52nd Balkan Sailing Championship in Tivat from September 6th

By , 28 Aug 2019, 22:00 PM Sport
52nd Balkan Sailing Championship in Tivat from September 6th 52nd Balkan Sailing Championship, copyright JK Delfin

28 August 2019 - The 52nd Balkan Sailing Championship will be held in Tivat from September 6 to September 11, according to the organizer, JK Delfin Sailing Club. The main sponsor of this international competition is the Municipality of Tivat with the support of the Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Tourism, Tivat Tourism Organization, Montenegro Sailing Federation and many sailing partners and friends.

The competition is organized for the Olympic Laser class and the Optimist class, with national teams from the Balkan countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro participating, and in general sailors from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy are expected to attend, about 300 participants in total.

The opening ceremony on the Pine waterfront, which will be preceded by participant defiles led by city music, is scheduled for 7 pm when Nikola Janovic, Minister of Sport of Montenegro, will open the competition. JK Delfin is completing the preparations for the competition with the great help of representatives of local public companies that are on the organizing committee formed by the Municipality of Tivat, headed by the Mayor Dr. Siniša Kusovac. The president of the competition is Ilko Klakor, coach of JK Dolphin and coach of the national team of Montenegro, who says with undeniable pleasure:

“Of course, I am proud of what we have achieved so far and that we have been allowed to organize the Balkan Championship. It is a great pleasure for all the hard work, effort and renunciation that we put into it, which is not hard for us because we love sailing and the club. With the advice of people who have preserved the tradition and the existence of the club, with a team of enthusiasts who are small but select, we have been able to improve the sports activities of the club, put it on healthy feet, achieve great results. Organizing the 52nd Balkan Championship is a big challenge," Klakor said. He thanked the Federation, the Ministry of Sport, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee and especially the Municipality of Tivat “for helping the club print a new page in the history of Tivat, JK Delfin, sailing in Montenegro and Montenegro itself.”

During the Balkan Championship, competitors will sail on two regatta fields in the Bay of Tivat, a total of 11 regattas for four classes in four competition days. The Montenegrin national team will exercise its right to participate in the extended squad so that 37 sailors from domestic clubs will participate.

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