27 Sep 2019, 19:53 PM

27 September 2019 - Montenegro and Slovenia have developed excellent political and bilateral relations, but also good economic cooperation that can be further enhanced in the fields of tourism, energy and agriculture, Prime Minister Duško Marković and newly appointed Ambassador of Slovenia to Montenegro Gregor Presker stressed at an official meeting held on September 24.

Prime Minister Marković said that the presence of about 150 Slovenian companies is very important for Montenegro and that foreign investments are accompanied with new knowledge, business practice and ethics. The positive evaluation of the Slovenian companies’ operations in Montenegro and their cooperation with the Government are the confirmation of the Government’s policy of continued advancement of the business environment. The interlocutors recalled Slovenian companies engaged in insurance, banking, energy, tourism, trade and planning that accomplished numerous achievements in these areas and that follow strategic plans for further expansion of business and new investments in the Montenegrin economy.

According to the report by the Government of Montenegro, the Prime Minister mentioned that Montenegro achieved strong economic growth of almost 5% in the past two years, reducing unemployment and improving infrastructure as key preconditions for development.

"Investment opportunities in Montenegro are great. We have consolidated the energy sector, turned to renewable energy sources and this area is a serious and great opportunity for the Montenegrin economy, as well as for foreign investments," Prime Minister Marković stated, also referring to tens of millions of euros of investments in agriculture, through the agro-budget and various EU support programmes.

Ambassador Presker emphasised that Montenegro is a factor of stability in the region and that Slovenia strongly supports EU enlargement to the Western Balkans. He added that Montenegro's experience in tourism would be valuable for his country.

The meeting also discussed the situation in the region, highlighting the importance of the EU Open-Door policy for the Western Balkan countries and the speeding up of the integration process.

27 Sep 2019, 17:01 PM

27 September 2019 - Upon his arrival in New York, where he is attending the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović met with representatives of the Diaspora organized by the Consulate General of Montenegro in New York.

The President of Montenegro expressed his gratitude to those present and the entire Diaspora for their loyalty to Montenegro and contribution to the aspirations of our modern state, noting that the Diaspora also represents a significant Montenegrin potential for the near better future.

They discussed the processes in our country and the region, in the context of integration aspirations, the achievement of European values ​​and standards and increasing the quality of life of citizens, reported the Office of the President of Montenegro.

President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović also had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Montenegrin Diaspora Association on Thursday, following his address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Continuing his visit, President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović will also attend the official opening of the General Debate of the 74th Session of the General Assembly and will be a guest at a luncheon hosted by Antonio Guterres for top UN officials, as well as receptions by US President Donald Trump and Donald Tusk President of European Council.

Read more news about politics in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

27 Sep 2019, 16:55 PM

27 September 2019 - From the beginning of January to the end of July this year, total foreign direct investments inflow has reached 448,2 million EUR, while total outflow was estimated at 206,7 million EUR.

A total of 173 million EUR was invested in inter-company debt, investments that do not increase initial capital. Values of companies and banks have been increased by 167,8 million EUR of investment, non-residents invested 94,3 million EUR in real estate, whereas other investments reached 13 million EUR.

From the beginning of the year until the end of July, Hungary has been at the top of the list of countries that invested in our country (51,7 million EUR). Hungarians invested 2,9 million EUR through real estate. Investments in Montenegrin banks and companies amounted to 45 million EUR, reports Cafe del Montenegro.

Russian investors are in second place. Around 41 million EUR came from Russia. Russians contribute to Montenegrin balance by purchasing real estate. They invested 17,6 million EUR through inter-company debt, whereas foreign direct investments totaled only 722.533 EUR.

Bosnia and Herzegovina come third on the list, with 31,2 million EUR of investments: 1,3 million EUR of the real estate sale, 1,4 million EUR of inter-company debt and 28,5 million EUR of investments made by three companies.

When it comes to operations of our citizens abroad, non-confidential data refers to the inflow of money from a real estate sale, whose value is estimated to be 732.702 EUR.

Another 24 million EUR came to our country through a real estate sale. But the data are confidential because of a minimal number of investors.

Read more news about business in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

27 Sep 2019, 15:33 PM

Due to the construction of the park near St. Petar Cetinjski Square in Podgorica, parking at that location will cease to operate.

According to the Parking Service, current users of that parking lot will still be able to use alternative parking spaces in that part of the city, primarily the new parking lot in the area of the former small market, as well as zone parking spaces.


Recall, the University of Montenegro announced earlier that, as the contract with the Parking Service expired, the associated parcel of about 4,000 square meters in front of the Rectorate building will lead to its original purpose - the establishment of green space, in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors.

"By enhancing the university campus, that is, by expanding and enriching the "green oases" in urban areas, we promote socially responsible behavior towards future generations, raise the level of environmental awareness and culture and invest in a more beautiful and healthier future for Podgorica and Montenegro," said the University.

