13 Jun 2019, 11:51 AM
June 13, 2019 - The third Paragliding Day will be held on Saturday, 15 June, in Herceg Novi's hinterland. The organizers of this popular event are the Paragliding Alliance of Montenegro and the Herceg Novi Paragliding Club Adriafly, with the support of the Tourism Organization and the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Agency for Development and Protection of Ornas, and the help of the "Subra" Skating Club, according to the Herceg Novi Municipal Information Service.
"As a promotional event, with solo pilots, tandem pilots will be present in a large number, so on this occasion part of those who want to enjoy the magic of paragliding safely can fly with experienced pilots.
Applications can be made by phone/Viber (Development and Protection Agency of Orjen): 067 933-993 by Friday, 14 June, at 5 pm. The number of participants is limited. The gathering is scheduled to take place on the "Dizdarica" ​​hillside, above the village of Žlijebi, at 10 am, when an introductory briefing will take place, and then the flights (if the weather conditions are favorable) will begin, aiming for a secured space in Kutsko Polje.
The "Dizdarica" ​​pole is the first registered landfill in Montenegro and is located in a beautiful ambiance on the hinterland of Herceg Novi, at 900 m above sea level. Its construction began in 2010 with volunteer work and personal assets of members of the Adriafly Club. Although one of its parts is located in the Tivat Airport, as a serious and responsible club, Adriafly has gained the trust of the Montenegrin Civil Aviation Agency and Airport Flight Control in Tivat, so the check-in was registered in 2011. The club had already been the host of the Montenegrin state championships in paragliding. During the next years, he was flipped several times and further improved. Reporter of the world's most famous magazine "Parapente Mag," in the 41st issue of this magazine, described Dizdarica as the best on the Adriatic, with the statement that in Montenegro the paragliding started forward, they say from the Paragliding club Adriafly.
Due to favorable climate conditions, well-maintained and registered terrain, easy transport and high altitude, this hiking trail attracts more and more fans of paragliding and those who want to explore the flight. The usual trip lasts 20 minutes, but in ideal conditions, it can be extended up to 5 hours. That is why it is not surprising that paragliding lovers come from far away areas to fly here.
13 Jun 2019, 11:19 AM
June 13, 2019 - The 9th edition of Lake Fest will be held from August 8-10 at Lake Krupac in Niksic, emphasized the organizers of the press conference held at the Montenegro Caffe pub in Podgorica.
The director of the Lake Fest, Pedja Zečević, with the representatives of the general sponsors of the festival, Natali Milić from the brewery "Trebjesa," Eleonora Albijanić from Electricity Industry of Montenegro (EPCG), Sonja Nikcevic, Vice President of the Municipality of Niksic and Slavica Grgurevic from Nikšić Tourist Organization, emphasized the importance of this event for the city and Montenegro.
"The Niksic Municipality recognizes the importance of this remarkable event, which for nine years has gathered significant names of Montenegrin and regional scenes, and supports this festival as one of the trademarks of the city," Nikcevic said.
Brewery "Trebjesa," a sponsor from the beginning of the Lake Fest, will organize socially responsible activities this year.
"We've been watching this festival for nine years, and it is enough to talk about the trust and partnership we have with the organizers. And this year, we will create and implement the ecological actions of 'Rock and Recycle' and 'Eco checkpoint', which we are particularly proud of given that last year around 30,000 thousand plastic bottles were collected during the festival, and a trout sculpture was created that would embellish this year's festival space," Milić said. 
EPCG, as in previous years, has provided the area around Krupac Lake and invested significant financial resources for organizing this year's festival.
"We feel not only as sponsors but also as hosts," said Eleonora Albijanic on behalf of the EPCG.
Slavica Grgurević from the Nikšić Tourist Organization pointed out that Lake Fest has demonstrated seriousness since the first day and has brought more and more visitors every year, making it the main tourist offer of the city.
Zečević reminded that more than 190,000 visitors attended Lake Fest until now, and more than 160 performers from Montenegro, the region and abroad participated in the festival programs.
"Lake Fest every year, besides the musical part of the program, gives special attention to the camp, which undoubtedly carries the epithet of the biggest festival camp in the Ex-Yu area. It is the first green festival in Montenegro, and as such is recognized in the region, and we have been cooperating with the UNDP for several years. We also have excellent cooperation with RTV Niksic, so this year we will have direct broadcasting of all three nights of the festival," Zečević said.
The prices for Lake Fest remain unchanged - the daily ticket is 10 euros, while the card for all three days of the festival costs 25 euros. As in previous years, this year, there will be free space for camps, where next to the main stage will be a small camp stage for the daily program. 
The list of names that will be presented to the public in Niksic this summer is still not available to the public, but judging by previous releases, the audience will not be disappointed.
13 Jun 2019, 11:00 AM
