Russian and Serbian Tourists Choose Light Aircraft to Come to Montenegro

By , 15 Aug 2020, 14:54 PM Travel
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August 15, 2020 - Director of Tivat Airport Radovan Marić expects that if Aeroflot cancels flights to Tivat, it will redirect its Montenegro flights to one of its low cost companies.

He said that in the past 30 days, 899 passengers travelled by light aircraft between Belgrade and Tivat, of which the majority, around 750, travelled to Montenegro.

During this period, 246 passengers travelled by light aircraft between Russia and Tivat, most of whom were also arriving in Montenegro.

Low-cost airlines

"I believe, although I have no confirmation, that traffic between Russia and Montenegro will be redirected through one of the subsidiaries of the Russian national airline, i.e. one of Aeroflot’s low cost companies, most likely Pobeda, which would take over flights to Tivat," said Marić.

He stated that the establishment of the route between Montenegro and Russia also depends on the political relations between Montenegro and Russia.

"In general, I think that the traffic between Montenegro and Russia could be feasible," Marić said.

Some media outlets, after the NKT’s decision to open the borders for Russia, claimed that Aeroflot had completely cancelled all flights on the route from Moscow to Tivat for this year, which had been suspended since mid-March when NKT closed the borders for Russian citizens. This was denied yesterday by the Russian airline’s office in Belgrade.

"The Russian market is extremely well-disposed towards us. People from Russia have both small and larger businesses in Montenegro, and there is a long-standing tradition of coming from Russia to Montenegro. The Russians have certainly not forgotten Montenegro," Marić said.


Source: Pobjeda



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