Thousand Islands Race: Seventh Edition Starts on Sunday!

By , 19 Sep 2019, 11:17 AM Sport
Thousand Islands Race: Seventh Edition Starts on Sunday! Jeremija Kurbanovic at the helm of SY Stribor, Thousand Islands Race 2018, Copyright: PMYC
September 19, 2019 - The seventh edition of the sailing regatta Thousand Islands Race, which sails from Rijeka to Tivat and back, begins on Sunday at noon. The regatta runs between more than 1000 Adriatic islands, with sailors highlighting it's the course the one of the best that nature can design for navigation regattas. The only ship with Montenegrin flag- SY Sofia, set sail for Rijeka last night to be ready for launch, scheduled for Sunday, September 22 at noon.
The organizers of the Thousand Islands Race are YC Scor from Rijeka and Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, and a total of 10 teams have applied for the seventh edition of the two-stage competition. Among them is the YC Delfin crew from Tivat, led by skipper Jeremija Kurbanovic, who sails the Thousand Islands Race for the sixth time.
Since the start of the first leg is from Rijeka, for the only Montenegrin team this regatta has twice the challenge, because they have to sail the Adriatic four times in two weeks. SY Sofia, the ship with which under the name of Tatiana Delfin's sailors sailed the Thousand Islands Race for the first time in 2014, last night departed from Tivat with part of the crew to arrive in time to rest before the start of the competition.
The performance of the Delfin crew at the 7th Thousand Island Race supports  PMYC by paying the entry fee. The regatta starts on Sunday at noon; the deadline for arrival in Tivat is September 24. On September 25, the +2 Regatta Race will sail through the Boka Bay, after which the winners of the first stage of the competition will be announced. The start of the second part of the race towards Rijeka is scheduled for September 26 at noon.
The format of the regatta remains the same as in previous years. The race consists of two stages from which the sailors can choose to sail only the first leg, only the second or both parts with overall results. Sailing from Rijeka, the fleet leaves on its right side the islands of Unija, Susak, Premuda, Dugi Otok, Kornat, Vis, Lastovo, and Sveti Andrija and ends at the marina Porto Montenegro.
The 1000 Island + 2 Regatta, on Wednesday, September 25 in the Boka Kotorska aquatics is an ideal opportunity for all local sailors to compete in their home waters with international sailors. On the other hand, it has tourist significance as an excellent presentation of the Boka Bay to visiting sailors.
The records of both stages, recognized by the World Speed ​​Sailing Record Council, since 2015 holds the Hungarian Wild Joe with 27h 24m 5s in the first stage and an average speed of 10.14 KT, and 32h 45s in the second stage with an average speed of 8.86 KT. Each new issue of Thousand Islands Race is a new challenge for participants and an opportunity to enter the list of world sailing records.

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