Today is 13 June, the day of Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of Tivat. The cult of Saint Anthony is especially respected in Boka Bay, and in this city, there are three churches built in honor of this saint, in the Lepetane, Kalimanj and Tripovići settlements.
St. Anthony of Padua, who is among the most important saints of the Roman Catholic Church, was born in 1195 in Lisbon and died on 13 June 1231 in Padua. Although a nobleman, he went to the convent early and quickly ordained to be a priest.
St. Anthony was in North Africa for a short time, but because of his illness, he returned to Europe. After the death of St. Francis in 1226, at the Franciscan assembly he was elected provincial of the expanded province of Bologna in northern Italy. Still, for life, he gained his reputation and respect, and many believers thought that he possessed divine power and made miracles for the benefit of the weak and the sick.
St Anthony, as the patron saint of the city, is celebrated in Tivat from the 18th century. Earlier, the most significant number of Tivat families celebrated as the holy name of St. Savior, and Saint Simon, as witnessed by some of the oldest churches, St. George in the area of ​​Black Plato, and Saint Simon in the same cemetery in the city. When did the Tivars begin to celebrate Saint Anthony of Padua?
Dragan Rajčević, a passionate explorer of the past of our city, reminds us of the fact that Venice was brought to Venice by Tivat.
"On 29 September 1731, a decision was made to build a church of St. Anthony at the locality of Perovo, owned by Mihovil Buće, which was completed on 29 March 1734. At that time The parish was Don Ivan Galatus, and the bishop of Kotor was Monsignor Zanobet. On 11 July 1734, a dedication was made, the blessing to St. Anthony's Church, that the first massacre held on 8 November of the same year on the occasion of the death of some of the most significant Kotorans, the saint of all citizens of Tivat," Rajčević recalls.
"You will not go swimming before St. Anthony," former citizens of Tivat told their children. This year, for this wisdom of ancestors, we have chosen the weather conditions.
In numerous churches throughout the Kotor Diocese, the Holy See of the World - Antun Padovanski, is traditionally celebrated with holy masses, devotions, blessings of children and bread.
The Holy Mass at Tivat was celebrated this morning in St. Anton's parish church in Tripovići, the chapel of Saint Anthony at Belania and the church of Saint Anthony at Lepetane. Evening prayers are scheduled at 5 pm in Lepetane, and 6 pm in the parish church in Tripovići.
13 Jun 2019, 10:21 AM
June 13, 2019 - In addition to the Norwegian state program that lasts more than four decades, the Igalo Institute and the Palmon Bay Hotel is hosting a pilot group of 30 elderly citizens from the Norwegian city of Kristiansand. It was a suggestion by Dr. Božidar Gardaševic, Montenegrin who has 20 years of private practice and a lot of friends in that city.
Dr. Gardašević wanted to show his friends and patients that in Montenegro, especially in Igalo, they can spend an active vacation with professional exercises adapted to their age, just as they do on similar travels in the Mediterranean countries.
The day in Igalo starts with exercise, so they go on a tour of the coast and the mountain hinterland. The Norwegians were impressed by their first journey through Montenegro and are therefore grateful to their fellow citizen, Bozidar Gardašević, a native of Čevo:
"Every local community in Norway has senior groups. They travel everywhere, to Spain, Croatia, so I thought why not come to Montenegro," Gardašević says.
Norwegian's vital pensioners all pay for themselves. Gardašević is a promoter, their friend, and a guide while visiting Montenegro. He says they were surprised at the beauties they experienced and saw because they did not expect it.
Dr. Bjorn Pettersen is a member of the group, and believes that Montenegro is a beautiful country of friendly people:
"We are part of the Kristiansand Exercise Group, and here we are first of all to see real life and a natural environment, to eat homemade food. Everything is according to the impressions of our friends who usually reside at the Institute, where, as we could see, they work great with the patients.
Training instructor Anne-Marie Pettersen says they have been to Croatia twice with the senior group. Božidar Gardašević suggested they visit Montenegro with him:
"He said that Montenegro is more beautiful than Croatia, and here we are, it is a lovely country, I would love to see it again."
Edith F. Nilsen points out that in Norway, a daily exercise is in the fitness center:
"Our friends invited us to visit Montenegro with the exercise group. And we've seen how beautiful everything is, the areas, food. I hope I'll be back."
Laila Holgersen is a member of the Norwegian-Montenegrin Friendship Society in Kristiansand:
"I love Montenegro a lot, and I have been at the Institute many times within the framework of the state program. I hope that everyone who wants to be able to come and do treatment, maybe not in the season, but with some more affordable prices."
Norwegian pensioners leave today for Kristiansand. Dr. Bozidar Garadašević believes that, after analyzing his stay in Montenegro, he will decide with the Training Center and the Norwegian-Montenegrin society that next year, they will bring two senior groups. To expand and continue the program, a large part of the work is also on the Igalo Institute and the hotels in Montenegro.
Source: Radio Jadran
13 Jun 2019, 00:56 AM

