01 Jun 2019, 23:36 PM

01 June 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, who is visiting Montenegro on the occasion of the 17th Games of Small States of Europe.

President Đukanović thanked Thomas Bach for the support that the International Olympic Committee provided for the organization of the Games of Small States of Europe and his contribution and the presence at the closing ceremony of this event. He emphasized that the organization of this sport event is an opportunity for Montenegro to be further affirmed, bearing in mind that we reestablished our independence 13 years ago, even though we have nurtured our statehood for almost a millennium.

The president assessed that sport is the best opportunity to bring the quality of a country and its people to the international community and its partners much faster than any other field.

He informed the interlocutor that Montenegro, after the restoration of independence, became a member of NATO and that it had made the most progress in the negotiations with the EU. In all this, he emphasized, it is a special honor for us to see that, immediately after the restoration of independence, Montenegro became a part of the family of the International Olympic Committee.

"In all our aspirations, for economic progress, strengthening the quality of life of citizens, building infrastructure and integration processes, we did not forget the need for constant investment in sports," said the President of Montenegro.

In this context, he pointed out the Strategy for the Development of Montenegro's Sports, which contains clear goals and guidelines for further improvement, as well as the fact that we are ahead of investments in sports infrastructure, given the number of inhabitants and athletes.

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, thanked the President for his reception, as well as the long-standing contribution to the development of sport in Montenegro. He emphasized that he always enjoys special satisfaction when the state leads the leader, who has affinities towards sports, which is a symbol of commitment to discipline and self-sacrifice. He also praised the achievements Montenegro achieved in fulfilling its foreign policy priorities and especially highlighted sports results as the most representative affirmation of our country in the world.

He pointed to the quality organization of the Olympic Games of the Small States of Europe, which has proven that Montenegro is capable of handling the organization of the largest and most demanding international competitions. He praised the quality coordination and proactive action of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports.

On this occasion, the President of the International Olympic Committee gave special recognition to President Đukanović, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee, which is given to the heads of state who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of sports.

The meeting was also attended by the President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dusko Simonovic, and Minister of Sports Nikola Janovic.

01 Jun 2019, 00:28 AM

31 May 2019 - The International Mountain Car Race Kotor (IMCR Kotor 2019 - "Tripo Bukilica Memorial") organized by the Auto Moto Sports Club (AMSK) Kotor, will be held on June 1 and 2.

The points in this race are earned for the championships of the Central European Zone (CEZ), Croatia, the Auto Moto Sports Clubs of Montenegro, as well as the Kotor CUP.

Over 100 drivers from Montenegro and the region have been registered for this year's competition, among which is Laslo Saš, who achieved the best result at last year's Kotor-Trojica race.

Technical receipt and verification of vehicles were scheduled for May 31st from 2 PM to 7 PM, while additional technical inspection will be held on June 1st, from 8 AM to 8.30 AM. The first training race will be held on Saturday at 12.00 PM, and the second is scheduled 30 minutes after the end of the first one. On Sunday, after the opening ceremony, the first race will be held at 11 AM and the other one 30 minutes after the end of the first one.

Regular traffic on the Kotor-Trojica section will be disabled on Saturday and Sunday, from 8 AM to the end of the car race.

IMCR Kotor 2019 s supported the Ministry of Sports and Youth, as well as numerous sponsors and friends of the automotive world.

The director of this year's international race is Nenad Bukilica, and the deputies are Mato Sebalj and Dubravko Ćikor from Croatia.

So far, organizer of the race, AMSK Kotor, won the first place in the general placement at the first annual high-mountain race of this year at Podi.

After the race in Kotor, the next races to come are scheduled for "Glava Zete" on 22-23 June, "Lovćen" 5-6 July, Pljevlja 24-25 August and Dubrovnik 5-6 October.

