21 Jul 2019, 14:09 PM

The 17th Fašinada Cup International Sailing Regatta will take place on 21st and 22nd July in the Bay of Kotor. The regatta will start from Perast at 12 noon on 21st July, and finish in Tivat, at Porto Montenegro. On Day 2, crews start in Tivat and sail to Perast, where the regatta finishes.

The winner of the 17th Fašinada Cup will be announced on 22nd July, on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospe od Škrpjela), starting from 8 pm. The organisers of the Fašinada Cup International Regatta are Sailing Club Lahor, Dobrota, together with Porto Montenegro (Porto Montenegro Yacht Club) and Unibrand. This year’s regatta is supported by the Kotor Tourist Organisation, Kotor Souvenirs, Miro & Sons and Fleka.

SC Lahor is grateful to all the sponsors, the local community of Perast for their support, Dušan Vuleković for directing the promotional video for the 17th Fašinada Cup, sculptor Goran Moškov for the winner’s prize and Unibrand for creating the brand visuals for the event.

“The Fašinada Cup Sailing Regatta takes place on the day of the biggest public ceremony in the Boka Bay, the ‘Fašinada’. This is a tradition dating back to 1452 whereby inhabitants of Perast and many others from Boka Bay drop stones into the sea around the island of Our Lady of the Rocks to protect it from erosion. Below Perast, threading through the Verige Strait to Tivat, aiming midway between Perast’s two reefs, around 60 white sails will take to the water from various types of sailing boats and craft, recalling the famed tradition of Perast and the entire Boka Bay, along with its sailing heritage. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Perast alone had an armada of over 100 sailing vessels, and SC Lahor of Dobrota has inherited the Boka Bay tradition of that era, organising the Fašinada Cup for the seventeenth time. Year after year, the regatta has brought together around 200 competitors from Montenegro and abroad, and is also extremely popular among international sailors. The competition is the largest maritime event in Montenegro and the Southern Adriatic, alongside Boka Night (Bokeljska noć). The winners will receive prizes of stylised figures in stone, the work of well-known sculptor Goran Moškov Gonzo, which will be awarded on the island of Our Lady of the Rocks,” say organisers.

19 Jul 2019, 01:05 AM

18 July 2019 - The water polo team of Montenegro ends the group phase of the World Cup in Gwangju Thursday morning, July 19th.

After two games played with Serbia and Greece, both settled at score of 10:10, the Montenegrin water polo team will have an easier training against hosts of South Korea, and an opportunity to practice some things for the knockout phase, reported CdM.

The ranking in the group no longer depends on the Montenegrin national team, but on the match between Serbia and Greece.

"At today's meeting, we watched a match with Greece. The meeting concluded that we were guilty of this result, and we had this feeling right after the match. We have two tied matches out of two played and we will probably take second place in the group. That is if the match between Serbia and Greece ends up as a tie. It is all up to us, I think we play good water polo, we swim well, we are physically well prepared. We need to fix some of the things in the game, primarily individual responsibility," Vladan Spaić pointed out.

He also added that the team needs to fix some things in defense, as they can not afford to repeat the same mistakes in the continuation of the championship.

"Everything is good so far, we do not have a defeat at the championship, and from that side, we have to stay positive and focused on the current course of the competition. We still have great chances for high ranking. As for South Korea, they are a total outsider, but they should not be underestimated. We have to enter the match seriously, to play some known actions and to get up a little more and prepare for the eighth finals," concluded Spaić.

His team mate Đuro Radović shares the same opinion.

"Two of the hardest matches in the group have passed, aand we should end the group phase without defeat, which is positive. In both matches, we had control, from game to game, we seemed to grow as a team, to play better, which is the goal for now. Let's go on; there is no more glance back. Against South Korea, we need to raise the level of the game to the maximum. The knockout stage is next and that is something we were preparing for. We are going against South Korea for the most convincing victories, so that we can deal with some things in the game," Radović pointed out.

The match with South Korea is played on Friday at 10.50 AM, while the match between Serbia and Greece is scheduled for 9.30 AM.

Read more news about sports in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

18 Jul 2019, 03:57 AM

17 July 2019 - The water polo exhibition titled “ The Most Beautiful Moments From the Encounters Of Water And Ball " of the Hungarian Olympic and Sports Museum will be opened in Herceg Novi on July 23, it was agreed at the recent meeting between Hungarian Ambassador to Montenegro József Négyesi and the President of the Herceg Novi Municipality Stevan Katić and associates.

