12 Apr 2019, 00:40 AM

11 April 2019 - The Government of Montenegro approved 300.000 EUR of financial support to successful sports clubs, while the funds will be paid from the budget of the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Montenegro.

Following the record-breaking 4.024.000 EUR that the Ministry of Sports and Youth envisaged allocating to the national sports associations throughout 2019, this represents a strong indicator of the Government’s continuous support to sports, aiming to improve the conditions in which the sports clubs operate.

Having in mind that the sports clubs are usually funded from the municipal budgets, the mentioned financial support would stimulate even more successful performances on the national and the international level as well.

Also, the Government of Montenegro will keep upgrading the conditions for sports clubs through the system of children’ sports that are going to be implemented in September 2019. The main goal of children's’ sports will be to include as many children as possible in sports activities and also to strengthen the Montenegrin sports base.

Recently, during the "Ask Minister" ForumAsk Minister" Forum it was concluded that the students are the most critical resource of Montenegrin society and the primary driver of Montenegro's development, and that systemic educational reforms have significantly contributed to their better knowledge and European competitiveness of all Montenegrin universities.

On this occasion, Minister of Sports and Youth Janović said that Montenegro's youth is the future of Montenegro, stressing that the Ministry of Sports and Youth creates conditions for young athletes and their professional development. 


11 Apr 2019, 13:10 PM

The Montenegro national basketball coach Zvezdan Mitrovic has published a list of players for the preparations for the World Cup in China.

Mitrovic published a broader list of 24 players, and preparations will start on July 25th in Podgorica.


  1. Derek Nidam Ritas Viljnus
  2. Nikola Ivanović Buducnost Voli
  3. Ognjen Čarapić Mega Bemax
  4. Nikola Pavlićević Sutjeska
  5. Mašan Vrbica Lovcen
  6. Jovan Kljajić Gran Canarias
  7. Petar Popović Buducnost Voli
  8. Nemanja Vranješ Mornar
  9. Suad Šehović Budućnost Voli
  10. Sead Šehović Budućnost Voli
  11. Aleksa Popović Lovcen
  12. Dino Radončić Mursia
  13. Nemanja Radović Saragosa
  14. Nemanja Đurišić Ostende
  15. Milko Bjelica Tojota Alvark
  16. Danilo Nikolić Budućnost Voli
  17. Bojan Tomašević Crvena Zvezda
  18. Nikola Vučević Orlando
  19. Bojan Dubljević Valensija
  20. Marko Todorović Huventud
  21. Filip Barović Budućnost Voli
  22. Zoran Nikolić Budućnost Voli
  23. Marko Simonović Olimpia
  24. Miloš Popović Lovcen
  25. Blagota Sekulić Gipuskoa

Beside Mitrovic, the staff includs Bosko Radovic and Dusan Dubljevic, scout Vladimir Todorovic, fitness trainer Milovan Ljubojevic, doctor Sasa Radovic, physiotherapist Perisa Cagorovic and kit man Darko Savic.

Montenegro will train in Podgorica for the first seven days, after which they will move to Kolasin.

As part of the preparations, participation at the tournaments in France and China are also planned.

Text by Vijesti sport, on April 10th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

11 Apr 2019, 13:05 PM

The miracle of all miracles in "Moraca".  

The Montenegro handball defeated Denmark, the Olympic and world champions, and a dominant force led by the best player in the world.

In the third round of qualifications for the European Championship, the "Lions" celebrated one of the most significant victories in the history of Montenegrin sport - 32:31.

The Danes came to Podgorica after a series of 15 consecutive victories in official matches, ten linked to the World Cup and failed in the duel with Montenegro. Mikel Hansen and his comrades could only watch the celebration in shock, while the fans sang to Nebojsa Simic and other idols. 

