Klik Podgorica Mobile App: Find Nearby Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, Shops in Podgorica

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Klik Podgorica Mobile App: Find Nearby Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, Shops in Podgorica Copyrights: StudioLasso

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07 September 2019 - The Android and iOS mobile application Klik Podgorica enables citizens and tourists to get information on city and rail traffic, cycling, catering, sports facilities, health care facilities, culture and history of the capital of Montenegro in a faster and simpler way.

The application facilitates mobility, and the project corresponds with the Capital's efforts to digitize urban transport and other amenities.

“We are witnesses that every day that we all increasingly rely on the opportunities offered by modern technologies. By affirming these ideas and projects, we believe that we are responding to the needs of citizens to have all the necessary information on city traffic, cycling, history and culture of the capital, catering, parks and picnic areas, sports facilities, health care facilities and rail transport,” says the statement of the PR Office of the Capital.

Find Nearby Restaurants Hotels Attractions Shops in Podgorica with Klik Podgorica Mobile App 2

The information provided by the Application is also of great importance for tourists, whose number is increasing each year in Podgorica. “Therefore, we can speak about the tourist valorisation of this project and give it the epithet of a digital guide through the Capital. Also, what is most significant is that such projects are convenient for citizens for they contribute to the citizens’ comfort by affecting better quality of traffic and the overall mobility,” explain the representatives of the PR Office of Podgorica.

In Montenegro, over 70 per cent of the population owns a smartphone. This means that they have the ability to carry the information offered within the application with them in their pocket. According to the the office of the Mayer of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, this aspect is extremely important because in that way, the platform of the application can be built in accordance with what is important to the citizens of this city, but also to tourists.

The map includes all bus stops within the city, as well as 900 kilometres of bus lines on an electronic map.

The application contains a relevant database of catering facilities. It is possible to select a catering facility by category. It is also possible to search which catering establishments allow pets, which have access for people with disabilities, where it is possible to make a card payment. The app features rich cultural, historical and religious content. All these information can be found within the application itself, through 80 facilities and the option to do further research and even enter the data for new facilities.

A special attention was dedicated to cycling, and the developers outlined all the cycle paths within the Capital. Sports facilities marked within the application are searchable by sports, and it is also possible to search whether you are interested in indoor or outdoor playgrounds. The rich content of parks and picnics is an interesting category and individuals can search them by which parks and picnics have children's playgrounds, trim tracks, sports fields, and exercise equipment.

Health care facilities located in Podgorica, such as pharmacies, clinics, polyclinics, health centres, health offices, laboratories, emergency centres, can be searched in accordance with category they belong to. Individuals can easily get information on work hours of these institutions and their specialties. Both banks and ATMs can also be found easily by using the application.

The complete Application has been translated into English, which is a great benefit for tourists visiting Podgorica.

The mobile application and web platform presenting the most relevant information relevant to Podgorica citizens and tourists was created as a partnership project of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro, Studio Lasso, Telenor Foundation and the Capital.

Read more information useful while travelling through Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

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