13 Jan 2019, 17:51 PM

13 January 2019 - Spanish basketball expert Roberto Íñiguez is no longer the coach of the women's senior basketball team of Montenegro, announced the Basketball Federation of Montenegro.

After the successful completion of qualifications for Eurobasket, Íñiguez announced the end of the cooperation. As the representatives of the Federation explained, Roberto needs a break from big challenges involving basketball teams and national teams as well. The leaders of the Basketball Federation of Montenegro tried to keep Íñiguez as the head coach, but despite all efforts to reach a new agreement, no offer could motivate Roberto enough to stay at his current position.

Roberto Íñiguez had taken over the Montenegrin National Team in February 2017, when the Spanish specialist replaced Momir Milatović. Previously he worked with Valencia, Fenerbahçe and Nadezhda Orenburg. He was named All-Spanish LFB Coach of the Year back 2012.

With Iniguez leading the team, Montenegro made a successful result in qualifiers for EuroBasket Women 2017. With score 4-2, the team qualified for European Championship, fourth in their history.

Íñiguez said his goodbyes to his team via Twitter message: “My decision is based on the need to rest, disconnect and be with my family this summer. I just need it. Thank you DANILO, thank you, Aleks, players and all those who at some time have supported and believed in our work. TO FOLLOW THE PATH: CRNA GORA!!”

The representatives of Basketball Federation of Montenegro announced that the public would be informed promptly about who will succeed Íñiguez as the head coach of Montenegrin national basketball team.

The Montenegro women's national basketball team is the representative for Montenegro in international women's basketball competitions, and it is organized and run by the Basketball Federation of Montenegro. The team participated on EuroBasket Women four times - 2011, 2013 and 2015 and 2017, playing two times in quarterfinals.

11 Jan 2019, 01:10 AM

10 January 2019 - “Qualifying for the European Championship represents a result that, for us, is just as good as a medal,” stated the President of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro Cvetko Pajković in an interview for the News Agency TVCG.

Montenegro's volleyball players will, for the first time, play in a big competition after their recent victory in the sixth round of the Group C qualification for the European Championship against the Moldova team with the result 3-0 (25:18 25:21 25:13).

The 2019 Men's European Volleyball Championship will be the 31st edition of the Men's European Volleyball Championship, organised by Europe's governing volleyball body, the CEV. For the first time the EuroVolley will be held in four different countries; Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Slovenia. The tournament will run from September 13 to September 29, 2019. The number of national teams participating in the event will also be expanded from 16 to 24.

"This is a great result. We all wanted to finish the qualification cycle in this way - to play the last game for qualification at home and win against Moldova to secure our place in the European Championship for the first time," said Pajković.

“To us, the qualifications for the European Championship is a result equal to a medal. The significance of this result is apparent, especially since up to this year the European Volleyball Confederation limited the European Championship to 16 national teams, and our selection was always one step away from qualification," Pajković explained. He said that Montenegrin national team was fortunate that the CEV expanded the number of participants from 16 to 24: "We took advantage of the first chance and the first expanded qualifications. I am sure that our team would secure their place in the Championship even before, had the qualification system been expanded.”

09 Jan 2019, 16:30 PM

09 January 2019 - Montenegrin tennis player Danka Kovinić reached the second round of the Australian Open qualifiers in Melbourne.

In order to qualify for the second round, Kovinić beat Liu Fangzhou from China 6:1 7:5. It took her one hour and fourteen minutes to reach victory in this match.

The twenty-four-year-old will now have to face Hungarian player Fanny Stollár, who eliminated Zhang Yuxuan 4:6 6:4 6:4.

Australian Open Danka Kovinić through to Second Round of Qualifying 1

The women’s singles qualifying for Australian Open runs from Tuesday 8 January – Friday 11 January 2019.

Kovinić currently takes the 174th place on the WTA list of the best players in the world.

Danka Kovinić is a Montenegrin professional tennis player from Herceg Novi and a member of the Montenegrin Fed Cup team. She started playing professionally in 2010. Her first WTA singles tournament was the 2013 Budapest Grand Prix, where Kovinić became the first ever Montenegrin to reach the quarterfinals of a WTA event. On 22 February 2016, she reached her career-high singles ranking of world No. 46, while her best doubles ranking, No. 68, was achieved on 6 June 2016.

Read more information about Kovinić at her Australian Open Official Profile.