Source: Radio Jadran

31 May 2019, 21:29 PM

31 May 2019 - The swimming season in the outdoor swimming pool within the Sports Centre Morača in Podgorica will begin on June 1, 2019. The swimming pool will be open every day from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

When the sun comes out, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as diving into a pool to cool down. Luckily, the Capital City of Montenegro, Podgorica is opening its open-air swimming pool on June 1, so the new venue will be ideal for the sunny days that will greet the citizens and visitors of the Capital during the summer.

The entrance is free for children under the age of five, accompanied by their parents. The ticket price for adults is 2.5 EUR from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3 EUR from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm. The whole day ticket from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm costs 5 EUR. A monthly package for 30 entries from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm costs 50 EUR, and monthly entrance from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm costs 60 EUR. The use of sun loungers and parasols is free.

All-day swimming for one month is 70 EUR, with the possibility of two entries per day. The monthly package of 30 entries which covers one hour of swimming for people with disabilities costs 15 EUR. The luxury package with 30 entries which covers one hour of pool use in both morning and evening shift costs 70 EUR.

Last year, over 20.000 visitors used the Open Olympic Pool! With improved conditions, the representatives of Sports Centre Morača hope that the number of visitors will increase in 2019.

For all those interested in tickets for children, the representatives of Sports Centre Morača have organized a sports swimming school, which can be attended by children who have mastered at least one swimming technique. Swimming teachers are professors of physical education and Professor Drago Milošević coordinates the work of the school.

30 May 2019, 23:32 PM

30 May 2019 - The Montenegrin Cup title race between Budućnost and Lovćen ended tonight with the celebration of FC Budućnost, who managed to secure their victory in the finals with the remarkable score 4:0 (2: 0) at the Stadium under Gorica Hill.

This was the fifth time FC Budućnost found itself in the final of the Montenegrin Cup, and the only time they managed to take the trophy was in 2013. 

"Tonight we need the support of every fan of FC Budućnost. That's why everyone should come to the stadium! For Budućnost!", said the announcement of FC Budućnost’s management just before the finals.

Football Club Budućnost Won the Montenegrin Cup 2018 19

On their way to the final, the Blues eliminated Rudar, Mladost, Lješkopolje and Sutjeska. This is the most convincing victory of a team in the current 13 Montenegrin national cups.

The comfortable 4:0 victory was secured by Mihailo Perović, who scored the first three goals, while Dejan Zarubica scored the final goal which proved the efforts of FC Lovćen were in vain.

In a game held on Thursday, May 30, 2019, starting at 8.30 pm at the Stadium under Gorica Hill, a large number of fans came to support Budućnost players. The 4:0 result confirmed the high expectations of the fans who came to cheer their club.

Representatives of the management of Football Club Budućnost could not hide the excitement for the big win.

“FC Budućnost won the Cup of Montenegro with a score of 4: 0 against the excellent Lovćen, with a hat-trick of Mihailo Perović, for whom this night is especially magnificent. Thanks to all the fans of the club who made this evening even more amazing, as well as to everyone else who cheered us in front of the TV," says the official announcement of Budućnost’s management right after the game.

The 2018–19 Montenegrin Cup is the 12th edition of the football tournament in Montenegro. The cup began on 28 August 2018. The winners of this competition, FC Budućnost will earn a place in the UEFA Europa League.

30 May 2019, 14:59 PM

In the season in which they did not defend the title in the ABA league, in which they played the Euroleague (with six wins in 30 matches), the basketball players of Buducnost Voli returned the Montenegrin championship title to Podgorica.

In a dramatic third match, Petar Mijovic's players defeated Mornar 76:72, and solved the final with 3: 2 in wins, as two years ago against the same rival. Buducnost came to the 12th championship title since Montenegro's independence, and this season they also achieved the double crown after winning the Cup of Montenegro.

Mijovic, who took over the team after Jasmin Repesa left at the start of the Super League, won the first independent trophy in the senior competition. The team from Bar was in the game to defend the trophy until the last moment, although Buducnost was the favorite, it was a situation where one ball decided the winner.

