Elena, New Residential Facility in Porto Montenegro

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Elena, New Residential Facility in Porto Montenegro Elena, copyright Porto Montenegro

9 August 2019 - "Elena", a residential building in Porto Montenegro, named after the Montenegrin princess Jelena Petrovic-Elena of Savoy, will be inaugurated on August 15.

Following the opening of the Baia, the third wing of the Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel, a cocktail party will be organized on August 15 to mark the completion of Elena as another residential facility in this nautical resort.

The celebration is expected to be enlarged by the presence of Princess Jelena's granddaughter, according to Porto Montenegro.

Each of the residential buildings in the nautical settlement is named after a famous female person from Montenegrin history or a famous female toponym.

The Elena facility has 50 luxury apartments - studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three bedroom areas, ranging from 44,37m2 to 565,52m2, with prices ranging from 278,000 euros for 47.47m2 to 5,094,875 euros for a 565.52m2 apartment.

About 20 million euros were invested in the project, and, according to the company, more than 20 Montenegrin companies and over 400 employees were involved in the construction.

"The building does not exceed five floors, the same as previously built residential buildings in the nautical resort. With its completion, a total connection of the main boulevard from Pine to the Synchro lift in the settlement was established. The aim was to enable communication from one side to the other,” said PR manager of Adriatic Marinas/Porto Montenegro, Danilo.Kalezic.

Within Elena there are seven business premises, the so-called kiosks, or smaller spaces in glass with attractive contents. Interesting tenants were selected as well as numerous fashion and home improvement brands.

Adriatic Marinas announces the continuation of construction. Currently, the preparation of the terrain in the northern parcel is going on. It is near the so-called Second gate of the former Arsenal, along the Adriatic Highway (Jadranska magistrala).

“It is about greening the plot, and as soon as the Detailed Site Study is adopted, the construction of a new part of the settlement with very interesting amenities and tenants will begin. The idea is to create a facility with office space as in the centre of the village, but with more affordable prices. The facility will be facing the highway so that when the Arsenal wall is removed, the space will be completely open,”Kalezic explained.

Source: Radio Tivat

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