This open-air exhibition will be set up at Škver, where numerous passers-by will have the opportunity to get to know the history of water polo, the first international matches and triumphs through the photo panels, reports CdM. The focus will be placed on the competitions between the Hungarian water polo team and the teams from the former Yugoslavia. The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of Hungary in Montenegro, supported by the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

"Water polo connects Montenegro and Hungary, and the Herceg Novi water polo club Jadran, whose home is exactly at the Škver, is the backbone of the Montenegrin national team, which implies that the open-air exhibition The Most Beautiful Moments From The Encounters Of Water And Ball is coming to the right place,” it was announced after the meeting.

Ambassador Négyesi expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the Municipality and announced that they are also planning several other events in Herceg Novi aimed at presenting Hungarian culture and gastronomy.

He also pointed out that Herceg Novi is home to one of the largest Hungarian companies in Montenegro, the Hotel Sun Resort, which has good communication with the local administration, which is of great importance for investors.

The meeting also addressed current events related to the tourist season, which include border crossings issues and traffic jams in all towns located at the bay, since these subjects are particularly important for Hungarian tourists.

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15 Jul 2019, 17:58 PM

15 July, 2019 -The regatta "Arsenal Cup", organized by the Porto Montenegro Yachting Club, was held on the July 13th holiday and gathered 22 boats which sailed within the Tivat Bay Aquatorium, all the way to two islands - St. George's (Sveti Djordje) and Our Lady of the Rock (Gospa od Škrpjel)a, which were included in the regatta field. The overall winner of the eighth edition of this very popular regatta is the sailboat Sinji Galeb from the club JK Delfin, and the skipper Frano Tripović. The second place was won by the Selen club PMYC under the leadership of Tony Browne, and the third place of the Arsenal Cup,

"In the j70 class, all eight sailing boats of the PMYC fleet, and Ilija Markovic from JK Delfin showed great performance - we look forward to the fact that his team is more and more involved in this class," said Jenny Putock, a yachting club manager at Porto Montenegro. After him, Alexey Samoilov from Ukraine, a very experienced skipper and instructor, arrived in this class. Another PMYC sailor Luka Radonic was third. It was a pleasure to see our regular participants, Miroslav Orlov and his family, who won the first place in the class of the ocher bar and Branko Krstovic, who won the second place," Puttock said.

In class 4, Nikola Zecevic led the sailboat Regina 2, followed by Matija Rasovic from JK Jugola Grakalic and the third was Niko Vuksanovic. In class 5, two sailboats sailed - the first place was won by JK Delfin Frano Tripović in the Sailing Gull - he was the fastest in the overall regatta. Second place was won by Dejan Golub from JK Lahor in the Amaya sailing boat.

In class 8, there are also two sailing boats - first prize went to Denis Aksenov in the Ferdinand sailing boat, Ivan Shabalitov in Samba was the second.

In class 8, Porto Montenegro Marina director Tony Browne also participated and positioned himself in the second place of the overall regatta. After him, in class 8 was the Hanse sailing boat with skipper Vadim Volotskoy, who was the third in the regatta. Third place in this class was Modus Vivendi, from JK Latin core from Bar with skipper Dragan Lekic. Porto Montenegro Yachting Club thanks all the participants, both locals and tourists, for a great regatta, and interest in this local fiesta, as well as the referees Filip Petrovic and Radivoje Popovic.

15 Jul 2019, 17:31 PM

Getting to know yourself and the mountain, finding peace in the chaos of everyday life and an inexpressible feeling of freedom - are just some of how the racers describe this sport.

It is running on the "wild" paths, and in the case of Kolasin, as the fans in that city explain, that is to run through one of the last rainforests in Europe, cast a glance from the most beautiful Bjelasica’s gazebos, pass through the centuries-old katun, refresh with the water from the spring of Biograd’s river, and more.

In northern Montenegro, they say that it was not necessary that the “west” show them the benefits of the trail, but that it is "the lifestyle of their ancestors".

One of the more popular sports in the world, which, according to some estimates, has about 1.5 million fans, from August, through the marathon "Bjelasica ultra trail", will become an official part of the tourist offer in Kolasin.


