YC Delfin Brings Tivat and Montenegro Two Big International Regattas

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YC Delfin Brings Tivat and Montenegro Two Big International Regattas YC Delfin Tivat
November 28, 2018 - YC Delfin Tivat announced some great news recently- apart from the fact they’ve gained another chance to organize the Balkan Sailing Championship next year in September, a few days ago Delfin was confirmed to be the host of the European Sailing Championships for Laser Standard and Laser Radial up to age of 21 in summer of 2021! 
In the Maritime Heritage Collection Porto Montenegro, a retrospective exhibition of the YC Delfin speaks the great story of decades of enthusiasm leading a small group of sailing lovers from beginners to winners. The inauguration ceremony was preceded by awarding the most successful contestants to the Tivat Day regatta, which sailed last weekend. To see the results, jump to the Montenegrin Sailing Association website. 
The exhibition named “Navigare Necesse Est” is a retrospective of photographs, documents, cups, medals, as well as the designs and portions of the famous sailing ships constructed within the Shipping Society Delfin Tivat, later the YC Delfin, which writes its history since it was established in 1951.
The exhibition's head, coordinator of the Maritime Heritage Collection, Dražen Jovanovic, said that Delfin, being one of the most prolific Tivat clubs, has also been the bearer of the tradition and culture of this city's life for decades. Jovanovic recalled the great sailing ships Suton and Crnogorka, their creators and pioneers of Tivat sailing, but also the fact that Delfin's history is young when you look at the successes and perspectives of today's sailors of the club.
On behalf of the club, the audience was welcomed by the president, Frano Tripović, who among other things said: "The YC Delfin is not just a sports club but an informal educational club, and in this sense, apart from sports, has a very distinctive ecological and cultural component. We will work in the administration to expand and improve all of our capabilities. We came to organize the Balkan Championships next year in the fall, as well as the European Championship Race for the Laser Standard class up to 21 years, which will sail in 2021 in Tivat. The same facts say that sailing in Boka is very much alive and that besides the fact that we around the world, the world comes to us. Sailing in Boka Bay is a great, strong and positive story. As this exhibition’s name says- sailing is a necessity, so I invite everyone to come, to sail and to socialize with us," said Tripovic.
The exhibition officially opened by the President of the Tivat Municipality, Siniša Kusovac: "The club's history lies in the presented documents, proving the great club’s history for decades. The value of every sports club and every organization is reflected in the number of youth, the number of children. The YC Delfin attracts more and more children of this town every year. I particularly welcome them and congratulate them for choosing sailing because it is a sport that develops emotional and cognitive abilities of young people. It's one of the most demanding sports." Kusovac emphasized that the Tivat Municipality supports not only YC Delfin but also all the sports collectives of the city. He promised full support of local self-government in the organization of theBalkans Championship, as well as the European Championship regattas. "This is something that needs us to support and invest in it, that is something that is a true value," said Kusovac and declared the exhibition officially open.
Delfin has somehow symbolically returned to its place of birth, because in the Arsenal sawmills, today the Maritime Heritage Collections, the coral reefs and other parts for the first Delfin’s sailing ships were made, in the introductory speech marked the coordinator of the Maritime Heritage Collection Dražen Jovanović. He pointed out that this is the first, but indeed not the last, event organized by the Collection with YC Delfin. Porto Montenegro's PR Kristina Skanata has added that this “shore cooperation” comes as a logical continuation of years-long successful cooperation of local sailing club and this company at sea. 
The club's history is getting longer every day. The best club competitors, in the company of the coach Ilija Klakor, left today for Split to do some training before the next competition, scheduled in Pula for the following weekend. There is a lot of work, but also a lot of success, marks the club's secretary, Aleksandra Janičić, who just came back from the European Sailing Federation technical meeting: 
"At the General Assembly of the European Association for the Olympic Class Laser (EurILCA), which was held in Warsaw last weekend, Delfin was awarded the European Championships. In the competition of Italy and Greece, Montenegro and Tivat received 13 of 24 votes, and the race for the best sailors of the Old Continent up to 21 years old, in Olympic classes will be organized in Tivat in 2021. There is no dilemma that the European championship organization will be of immense importance for the promotion of sailing in Montenegro, as well as for the promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination. Tivat and Montenegro will be the organizers of the 52nd Balkan Sailing Championships next year, which will be a truly spectacular bait and a great overture for the European championship that will follow," Aleksandra said.

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