Parking Service Podgorica Launches Mobile Parking Application

By , 07 Mar 2019, 00:31 AM Business
Parking Service Podgorica Launches Mobile Parking Application Copyrights: Parking Service Podgorica

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06 March 2019 - Parking Service Podgorica recently launched an Android and IOS application that allows users to park their vehicles at the parking lots managed by the Parking Service, to detect the specific zone in which they are located, to pay parking fees and simply control the time during which their vehicle is parked at a certain location (parking lot). The application can detect the zone in which the user is located using his current location, and it provides the possibility to purchase a ticket for that specific zone.

The application has many options that you can use, such as the list of all parking lots with the exact location and navigation to the specific parking lot, checking the parking zone, monthly subscription forms, and many others.

Parking Service Podgorica Launches Mobile Parking Application

Assuming the user’s vehicle was improperly parked, using the application, a person can check whether the car was taken away by the public towing service.

Using the application also saves time and money by locating the most convenient parking location without having to drive around.

The free parking service application makes it easy to find and pay for parking without running back to “feed the meter”. Whether the user is looking for a spot in the moment or he/she wants to reserve a space ahead of time, Parking Servis Podgorica is the right app for them.

"Users will also receive notification through the application on their phones at the expiry of the active card and when it's possible to buy a ticket," the representatives of Parking Service announced.

The application named "Parking Servis Podgorica" can be downloaded free of charge at official Android and IOS stores.

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