Trail running (Photo: Private archive)

But, much earlier, Nebojsa Cetkovic, one of the organizers of the event and a participant of the big European marathons on paved paths, discovered the magic of running "using the field’s variations".

"It means preparing for a much more challenging trail. There are many uphill, stony, trails covered with grass, soil, gravel. The feeling under your feet is special. It takes a lot more effort and time. Muscles should be left to get used to it. I admit, muscle pains, even if you are an experienced athlete, cannot bypass you in the beginning."

Nebojsa and some other mountain run enthusiasts in Kolasin cannot precisely explain why they call the trail - "singanje". Only that name has become familiar, so they consider it to explain the multiple advantages and pleasures that bring them the official running track.


Trail running (Photo: Private archive)

"I'm still trying to explain “singanje”, and I have an added meaning every day. I believe that, similarly, the poets tried to explain for centuries the moment when they became one with nature. This, among other things, means freedom, love, health and the creation of a feeling of excitement. Is this not enough in the times of today? I'm not exaggerating, try it," says Nebojsa who decided to return to the sport a few years ago.

The return meant much more to him than others who decided to live healthily. It also allowed him to correct mistakes, but also to educate others.


Trail running (Photo: Private archive)

He started his personal "new beginning" with the NGO "A New Beginning".

Now through this organization, through various activities, he teaches others about the importance of leaving the comforts of your room and cafe.

"Bjelasica ultra trail" is the first major project of this NGO.

"I related to this kind of running as a boy, while I was walking with Boban Dzim Brkovic on all the forest tracks around Kolasin. The unusual beauty of my city's surroundings and the emotions that followed them made me grow into a new person and helped me later in the temptations of everyday life."

He explains poetically that running through the wilderness can teach you, among other things, "how to be silent before nature, how the paths of reason and imagination can be crossed and how to conquer the peaks that you only imagine as children."

Nebojsa and his associates are planning to show the tourism potential of Bjelasica to the participants of the mountain marathon.

"Attractive beyond the world" is the motto of the manifestation, and he claims that the justification of the attraction inside and around will find all those who, from August 16 to 18, when the "Bjelasica ultra trail" is taking place, start one of three races.

On the first two professional trail runners will be able to earn three, or two International Trail Running Associations (ITRA) points.

The "Big Bear" race is 58 kilometers long and runs from the city center to Biograd’s Lake, through katun Vranjak, along Sisko Lake and back to the city.

The second - "Small Bear" 37 kilometers long, will begin on Donji square, then through Melaja, katun Vranjak, Bikovaca and back to Kolasin.

The "Family trail" is the least demanding, and the participants will start from the city through Dulovina and Sljivovica.

Necessary special equipment

For anyone who enters the trail adventure, it is necessary to be well equipped considering the complexity of sports and terrain.

On sites dedicated to fans of this sport, they recommend that you "have as little clothes as possible, but it needs to be functional."

They recommend dry fit T-shirts and shorts/tights and compression socks. A backpack and a rain-coat are also necessary.

It is imperative to protect your head with a cap, a scarf, a visor, a tape or a cap, and wear sunglasses. Trail runners also use sticks. Since the mountain sometimes can be rough, it is smart to run with company.

The most important thing, of course, is the choice of shoes. Special sneakers are used for the track, adjusted to the environment. They need to be deeper and harder, have a thicker sole, are light and waterproof.

Text by Dragana Scepanovic, on July 14th 2019, read more at Vijesti

12 Jul 2019, 01:01 AM

10 July 2019 - The 38th Herceg Novi Swimming Marathon "Memorial Mario-Dido Marić" manifestation will be held on Saturday, July 27th, when a number of athletes, recreational sportspeople and citizens of Herceg Novi will swim 2500 meters from Njivice to Škver.

The right to participate in the swimming marathon is open to all those who are interested in taking a compulsory medical examination two hours before the race, as well as submitting official documentation forms which are available on spot, as reported Radio Jadran.

On the day of the race at 3.30 PM, the transport of swimmers from Škver to Njivice will be organized, after which the competitors' reports and medical examination will be made on the beach of the hotel "Iberostar Herceg Novi". The marathon starts at 6 PM when the participants will head to a 2,5 kilometer long target, a beach "White Fairy" on Škver (Boka Beach).

