Hiking Break in Northern Montenegro

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Hiking Break in Northern Montenegro Pixabay

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May 22, 2018 - Northern Montenegro is a location that offers many different experiences and unique moments, with each varying from one other. In this part of Montenegro, there are lots of mountains one can visit, hike, and try to conquer their peaks. Rivers and many lakes are also present here, and Northern Montenegro offers unforgettable adventure during both the summer and winter seasons. This region features untouched nature and wild beauty that reflects through amazing landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. In today’s article, we will present you an offer which features a 3-day hiking through Northern Montenegro.

This tour is focused around the town of Pluzine, which is located in north-western Montenegro and is the center of the Piva region. This region is named after the River Piva which is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This hiking offer includes three different hikes, a lake cruise, and a full board accommodation. As the organizers like to say, over these three days you will experience the beautiful and unspoiled nature of the Piva Region by hiking the banks of the Piva Lake, which are as high as 1300 meters. On this journey, tourists will have an opportunity to visit the “Glacier Lakes” and the “Ice Cave”, while at the same time, they will have a chance to cruise on the Piva Lake. A certain part of this cruise takes place through the Piva Canyon which will take your breath away just by taking a look at its size and height. The two-night full board stay takes place in traditional cabins made of wood and stone, which are located in an eco-resort overlooking the Piva Lake, making this an excellent opportunity to relax, breathe in loads of fresh air and get your thoughts away. Also, many different culinary specialties of Montenegrin cuisine are included in this offer, featuring all three main meals, as well as a driver/guide, a hotel pickup and drop-off, some local taxes and all activities provided by the programme.

The first day of this adventure, the organizers will pick you up from your accommodation and drive you all the way to the starting point. Before the hiking begins, home-cooked breakfast is on the menu, where a local meal will be served. Also, there is an option for vegan orientated meals during the whole journey. The hiking starts alongside the cliffs that tower the Piva Lake and takes place through untouched nature and incredible scenery. This route is 7 kilometers long, and after it is done, the next activity is the Piva Lake Cruise. Many different activities are available all the time, such as photography or painting during the hike, fishing while cruising, etc. By the end of the day, a dinner based on the national cuisine will be served, and guests go back to the cabins for some rest.

The second day begins early with breakfast and is focused on meeting and seeing the Glacier Lake. The hike is circular, and it takes tourists through the diversity of the fields, forests, and gravel tracks. Two central lakes are visited on this occasion, and both are located at approximately 1300 latitude. For the second day, lunch is pre-packed, and visitors have an opportunity to eat it in the pure nature, surrounded by stunning views and amazing sights.

The third day features a visit to the Ice Cave, which is hidden behind the dense forest, narrow paths and lots of hiking on logging trails. This tour also features access to many wild seasonal fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, which are all edible due to the presence of only pure and untouched nature here. At the end of the day, after you are finished with your lunch, organizers take you back to your original accommodation.

The tour is provided by Visit Montenegro, for more information, visit https://me.visit-montenegro.com/

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