11 June 2019 - The greatest achievements in the area of robotics and 3D technology have been presented at this year’s International trade fair of technique and technical achievements in Belgrade, said the engineer in Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System, Mrs Margita Miljanić.

This is the 63rd fair and it featured tools used in everyday activities. Visitors were mostly interested in the presentation of the application of drones in different technological spheres.

“The fair is the place where achievements and innovation in different technical and technological areas are being showcased. The organization was a major success and Russians and Chinese were dominant among foreign exhibitors. There were achievements in the area of robotics, automatics, machines, tools, different software, 3D and laser technology,” said Mrs Miljanić.

Mr Boris Femić, an engineer, points out that trade is the place for the promotion of revolutionary changes in the ways of operation in companies and industries.

“Conception emphasis of the trade fair was put on the innovation and new technologies which are permeated into a great number of professional areas. Such events are educational, interesting and useful, as a great number of foreign and domestic exhibitors take part,” said Mr Femić.

This experience in Belgrade was important for the engineers of the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution system, as they were able to find expert literature in free sale.

“We could find literature we are interested in, all in one place. This trade fair was marked with robotics this year and that’s the area which is being developed at great speed and is applied in different life spheres,” said Mr Vladimir Ivanović, a visitor.

Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System delegation had the opportunity to see more than 100 novelties at the trade fair.

“New products of Loznica Electro and Rade Končar factory have been presented. There were many exhibitors of machinery and robotics, said the member of the delegation,” Mr Marko Mugoša.

Loznica Electro company presented the most contemporary achievements in the domain of one-way voltage and AKU battery, as well as the product of voltage cells for the internal assembly.

Mr Ivan Mumin, an engineer from Belgrade attended the trade fair for the first time and was very happy.

“I am very satisfied with the exhibitors, they were so kind and willing to answer our questions. We could see how the production processed have become so simple with the development of new technologies and how sophisticated modern technologies are,” said Mr Mumin.

Mr Marko Mugoša says that after the exhibitions, they visited Belgrade sites.

“In three days, we managed to see the cultural and historical heritage of Belgrade. Such reunions should become a tradition,” says Mr Mugoša.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

13 Jun 2019, 00:34 AM

11 June 2019 - This summer, tourists will have 139 beaches and bathing areas in Budva at their disposal of which 22 are hotel bathing areas, 88 intended as family bathing areas, 4 romantic, one party area, 8 excursion areas, 2 pet-friendly bathing areas and one location intended for dogs only.

There are also nine beaches with no equipment, two beaches for active rest, two nudist beaches and one beach as a children's resort.

Romantic areas in Budva are located on the Island of Saint Nikola, Malaya Beach, Reževići and Bršalj in Petrovac.

The party bathing area is located in Kamenovo, where the noise doesn’t affect the surrounding areas.

There are two excursion areas on the island of Saint Nikola, at Jaz beach, in Golubinj, Drobni Pijesak, Veizorovo ribarište and Crvena Stijena (Red Rock). They are accessible from the water only and are suitable for excursions and picnics.

