16 Jun 2019, 22:55 PM

16 June 2019 - Led by Zoran Roganović, Montenegro National Handball Team managed to secure a victory at the Morača Sports Centre in the match against Ukraine, winning 27: 21 and in the second place, they qualified for the European Championship.

The European Championship will be held in January in Austria, Sweden and Norway.

"Certainly, these are the two most important matches. In the first duel, we did not play well against the Faeroes Islands, and now we had to have a more serious approach. It is important that we play smart, divide the time and celebrate against the Faeroes Islands and then against Ukraine and give the maximum to win. It is true that some players just joined the team two days ago and that it is the end of the season, but these are the two most important matches, and everyone will give the maximum to win the placement," said Stefan Čavor for Vijesti before the game, commenting on how important this victory is for the team and for Montenegro as a country.

Montenegro lost to Ukraine after the drama with the Faeroes (29: 24), and as expected in Denmark (37: 26), but the "Lions" defeated the Olympic and World Champions Denmark (32:31) in the previous round, and now on the wings of that triumph they managed to win the remaining two games and achieve the goal.

"We do care whether we are going to be the second or third. The better placement also allows us to get an easier group at the European Championship. When we already have a chance, we have to enter with 100 per cent in both games,” said the goalkeeper, Nebojša Simić, who is now thrilled that the team managed to secure the second place.

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13 Jun 2019, 15:48 PM

At 7.30 p.m. in Farum, the Montenegrin handball team will play against the Faeroes Islands in the penultimate match in the eighth qualifying round for the European Championship.

The win against the Faeroes, but also on Sunday in Podgorica against Ukraine, would bring Zoran Roganovic's players the second place and placement in the Championships that will be played in Sweden, Norway, and Austria next January. Montenegro can also be one of the four best third-placed teams, for which their match in Farum is of no relevance, but Ukraine must be defeated on Sunday in "Moraca".

Montenegro disappointed in the first duel with the Faeroes Islands with a tie at home (24:24), which is the only point of that selection in the qualifying group. Today, there should be no surprises.

"Certainly, these are the two most important matches. In the first duel, we did not play well against the Faeroes Islands, and now we have to have a more serious approach. It is important that we play smart, divide the time and celebrate against the Faeroes Islands and then against Ukraine and give the maximum to win. It is true that some players just joined the team two days ago and that it is the end of the season, but these are the two most important matches, and everyone will give the maximum to win the placement," said Stefan Cavor. Montenegro lost to Ukraine after the drama with the Faeroes (29:24), and as expected in Denmark (37:26), but the "Lions" caught the connection with a sensational victory against the Olympic and World Champions Denmark (32:31) in the previous round, and now on the wings of that triumph they want to win the remaining two games and achieve the goal.

However, regardless of the outcome of the match in the Faeroes Islands, Montenegro would definitely be a participant in the finale if they win against Ukraine, as one of the four best third-placed teams.

"We do care whether we are going to be the second or third. The better placement also allows us to get an easier group at the European Championship. When we already have a chance, we have to enter with 100 percent in both games, said the goalkeeper Nebojsa Simic.

Ukraine did well for 48 minutes against the favorites of the group, Denmark, yesterday in Kiev, who celebrated at the end with 33:30. By doing so, they helped the "Lions" in the fight for the second place, and now everything depends on Roganovic's team.

"It will not be easy. We saw in the first game that the Faeroes Islands are not the outsiders as we all considered them to be. They created problems also for Ukraine. We must focus and be ready, as we have been against Denmark, to gain victory. Only this time we are much stronger, we are in better shape because of the come-back of Nemanja Grbovic and right-back Branko Vujovic, and this is, in my opinion, the best of our selection, and we will be ready for challenges today and on Sunday, emphasized the side quarter-back Marko Lasica.

Simic: We must not underestimate the Faeroes Islands as in the first match

Goalkeeper Nebojsa Simic, a hero of the victory against the Danes, says the "Lions" will play without calculation, even though they are expecting an even more important match against Ukraine in Podgorica on Sunday. 