The "Lions" took some time to break through the defense of Denmark, possibly because of the overly respectful attitude towards the giant. But when they set out to tackle the net of powerless Kim Niklas Landin, they did not stop - Milos Bozovic and Stevan Vujovic scored from all positions, Simic defended himself as if in a trance and "stopped" the hits, so Nebojsa Simovic in the 13th minute increased the lead to 8:5. Montenegro then led 9: 6, after which Bozovic was excluded, while Roganovic showed courage and sent Aleksandar Bakic to fight with the current Olympic and world champion. The home team even had a great opportunity to take a lead of plus four, but Vladan Lipovina's shot hit the inside part of the goalpost. The Danes came back at 9:8, and then Bakic overcame Landin and made Nikolai Jakobsen call a time-out and switch at the goal. The guests came around after that, began to punish the rivals' mistakes, but the "Lions" had an unbelievable desire and was again up two points (13:11 and 14: 12).

Then the brilliant Hansen took everything into his own hands - the best player of the planet came back for 16:15.

Jakobsen started the second half without a goalkeeper, with seven players in the attack, but was immediately penalized because Marko Lasica hit an empty goal for 17:17. The Danes continued to attack with one handball player more and once again paid the price of taking a risk, so Milos Vujovic finished the series 3:0 for 22:20. The guests had an attack on the turn, but Simic caught a refrained ball and slammed the net from seven meters, and then Stevan Vujovic, Bozovic, and Milos Vujovic returned with a record plus three (28:25, 47th minute) after a perfect assist by the Montenegrin goalkeeper.

When Branko Kankaras pushed the ball it into the net for 30:27, it was clear that a miracle was about to happen. Lipovina raised the score to 32:30 51 seconds before the end, but that was not the end of the drama - 19 seconds later Anders Zachariassen decreased the difference, and Bozovic tried to solve everything with a goal. Landin defended, but luck was on Montenegro's side. In fact, Montenegro did not deserve to be left without the greatest victory in history.

With these two points, the "Lions" returned to the European Championship. If they beat Ukraine in June, they will qualify for the European Championship, and will have something to show if they keep playing like this.

MONTENEGRO - DENMARK 32:31 (16:17) Podgorica - Hall "Moraca." Spectators: 3.300. Referees: Pichon and Revere (France). Seven: Montenegro 1 (1), Denmark 6 (5). Exclusions: Montenegro 10, Denmark 4 minutes.

Montenegro: Mijuskovic, SIMIC 1 (15 defenses and one from seven meters), Bakic 1, CAVOR 2, RADOVIC 1, M. VUJOVIC 4 (1), Radojevic, Simovic 1, KANKARAS 3, S. VUJOVIC 5, Sevaljevic, Petricevic, BOZOVIC 7 , Lasica 2, Andjelić, Lipovina 5.

Denmark: N. LANDIN (five defends), Gren, M. LANDIN 2, Jakobsen, ZAKARIJASEN 6, SVAN 7, Melgord 1, Mensa-Larsen 2, Toft 2, M. HANSEN 8 (5), OLSEN 1, J. Hansen , DAMGORD 2, Nilsen, Holm, Hald.

Text by Nikola Nikolic, on April 10th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

10 Apr 2019, 20:35 PM

April 10, 2019 - Tivat and Montenegro are now on the map of all the fans of the world's competitive races because this year's season of the global RC44 competition has started in this city and our country. Nine teams on modern and ultra-fast RC44 racing sailboats started the sailing regatta "RC44 Porto Montenegro", which will last from 10 to 14 April, at the seaport of Porto Montenegro and the bay of Boka Kotorska.