Text by CdM, on September 26th 2019, read more at CdM

27 Sep 2019, 10:08 AM

For October 2, Interior Affairs Day, the Security Center (SC) Niksic, in conjunction with other organizational units of the Police Directorate, exhibited the weapons and material-technical means which are used at the town square in Niksic. The arsenal of weapons was presented by members of the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, including equipment used by border and traffic police, followed by service dogs, equestrian police and criminal technology.

"The aim of this activity is to give citizens of Niksic, that is, all visitors, immediate insight into weapons and equipment, as well as to provide them with proper responses to those questions they ask the police officers within the scope of police work," said CB Nikšić Police Commander Darko Madjaric.

The exposed weapons attracted the attention of both the youngest citizens of Niksic and the elderly, and especially the little ones who wanted to be photographed next to members of the anti-terrorist unit and the cavalry police, as well as the motorbikes used by the traffic police.

"This does not end police activities. We will visit the Day Care Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities and, on that occasion, we will give them modest gifts, and the officials of the Security Center Niksic will participate in the voluntary blood donation action," said Madjaric.

For the youngest visitors, an educational performance was organized in the performance of the famous children's entertainer Radojica Stanković, better known as Santa Panta, as well as a traffic safety quiz.

"This activity is intended to improve communication between citizens and the police, and to raise them to a higher level," said the police commander.

Radivoje Banovic from Niksic, thinks this activity is the "right thing to do" because it brings confidence in the police.

"This should be one step more towards gaining confidence and events like this need to be organized more. We need to get closer to the people. I see that there are new rifles and new equipment here, but I think my old weapon is unsurpassed and that it is of the right quality," Banovic said.

In contrast, Ivan Kosmos from Split, whose sister married in Niksic, was particularly attracted by the new technology.

"I've worked as a diver for a whole century, so that's why I've been interested in this. I'm retired now. We have events like this on the occasion of Police Day. This means to the citizens that they get a little closer to the police, especially when they see modern, technically sophisticated equipment, modern technology. It is interesting for the average person to have a look and he is pleased to see that the police is following modern trends and going forward, ”Kosmos said.

The Open Doors Day will be organized on October 2nd, in the premises of the Security Center Niksic again this year, as it was the case with the previous ones.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on September 25th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

27 Sep 2019, 10:05 AM

Podgorica will be connected with Dublin twice a week by Ireland's low-cost carrier Ryanair. The line will operate from March.

CdM reports that the exact flight schedule will be known at the end of the summer season, at the end of October this year.

Montenegrin citizens can now book trips to Dublin by the end of October next year at the lowest prices on flights with, as they point out, the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per passenger.

"To commemorate the introduction of the new line, we decided to offer tickets until midnight on Friday at a promotional price of €14.99 for these and all flights within the European network starting in November this year," said Olga Pavlonka from Ryanair.

Text by Boka News, on September 26th 2019, read more at Boka News

26 Sep 2019, 21:49 PM

The Public Company for the Management of the Marine Property has announced a tender for the development of a design concept, the main design, and environmental impact assessment for the so-called Novosadska beach in Igalo. The value of the tender is 25 thousand euros.

The project envisages the reconstruction of the concrete beach, which has been damaged and in some places destroyed by constant use. The total area of the current beach is 2,500m2.

According to the documentation, the design and reconstruction of the beach should be well-thought-out, in such a way as to preserve the local authenticity of the space and ambient heritage of the area. It should also take into account modern trends and needs of locals and tourists, considering the various visions and needs that may arise in the future.

Any analysis of the current status will have to take into account the fact that reconstruction and renovation of part of the Pet Danica Walkway has already been completed and that reconstruction and renovation of the beach for this stage should be seen as an integral continuation of the arrangements in the broader area. At the same time, public-private partnership plans to expand the existing sandy beach and build a larger jetty for mooring boats at the eastern end, starting from the “Dominicana” towards “Rafaello” beach, should also be borne in mind, documentation states.

The deadline for submission of the design concept is 50 calendar days from the conclusion of the contract, with the deadline for submission of the main project being 60 calendar days from the approval of the preliminary design, given by the chief city architect. The offer will be valid for 90 days from the public opening of bids.

Bids can be submitted on weekdays from 9 am to 3 . pm, ending 1st November at 10 am.

The decision on the selection of the best bid will be made 40 days from the public opening of bids.


26 Sep 2019, 13:05 PM

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has launched the program “Women in Business” to encourage the development of women's entrepreneurship, and a million euros has been provided for this purpose.

The EBRD announced that the microfinance institution Alter modus had become the first local partner to join the program.

“In the initial phase, the EBRD will provide EUR 1 million to Alter Modus to support women-led micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. The focus will be on supporting small and medium-sized businesses, especially those outside the capital Podgorica," the EBRD said.

The program “Women in Business” supports women entrepreneurs through access to finance and advisory services to help them improve their businesses.

“Since its global launch in 2014, the program has already involved more than 5,000 women entrepreneurs in the Western Balkans through both forms of support - funding and advisory services. In the Western Balkans, the program is supported by donors from the governments of Italy, Luxembourg and Sweden," the statement said.

The EBRD program “Women in Business” has so far provided more than EUR 500 million through credit lines for more than 60,000 SMEs run by women in 18 countries.