"We will play without any calculation, and hopefully we will enter the wins in the final two games, which will bring us the second place in the group and the placement at the European Championship. The Faeroes Islands are not easy to beat, and Ukraine barely beat them so we must not underestimate them as in the first match. We have to do our maximum and win two points, and to be extremely prepared and motivated for the most important match against Ukraine in Podgorica," said the hero of the victory over the Danes, the goalkeeper Nebojsa Simic.

Text by Slavisa Zivaljevic, on June 13th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

05 Jun 2019, 14:41 PM

Since in 2010, when they received visas for their first major competition, the European Championships in Denmark and Norway, the handball players of Montenegro did not play a more significant match in the qualifications. Between the “Lionesses” and the 13th consecutive big tournament stands the Czech Republic, which won the first match of the fight for the World Cup in Japan 26:24.

Tonight’s match in Niksic (at 8.15 p.m.) is even more important when it is known that only the participants of the December Planetary Championship have a chance to find themselves again in Japan next summer in a much more important contest - the Olympic Games. The goal of Jovanka Radicevic and her team is to find themselves in the biggest sporting venue for the third time, to amend the impression of Rio de Janeiro, perhaps even attempt to repeat the success from London, which is why the duel against the Czechs is for them of the utmost importance.

The class is on the side of Pero Johanson's team, who, with the help of the public can and must heavily exceed the minus from Mostar.

"We lost the first two match with two points difference, but in the analysis, we saw that we were not at our maximum level. We know we are threatened by the fact that the Czech Republic is extremely good in all positions, but I believe in our team because we have the experience of playing such games. We are aware that the atmosphere in Niksic will be an advantage, this will be our additional motive," Radicevic said.


The Captain of Montenegro is aware that five days ago, her team failed in what was its strongest point - defense.

It is necessary to play it the best way possible, because the attack lacks the creations of Milena Raicevic due to injury.

"We have to play the defense much better than in the Czech Republic because in some situations we did not react as we should have. I'm sure we will be taken away by the wish and the atmosphere, because the hall will be filled to the last place. Montenegro deserves to be part of the World Cup," said the best right wing of the Champions League.

Johanson does not escape from the proclaimed goal - the Olympics in Tokyo, and the first obstacle on that path is the team of Jan Bashni. The quality is on the side of the “Lionesses", but on Friday it was not felt as such in the field.

"We spent the last few days watching the first match in the Czech Republic. There were good things, but a lot of bad ones. We will try to repeat that we did well, but we have to play better than in the first match to win," says the 48-year-old Swede.


The man who led Montenegro to the 6th place at the World Cup in Germany and 9th at EHF Euro in France knows what his players need to improve from the first match. 

"The defense will always be the key to this team, and it was not good in the Czech Republic. This has to be corrected; we have to do much better to be successful," Johanson emphasized. 

The atmosphere in the hall is a plus

Niksic has hosted some of the unforgettable matches played by handball players and basketball players from Montenegro, who with huge support from the stands have entered some of the most important victories in the history. The audience should also fill the hall tonight and be the eighth player of the “Lionesses”. 

"This is a motif for all of us, we expect a full hall, as always in Niksic. We are not satisfied with the first match, there were a lot of mistakes, and certainly, we can do much better. We have analyzed this, and we are ready to enter the rematch," said 22-year-old Djurdjina Jaukovic from Niksic. 

Jelena Despotovic is also thinking similarly. 

"The support will mean a lot to us. We cannot wait to start the match, but this must not deconcentrate us, but we have to start very well from the first minute. The defense was the biggest problem in the first game; we will try to correct the mistakes we made," emphasized the Hungarian Debrecina.

Text by Nikola Nikolic, on June 5th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

03 Jun 2019, 23:08 PM

June 3, 2019 - Last weekend, Lustica Bay hosted the Lustica Bay Cup races for Laser and Optimist sailing classes. The regatta was organized in cooperation with local clubs - YC Delfin Tivat, YC Lahor Kotor and YC Jugole Grakalić Herceg Novi, who welcomed the idea to open the new sailing field, especially since their competitors, except international competitions, do not often have the opportunity to check their skills outside the aquatics of Boka Bay.