It is the first of a total of five RC44 Cup races that will run until November when this year's champion team will be known. A total of nine teams are involved in the competition.
For all of them, except for the Tavatuy Sailing Team from Russia, who for the first time appeared in the RC44 Cup, Boka Kotorska is a complete unknown and challenge from a sailing point because of its particular geographic configuration, surrounded by high hills - and with specific and variable local winds, it is very challenging for every sailor. Only the Russian debutant team was in a position to run a week of test sailing in Tivat Bay, and skipper Sergei Filativs said they were delighted with the capabilities of marina Porto Montenegro, which hosted the competition but also the great bumps that they experienced during the trial February sail in Boka Bay.
"The RC44 Cup is a sailing spectacle that has awakened great interest, both for sailing professionals, but also for our VIP clients who enjoy regattas and who are active participants. With this event, we begin the summer season at the nautical settlement of Porto Montenegro, as well as in the town of Tivat," said Marina Montenegro's director, Tony Browne, at today's press conference.
The Porto Montenegro and Montenegro Sailing Club are the focus of the world sailing public at the moment, and this regatta is a great opportunity for all guests of Porto Montenegro, and the local people are watching the race at the highest competitive level in the world.
"This is the 13th edition of the RC44 Cup, which since then has been revolutionary in the world of sailing, and has preserved its specifics. Although the owners of these sailboats and competitors are private friends, all of them are oriented on the sea just as fast as reaching the goal and winning. It is a pleasure to sail in Montenegro," said Bertrand Favre, manager 44Cup. The race, which will be held for the first time in Porto Montenegro, will be the first race in the 2019 season at the RC44Cup, which promises to be long, uncertain and demanding because there are some famous names such as Nicko Poons from Holland, Igor Lah from Slovenia, Vladimir Prošikin from Russia, and Tom Slingsby from Australia.
They sail on identical RC44 class ships, whose conceptual creator is a famous sailor, winner of America's Cup Russell Coutts. These boats are 13.35 meters long, lightweight constructions, made entirely of carbonic carbon, with a sail construction designed for strong winds. So far, they have made about 30 pieces and are very popular among competing sailors around the world.
"The sporty specification of the RC44 class sailor is such that it is adaptable to professionals and amateurs. Everyone has their role in adrenaline sports as well as lifestyle racing," said Cameron Appleton, a member of the Aqua team who won the RC44 Cup five times.
"Every regatta carries its special challenge, depending on the geographic features of the location where we sail and the wind, but also team combinations. Tactics carry one of the main roles - we combine everybody in the crew using their maximum on the sailboat and achieve the best result," said Ed Baird, a tactician on Peninsula Petroleum.
The regatta’s sponsors are the Regent Porto Montenegro, where all the competitors and VIP clients will stay, and the Tivat Tourism Organization, Riana Group and VideoWorks. It has attracted over 160 people from abroad to Tivat in the past days. Organisers made sure the bidding of the RC 44 Cup participants in the Tivat Bay could also be attended from the vessels from the main town promenade Pine. 
08 Apr 2019, 23:30 PM

08 April 2019 - Volleyball Club Budva won the Montenegrin Cup after defeating Jedinstvo Franca 3-0 (25:16, 25:19, 25:22) in the grand finale in the Mediterranean Sports Center. Players of the Volleyball Club Budva returned the volleyball cup trophy to this city.

All of this was made possible thanks to the new club - a club originated with the desire to return the volleyball trophy to the capital of Montenegrin tourism, which disappeared with the closing of the most successful Montenegrin volleyball club, the Budva Riviera.

In addition to the defeat in the Cup final, the team of Darko Prebiračević was eliminated in the semi-finals of the playoffs from Budućnost Capital Plaza, with two maximal defeats. In the decisive matches in the season, the team from Bijelo Polje could not count on Montenegrin national player Luka Šuljagić because of his illness.

Volleyball Club Budva will have the opportunity to win the double crown, and the final series against Budućnost, to three victories, will start on April 13th.

Volleyball Club Budva Winner of Montenegro Cup 2019

As far as the match is concerned, starting from the first set, there were no dilemmas about who would come out victorious.

Budva started with 5:0, which played without injured captain Jovan Delić, and continued to 8:2. Jedinstvo returned to 13:11, but the host scored with six points in a row for 19:11 which was too much for their opponent.

