A Miracle in Moraca: Montenegro Handball Crushes Denmark!

By , 11 Apr 2019, 13:05 PM Sport
Montenegro crashed Denmark Montenegro crashed Denmark Filip Roganovic

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The miracle of all miracles in "Moraca".  

The Montenegro handball defeated Denmark, the Olympic and world champions, and a dominant force led by the best player in the world.

In the third round of qualifications for the European Championship, the "Lions" celebrated one of the most significant victories in the history of Montenegrin sport - 32:31.

The Danes came to Podgorica after a series of 15 consecutive victories in official matches, ten linked to the World Cup and failed in the duel with Montenegro. Mikel Hansen and his comrades could only watch the celebration in shock, while the fans sang to Nebojsa Simic and other idols. 

The "Lions" took some time to break through the defense of Denmark, possibly because of the overly respectful attitude towards the giant. But when they set out to tackle the net of powerless Kim Niklas Landin, they did not stop - Milos Bozovic and Stevan Vujovic scored from all positions, Simic defended himself as if in a trance and "stopped" the hits, so Nebojsa Simovic in the 13th minute increased the lead to 8:5. Montenegro then led 9: 6, after which Bozovic was excluded, while Roganovic showed courage and sent Aleksandar Bakic to fight with the current Olympic and world champion. The home team even had a great opportunity to take a lead of plus four, but Vladan Lipovina's shot hit the inside part of the goalpost. The Danes came back at 9:8, and then Bakic overcame Landin and made Nikolai Jakobsen call a time-out and switch at the goal. The guests came around after that, began to punish the rivals' mistakes, but the "Lions" had an unbelievable desire and was again up two points (13:11 and 14: 12).

Then the brilliant Hansen took everything into his own hands - the best player of the planet came back for 16:15.

Jakobsen started the second half without a goalkeeper, with seven players in the attack, but was immediately penalized because Marko Lasica hit an empty goal for 17:17. The Danes continued to attack with one handball player more and once again paid the price of taking a risk, so Milos Vujovic finished the series 3:0 for 22:20. The guests had an attack on the turn, but Simic caught a refrained ball and slammed the net from seven meters, and then Stevan Vujovic, Bozovic, and Milos Vujovic returned with a record plus three (28:25, 47th minute) after a perfect assist by the Montenegrin goalkeeper.

When Branko Kankaras pushed the ball it into the net for 30:27, it was clear that a miracle was about to happen. Lipovina raised the score to 32:30 51 seconds before the end, but that was not the end of the drama - 19 seconds later Anders Zachariassen decreased the difference, and Bozovic tried to solve everything with a goal. Landin defended, but luck was on Montenegro's side. In fact, Montenegro did not deserve to be left without the greatest victory in history.

With these two points, the "Lions" returned to the European Championship. If they beat Ukraine in June, they will qualify for the European Championship, and will have something to show if they keep playing like this.

MONTENEGRO - DENMARK 32:31 (16:17) Podgorica - Hall "Moraca." Spectators: 3.300. Referees: Pichon and Revere (France). Seven: Montenegro 1 (1), Denmark 6 (5). Exclusions: Montenegro 10, Denmark 4 minutes.

Montenegro: Mijuskovic, SIMIC 1 (15 defenses and one from seven meters), Bakic 1, CAVOR 2, RADOVIC 1, M. VUJOVIC 4 (1), Radojevic, Simovic 1, KANKARAS 3, S. VUJOVIC 5, Sevaljevic, Petricevic, BOZOVIC 7 , Lasica 2, Andjelić, Lipovina 5.

Denmark: N. LANDIN (five defends), Gren, M. LANDIN 2, Jakobsen, ZAKARIJASEN 6, SVAN 7, Melgord 1, Mensa-Larsen 2, Toft 2, M. HANSEN 8 (5), OLSEN 1, J. Hansen , DAMGORD 2, Nilsen, Holm, Hald.

Text by Nikola Nikolic, on April 10th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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