Porto Montenegro Development Plans for Next Decade Announced in Monaco

By , 01 Oct 2019, 08:04 AM Travel
Porto Montenegro Development Plans for Next Decade Announced in Monaco Porto Montenegro, Photo by Zoran Radonjic

October 1, 2019 - Over the next ten years, over 500 million euros will be invested in the further development of the Porto Montenegro resort in Tivat. It was announced by representatives of Adriatic Marinas to specialized journalists on Friday at the Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo.

There, Porto Montenegro presented its offer, as well as development plans for the next few years. In a meeting with journalists in Monaco, Porto Montenegro PR Manager Danilo Kalezic said that a new State Location Study for the area of the Porto Montenegro Nautical and Tourist Center has just been adopted. It enables its further development according to a slightly innovative concept.
"So far, we have only built on 30% of the 24 hectares of land covered by the former Tivat military shipyard Arsenal. To date, we have invested around EUR 500 million, and we believe that in the next ten years we will invest at least as much to build new facilities and develop only half of the remaining land of the former Arsenal," Kalezic said.
Adriatic Marinas CEO David Margason stressed that the company's goal is to "fill in the remaining missing mosaic pieces" to make Montenegro one of the most famous hubs for super and mega yachts in the world.
"Many marina projects in the world are aimed at developing these marinas as so-called home ports for mega and superyachts. When you have in mind the conditions we have in Montenegro in terms of favorable tax solutions, flexible regulations governing the cruise and yacht charter, low cost of living and beautiful natural environment, it's hard to find anywhere else in the world a better place with natural features to develop into a hub for mega and superyachts," said Margason.
The leaders of Porto Montenegro in Monaco told the specialized media that their ambitious development plans were in line with the results achieved by Porto Montenegro in the coming season, during which the occupancy of Tivat marina was 11.5% higher than in the same period last year.
"All berths for ships shorter than 30 meters were filled, and the overall occupancy of the marina was 10.5% better than in the winter months this year. We expect to surpass last year's results in terms of occupancy of berths intended for large yachts over 30 meters long. Our offer for these boats will soon be supplemented by the start of the new yacht service center, which we are developing in Bijela in partnership with Damen from the Netherlands," said Kalezic.
Kalezic told the media in Monaco that Porto Montenegro has hosted several prestigious world-class sports and lifestyle events this season. Beside one of the races of this year's RC44 regatta sailing championships, Porto organized the Gigajachts International Forum, the launch of catamarans built by Sunreef Yachts, as and the first-ever polo tournament in Montenegro.
"With the new residential office buildings we opened - the final Baia wing of the Regent Hotel and the Elena building, the new Arena multifunctional space and the Blue Room gaming center, Porto Montenegro has transformed from summer seasonal to a year-round destination. Also, it is becoming a regional lifestyle and multidimensional business center." Kalezic added that the next new soon-to-open new business center in Porto would be " Ambulance Club "because it would be opened in the reconstructed facility of the former Tivat Arsenal garrison in near Knightsbridge International School.

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