The limited time of swimming in the race is set to an hour and thirty minutes, while at 8 PM the competition in the rope pulling for the main prize, ham, will be organized.

For all of those who arrive at the destination, diplomas and souvenirs, sandwiches and juices are provided, while the winners will take money prize, cups and medals. For the first place in the women's and men's competitions, the prize is the cup, medal, and 150 EUR, for the second place of it is a medal and 100 EUR, and for the third place, a medal and 50 EUR. Special gifts are provided for both the oldest and the youngest participants of the race.

Read more about sports in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

11 Jul 2019, 13:26 PM

Sutjeska has a perfect result before the rematch against Slovan in Bratislava in the first round of qualifications for the Champions League (1:1).

The host took the advantage in the 82nd minute with a goal by Andraž Šporar, and Damir Kojasevic had a clutch point for the Montenegrin champion from a 25-meters distance in the 95th minute.

They had enough calmness, quality, tactical maturity, and most of all luck (like Moha's great chance in the 1st minute) to lead the match in the rhythm that suited them.

The rematch is scheduled in seven days in Nikšić, in which Sutjeska has the chance to complete the European wonder and become the first Montenegrin team to qualify for the 2nd round of qualifications for the Champions League.

Coach Nikola Rakojevic has already done European wonders, though as coach of Titograd, this would definitely be the greatest ever.


Bratislava - National football stadium. Spectators: 11.250. Referee: Vitali Meškov (Russia). Goals: Šporar in the 82nd minute for Slovan, Kojašević in 90 + 5 minute for Sutjeska.

Yellow cards: Ljubicic (Slovan).

Slovan: Grejf, Apau, Bajrič, Božikov, Šukotski, Dražić, Ljubičić, Da Silva (64. De Kamps), Čavrić (64. De Kamps), Moha (77. Danijels), Šporar.

Sutjeska: Giljen, Ciger, Nedić, Šofranac, Bulatović, Eraković, Janković, Vučić (82. Osmajić), Ćetković, Kojašević, Marković (88. Božović).

Text by Vijesti sport, on July 10th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

09 Jul 2019, 14:12 PM

Slobodan Subotic returned to Montenegro after more than 40 years.

Born in Herceg Novi, he was a young, great talent, who built his career in Olympia, later in Aris, and was also a coach, among other things, of the biggest Greek clubs.


Bokan and Subotic (Photo: Savo Prelevic)

"I come back to where I started, I played in Njegoševa park when I was 16-17 years and I know where I'm coming. Also, wherever I signed a contract, I came to a great result. I handle it, I live with it, I like that pressure. I do not have the goal to come and satisfy the average score or not go one step further. We have plans, desires and dreams. I can only promise that the players are going to fight until the end with all the forces, that they will know where they came and what is expected from them," Subotic said. 

He watched Buducnost last season.

"I know the players from TV, not the training. Some talents can have a big career, but let's see. You will not hear great words from me. I like to work, and I love warrior teams. If we lose by 20, but we kill ourselves on the field, nobody will miss it. I count on the support of the fans, but I know we will get it if we deserve it," Subotic said. Buducnost brought two players, Meyers and Martin, and is still looking for two more.


Subotic (Photo: Savo Prelevic)

"We are looking for all positions now - and I am fond of the players who can play in two positions particularly. Now the players' prices are sky high, that's not normal, but we have to be patient. We are scouting, Petar Mijovic does a great job, we talk to coaches from Europe, and we will not bring players who will not be here with their hearts," Subotic said. He emphasized that he has a great desire to give a chance to young players. "The same happened in Panathinaikos with Focis, and Panionios Papalukas. They didn’t get a chance only because they were young, but because they deserved it," Subotic said.

Text by Vijesti spot, on July 8th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

01 Jul 2019, 14:24 PM

To win the placement in the round of 16 at the European Championships in Latvia and Serbia, Montenegro must beat the Czech Republic by at least 12 points.  That is, if France justifies their role as the favorite against Sweden. If, however, Sweden wins, then Montenegro would pass even with the minimum score against the Czech Republic.

