Market in the Heart of Herceg Novi Working Again After Reconstruction

By , 23 Nov 2020, 22:15 PM News
Market in the Heart of Herceg Novi Working Again After Reconstruction Adopted and arranged city market in Herceg Novi, Source: Radio Jadran

November 23, 2020 - The re-adapted and re-arranged central market in Herceg Novi has been working again since this morning. Its doors were symbolically opened by the stallholders, not hiding their satisfaction with the improvement of working conditions and the more beautiful appearance of this market in the heart of the city.

The representatives of the Municipality of Herceg Novi toured the entire area this morning, and talked to the stallholders.

"With the reconstruction, Herceg Novi now has one of the most beautiful markets in Montenegro. I am glad that the sellers and the residents will have far better conditions for work and shopping than previously. In conversation with them, I see that they are satisfied with the adaptation," said the President of the Municipality, Stevan Katic.

Katic also announced that a memorial plaque to Zulfikar Zuk Dzumhur should be placed on a nearby building in the next fifteen days, in memory of this artist who loved Herceg Novi and spent most of his time in that place near the market.

"I think that the market is the heart of a city and I believe that stallholders will be more satisfied, and citizens and tourists will enjoy coming and trading here. We also now have a space where we have the opportunity to organize bazaars and other similar events," said the Vice President of the Municipality, Miloš Konjević.

The leaders of the Municipality expressed their gratitude to the management and employees of the public company "Komunalno Stambeno," who completed the adaptation of the city market to a high standard. They also praised the company "Vodovod I Kanalizacija," which gave its full contribution to this project.

Citizens can trade with 36 tenants on the Novska market, but that number will be even higher on market days.

"Consumers and sellers, as well as the citizens themselves, are delighted with what's currently on offer in this market. Considering the funds invested, I think that we have reached the current maximum, and we will continue with the actions of arranging some details and finishing the business premises in our ownership, to be leased later," said the head of the market, Ilija Bačanović.

Thanks to the newly installed lighting, it will now be possible to work at night in the market, Bačanović notes. In "Komunalno Stambeno," they plan to use this opportunity through the organization of bazaars, fairs, exhibitions, and other similar events after working hours, to the satisfaction of all citizens of Novi.

The works on the market in the center of Herceg Novi included a full adaptation and adjustment to all conditions according to the HACCP standard system.

The opening of the market was marked by a musical performance by Zoro Martinetti, a member of the cult group Exodusi, playing his trumpet from the Tora, as well as professors from the Music School, who played from one of the balconies above Nikola Đurković Square.

Source: Radio Jadran

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