Balkan Sailing Championship: Results After First Sailing Day

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Balkan Sailing Championship: Results After First Sailing Day Balkan Sailing Championship Started in Tivat, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević
September 8, 2019 - The 52nd Balkan Sailing Championship has started in Tivat in the organization of the Delfin Sailing Club. Although the weather conditions were not favorable to the organizers, on the first day two regattas in all classes were sailed. The first international sporting sailing competition in the history of Montenegro, with all participants' defiles and a commemorative ceremony, was officially opened on Friday at the waterfront Pine.
The first competition day, the organizers and sailors battled today with rain, sun, wind, lack of wind, but eventually enthusiastically managed to win the battle with the weather. The sailors returned to the mainland after two sailing regattas in all classes. Already based on the results during the first day of the competition, it is clear that fans of sports and sailing expect an exciting, even and uncertain Balkan Championship.
In the Optimist Class, the competition started 103 sailors, divided into two starting groups. The first place in the general standings deserves Josip Tafra from Croatia, the second is Dimitros Bitros from Greece, and the third Stefan Yuill from Serbia. Alexandros Joanidis from Greece is currently carrying the fourth position.
Regarding competitors from the region, Pavle Music from Montenegro is 14th, Roko Cepic Zokic from Croatia is 16th, Nenad Zakic from Serbia is 25th and his teammate Andrej Bozoki is 28th.
In the Optimist class in the women's competition, Kerkez Jakovin of Greece holds the leading position. Elisabeth Anna Winter at the second place also comes from Greece, and the successful Greek day rounds out with Evangelia Karageorgu who is in third place. Of the sailors from the region, the best-placed Croatian is Nina Marusic who is 40th, Nadja Vujosevic from Serbia is 55th, while Romina Rackovic from Montenegro is 83rd.
balkan 2Theodoropoulos George is the first in the competition of sailors under 12 in the Optimist class. The second is Ali Ozdemir from Turkey, and the third is Mert Dogan, also from Turkey. Viktor Lesjak from Montenegro is currently in seventh place, his teammate Petar Klakor is 18th, and Nina Marusic from Croatia is eighth.
Nikola Golubovic from Montenegro was great in the Laser 4.7 class, so after the first day with two victories, he took the leading position. In second place is Radoslav Gavrilov from Bulgaria and in third place is George Papadakos from Greece. In the women's competition, the first is Diana Markova from Bulgaria. The second is Sofia Rapti from Greece; the third is Kristina Boja from Serbia.
In the Laser Radial class, the first place after the first sailing day deserves Amalia Pravelengiu from Greece, followed by Stefan Andjelic (Montenegro) and Mariela Nikolova from Bulgaria. Ksenija Joksimovic from Serbia is sixth, Danilo Joncic from Montenegro and YC Delfin is eighth.
In the girls' competition, the leading position in the general standings holds Amalia Pravelengiu. The second is Mariela Nikolova from Bulgaria; the third is Ebru Bolat from Romania, the fourth is Ksenija Joksimovic from Serbia.
In the Olympic sailing class Laser Standard, Montenegrin Olympian Milivoj Dukic took first place after the first day. Second is Nikola Banjac from Serbia, third is Bozidar Golubic from Croatia, and fourth is Ilija Markovic from Montenegro, currently third in the Balkan countries competition.
The Balkan Sailing Championship continues on Sunday when three regattas are scheduled to sail.
Source: Sport Klub

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