Buducnost led 2:0 in the series, Mornar equalized for 2:2, so the decision was made in the fifth duel of the two best Montenegrin teams. The finale was played in a great ambience at "Moraca", with about 2,500 spectators, of which a couple of hundred fans were from Bar, but the match ended in the shadow of a serious injury of Filip Barovic, who injured his knee after a little more than three minutes into the third quarter. The strong player from Niksic was unlucky when he attacked the hoop, and in the duel with Uros Lukovic, his knee buckled and Barovic fell on the floor. Barovic started to strike the floor with his fist, and all the basketball players of Mornar were worried, but the action did not stop. On the other side, Marko Mugosa scored three points (with whistles from the stands), and only then the game was interrupted.


Check-ups will show the severity of the injury, but the grimace on the face of the great fighter does not promise that his absence will be short. In less than an hour after the match, Barovic was led by the hands of a physiotherapist out of the hall.

Barovic is seriously in the risk of missing the World Cup in China, which is played in September. It is more bad luck for the team from Podgorica after the recent injuries of Aleksa Ilic, Nikola Ivanovic and Petar Popovic.

As for the final match, although it seemed that the game was decided just less than seven minutes before the end, when Buducnost led 64:51, Mornar managed to score for 71:70, 28.3 seconds before the end.

Then a real drama took place - Sead Sehović missed a shot, but the ball in the attack was caught by Nemanja Gordic and a foul was made. He hit both throws with 11.1 seconds before the end for 73:70.

Nikola Rebic, on the other side, made the difference in points 73:72, 6.8 seconds before the end, and returned hope to the guests.

Everything was decided when Strahinja Micovic made a deliberate foul at Gordic, at a time when the Podgorica team tried to get the ball under their hoop. There were protests by the players from Bar towards the judge Radomir Vojinovic, who decided on the doubtful foul.

Gordic hit one of the two throws, and then, after getting the ball on the side, and after being fouled again, shot for the final 76:72


Buducnost Voli - Mornar 76:72 (22:18, 16:13, 22:19, 16:22)

Podgorica - Hall: "Moraca". Audience: 2,500. Judges: Vojinovic, Rutesic, Savovic.

Budućnost Voli: JACKSON 13 (6-4), SU. ŠEHOVIĆ 3, BAROVIĆ 13(2-1), Se. Šehović 5 (2-1), GORDIĆ 21 (9-7), Starovlah, Z. Nikolić 3 (2-1), Pajović, Drobnjak 5 (2-2), Bell 8 (2-0), D. NIKOLIĆ 5 (2-1), Žugić.

Mornar: JELENIĆ 14 (4-2), MIĆOVIĆ 5 (4-0), Mijović 3, MUGOŠA 8, Marljukić, Pavić 8 (2-1), Vujošević 4, Cenović, Živanović, Kostić, REBIĆ 17 (7-6), LUKOVIĆ 13 (9-7).

Text by Sasa Joncic, on May 30th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

29 May 2019, 01:41 AM

28 May 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković opened the 2019 Games of Small States of Europe - the biggest sports event ever hosted by Montenegro, saying that diversities of Europe - from its northernmost to the southernmost parts - gathered in Montenegro, and that, with the motto of the International Olympic Committee "unity in diversity", they represent the heritage Montenegro traditionally fosters.

"We in Montenegro believe that diversity is actually our greatest asset. Due to that, our state has survived through centuries cultivating all our differences in religion, national affiliation, and cultural heritage. We share the ideas of European visionaries who, after World War II, reversed historical trends, accepting that diversities do not pose a threat; that they are natural and that there is only one answer to them: to respect them! That is why Montenegro has found its place among the countries that share these values and that is why, after the restoration of independence, the thirteenth anniversary of which was celebrated the other day, we courageously and without hesitation embarked on the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. I believe that during your stay in Montenegro, you will recognize this pro-European enthusiasm among our people, as well as our traditional values and specificities, of which we are proud and which we lovingly cherish. All of our diversities, from the northernmost to the southernmost parts of Europe, gathered in one place these days – that is the wealth that these Games bring us. That is why these are the small states games only in the light of the numbers. But, in many other respects - great and special European nations," Prime Minister noted.