The bathing areas for pets are Buljarica and Slovenska plaža, and there is also an area for dog-bathing, which is not designated as a bathing area.

Bathing areas without beach equipment are Saint Nikola, Slovenska plaža neat Park hotel, Bečići, Pržno on its east, Saint Stephen and part of the beach in Petrovac.

Two diving areas at the Jaz beach and Slovenska plaža are the areas for active rest.

Nudist beaches are Jaz – Žuta greda and Crvena Glavica, while the children resort is located in Bečići.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

13 Jun 2019, 00:19 AM

12 June 2019 - The Montenegrin Employers Federation will send an initiative to examine the Law on Internal Trade, which envisages the introduction of a non-working Sunday for retail and wholesale, to the Constitutional Court, reports Dnevne novine daily. The Advocate for Legal Affairs and Social Dialogue in MEF, Filip Lazović, stated that the amendments to the Law, about which two days ago the ministers finished the debate, violated the body of economic rights.

"We believe that the Law will soon be the subject of constitutional review, that is, a constitutional initiative will soon be sent. In Croatia, the Constitutional Court abolished this law three times, for similar reasons, which is likely to happen in Montenegro. We really anticipate this as a real possibility," said Lazović.

He added that the official stance of the Union is that the process of adoption is not good because the economy is not consulted, and the law is very much connected with the economy within the country.

"We consider the changes to be problematic both from the aspect of large trading systems and from the aspect of the small ones. The Montenegrin economy consists of 95 per cent of small and medium enterprises. We can observe the negative effects that the adoption of the Law will bring in the future, especially since we have strategically decided that tourism is our main industry. The question arises as to whether we can afford the luxury to deny huge traffic that takes place on Sundays, which is affected by numerous tourists on the coast and in the north," Lazović pointed out.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the provision relating to the introduction of the non-working Sunday will begin to apply three months after the entry into force of the Law, in particular in autumn. The reason for the postponement of the application, as they explained, is to leave the space for employers to organize and harmonize their business in relation to the changes that should be adopted by the Assembly soon.

Judging by the comments of the ruling coalition and part of the opposition parties, it is expected that amendments to the law will be adopted. The draft defines that apart from the established exceptions, all stores will have Sunday as a day off. Economy Minister Dragica Sekulić pointed out in the Assembly that the Government clearly defined the exceptions without the possibility of expanding them. This means that shopping malls, including Delta City (Podgorica) and Kamelija (Kotor), to which the Ministry has refused an exemption request, will be obligated to introduce non-working Sundays.

On Sundays and holidays, as specified, wholesale and retail trade can be performed in pharmacies, specialized stores or stores that sell bread, bakery products and cakes, flowers, souvenirs, prints, plant protection products or funeral equipment, gas stations or retail stores within the gas stations, as well as in markets, stands, stalls, showcases and machines outside the market and mobile shops. The amendments to the Law stipulate that employers who violate the provision and open their stores on Sundays may be fined between 1,000 and 10,000 EUR, and the Law also foresees the closing of these stores.

Read more about Business in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

12 Jun 2019, 23:51 PM

12 June 2019 - Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Montenegro Songul Ozan said that Herceg Novi is an attractive destination, stressing that Turkey is interested in finding a model and helping the reconstruction project for the Kanli Kula Fortress and rehabilitation of this landslide-degraded area.

Н.Е. Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Montenegro, Songul Ozan, recently paid a working visit to Herceg Novi, where she met with the Mayor of the Municipality, Stevan Katić and his associates, reports the local government.

Herceg Novi Turkey Willing to Invest in Kanli Kula Fortress Rehabilitation 2

The management of the Municipality of Herceg Novi welcomed Ambassador Ozan, who pointed out that this coastal city is one of the most beautiful in Montenegro, and that the country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The Ambassador gained insight into current events in Herceg Novi, cultural events throughout the year, as well as into the cooperation between Herceg Novi and city Jedrene, whose orchestra participated in the 50th Mimosa Festival. This cooperation resulted in the guest appearance of City Music Herceg Novi and majorettes at the 9th International Festival of Wind Orchestras in Jedrene in early March. Both sides agreed that this is a good example of cooperation between the two cities and states, which should continue in the future.