The second set was pretty equal until the score of 16:14 for Budva, when the host team scored 4 points in a row for 20:14 which eventually gave them the set.

It seemed that Jedinstvo in the third set would prolong the uncertainty. The team from Bijelo Polje opened this set better than the other ones, quickly scored 6:11, followed by 12:18 and at this point everyone thought that the fourth set was already on its way.

However, the team from Budva did not give up, and with 5 consecutive points, they first reduced their opponents' lead at 15:18, and then switched from 15:19 to 21:19. The guests held until 22:21, when Budva reached the first match point with two consecutive points. This match point was defended by the team from Bijelo Polje, but the other one was at 24:22, when the young Ivan Zvicer scored the match winner.

Alen Didović with 16 points was the best in the winning team, Ivan Urtado and Zvicer added 10, Dejan Jocić 9. The best in the defeated team was Bojan Strugar with 16 points.

Technician Shun Imamura was named the best player of the men's final.

07 Apr 2019, 23:06 PM

07 April 2019 - Budućnost VOLI has returned to the Aba League Finals! The reigning ABA League champions defeated Cedevita on the road in decisive Game 3 of this semi-final series and will be fighting for the regional trophy for the 2nd year in a row. The Blue team were down by 11 points after the first quarter, they were down by 7 in the middle of the 3rd quarter, but they managed to keep the focus and make a comeback in the last 10 minutes.

Budućnost VOLI will face Crvena zvezda in the 2019 ABA League Finals, with the Belgrade side having the home court advantage.

In the end, Budućnost VOLI has won this match thanks to two crucial defensive plays. The visitors were up by 73:71 with one minute remaining in the game, when Earl Calrk stopped Cedevita’s best player in this match Justin Cobbs by forcing him to make a difficult shot, which he missed. Some 40 seconds later Budućnost VOLI were up by 74:71, with Cedevita having the ball possession. Jacob Pullen pulled up for a 3-pointer to tie the score with James Bell right in front of him. Pullen missed the shot.

"Where to start? With the players who did everything to proceed to the finals and congratulate them from their hearts! I would also like to congratulate our numerous fans who have come, and I think that everyone now understands how much the Budućnost project is important for Montenegro, Podgorica and all these people. We did not open the match properly; we did not adapt to the criterion where an excellent game was played, and I think we made the first foul somewhere in the fourth minute. They had 11 rebounds in the first half and scored eight points. The second half was decided upon a single ball, as expected. However, I think we deserved it and went to the finals," said Jasmin Repeša, head coach of Budućnost VOLI.

Budućnost VOLI power forward Earl Clark made so many important shots for his team this evening, and eventually, he was the top scorer of the away side with 19 points.

The two sides had almost identical stats. In the end, those two good defensive plays of Budućnost VOLI team decided the winner.

06 Apr 2019, 23:04 PM

06 April 2019 - The Montenegrin Olympic Committee is entering the final stage of preparation for the Games of the Small States of Europe 2019, which will be held in Montenegro from May 27 to June 1.

Over 900 athletes from nine countries will compete in ten disciplines, and the competitions will be held in Budva, Bar, Podgorica, Cetinje and Tivat.

Representatives of all national Olympic Committees - Heads of Mission, as well as members of the Technical Committee of the Games of Small States of Europe, are currently on an official visit to Montenegro in order to assess all the facilities in which the competitions will be held as well as the accommodation capacities. The aforementioned representatives will receive all other necessary information about the organization of the first multi-sport competition and the most massive sports events ever held in Montenegro.

Montenegro Will Be Ready to Host Games of the Small States of Europe 2019 3

"I think that our guests are extremely pleased with what they have seen so far, the facilities we have and the conditions in which we will welcome them at the end of May," said Predrag Marsenić, the Sports Director of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee.