Games of Small States of Europe Officially Opened in Budva1

The Prime Minister said that the organisation of the Games is a special honour for Montenegro's Olympic Committee, for the towns in which competitions will be taking place, for the whole of Montenegro, which since the restoration of independence has attached special importance to sports in promoting the State on the international scene, as well to the construction of sports infrastructure throughout our country.

"We pay special attention to the youngest talents and top athletes, by awarding stipends and rewarding the successful ones, taking into account also the medal winners after completion of their careers. What the state gets in return is the remarkable success of our clubs and national teams, disproportionate to the objective size of our sports populace and resources. That is why many in the world recognize Montenegro, above all, by natural beauties and top athletes," PM Marković underlined.

The Prime Minister wished athletes that their competitions took place in the spirit of chivalry, saying that there are no small and big athletes in sports, but that everyone has an equal chance of winning. 

"Many of you are in Montenegro for the first time. I wish that you enjoy the beauty of our country and the hospitality of our people. I wish that you take the blueness of our sea and our sky in your eyes from Montenegro, and Montenegrin sincerity and friendship in your heart. I wish that you return to Montenegro in the future," Prime Minister Marković concluded.

The opening of the Games of Small States of Europe was also attended by President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović, Prince Albert of Monaco, Captains Regents of the San Marino Nicola Selva and Michele Muratori, princesses of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, President of the European Olympic Committee Janez Kocijančić and ministers of sports of seven participating countries.

27 May 2019, 10:17 AM

May 27, 2019 - The opening ceremony of the Games of Small Countries of Europe 2019 is scheduled for tonight, May 27 at 9 pm next to the Wall of the Old Town in Budva, which will be the epicentre of athletes from ten countries, who will compete in ten sports from May 27 to June 1 in several Montenegrin cities.

Our country will host a multi-sports competition for thee first time that will bring together about two thousand participants - athletes, trainers, officials, representatives of national Olympic committees, journalists, and volunteers.
The Games of Small States of Europe (GSSE) are a multi-sports competition organized within the European Olympic Movement since 1985, and the right to perform is made by countries with fewer than one million inhabitants. Montenegro has participated in GSSE since 2011.
At the Games of Small States 2019, in addition to the host country, athletes from Cyprus, Iceland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta and San Marino will participate in the ten sports competitions. For the first time in a sporting event, the Vatican joins the competition.
Within the GSSE, athletes will compete in athletics, bowling, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, swimming, jungle, shooting, and tennis. The games will be held in Podgorica, Budva, Bar, Tivat, and Cetinje.
Bar will host athletic and basketball competitions, tennis will be played in Tivat, judo at Cetinje, while swimming competitions are planned at the pool in Podgorica. The epicentre of the Games of the Small States will be Budva, which will host matches in other sports - volleyball (women and men), beach volleyball, shooting, bowling, and tennis.
Participants of the competition are located in the Slovenska beach complex, and Budva hosts the officials of the national Olympic Committee of the participating countries.
The Games of the Small States of Europe, as well as all the competitions under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, are not just a festival of sports but have a much broader significance.
It is an opportunity for numerous guests to get acquainted with the natural beauties and tourist attractions of Montenegro and the Budva Riviera, to get to know our culture and customs, to feel the unique Mediterranean spirit.
The GSSE  in Montenegro will also be important in organizing them with the respect of the highest environmental standards.
It will be the first "Green Games" to be organized following the strategy and the clear commitment of the Olympic Movement to promote the sustainability and protection of the environment through sport, especially the organization of sports events.
That's why the Games have two slogans - the first is "How big we are" and the other "Be fair by nature".
Given the number of participants and the breadth of all the opportunities offered by these events in terms of promotion of our country, it can be said that the Games of Small States of Europe for Montenegro mean the Olympic Games in the small.
24 May 2019, 12:59 PM

The basketball players of Buducnost Voli are on the verge of their 12th Montenegrin championship title.

