with a clear vision and potential are desirable in Ulcinj, and that the Government will act in partnership with all those who are willing to invest their capital in sustainable development projects. 

26 Apr 2019, 23:07 PM

April 26, 2019 - The new destinations and routes of the "Meeting of Cultures" project connect Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Kotor. It is just the beginning of the promotion of the memory of our ancestors, with the hope that this idea will expand to the entire region and be an example for the whole of Europe and the world, said the organizers of the seminar "Meeting of Cultures" in the church of St. Paul in Kotor.

"The Balkans is a quite specific area, so we have come up with the idea of launching initiatives with our partners in Novi Sad (the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel) and Kotor (Touristic Organization of Kotor), which are called "Novi Sad Meeting of Cultures" and "Kotor meeting of Cultures" with a focus on new local and regional cultural routes," Dr Dino Mujkić said on behalf of the organisers of the seminar of the NGO "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures".
"Eight years ago, we came to the idea that in a place called the boundary between the East and West in Sarajevo, we set the mark of Meeting of Cultures. It's very authentic because in that place you have the opportunity to see two different civilisations. We called it the Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures. Today, it is a real tourist attraction in Sarajevo," Mujkić said.
According to him, the goal is to bring the space of Kotor, Novi Sad and Sarajevo into one route called "Meeting of Cultures" with a focus on storytelling, considering that all of these cities through their history represent the meeting places of the Western and Eastern cultures.
The seminar presented 30 attractive locations in Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Kotor, linked to one possible cultural and tourist route.
The goal is to promote the Balkans through cultural tourism in one offer, that is to be sold as one destination, said director of NGO "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures" Jana Čarkadžić.
"The sign in Sarajevo has become a famous tourist attraction in the city, which today attracts about 60,000 people a day. It is the starting point for tourist guides. By placing a sign, 90 per cent of tour guides today start with their tours from that point and thus give an introduction to the story of the old city centre of Sarajevo. The point is recognised around the world through various media from America to Japan, and we are proud that strangers coming to Sarajevo have the desire to somehow carry that sign with them as a souvenir. They mostly do it through photos that go around the world," said Čarkadzic.
The "Meeting of Cultures" project started in November 2018 and ends next month. One of the results of the project was the publication "Meeting of Cultures".
Throughout the publication, the historical and cultural heritage of Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Kotor was presented.
"The city of Kotor, especially the Old Town, illustrates the meeting of cultures and the permeation of various civilisations in this area through the ages. It was important for us to figure out how to present the locations to tourists in a different way. Through some of the locations identified in this project, we find the way to present the story of the meeting of cultures even to the local community, so that we are inspired to see space in that way," said Čarkadzic.
She said the vision and wish of the NGO "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures" are to put their mark in five Balkan cities, in addition to the mentioned Sarajevo, Kotor and Novi Sad, and Tirana and Skopje.
Prof. Dr Darko Antović, full professor of the University of Montenegro, brought the story of storytelling to the participants of the seminar as an opportunity for visitors to go through the struggle by showing their duration through the real culture, customs and historical facts.
He stressed that the stories were always a powerful tool, and the narrative was one of the oldest forms of expression of the experience. Every story is a message and a lesson, Antović pointed out.
The development of a new tourist offer in Novi Sad and Kotor and their connection with the tourist offer of Sarajevo through a joint regional touristic tour of the Meeting of Cultures is realised through the "SeeCulture" project. It is funded by the grants awarded under the roof Project for Development and Promotion of Tourism in the Western Balkans, conducted by the Council for Regional Cooperation (RCC), funded by the European Union (EU).
The seminar was also attended by the students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality of the University of Montenegro with professor Dr Ilija Moric.
Source: Boka News
25 Apr 2019, 11:42 AM

April 25, 2019 - The delegates of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the opposition parties in Kotor- DPS, SD, HGI, and LP voted yesterday for the dismissal of the president of the municipality, Vladimir Jokić.

By replacing Jokić, the Municipality of Kotor is practically "disguised" because, in accordance with the Law on Local Self-Government, it has not been appointed Acting President of the Municipality after the mayor has been dismissed so that he remains a duty officer until the election of a new mayor or the introduction of compulsory administration.
Chair of the session, Željko Avramovic (DPS) announced that he would suggest 18 delegates to accept the decision calmly.
Jokic's dismissal initiative was launched by SDP, a coalition partner of the government in Kotor, and the proposal was supported by opposition DPS, SD and HGI, and LP.
Only the Vice Presidents were able to take up this duty, but Ljiljana Popovic Moškov (URA) resigned a few days ago, and Mišo Samardžić (Movement for Changes) announced the resignation.
Jokić yesterday dismissed the duties of vice-president of the municipality of Branko Nedovic (SDP), whom his party, supported by the opposition DPS, SD, HGI, and LS, intended to settle in Jokic's armchair.
The new assembly majority made by the SDP, together with DPS, SD, LP, and HGI due to Jokic's change of Nedovic, was forced to withdraw from the agenda of the Assembly the appointment of Nedovic for acting as President of the Municipality, and the session was concluded to be subsequently resumed after completion agreement between these parties.
President of DPS party in Kotor, chairman Zeljko Avramovic appealed to Jokić and said to "all the other employees in the municipality that Jokic led" to accept without hesitation the decision of the Assembly to rid the mayor and to "understand it seriously and do nothing that would subject to criminal responsibility."
The dilemma remains that yesterday's decisions of the Assembly of Kotor were legally valid since they were made after Parliament President Dragica Perović found that formal legal preconditions for meeting started and that the agenda was supplemented by the subsequent proposal for deciding the Acting President of the Municipality. Perovic officially ceased the session and gave a break for an indefinite period.
Despite this, the SDP and opposition parties subsequently continued the session alone, giving authority to the eldest member of the House of Representatives Jovo Suđić (DPS) to be chairman. He did not accept it, but "delegation" for the chairmanship of the session was transferred to the chairman of the DPS Kotor, Željko Avramović.
23 Apr 2019, 10:34 AM

April 23, 2019 - The Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Democrats did not agree on overcoming the crisis in the Kotor government, so the SDP will not withdraw the initiative for the replacement of Mayor Vladimir Jokic (Democrats).