01 Jan 2019, 15:59 PM

January 1, 2019 - Old Year Regatta, held yesterday in Tivat Bay, once again presented Tivat and Boka Bay as an ideal sailing destination throughout the year and also on the New Year's holidays. The local sailor's initiative, apart from the enjoyment for sea-lovers and sailing, is also an exceptional marketing opportunity for tourism in this area. In anticipation of the video from yesterday's party at sea, we bring you a photo report taken from the regatta boat.

regatta 5
regatta 33regatta 65On the Old Year Regatta, in the J70 sports competitions class, seven of the most famous local sailors competed on YC Porto Montenegro sailing boats. With the north-eastern wind of up to 20 knots, Judge Aleksandar Filipovic gave four laps for this class, and the most successful in general placement was the team of young YC Delfin’s hope, Ilija Marković. 
regatta 35regatta 280regatta 131The second in the J70 class were sailors led by the most successful Delfin’s competitor Igor Les, who recently completed his sports career.  The third place took Kotor’s sailors led by Mirko Franovic.
The Old Year Regatta brought together six ships in the Open class, among which the most successful was the Tsail boat Sinji Galeb, with YC Delfin’s president, Frano Tripović, on the helm. The second was the sailing boat Vagabundo of Kovačević family from Herceg Novi. Delfin's Judge, Eldin Omeragić took third place, this time served as the skipper of Settimo Cielo.
regatta 2regatta 20The bidding on the sea lasted for two hours in front of numerous spectators who watched the regatta from the Pine promenade. However, sailors made sure that after the end of the competition the spectacle lasted for a while. Along with music from ships and signal flares, in the company of several boats, all 13 sailboats participated in a parade that caused the ovations of citizens and guests who gathered on the waterfront.
To the regatta winner, Ilija Marković was delivered the winning cup onboard by the regatta organiser, Dejan Farkaš, who promised that the Old-Year regatta would become a tradition. 
27 Dec 2018, 13:43 PM

December 27, 2018 - The Old Year regatta, organized by YC Delfin Tivat, is scheduled for 31 December at the Tivat Bay. This event was launched last year by the renowned Tivat sailor and skipper Dejan Farkaš. The race attracted a large number of local sailors, and the visual spectacle they made for the citizens and guests was one of the accents of last year's holiday program in Tivat. That's why they decided to include the Old Year Regatta in their calendar for this year with the intent to make this gathering traditional in the years to come.

Old Year Regatta, a small, private initiative for "going out to sea," has already shown its great sporting and tourist potential in its first edition. Its creator, Dejan Farkaš emphasized:
"Old Year Regatta was born spontaneously. While sipping coffee in the club's premises, we discussed that it would be nice to go out on sailing boats on 31 December, say goodbye to the Old Year and bring ourselves the pleasure of gathering at sea. The idea was very well accepted and spread very rapidly throughout the Boka Bay. We did not even realize what was happening, and we already had 30 announced sailing boats," explains Dejan Farkaš.
In the absence of wind, last year the accent of the regatta was put on socializing and fun. Dejan and the Delfin team wanted to succeed in making their sea story a part of the concept of a New Year's program on the Pine promenade. Namely, all the assembled ships formed a parade, and from the bay of Seljanovo, they sailed along the banks to the Kalimanj harbor. Dejan's idea was that all the boats involved, floating beside it, greet the training ship Jadran, the pride of the city. However, it was much more spectacular.
old year regatta 3
The procession attracted a broad interest of the public on the shore, and the whole city seemed to push to the first row to watch the parade of white sails. Within a few hours, the cyberspace was full of photographs and recordings of Old Year Regatta. The cube was thrown, a new story was born, and Delfin will try to transform it into tradition.
"Every event that is organized during the holidays has its own audience. Of course, our story is attractive in itself. White sails and sunny days, a large number of ships at sea and the public on the coast - that is for sure a good tourist product," says Dejan. "But the people organizing this event did not run and did not take that story. The tourist subjects of the city should look at the estimations of the tourist potentials of the Old Year Regatta. We are only guided by the love for sailing and the desire to greet the year behind us in this way, in the company of friends."
Dejan Farkaš is still very modest when talking about the Old Year Regatta, and the fact is that the organizers took care of every detail last year. Club friend and recreational Sailor, photographer Gaga Vujačić made a short video, which best presents both the regatta and Tivat as a sailing destination.
Although still with a motive of love for the sea and sailing, Delfin has made sure that this year's edition of the Old Year Regatta is closer to the citizens and guests. The regatta field will be located near the city's waterfront, which will enable direct observation of the sports competition for everyone on the banks of the center of Tivat on Monday, 31 December.
"For the first time, we will try to set the race field in a way that the competition is available to the naked eye. The audience will not be required to use binoculars or to sail to the sea to track bidding. From the Porto Montenegro marina to the Palma Hotel, wherever they are, the observers will be able to have direct contact with sailors, to see what's happening there. This will be the first time we offer such an opportunity in our country. Usually, the regattas are far from the coast. Now the audience will be able to share part of our excitement, yet it is a sports competition, a competition in tactics, skill, and strength.“
Old Year Regatta is organized into two classes - J70 and Open. J70 are sailing boats available to the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, and all seven ships have long been reshuffled by Tivat sailors, whose bidding on the sea, both formally and informally, lasts for decades. The Open Class is open to all categories of sailboats.
The Skipper Meeting and Presentation of Sailing Guide YC Delfin is scheduled at the club's premises on Sunday, 30 December at 6 pm. In addition to the technical meeting, the management of the club also organizes the presentation of photo and video material from the first edition of Old Year Regatta. The club's cafeteria at YC Delfin is open to all those who are interested.
23 Dec 2018, 00:16 AM

