Discover the Beaches of Montenegro: Velika Plaža

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Velika Plaža stretches between Port Milena to the mouth of the Bojana river. The sand beach's length is 12 kilometres, making it one of the longest in Europe and the longest beach in Montenegro.


Set in a protected natural area, surrounded by dunes, alluvial forest, and marshes, the sandy stretch of beach hides the perfect spot to spend the summer holidays.

The whole area is so overwhelmed by legends, unheard stories and hidden spots to explore.

It was featured among the 31 places to visit by The New York Times in 2010:

"While the fantastic weather and soft grey beaches have drawn Eastern Europeans for decades, breezy thermal winds are bringing kitesurfers from Germany, England and France, who are turning Velika Plaza into a wave-riding capital on the Adriatic."

It is hard to find better and safer surrounding to learn kiteboarding than here. Shallow, warm water and constant thermal wind make learning here pure joy - there are no obstacles in or out of the water, the tides don’t affect riding or safety, and the current is not that strong to present any significant danger.

During the summer, the average temperature is 34°C, and the water temperature average is 23°C. Along the beach, you can ride superb chop and wave conditions most of the time. The flat water spot is located at the southeast end of the beach, inside the river mouth.

There are a number of kitesurfing schools along the beach.

Source: Wikipedia, The New York Times, Kiteboarding Montenegro

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