Petar Mijovic's players in the second match of the final play-off in the Erste Super League defeated Mornar in Bar 84:74 and gained a great advantage of 2:0 in the series.

The match was resolved from the 37th to 39th minute, when Edwin Jackson and Danilo Nikolic hit three-pointers, and James Bell ended the series of 8:0 for the score 82:74.

The team from Podgorica will play Saturday at "Moraca" and the current champion will try to return the series to "Topolica" and extend their hope.

Nemanja Gordic was the most efficient for the winning team with 20 points, Nikolic scored 18, Jackson 15, Sead Sehovic 11, and Bell 10.

In the defeated team, the most efficient was Ivan Jelenic who scored 14 points, three of which were related to the turnaround at the start of the 3rd quarter. 12 points were scored by Uros Lukovic and Strahinja Micovic, and 11 by Nikola Rebic.

Text by Nikola Nikolic, on May 23rd 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 May 2019, 09:39 AM

May 24, 2019 - Yacht Club Latin Sail Bar organizes the first edition of the Regatta of the Youth on May 25. Organizers expect the participation of about 30 different class sailing ships, and the event aims to promote sailing, especially among the younger generations.

"Our main goal is to point to the possibility of learning sailing from the earliest years, and show the citizens that through the activities of our club, thanks to licensed trainers, we can afford children the pleasure of sailing," says Lala Bokovac from Caliphate Workshop Bokovac, founder of the Yacht Club Latin Sail Bar.
All yacht clubs from Montenegro confirmed participation in the regatta, and a significant part of the fleet is made up of wooden boats with the Latin sail of Bokovac Workshop.
"We can proudly say that our club "Latin Sail" has almost ten cruising sailing boats, which exceeds the fleet of all other clubs in Montenegro," says Lala Bokovac.
The Bokovac workshop is the only one in Montenegro that deals with the construction of traditional wooden boats. The most significant number of their ships are the Arsenal type, created by a wooden boat draft that was once built in the ship arsenal in Tivat.
"We have the honour to introduce a new model of a wooden boat to the Regatta of the Youth, which will sail on that day for the first time. This new model is a blend of tradition and innovation. The sailboat is the fruit of cooperation between shipbuilders from Workshop Bokovac, Pero and Nenad Bokovac and one of our best sailors. Coupled with their knowledge, they managed to make a traditional sailboat, with the characteristics of competing with the fastest ships in its class. More about the "Green Arsenal" boat we will announce on the day of the regatta," says Lala Bokovac.
 "Our intention with the Regatta of the Youth is to connect all kinds of sailing in Bar, that the citizens of Bar see that we do not only navigate boats with the Latin sail that thy could see in Bar aquatics almost every day. Sailors from Boka Bay will join us on Saturday, and some guests who are with their sailing ships in the marina of Bar at the moment. What is particularly crucial for us as an organizer, the sailors of class Optimist from the Yacht Club Lahor Kotor are coming to help our promotion of sailing. It will be an opportunity for children from our city, who unfortunately do not have an active sailing school, to see their peers manage their sailing boats, which will be very animating for them. Our wish is for the Regatta of the Youth to be a seaside fun for all- children, lovers of Latin sails, and experienced sailors, as well as all citizens and guests of Bar," said the organisers. 
Contributions to the regatta of the Youth organization were given by the hosts of the "Matica" aperitif bar, which is located on the shore, where the award ceremony will be held, accompanied by the music of the renowned Bar artist Dina Desančić and the string trio "Glamor Strings".