22 December 2018 - The Ministry of Sport, in cooperation with youth organisations and international partners, organised a conference presenting the results achieved in the field of youth policy, as to nourish a good practice and summarize the outcome of the activities with young people at the end of the year. 

The conference was opened by Sports Minister Nikola Janović, who said that recognising the values on which modern Europe rests enabled present and the coming generations to not be burdened with the problems that our ancestors faced and that only in this way the young people can dedicate themselves to science and knowledge.

"Young people are the pillar of society and as such must have the support of institutions and organizations dealing with youth, as well as the support of the wider community. Special attention should be paid to creating an environment for young people belonging to vulnerable groups to integrate them in all areas of social activity," the Minister said. 

Minister Janović stressed that young people must be bearers of the new age that removes barriers and contributes to the unification of generations that respect each other and create a better future. He also said that the need of youth for a better tomorrow is inspirational to the entire community, precisely because of the strength of the young. Countries united in the system of values of the European Union, and those who aspire to membership, including Montenegro, are committed to creating and fostering dialogue with young people. 

"Our ambition is not hidden - we want Montenegro's youth to remain in Montenegro and contribute to its development. Therefore, in the following period, we will be very dedicated to working on improving the living and work conditions of young people to strengthen further the environment in which they need to feel concrete benefits and care of the state for their better future," concluded Minister Janović.

21 Dec 2018, 15:10 PM

December 21, 2018 - Buducnost Voli lost to Fenerbahçe 89:65 in the 14th Round of the Euro league. Buducnost played great for 25 great minutes but obviously did not have the strength to keep up with the visiting team. The Turkish team was excellent in the shot, they scored 15 three-points, Buducnost only 4 and in that ratio, there was no chance for another surprise in Podgorica.

Erl Clark was the most effective for Buducnost with 15 points, Petar Popovic played the best game of the season and scored 12 points, Gordic 11, though mostly all of this happened in the first quarter.

For the visiting team, Veseli scored 29 points, Loverj 17, and Slukas 11. 

Buducnost Voli recorded their 11th defeat of this season in this elite competition.

Text by CdM, on December 20th 2018, read more at CdM

21 Dec 2018, 14:40 PM

December 21, 2018 - Mega Bemax basketball player Goga Bitadze will sign a contract with Budućnost Voli today, CdM finds out.

The Georgian representative plays the center position and is one of the best young players in Europe in this position.

He showed his class 10 days ago in Podgorica when he scored 23 points in the match with the regional champion.

 In the current season, he scored an average 20 points in the ABA League, with eight rebounds.

He's 19 years old, and he came to Mega three seasons ago.

Text by CdM, on December 20th, 2018, read more at CdM

20 Dec 2018, 14:14 PM

December 20, 2018 - In the hall where they have defeated Baskonia, CSKA and Barcelona, the basketball players of Budućnost Voli are looking for a new wonder - a triumph over the European champion. The match starts at 8 p.m.

Hell. This word best describes the layout of the basketball players of Buducnost Voli in the second half of December. After having played three matches in less than 96 hours and losing all three (to Gran Canarias, Cibona and Anadolu Efes), the guys from Podgorica had only a one day for break until the match with one of the greatest European teams – Fenerbahçe.

 The team of Aleksandar Džikić will try to perform another sensation tonight (at 8 p.m.) in "Morača", so that after Baskonia, CSKA and Barcelona, the vice-champion of Europe also collapses. But in order to be able to imagine this, they have to play much better than they did two days earlier in Istanbul, when they lost to Efes 106:68.

"Unfortunately, we are a completely different team on the home court and elsewhere. The good thing is that we know that we will be able to compete tonight, because we play at home, but it is frustrating that we do not know why this difference takes place related to the matches here and away. The fact is that we have incredible fans, but they cannot be held responsible for 40 points. Now we are focused on the match with Fenerbahçe. and we know that we have beat big teams here, but we need to play better than against Efes so we can stay alive," Edwin Jackson is realistic. The French defender knows a recipe for the fight against the visiting team.

"We have to play wisely, not lose balls, control the game. It is also necessary to make them play defense, as they are a team that achieves a lot of points. We have to push them out of their rhythm and find our shot. When it comes to shooting, Buducnost has failed in the last few games, just like Jackson.