The weather conditions were maximally hand-picked by the organizers, so sailors enjoyed sailing with a wind of 6 to 10 knots and sunny days at the challenging regatta field in the Trašte bay. During the three days, there were six regattas in all classes - Optimist, Laser 4.7, and Laser Standard.
The winner of the Optimist class in general placement was Pavle Musić; second place was Petar Klakor, both sailors of YC Delfin. YC Lahor's sailor, Romina Racković won 3rd place. Romina is the winner in a girl's competition, her teammate Nina Strahinja is the second and the third is Nikolina Klakor from YC Delfin. In the category up to 12 years, the first is Petar Klakor, YC Delfin. Second place was Andrej Drakulović, and the third was Marko Vujović, sailors of Kotor's Lahor.
In the class of Laser 4.7, Nikola Golubović from Delfin was first place. Danilo Jončić, YC Delfin, is in second place and on the third is Miloš Vujović from Lahor.
Delfin's sailor Ilija Marković, at the moment one of the most successful Montenegrin sailing competitors, is first in the Laser Standard class, the second is Stefan Anđelić, YC Delfin, and Luka Ognjanović, YC Lahor is the third.
The Lustica Bay Cup is the result of long-time cooperation and the support Luštica Bay is providing to young sailors of YC Delfin Tivat.
"We are very grateful for the long-standing support and the brilliant household and the Lustica Bay Cup organization. With this regatta, we have been working on a higher level of cooperation. Lustica Bay Infrastructure and Logistics have made sailing available in the Gulf of Trašte. Having the field to the open sea for us is a significant training option," said Ilko Klakor, YC Delfin's coach and Montenegrin national team selector.
"The Regatta Field is of a great challenge for our sailors, and they enjoyed these three days of sailing. We are looking forward to starting cooperation with Lustica bay, and we believe it will be of mutual pleasure," said Filip Petričević, president of YC Lahor and the Lustica Bay Cup Regatta Committee Chief.
03 Jun 2019, 14:40 PM

The Games of Small Countries of Europe 2019 have finished, and Montenegro and the Olympic Committee have shown, above all, a great heart and hospitality, as well as the knowledge and the capacity to organize a demanding sports competition at a high level.

For the first time, our country hosted a multi-sports event, 835 athletes competed in ten disciplines, in five cities, and all parts of the organization functioned according to the highest standards.

Nothing would have happened if there was no energy, enthusiasm, and Mediterranean charm.

In this spirit, the Ceremony of the Closing of the Games was held. "You've shown the world how big the Olympic spirit is in your beautiful country of Montenegro," said Bah. President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dusan Simonovic, spoke with unrestrained pride and emotions.

"Tonight, we extinguished the Olympic flame over the Old Town in Budva. Its warmth and reflection will remain in our hearts and will continue to be our inspiration and memory on the path we have passed since June 2014 when we were assigned the organization of the Games to this day when we have five days to remember it by. Days in which we - small and so great - united in diversity, celebrated the sport and the Olympic spirit," Simonovic said.

At the end of the ceremony, Simonovic symbolically handed the flag of the Games to his colleague Haume Marti from Andorra, a Pyrenean state, where the 19th edition of the contest will be held, gathering athletes from European countries with less than a million inhabitants.

"For the past five days, we were not all uncompromising competitors. Or, we were not just that. We were athletes, architects, and builders, who built the bridge of trust and friendship in 1985 with the first edition of the Small Country Games, extended and laid the foundation on the Adriatic coast. Proudly, knowing that we - with the help of our friends, associates, sponsors, volunteers - have given our total energy to be exemplary hosts, but also the energy we received in return, we will leave the map together to Andorra," Simonovic said.

And then, after the spectacular fireworks which illuminated Budva, at the swimming pool of the complex “Slovenska plaza” began the party – Goodbye Montenegro, see you in Andorra 2021!