"The basketball hall in Bar is great and the pool as well. A small problem has been determined in relations with the athletic track, but everything will be corrected in due time, I'm positive. We are eagerly waiting for the games to start. We are sending 50 athletes and we hope that we will return with medals, "said Jordi Orteu, representative of the Andorran Olympic Committee.

Montenegro Will Be Ready to Host Games of the Small States of Europe 2019 2

Olga Piperidou, a representative of The Cyprus Olympic Committee, is convinced that Montenegro would be a good host. "We see a great desire of Montenegrin Olympic Committee representatives to get everything ready in time, and based on what we have seen so far; they will succeed in making this a great event. We look forward to coming here shortly, and I believe that Cyprus will have a good team ready to compete on a high level, "she said.

The Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) are an Olympic, multi-sport competition featuring athletes from the small countries of the European continent. Since 1985, the GSSE have been held every two years and are currently bringing together nine countries: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, San Marino, Malta, Monaco, Cyprus and Montenegro.

Montenegro Will Be Ready to Host Games of the Small States of Europe 2019 4

For competitors from these countries, this is a manifestation of great prestige, but also a real sport festival - the Olympic Games for small countries.

"We are particularly proud of the fact that, for the first time ever, the swimming competition within the Games of the Small States of Europe 2019 will be qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo," emphasized Marsenić.

Games are organized according to the rules of international federations, with the support of the European Olympic Committee. The organization of the Games of the Small States of Europe in Montenegro is based on a concept of an Olympic, functional, cost-effective and safe athletic competition with great international importance; one which will ensure a one-of-a-kind athletic event to its participants.

GSSE Montenegro 2019, organized by the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, gets underway on May 27, 2019!

06 Apr 2019, 22:32 PM

06 April 2019 - Montenegro made a historic success by finding itself among the 32 teams bound for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, which will be held in China from August 31 to September 15.

One of the key the contributors to this accomplishment is Bojan Dubljević.

In an interview for the Onogošt News Agency, the Montenegrin Centre said that he was surprised by the qualification for the World Cup. "I was more than surprised. No one believed in us, especially after the first match with Spain. The players left their heart on the field during the qualifications, and one of the key games was played in Slovenia when we were quite weakened as a team but still managed to beat the Slovenes. That was practically our ticket to China! We have achieved a historic success as a team and every player who took part in the team, from the first day to the last match, is responsible for that. Of course, we show great appreciation for the professional staff who did a great job," said Dubljević for Onogošt.

Dubljević Lets Present Montenegro in The Best Way Possible 2

"The Red Team" will play at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 with tough rivals and national teams that are regular participants of the World Cup, so they have to be prepared to take on unpredictable opponents.

Montenegro will play its first game against Greece, after which the national team will face New Zealand. At the end of the group competition, they will play against Brazil. "The group is extremely difficult, I don’t think we got off easy as we expected, but it is the World Cup and anything can happen. It is up to us to present Montenegro in the best way possible," said the long-time player of Valencia Basket who featured in the FIBA EuroBasket teams of 2013 and 2017.

Generally speaking, taking part at FIBA EuroBasket in 2011, 2013 and 2017 were tremendous accomplishments for Montenegro, yet making it through a grueling and at the same time exciting World Cup Qualifiers campaign to be a part of the 32-team field in China is exceptional.

"The credit goes to amazing guys, coaches, the atmosphere... I don't know if anyone can be prouder than me in the whole world. Thanks to the fans, they are the best in the world. Come with us to China," said Dubljević, inviting all the fans to support their team during the Cup.

Montenegro will be the country with the smallest population that plays at the World Cup.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Draw, presented by Wanda, takes place in Shenzhen, one of the competition's eight host cities, on Saturday, March 16.