Although the previous two days during the exchange of proposals on the relationship between the two parties gained the impression that the matter was smooth, the meeting of opposition leaders with representatives of the Movement ODUPRISE returned things to the beginning. The Democrats do not agree with the referendum question formulated by the SDP, while SDP insists that this is a matter of substance.
The session of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, on whose agenda Jokić's decommissioning initiative is coming tomorrow.
Before the meeting of opposition leaders and ODUPRISE Jokic informed the SDP to accept their proposal to call for a local referendum, with details to be negotiated yet. SDP has already submitted to the parties' clubs and president of Assembly of Kotor Dragica Perović the Proposal of the decision to announce the referendum in Kotor. They suggest that the issue on the referendum is "Do you agree with the enlargement of Luža (the operational port of Kotor) for mooring mega cruisers?" They expect Perovic's Proposal of the decision to be included in the agenda of the first session of the Kotor Municipal Assembly.
The SDP considers that the decision of the Assembly of Shareholders of the Port of Kotor to build a berthing pylon dolphin for mega cruisers mooring across the Old Town is very damaging to the Boka Bay and tourism in that town. They also point out that the mayor has no UNESCO approval for such a project. They argue that the referendum question for the natives of Kotor, which they have suggested, is the essence of the problem.
However, Democrats believe that the councillors need to harmonise the referendum question. One of the leaders of the DF proposed that a compromise would be resolved by asking citizens whether to ask for Jokić's dismissal, but to SDP President Ranko Krivokapić that was unacceptable.
He insisted on accepting the SDP proposal. Krivokapić has rejected the idea as an inescapable attempt to resolve the ambiguity at the meeting of the party leaders and the members of the Kotor local government.
Since the session of the Kotor Municipal Assembly has already been scheduled, one of the proposals was that it would begin to be terminated until an agreement was reached, but Krivokapić did not support that. He does not trust Jokić, because he thinks that he makes unlawful decisions, as previously made by the mayor of Podgorica, Miomir Mugoša.
President of the DPS of Kotor, Željko Aprcovic, was not ready to comment on the new circumstances surrounding the SDP-Democrats, as well as the local members of the SDP and the Civic Movement URA.
Jokic responded earlier to the SDP to accept the proposal to call for a local referendum and that he was ready to submit a proposal to hold a local consultative referendum on proposed infrastructure projects from the Port of Kotor business plan. "To create and sustain such a referendum as quickly as possible, I suggest that the members of the ruling coalition in Kotor form a working group for the preparation of a referendum that would define the referendum question, the timing and other issues that can be opened when it is organised," Jokic responded to SDP. He called on the SDP to create pre-conditions for organising the referendum and the functioning of the city through its club in the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor. "In the way that your delegates will withdraw the signatures and the proposal for dismissal of the municipal president, participate in the sessions of the Assembly of Kotor, and urgently and without delay adopt the proposed budget and other documents necessary for the work of the companies and institutions in Kotor so that the city functions smoothly," Jokić replied.
The Jokic dismissal initiative was submitted by SDP members, and opposition DPS, SD and HGI. They stated that Mayor Jokic should be removed due to "failure to implement the strategic plan for the development of the city, to occupy the powers of the Assembly and to impose self-determination of harmful decisions".
"Democrats accept the SDP Presidency initiative on calling a referendum on proposed projects from the Port of Kotor business plan. This initiative, implying the assumption of political responsibility for the outcome of the referendum on both sides, was accepted without delay by the President of the Kotor Municipality, Vladimir Jokić and the Municipal Committee of the Democratic Party of Kotor," said Secretary General of the Democratic Party Boris Bogdanovic last night.
"We believe that the referendum as a form of direct decision-making is the highest achievement of democracy, and that one who strives to establish the highest democratic standards cannot reject the initiative that citizens deliberately decide on matters of importance to one local self-government. For the Democratic Party of Montenegro, our Municipal Committee, the President of the Municipality and our constituents in the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor, any referendum issue is acceptable to the 17 members who form a committee majority in the Assembly of Kotor. A referendum, following the Law and the Statute of the Municipality, is not announced by the President of the Municipality, but by the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor. In this connection, accepting the initiative of the SDP, we have also accepted that in such a referendum to verify the trust of the President of the Municipality of Kotor. The President of the Kotor Municipality is publicly committed to resigning in the event of a negative outcome of the referendum," Bogdanovic said, commenting on the distrust of the SDP that they are ready for a referendum.
"This created all the conditions for the SDP to withdraw the initiative for the dissolution of the president of the Kotor Municipality, to come to the Kotor Municipality Assembly and to bring the budget, to create all the necessary prerequisites for the referendum. If the SDP does not do so, the Democrats will defend Kotor with all the democratic means and will not allow this municipality to return to the hands of those we won in 2016," Bogdanovic said.
Source: Vijesti, Boka News
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