Text by Vijesti Sport, on June 1st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

03 Jun 2019, 14:39 PM

As the coach of Buducnost Voli, who arrived on the bench two days before the start of the domestic championship (after Jasmin Repesa's resignation), Petar Mijovic was aware that he was in a better position compared to anyone else in the Montenegrin Super League due to the quality and experience of the team he had at his disposal.

However, because of that role of the absolute favorite, he knew that he could gain little and lose much more if the title did not return to Podgorica after the year it had been adorning the showcases of Mornar. The circumstances didn’t go his way to help Buducnost easily reach the goal.

The Super League started two days after the end of the crunching series of the final playoff in the ABA league against “Red Star”, where the players from Podgorica were left without the trophies they planned to defend. With emotionally exhausted players and after the departure of five foreigners (Cole, Earl and Coty Clarke, Williams, Bitadze), without the injured Nikola Ivanovic and Aleksa Ilic, Mijovic with several juniors were on their way to justify the role of the favorite, and make a mosaic of the team to make a real game, and all this without the opportunity for real training, as they played every other day.

Immediately at the start, he was left without Petar Popovic (injury in the 1st round), Nemanja Gordic missed several matches, Filip Barovic suffered a severe injury in the third match. However, in the end, Buducnost came to the desired title and Mijovic to the first senior trophy on the Buducnost bench.

"That was, of course, a tremendous challenge for me, though I did have a bit of coaching experience behind me. For 16 years, I worked in France, Pristina, Iran, and Mornar on different levels. However, this was my most complex endeavor, but I did not think that I had anything to be scared of. There are so many coaches in this area who would like to work in an organization such as KK Buducnost, with the level of players you can only get and grow as a coach. Therefore, there was no fear, I had the desire and intention to do the best I could, to use all the resources I had at that moment, and we had, without a doubt, the best team in Montenegro," says Mijovic, who came on the bench of Buducnost only a few days after the birth of his second son.

As he says, he "deeply believed in the boys, but also himself and his work."

"Through all these years, I have the ambition to work at a high level, to always do my best, and, simply, I acted to be ready to take up the opportunity like this, and I'm glad we met the goal. Perhaps, it could have been done easier, but I think it could be worse, which was shown by some seasons behind us. With all the problems we had, one should not forget that we could not count on Ilic and Ivanovic. There was a lot of things which were not in our favor, and it is always difficult to do things that imply that you have to do them right, and if you do not, it is the end of the world. In a situation that was not easy psychologically, with the help of the responsible and devoted boys, we did the job correctly. And to emphasize, we did not defend but win the title that was lost last season," continues Mijovic.


The young 37-year-old coach points out that all the previous seasons, sometimes harder, sometimes easier, Buducnost won almost all the trophies, except the Montenegrin Cup in 2013.

13 wins in 17 matches put Buducnost in the Super League led by Petar Mijovic - eight in the league, two in the play-off semi-finals against Lovcen and three in the final against Mornar. Buducnost experienced three defeats by Mornar and one by Sutjeska.

"Losing the Cup that year, this title last season, I think it has become clear how valuable all these trophies are and how important it is for the season to end with a Cup," says Mijovic.

"In addition to all the problems and the specific situation, the moment of advancing to the Super League, where we did not have time to refresh and reset, literally 48 hours after the fifth game against Red Star, I think two days after the third match against Mornar, and with a cool head, I can say the players, despite some defeats, seriously responded to a difficult task. They had found the strength in the toughest and most critical moments, and it was not easy for them, because, with the preparation period, the match against Mornar was the 91st game in the season. If we add FIBA and representatives in the various selections, which were 6-7, I think we are close to 100. This did not help us, did not allow us the necessary freshness to make it easier to finish the final series. And all that is happening in the region; it does not always make it easy for better teams. Olimpija lost their final in Slovenia to 3:0, Cedevita, who played the semi-final series of the ABA against us in the same squad, lost the final to Cibona with 4:0. It is much more demanding than it looks like at first glance," Mijovic pointed out.

Mijovic then explained in more detail why this season was specific for Buducnost.