"I am not concerned only about me, the whole team has to find better chemistry, a better attack, the ball must be more fluid. If so, we will have every chance to score," 29-year-old from Poa is clear. The problem in the last few matches is that Nikola Ivanovic has not played due to injury.

"We only have a few defenders, he would definitely help us. He has great basketball intelligence, he understands the game, and he is another shooter that would be dangerous in the attack. Aleksa Ilic is also absent, and the season is going on and the exhaustion is slowly coming to us. It's not good when players are missing, because they are important both on the field and outside. I hope that Nikola will return as soon as possible," Jackson concluded.

"After three heavy matches away, we finally have one game at home to catch our breath, but Fenerbahçe is waiting for us, which has great series of nine victories in the Euro league. We do not need to waste words about the opponent, we all know what kind of team and individuals they are. For years they have been together, with the same trainer, a great system, but we have not sold our skin to anyone here, I hope that we will not have to do it to them. We will not look for an alibi in the tiredness and lack of players, we will go out on the field ready to achieve the best possible result," Petar Popovic made it clear.

The young player from Cetinje is aware of how much they miss having Ivanovic, but he does not want to search for justifications in that story.

"In such a strenuous rhythm every player who can play even for a minute, and especially Nikola, which means a lot to us, is important. We are ready to compensate for his absence and try not to feel it in the game," said Popovic.

The team that crashed Baskonia and Barcelona, and especially CSKA, cannot be tossed aside just like that. In the sold-out hall of “Moraca”, even Fener will not be easy, although it is difficult to find the weak point of that team.

"It's stupid to talk about Fenerbahçe's defects and how to find them, not many better teams than us on paper did it. The good thing is that we are accustomed to the audience and made such an atmosphere that everyone expects that we can win against Fenerbahçe. But first of all, we should be realistic and say that they are better than us, but that we will go out to fight and give the maximum. If we win, it would be a sensation," Petar Popovic concludes honestly. 

Text by Nikola Nikolic, on December 20th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

19 Dec 2018, 14:25 PM

December 19, 2018 - The basketball players of Buducnost Voli suffered the worst defeat in Euro league this season, losing to Efes 106:68.

"The Blue" fought until the middle of the third quarter, and then stopped - the host made a series of 22:0 in five and a half minutes and gained a huge advantage.

"I congratulate Efes on the win. In the second half, they were superior, but we are a better team than we showed tonight, and the question is why we have so easily, without a fight, allowed the opponent to go up 30 points. I will talk to the players," said Aleksandar Dzikic after the match

 Asked why his team stumbled, Džikić replied: "Good question, to which I do not know the answer. At 59:53 it seemed as if we were extinguished We lost energy, we lost concentration, we knew what Buboa could do, we were preparing for him, but we did not succeed... We played fine in the first half, I do not know, I do not understand what happened in the second half," Dzikic said.

Turkish journalists asked whether the reason was the decline in defense or the fact that Erl Clark played only in one direction:

"The reason of our defeat was not because Erl Clark did not play in several directions," Dzikic said.

Text by Vijesti sport, on December 18th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

17 Dec 2018, 12:34 PM

The basketball players of Buducnost Voli were defeated by Cibona in Zagreb 83:77 in the 11th round of the ABA league. This is the third defeat of the champions this season.

In the middle of the third quarter, guests were leading 50:39, and in the next 15 minutes, they acted helplessly against Cibona, who was led by Ivan Ljubicic and Damir Markota.


 Cibona - Buducnost


Buducnost has no time to mourn and analyze, nor to take a break and train harder – they left Zagreb to go to Istanbul for the match against Efes on Tuesday, and then from Bosporus to Podgorica, where they play against Fenerbahçe on Thursday.

CIBONA - BUDUCNOST VOLI 83:77 (15:18, 17:16, 26:23, 25:20) Zagreb - Drazen Petrovic Hall. Spectators: 1.730. Referees: Vojinovic (Serbia), Majkić (Slovenia), Juras (Serbia).

Cibona: Bilinovac 3 (3-1), Uljarević 2, M. Ljubičić 22 (1-1), Marić 5, Bundović 6, Gilbert 7 (1-0), Novačić 6 (2-2), Rozić 4 (2-1), K. Ljubičić, Slavica, Reli-Ros 5 (1-1), Markota 23 (3-1).

Budućnost Voli: Džekson 13 (5-4), Su. Šehović 5 (3-2), E. Klark 13 (2-1), Barović 2 (2-0), K. Klark 5, Se. Šehović, Starovlah, Gordić 18 (7-7), Z. Nikolić, Omić 7 (7-3), Popović 7, Nikolić 7.

Text by Vijesti Sport, on December 16th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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