Four Parking Payment Machines Installed in Herceg Novi

By , 16 Jul 2019, 00:35 AM Lifestyle
Four Parking Payment Machines Installed in Herceg Novi Copyrights: Radio Herceg Novi Photo

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14 July 2019 - The Parking Service Herceg Novi company installed four parking payment machines in four different locations near Solemar in Igalo, Tonsati, in the city center between the City Cafe and Atlas Bank and on the street X Hercegovačka (bus from Dubrava to the main Bus Station). These parking payment machines are fully operating and in function since a few days ago, reported Radio Herceg Novi. The Director of Parking Service Herceg Novi Miladin Bato Vidaković talked about these payment machines and their functions, as well as the zones where these machines will apply, but also mentioned their fees.

"The parking payment machines receive banknotes up to 20 euros and returns the change. Through the display, the user determines how long they will park," explained Vidaković.

Parking Service Herceg Novi has imposed a time limit in the red zone for a maximum of two hours. A new, blue zone in the center of Igalo has been introduced (from the former hotel "Tamaris" to "Galeb"), which has inherited the red zone, but without a time limit. The summer mode of payment is currently being applied which means that the price in red (time limit of 2 hours) and the blue zone per hour is 0.80 EUR, and in the yellow zone 0.50 EUR. In the yellow zone it is also possible to buy a daily ticket of 5 EUR, which is valid from 7 AM to 12 AM. Parking can also be paid by SMS. For red zone number is 14510, blue 14511, yellow 14512, and for day card 14513.

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