"Buducnost played in the European league after 17-18 years, the selection of the team to defend the title in the ABA league, a very stressful season, with a lot of ups and downs that culminated in the final series of the ABA League against Red Star. After all that, the timing of the team's takeover was very specific and demanding, primarily due to the state of mind, mental and physical, where these guys were at. In addition, because of the limitation of the number of foreigners, we entered the Super League with five players less, which was a completely different team compared to the one who competed before, with new roles, a new hierarchy inside the team. Zoran Nikolic returned after a few months, all this was accompanied by the injury of Nemanja Gordic's shoulder, then Petar Popovic's injury after the first quarter of the first game in the Super League against Lovcen, so there were a lot of things that were not going in our favor," says Mijovic.


"The most important thing is that we've done a lot of things in the regular part of the Super League," he said. "Well balanced, in the last round, when we got the first place, we decided to put Jaskcon and Barovic on a break because we played every two days, and we did not have freshness at that moment".

In the semi-finals of the play-off, Buducnost eliminated the excellent team Lovcen after two difficult matches, and then came the final series against Mornar.

"The first two games we played extremely good, the first one was easy to win in "Moraca", and then we confirmed it in Bar, maybe with the best game in the Super League with this lineup. Then came the third match, for which they probably thought it was all over, and then came a cold shower, nausea, through the unpleasant defeat, which took us to some other extreme, to the situation in Bar where we wanted to ask for the chance to return the title, in which we did not succeed. Then the fifth match brought its own new tension, a certain amount of nervousness, and the desire was high in each of the guys who ran on the court. But in those situations, it is often the pressure, which has slowed us down, led to a situation that was not good, especially in the first half, in which we wasted a lot of good shots that could easily be realized in some other circumstances. After the start of the second half, there was a shock, injury of Barovic, you saw it. So, there were quite a few things that did not work for us, and then one remarkable downturn in the last minute and 47-48 seconds, where we literally were at 11 points difference after the three points by Jackson, but we had to get the match in the last seconds," Buducnost’s coach said.


The club is to decide whether he would remain the coach of the first team

Prior to taking over the first team, Mijovic led the younger categories of the club from Podgorica since last year. This is his second-year contract in Buducnost; he has two more, and, as he says, he still does not know how he will continue his engagement in the club.

"I am absolutely connected to Buducnost, and the club will decide which direction will be taken further, from which positions I will continue to work. I must point out that with the President of the Club (Dragan Bokan) and the Sports Director (Gavrilo Pajovic), I have very good cooperation, it is all that a coach can only wish for. We will see what the next days will bring," he concluded. He led the team of French Roan where he worked with Luka Pavicevic and independently led Zeta, Baskimi and Sigal, and before Buducnost he had the last engagement at the Student’s Center, the branch of Buducnost.

Text by Sasa Joncic, on June 1st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

03 Jun 2019, 14:31 PM

Predrag Radosevic suffered a serious defeat on the at home with a knockout in the ninth round by the German Jama Saidi in a show at the Independence square in Podgorica.

Radosevic lost the WBO European Champion Belt, so Saidi, known under the nickname “Hammer”, took both belts to Germany because his IBF European title was at stake.


The deciding moment took place at the beginning of the ninth round when Radosevic received a destructive right-hand knock to his chin, from which he failed to recover.



Radosevic was better at the end of the eighth round when Saidi also shook him with his right cross, but the judge showed it as a slip because of the conditions in the ring.


It was a sad and unexpected end to the boxing show, where the biggest applause was deserved by the introductory fight in which the 18-year-old Milovan-Mica Sekulovic, the trophy fighter from Podgorica, celebrated his fifth professional win and the second in light middle-weight.

From the predicted six rounds, he demonstrated all the beauty of noble skill against the invariably stronger rival, the Georgian Beke Muhuklisvili who is four years his junior.

The strong Georgian had endured a series of strikes and with excellent tactics and extraordinary technique, Sekulovic easily dodged his devastating hits. In the second round, with a brilliant left-cross, he seriously injured his rival.