05 Apr 2019, 11:48 AM

April 5, 2019 - The 13th Tivat Regatta UNA Montenegro Cup, organised by JK Delfin and Tivat Company UNA Montenegro, is scheduled for 19-21 April 2019. The cruise regatta on Sunday, 21 April, will be preceded by a two-day regatta for the Optimist and Laser classes. Under the slogan "Be Optimist!" the organisers have joined the three-day feast at sea on the most beautiful navigational route in Boka and the idea to encourage young people to play sports and share the value of sailing. Linking sports and nature, life on the sea and cultural heritage, they are launching a donor action for buying sailboats of the Optimist type, intended for training the youngest in YC Delfin. 

The regatta for cruisers, sailing boats, Hobbie Cat and all other types of sailboats will be held on Sunday, 21 April. The main characteristic of the race is certainly its attractive route, which perfectly utilises the challenges that sailors place wind and sea currents at a seemingly calm but unpredictable fjord. Starting at Seljanovo Cape, the regatta course goes around Our Lady of Health and passes through the Ralo Strait, further to the Verige Strait, and after rounding Perast's Islands, it returns to Seljanovo Cape.  Since its inception, the Tivat Regatta has remained a significant challenge for rivals at sea but also for receptivity for many sea and sailing fans, who count on a good sailing party. In addition to the great Spring Festival for locals, the regatta has benefited internationally from all segments of good energy and has attracted an increasing number of cruisers year after year.
tivat regatta race rute
Club facilities are already open for the participants of the cruise regatta. The registration fee is 10 euros per crew member by Saturday, 20 April at 20:00. Just before the race, on April 21st, you can register until 10 am when the fee is 15 euros.
Since last year, a part of Tivat Regatta is also a competition for the Optimist and Laser class, on which 19th and 20th of April there will be the best young Boka sailor.
The regatta is part of Tivat because it has given the whole city its first summer festival. From the Municipality of Tivat and the Tourist Organization, through the large companies that develop nautical tourism - Porto Montenegro and Luštica bay, to a whole range of small and medium-sized businesses, recognized the potential of this sport-tourism event that relies on tradition, youth and top sports together with sailing as a way of life, but is also a tourist attraction. The newly formed Cruising Section JK Delfin continues to nurture team sailing and the long and trophic tradition of the club, which for two years marks its 70th birthday.
For sponsors and donors, a whole range of attractive packages has been designed, from the logo on the branded equipment received by the participants, to the participation in the video from this year's regatta. Thus partners will have the opportunity to participate in this event's presentation to a broader sports and tourist audience, with the ambition of Tivat Regatta becoming official overturned a new tourist and nautical season in Boka Bay.
The attractiveness of the program on the sea is heightened by the fact that the Tivat Regatta, almost all of its length, can be seen from the shore, which every year, especially in Verige, brings together a large number of photojournalists and amateurs photographers. To their honour, Delfin launches a photo competition on "Sailing", which will result in an exhibition on Sunday, April 21 and prizes awarded to the best, which will be decided by Photo, Cinema and Video Club Mladost Gornja and Donja Lastva. And this year, Delfin and UNA provide interested photographers with the opportunity to record the race from the sea. 
The ceremony of the winners in all classes, scheduled for the dock in front of Delfin on 21 April at 6 pm, is followed by the performance of the children's Klapa "Kotorski Grdelini", the Klapa of surprise, as well as the Acoustic Duo Small Talk.
The Info Targets of Tivat Regatta UNA Montenegro Cup will be located on several locations in the city as part of the support provided by caterers, offering more information on the "Be Optimist!" event and the opportunity for everything to symbolically engage in the purchase of at least class sailing boats, Optimists, in which every summer about 50 children master the basics of this healthy sport, which is ecologically, attractively attractive, and some of them will have future interest.
"Delfin is the Primary Naval School in Tivat, like Lahor in Kotor, or Jugole Grakalić in Herceg Novi," quotes Delfin, inviting everyone to their biggest annual party on the sea and coast, the 13th Tivat Regatta UNA Montenegro Cup.
The story about 12th edition of Tivat Regatta you can find on TMN related page.
04 Apr 2019, 23:43 PM

03 April 2019 - Panathinaikos OPAP Athens qualified to the EuroLeague playoffs, after defeating Buducnost VOLI Podgorica, 87 – 67 at home for the final round of the regular season in Nick Calathes’ historic night. They will play against Real Madrid in the 3-6 matchup, in what will be a rematch of last year’s showcase.