23 May 2019, 18:53 PM

23 May 2019 - All necessary prerequisites ot successfully hold the 18th Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) will be met, it was emphasised at the session of the Honourary Committee of the Games of the Small States of Europe chaired by the Committee Chairman, Prime Minister Duško Marković.

President of Montenegrin Olympic Committee Dušan Simonović, who is the Vice President of the Honourary Committee, noted that the state authorities and institutions undertook the necessary activities, as well as that sports and other infrastructure is at an excellent level. It was stressed that comprehensive measures were implemented in order that the event, where more than 2,000 participants are expected, goes smoothly. 

The meeting noted that leadership of the municipalities in which the games will be held – Budva, Bar, Tivat, the Old Royal Capital Cetinje and Podgorica are very committed to their obligations.

Games of the Small States of Europe Preparations Almost Complete

The Games of the Small States of Europe will be held from 27 May to 1 June and are a great opportunity for the promotion of Montenegro, its tourism potentials and cultural heritage. The meeting stated that this event would be a great introduction to the upcoming tourist season.

The Games of the Small States of Europe are an Olympic, multi-sport competition featuring athletes from the small countries of the European continent. Since 1985, the GSSE have been held every two years and are currently bringing together nine countries: Andorra, Montenegro, Iceland, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco and San Marino. The competitions are organised in athletics, bocce, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, swimming, judo, shooting, tennis and table tennis.

23 May 2019, 12:16 PM

May 23, 2019 - Kotor International Mountain Car Race - MBAT Kotor 2019  "Tripo Bukilica Memorial Race" organized by the Motor Sports Club AMSK Kotor, will be held on 1 and 2 June.

The race is awarded for the FIA Central European Zone Championship (CEZ), the Croatian Championships, as well as for the Car Championship of Sports Clubs of Montenegro.
The director of this year's international competition is Nenad Bukilica, with deputies Mato Sebalj and Dubravko Ćikor from Croatia.
Nenad Bukilica said he expected over 100 drivers from Montenegro and the region. According to him, special attention was paid to the security aspect.
"Like every year, the most considerable attention is paid to the safety of both drivers and public, while respecting all demanding standards. Over 200 people participate in the race organization. Given that the race has overcome the national character for years now, we expect several thousand car sports fans to visit Kotor this year," Bukilica emphasized.
Legendary champion Željko-Bato Banićević also confirmed participation in the upcoming race.
Banićević said that the organization of such a prestigious international sporting event requires significant financial resources.
"Due to the specific situation in the Municipality of Kotor, there was no significant help we have compiled, and we are forced to dominantly invest our resources to keep the continuity of what we have been creating for decades. We owe great gratitude to the Ministry of Sport headed by Minister Nikola Janovic, who in such a complicated situation decided to cover a significant part of the event costs, having in mind this race is famous not only for the city of Kotor but also for Montenegro," Banićević said.
Banićević explained that the race organization would not have been rounded up entirely without the help of friends and lovers of mountain car races.
Technical acceptance and verification of vehicles for MBAT Kotor 2019 are scheduled for Friday, 31 May, from 2 pm to 7 pm, and mechanical inspection on Saturday, 1 June from 8 am to 8.30 am.
The first training session is on Saturday, 1 June at noon, and the other is scheduled 30 minutes after the first. On Sunday, after the opening ceremony, the first race runs at 11 am and the second one 30 minutes after the first.
On the occasion of MBAT Kotor 2019, the Kotor-Trojica roadway will be closed on 1 June, and 2 June from 8 am to the end of the race.
AMSK Kotor won the first place in the overall placement at the first race of this year- the Podi Race in the hinterland of Herceg Novi. The Kotor Race is followed by Glava Zete 22-23 June, Lovćen 5 - 6 July, Pljevlja 24-25 August, and Dubrovnik 5-6 October.
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