In the third round, the Georgian endured on his feet, but in the fourth round, the game was called to a halt as Muhuklisvili could not stop bleeding.

"It's hard for me to win the match in this way because I never had a harder and more dangerous rival," Sekulovic said.

In his first introductory fight, his teammate Stefan Savkovic, after only four seconds in a series of kicks, challenged his rival, Nemanja Mitrovic from BiH, so that in the upcoming attack the judge was forced to end the unequal fight because Mitrovic did not meet the professional challenge.

And the third introductory fight ended with the break in the first round, because the Croatian Tomislav Cikotic knocked out the heavyweight from Hungary Zoltan Sale.

All six predicted rounds were seen only in the main opening match, in which the Italian Francesco Leci was better than the German Omar Siale and unanimously won the fight in the category up to 70 kilograms.

Text by Slavisa Zivaljevic, on June 2nd 2019, read more at Vijesti

01 Jun 2019, 23:36 PM

01 June 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, who is visiting Montenegro on the occasion of the 17th Games of Small States of Europe.

President Đukanović thanked Thomas Bach for the support that the International Olympic Committee provided for the organization of the Games of Small States of Europe and his contribution and the presence at the closing ceremony of this event. He emphasized that the organization of this sport event is an opportunity for Montenegro to be further affirmed, bearing in mind that we reestablished our independence 13 years ago, even though we have nurtured our statehood for almost a millennium.

The president assessed that sport is the best opportunity to bring the quality of a country and its people to the international community and its partners much faster than any other field.

He informed the interlocutor that Montenegro, after the restoration of independence, became a member of NATO and that it had made the most progress in the negotiations with the EU. In all this, he emphasized, it is a special honor for us to see that, immediately after the restoration of independence, Montenegro became a part of the family of the International Olympic Committee.

"In all our aspirations, for economic progress, strengthening the quality of life of citizens, building infrastructure and integration processes, we did not forget the need for constant investment in sports," said the President of Montenegro.

In this context, he pointed out the Strategy for the Development of Montenegro's Sports, which contains clear goals and guidelines for further improvement, as well as the fact that we are ahead of investments in sports infrastructure, given the number of inhabitants and athletes.

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, thanked the President for his reception, as well as the long-standing contribution to the development of sport in Montenegro. He emphasized that he always enjoys special satisfaction when the state leads the leader, who has affinities towards sports, which is a symbol of commitment to discipline and self-sacrifice. He also praised the achievements Montenegro achieved in fulfilling its foreign policy priorities and especially highlighted sports results as the most representative affirmation of our country in the world.

He pointed to the quality organization of the Olympic Games of the Small States of Europe, which has proven that Montenegro is capable of handling the organization of the largest and most demanding international competitions. He praised the quality coordination and proactive action of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports.

On this occasion, the President of the International Olympic Committee gave special recognition to President Đukanović, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee, which is given to the heads of state who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of sports.

The meeting was also attended by the President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dusko Simonovic, and Minister of Sports Nikola Janovic.

01 Jun 2019, 00:28 AM

31 May 2019 - The International Mountain Car Race Kotor (IMCR Kotor 2019 - "Tripo Bukilica Memorial") organized by the Auto Moto Sports Club (AMSK) Kotor, will be held on June 1 and 2.

The points in this race are earned for the championships of the Central European Zone (CEZ), Croatia, the Auto Moto Sports Clubs of Montenegro, as well as the Kotor CUP.

Over 100 drivers from Montenegro and the region have been registered for this year's competition, among which is Laslo Saš, who achieved the best result at last year's Kotor-Trojica race.

Technical receipt and verification of vehicles were scheduled for May 31st from 2 PM to 7 PM, while additional technical inspection will be held on June 1st, from 8 AM to 8.30 AM. The first training race will be held on Saturday at 12.00 PM, and the second is scheduled 30 minutes after the end of the first one. On Sunday, after the opening ceremony, the first race will be held at 11 AM and the other one 30 minutes after the end of the first one.