Calathes was unstoppable all night long against the Montenegrin side. He scored 11 points, handed out a career-high 17 assists and grabbed 11 rebounds to notch an extremely rare feat in the EuroLeague competition.

“We always believed as a team. We’re a veteran team, and the coaches and players believed we could be in this position because we knew we could get better,” said Calathes after the final buzzer. “I don’t know how many people believed on the outside, but in that locker room, everyone believed. [On the playoffs against Real Madrid] We owe them one for sure, we’re going to be a tough team. It’s going to be a grind for both teams, and we’re confident we can go there and beat them in their home court.”

After a relatively slow start, Rick Pitino’s side went up by double-digits in the second quarter (49-36), thanks to Nick Calathes’ incredible playmaking ability. The 30-year old star had an insane 11 assists in the first half, surpassing Theodoros Papaloukas for the 7th spot in the all-time assists list.

James Gist and DeShaun Thomas were scoring on the block and Panathinaikos seemed to have control of the game in the second half. As the crowd was expecting Calathes to grab his 10th rebound in the final period, Buducnost cut the deficit to nine points (72-63) and challenged the hosts. Calathes connected with Gist in the following minutes and ended Buducnost's hopes.

Besides Calathes’ huge game, James Gist also had his best game of the year, with a season-high 23 points and six rebounds. Thomas added 17. For the visiting side, rising star Goga Bitadze scored 16 points and eight rebounds.

Source: Eurohoops News

04 Apr 2019, 12:25 PM

April 4, 2019 - The Jubilee 50th edition of the prestigious sailing regatta for the Olympic Classes “Trophy of Princess Sofia Iberostar,” one of a total of five of the EUROSAF Champions Cup series, is held from 29 March to 7 April in Palma de Mallorca. In nine of the ten Olympic Sailing Classes, 1,224 sailors are competing on 850 sailing boats that represent more than 68 countries. The most significant number of competitors is in the Laser Standard Class, in which the colors of Montenegro will be defended by sailors Milivoje Dukić and Ilija Marković under the firm hand of selector Ilko Klakor. 

In the first two days, there were four qualifying regattas, and our sailors exceeded the expectations of the prestigious "Princess of Sofia" regatta in Palma de Majorca. Milivoj Dukic (YC Jugole Grakalić Herceg Novi) was forced to compete in a ferocious competition in the gold group where 60 sailors will fight for the winning podium in the next two days. Ilija Markovic (YC Delfin Tivat) remained in the bronze group, but it was deceptive because he was meant to compete with far older and experienced sailors, with guys who could be praised for winning the Olympic, World and European medals during the career.
Milivoj Dukic entered the finals from 54th, while Ilija Markovic won the 166th place in the competition of the 187 best sailors on the planet. There are two other days of races at Palma de Mallorca. Milivoj will strive to ensure the best possible placement in gaining more confidence in the effort to reach the third consecutive Olympic Games, and Ilija Markovic gained experience for the junior competitions that are expected this year, as well as for the Balkans Championship whose host in September will be Tivat and Montenegro.
Before the start of the World Cup racing competition, Montenegrin sailors emphasized that they wanted to give the maximum and to see where they are with the best sailors of the planet at this time. Milivoj Dukic, who twice participated in the Olympic Games, secretly hoped for the big gold finals, and Ilija Markovic, who is only 17 years old, will be steadily gaining experience for significant competitions in his category. Both goals have been achieved, said the Montenegrin Sailing Federation.
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