FINA World Championships: Montenegro Water Polo Team Optimistic

By , 19 Jul 2019, 01:05 AM Sport
FINA World Championships: Montenegro Water Polo Team Optimistic Copyrights: Cafe del Montenegro Sports Media

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18 July 2019 - The water polo team of Montenegro ends the group phase of the World Cup in Gwangju Thursday morning, July 19th.

After two games played with Serbia and Greece, both settled at score of 10:10, the Montenegrin water polo team will have an easier training against hosts of South Korea, and an opportunity to practice some things for the knockout phase, reported CdM.

The ranking in the group no longer depends on the Montenegrin national team, but on the match between Serbia and Greece.

"At today's meeting, we watched a match with Greece. The meeting concluded that we were guilty of this result, and we had this feeling right after the match. We have two tied matches out of two played and we will probably take second place in the group. That is if the match between Serbia and Greece ends up as a tie. It is all up to us, I think we play good water polo, we swim well, we are physically well prepared. We need to fix some of the things in the game, primarily individual responsibility," Vladan Spaić pointed out.

He also added that the team needs to fix some things in defense, as they can not afford to repeat the same mistakes in the continuation of the championship.

"Everything is good so far, we do not have a defeat at the championship, and from that side, we have to stay positive and focused on the current course of the competition. We still have great chances for high ranking. As for South Korea, they are a total outsider, but they should not be underestimated. We have to enter the match seriously, to play some known actions and to get up a little more and prepare for the eighth finals," concluded Spaić.

His team mate Đuro Radović shares the same opinion.

"Two of the hardest matches in the group have passed, aand we should end the group phase without defeat, which is positive. In both matches, we had control, from game to game, we seemed to grow as a team, to play better, which is the goal for now. Let's go on; there is no more glance back. Against South Korea, we need to raise the level of the game to the maximum. The knockout stage is next and that is something we were preparing for. We are going against South Korea for the most convincing victories, so that we can deal with some things in the game," Radović pointed out.

The match with South Korea is played on Friday at 10.50 AM, while the match between Serbia and Greece is scheduled for 9.30 AM.

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