Regular traffic on the Kotor-Trojica section will be disabled on Saturday and Sunday, from 8 AM to the end of the car race.

IMCR Kotor 2019 s supported the Ministry of Sports and Youth, as well as numerous sponsors and friends of the automotive world.

The director of this year's international race is Nenad Bukilica, and the deputies are Mato Sebalj and Dubravko Ćikor from Croatia.

So far, organizer of the race, AMSK Kotor, won the first place in the general placement at the first annual high-mountain race of this year at Podi.

After the race in Kotor, the next races to come are scheduled for "Glava Zete" on 22-23 June, "Lovćen" 5-6 July, Pljevlja 24-25 August and Dubrovnik 5-6 October.

Source: Radio Jadran

31 May 2019, 21:29 PM

31 May 2019 - The swimming season in the outdoor swimming pool within the Sports Centre Morača in Podgorica will begin on June 1, 2019. The swimming pool will be open every day from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm.

When the sun comes out, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as diving into a pool to cool down. Luckily, the Capital City of Montenegro, Podgorica is opening its open-air swimming pool on June 1, so the new venue will be ideal for the sunny days that will greet the citizens and visitors of the Capital during the summer.

The entrance is free for children under the age of five, accompanied by their parents. The ticket price for adults is 2.5 EUR from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3 EUR from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm. The whole day ticket from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm costs 5 EUR. A monthly package for 30 entries from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm costs 50 EUR, and monthly entrance from 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm costs 60 EUR. The use of sun loungers and parasols is free.

All-day swimming for one month is 70 EUR, with the possibility of two entries per day. The monthly package of 30 entries which covers one hour of swimming for people with disabilities costs 15 EUR. The luxury package with 30 entries which covers one hour of pool use in both morning and evening shift costs 70 EUR.

Last year, over 20.000 visitors used the Open Olympic Pool! With improved conditions, the representatives of Sports Centre Morača hope that the number of visitors will increase in 2019.

For all those interested in tickets for children, the representatives of Sports Centre Morača have organized a sports swimming school, which can be attended by children who have mastered at least one swimming technique. Swimming teachers are professors of physical education and Professor Drago Milošević coordinates the work of the school.

30 May 2019, 23:32 PM

30 May 2019 - The Montenegrin Cup title race between Budućnost and Lovćen ended tonight with the celebration of FC Budućnost, who managed to secure their victory in the finals with the remarkable score 4:0 (2: 0) at the Stadium under Gorica Hill.

This was the fifth time FC Budućnost found itself in the final of the Montenegrin Cup, and the only time they managed to take the trophy was in 2013. 

"Tonight we need the support of every fan of FC Budućnost. That's why everyone should come to the stadium! For Budućnost!", said the announcement of FC Budućnost’s management just before the finals.

Football Club Budućnost Won the Montenegrin Cup 2018 19

On their way to the final, the Blues eliminated Rudar, Mladost, Lješkopolje and Sutjeska. This is the most convincing victory of a team in the current 13 Montenegrin national cups.

The comfortable 4:0 victory was secured by Mihailo Perović, who scored the first three goals, while Dejan Zarubica scored the final goal which proved the efforts of FC Lovćen were in vain.

In a game held on Thursday, May 30, 2019, starting at 8.30 pm at the Stadium under Gorica Hill, a large number of fans came to support Budućnost players. The 4:0 result confirmed the high expectations of the fans who came to cheer their club.

Representatives of the management of Football Club Budućnost could not hide the excitement for the big win.

“FC Budućnost won the Cup of Montenegro with a score of 4: 0 against the excellent Lovćen, with a hat-trick of Mihailo Perović, for whom this night is especially magnificent. Thanks to all the fans of the club who made this evening even more amazing, as well as to everyone else who cheered us in front of the TV," says the official announcement of Budućnost’s management right after the game.

The 2018–19 Montenegrin Cup is the 12th edition of the football tournament in Montenegro. The cup began on 28 August 2018. The winners of this competition, FC Budućnost will earn a place in the UEFA Europa League.

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