Airbus Selected to Launch Evening Flights at Tivat Airport

By , 17 Sep 2019, 20:34 PM Travel
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Airports of Montenegro has chosen Airbus to launch night flights at Tivat Airport, states Chair of the Board of Directors, Dragoljub Bulatović.

“Insisting on the significance of night flights at Tivat Airport, we were fortunate to attract such a significant company as Airbus. We believe that we will reach a positive outcome as regards procedures for night flights, and we are convinced that this is one of the key issues for the further development and future of Montenegrin airports, including the new and greater value in the context of the forthcoming international tender for selection of concessionaires,” stated Bulatović.

For a decade already there has been a constant demand for additional traffic slots at the airport, the company reports.

“Night flights to the most significant inbound markets allows in effect the creation of a new airport on existing infrastructure, new income for both the airport and the tourist economy, and the creation of several dozen new, quality jobs in Tivat. The development of an alternative night airport to Podgorica is of not only economic, but also strategic importance for our country,” he said.

Montenegro is set to remain a leading air travel destination over the coming decade.

“The Board of Directors and Management will do everything necessary to ensure that once experts from Nav Blue-Airbus have successfully completed procedures from their side, we can begin night flight operations as soon as possible in Tivat,” concluded Bulatović.

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