"It's not easy, it's very specific when you do not start a match with 0:0, but you know that the rival leads 12:0. But nothing is impossible, and we really believe in it. We will do our best to win and then we will think about those 12 points which we need to go further," said Jovana Pasic. The rejuvenated selection from the bench is led by debutant coach Jelena Skerovic who has experienced two defeats in the first two rounds of the group, to Sweden (67:51) and France (88:53).

"We tried as the selector asked us to forget this match with France as soon as possible. It was a tough and an ultimately unrealistic result, to which we naturally contributed. Of course, now our thoughts are completely focused on the Czech Republic, we began preparations and with good training we want to be ready for that duel. We have to give everything we have because there is no other way to success. The team is all right, we only think of giving our maximum in the game tomorrow," said Pasic before the duel in Riga.

"The Czechs have shown against Sweden what kind of national team they are, even without some important basketball players who are not at this European Championship. I also believe that if we get together and finally show what we have been doing these 50 days of preparations, we can play against them," concluded Jovana Pasic.

Text by Sasa Joncic, on June 30th 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Jun 2019, 11:18 AM

The Montenegrin women's basketball team begins their European Championship.

The 'Reds' will open their fifth appearance at the Eurobasket against Sweden in Riga.

Sweden is not strong in basketball, though they've progressed year after year, and in 2013, they played in the quarterfinals.

"Sweden is an experienced team, many players play in strong leagues, but I think we are well prepared and it will depend very much on us and our game. We need to meet the demands and fight in the right way," says Milica Jovanovic before the first match. Compared to the last European championship, Montenegro has changed its composition and only three players are on the team that played against Sweden six years ago, which they won 69:58. In addition to Milica Jovanovic, the national team jersey was then worn by Snezana Aleksic and Natasa Popovic.

"They have the Eldebrink sisters who've played for many years in the European league and are very experienced, and in other positions, they have tall basketball players, so I think we can fight against them with our game. They have a lot of girls playing at college who then go back to Sweden. It is imperative that we play smart, together, and give our maximum," says Jovanovic.

On the court against Sweden was Jelena Skerovic, who is now awaiting a different role. She will, for the first time, lead our girls from the bench at the Eurobasket. 

"A lot is different now, it seems to me that it is much easier to play than to be on the side without being able to enter the court and help in something. This is what it all comes down to, the moments when I can contribute as a coach, but I'm happy so far with the way we started, and I believe that everything will go well," says the coach before the first duel.

Montenegro also has the Czech Republic and France in their group.

Text by Vijesti sport, on June 26th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Jun 2019, 23:36 PM
June 23, 2019 - Sailors from Boka, Dr. Nikša Truš and Zvjezdan Šantić, achieved great success at the 34th International Cruise Line Brindisi – Corfu regatta, which sailed from 16 to 18 June. They won third place in the class "per due" (for two) and the fourth place in the overall ranking in their category and 13 in general by ORC.
Their scale of success is measured by the fact that over 120 boats from all over the world participated in the Brindisi - Corfu regatta this year, out of eight states.
Modest, with not so many words, an experienced marine wolf, skipper, and owner of 9.4 meters long sailboat "Chita," otherwise veterinarian Nikša Truš, after returning from the regatta, this time did not hide satisfaction with the success achieved.
"It was the fourth time that I participated in the prestigious regatta Brindisi-Corfu, the second prize won. We started exactly at noon on 16 June. We arrived at the goal the next morning at 7 pm, a total of 95 miles. Mostly it was a soft Maestral, so for half of the regatta sailed to the spinnaker because there was no strong wind. It is interesting to us that we needed six hours of motoring from the final line to the marina where we were in Greece, which is all in the interest of tourist advertising. In total, we were at sea for eight days and moved about 400 miles," said Dr. Nikša Truš.
"As far as the organization is concerned, everything was perfect. It is a nation of cultures; they traditionally prepare a great welcome for all participants. This atmosphere and kindness need to be experienced; they make a spectacle from everything. At the start of Brindisi, we were driven by planes, which released color effects," Truš said.
"Brindisi - Corfu International Regatta" was founded in 1986. Thanks to the year-to-year acknowledgments since 1998, the regatta's glory has expanded beyond the borders of Italy and Greece, increasing the number of participants from all over the world. The goal of creating a virtual bridge between all the people with whom the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea meet through sport, sailing, is crowned with success. From 2000 to 2002, the race was held under the auspices of the United Nations as a "Human Rights Race."
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