Since investing in 2006, the EBRD has financed 60 projects in Montenegro with a total value of EUR 571 million and provided business consulting and training for more than 100 women-run Montenegrin companies.

Text by Marija Mirjacic, on September 25th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

26 Sep 2019, 13:02 PM

The pedestrian foothpath at Virpazar, which facilitates and enables a safer crossing of the highway and railroad at Podgorica - Bar, is open today to all visitors and residents, according to the National Parks of Montenegro (NPMN).

"NPMN estimates that around 100,000 visitors have passed through this crossing during the season, and that this number will increase from year to year," the statement said.


Pedestrian foothpath in Virpazar (Photo: NPMN)

NPMN director Elvir Klica said the track was designed to be as comfortable as possible and follow the stone embankment line, extending below the thoroughfare and railroad to a temporary parking space.

"It is important for security reasons, because now visitors and residents of this place will be able to cross the highway and the intersection safely, and I am sure that it will enable a better valorization of the area," Klica said.

He added that NPMN would continue to renovate the tourism infrastructure.


Pedestrian foothpath in Virpazar (Photo: NPMN)

"At the beginning of the season, we arranged a fishing trail at Tanki rt, set up a recreational furnishing and information boards. We are planning the same on this footpath, so information boards and signposts will be installed in the coming period," Klica added.

Klica announced that in the coming period, he would work with the competent ministry and institutions on the construction of the marina, and it is planned to build a roundabout at the entrance to Virpazar, in order to solve the long-term problem of safety of the visitors and residents.

"Also, one of the problems with this place is the parking space. The NPMN will envisage for the next season two new sites for this purpose on the right side of the highway Podgorica - Bar, as well as one temporary parking lot in Virpazar itself," Klica explained.

Text by MINA News, on September 24th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

26 Sep 2019, 12:58 PM

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Eco Team believes that Montenegro, as a signatory to the Paris Agreement, must make additional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and follow the ambitious goals of other European Union (EU) countries that have shown the willingness to take concrete actions for combating accelerated human-caused climate change.

That is why the plans for reconstruction and extension of the existing Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant for at least 20 years requires great caution, as said by this NGO.

"A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Montenegro announced the news of the Government's resignation from the construction of the second block of the thermal power plant in Pljevlja. Although the government's commitment to the environment was initially cited as the reason for such a decision despite the numerous economic benefits that the investment could bring, a day later it was announced that, in fact, the real reason is the international financial institutions' attitude towards such projects, as well as the inability to adhere to strict European directives on industrial emissions," said the statement from Eco Team signed by Diana Milev Cavor.

She believes that the skepticism about the expectation that existing thermal power plants will be able to meet all environmental standards and comply with the permitted emissions is justified, if this could not be achieved by the construction of a new power plant.

"This is just one more of several reasons why there is a fear that the plan for the reconstruction of the thermal power plant will not be implemented as intended," states Milev Čavor.

She believes that Montenegro, following the EU countries, must set a date for the abandonment of coal-produced electricity and set that deadline with the National Climate and Energy Plan, with which Montenegro has already begun.

She recalls that 13 EU countries have done the same so far.

"At the United Nations Climate Action Summit, governments and private sector leaders expressed their readiness to tackle climate change and said the pace of climate action must be accelerated, that more concrete plans and greater ambitions are needed. According to the UN, the world will have to increase its efforts three to five times to keep climate change at a level that science has defined as acceptable, which implies a temperature rise of up to 1.5°C, to avoid the effects of those changes already visible around the world. Science shows that the phasing out of coal, the most polluting fossil fuel, is essential to achieving that goal. Preliminary analyses have provided a global date for phasing out in 2050. New research on what it takes to meet the Paris Agreement of 1.5 ° C shows that governments now need to move that date back a decade, and developed countries have to phase out coal faster than the rest of the world – until 2030," points out Milev Čavor.

She also said that investments in coal, i.e., new thermal power plants, have fallen by 75 percent since 2015, but canceling new projects is no longer sufficient.

"Governments must increase their NDCs (intended national contributions in emission decrease) by 2020, as set out in the Paris Agreement," states Milev Čavor.

Text by Goran Malidzan, on September 25th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

26 Sep 2019, 12:53 PM

The Ministry of Defense has signed a nearly €110,000 contract to train pilots to operate “Bell” helicopters.

The tender documentation required initial pilot training on the “Bell 412” helicopter for six pilots, which included a minimum of 36 hours of theory applied per pilot and six hours of flight on a helicopter as well as a minimum of six hours of simulator flight.

It also required periodic training for four pilots on the “Bell 412” flight simulator for at least four hours.

Last year, the ministry signed a EUR 30 million contract, i.e., a loan arrangement for the trade of three multipurpose “Bell” helicopters, two of which are new.

The tender for the training of pilots received the offer of a consortium consisting of the Spanish "Pegasus aviation" and the Montenegrin "Li commerce".

Pilot training on helicopters and simulators will be conducted by Spanish instructors.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on September 25th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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