Katić also reminded the Ambassador of plans that are not in the municipality's jurisdiction, but their realization is crucial, such as the construction of the bypass and the rehabilitation of the slopes at Kanli Kula, one of the most beautiful summer stages in this part of the Adriatic. He also pointed to the current socio-economic status of our citizens, caused by unsuccessful privatization processes, both in Herceg Novi and throughout Montenegro.

Herceg Novi Turkey Willing to Invest in Kanli Kula Fortress Rehabilitation 3

As the focus of the city government work, President Katić emphasized the arrangement of infrastructure and the revitalization of cultural objects.

Ambassador Ozan pointed out that Herceg Novi is an attractive destination for Turkish tourists, and that Montenegro and Turkey are connected with history and culture. She expressed the interest of the representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, in cooperation with the city and the state, to find a model to help the Kanli Kula Fortress and to implement a landslide rehabilitation project that threatens this fortress.

The Ambassador expressed her hope that Herceg Novi will further increase the number of Turkish investors and she invited the municipality's leadership to consider the candidacy of projects at the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

Read more about politics in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

12 Jun 2019, 22:46 PM

Local experts in spatial planning, sustainable development, and protection of the cultural heritage of Kotor believe that the Draft Spatial Plan of Kotor represents only the continuity of inadequate planning documents for this area and leads to further devastation of space.

Within the public hearing on the Draft of the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Kotor and the accompanying Draft of the Report on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment, the local expert group submitted their remarks to these documents to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. Experts are supported by part of the participants on the round table on this topic, Center for Sustainable Spatial Development Expeditio from Kotor organized on 5 June.

"Considering the current situation in Kotor, risking to lose the World Heritage status due to over-urbanization, the general importance of adopting a Spatial Urban Plan for the development of municipalities, and the problematic procedure and the quality of the document itself, local experts claim that the Draft Spatial Plan is only a continuation of inadequate planning arrangements for this area," Expeditio said on their official FB page.

"Even though the plan suggests, with the pressures of the outside, before all UNESCO, that it will partly limit the construction of facilities, we consider it still doesn't help the city to start from the deadlocks that it found by the lack of responsibility of local and state institutions."

Apart of the local experts, comments have been signed by some of the participants of the round table under the project "Active Citizens for Better Montenegro - The Rule of Law and Sustainable Development of Montenegro." At the roundtable, representatives of the profession, competent institutions, as well as all political parties operating in Kotor, were invited.

Experts recall that the neglect of expert opinion in the field of spatial planning in the last 15 years has caused Kotor today threatening to review status on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

In their view, the Draft Spatial Plan does not represent the sustainable development strategy with the idea but allows for further alteration of the ambiance, thus destabilizing the values for which the Natural and Cultural Historic Area of Kotor is enrolled on the World Heritage List.

The presented document experts commented in the remarks as unworthy of the profession, without the minimum of professional standards.

"Methodologically, the document is at an inappropriately low level, full of contradictions, copied pieces from different materials, which, in a large extent, represent the content of the document itself, which is unacceptable. Such a plan will be impossible to implement," states the letter addressed to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, which has signed 13 of the most subordinated space planning and protection experts from Boka Bay.

They point out that a significant role for this plan plays the legislative framework - the Space Planning and Construction Facility Act of 2018, which instead of introducing the order and upgrading the space planning system has led to complete chaos. The established, previously confirmed planning practices were abolished, creating a prerequisite for accelerating the devastation of space, ignoring the already dramatic condition in Montenegro.

One of the critical remarks of experts from Kotor is that the Draft Spatial Plan does not entirely rely on the Cultural Heritage Protection Study for the area of the Kotor Municipality, which was done precisely for this document. This Study is only formally cited, but its core guidelines and the way of treating the Invertebrate Areas are not taken into account, which is incomprehensible, because, for a municipality where more than one third of the territory is on the Heritage List, it must have been the primary starting point for making the plan, experts conclude.

The only solution to the current situation is that the planning is brought back to experienced teams of planning experts, with the involvement of experts in the area of protection of the World Heritage, who would, without resorting to politics and personal interests make a document that would represent a breakthrough from the previous harmful planning practices.

"Of course, the prerequisite is a complete change of the space planning system (because its improvement is unfortunately impossible), including the legislative framework. The priority should be given to preserving the extraordinary universal value of the Kotor Area, as clearly indicated by the UNESCO / ICOMOS Reactive Monitoring Mission Report of November 2018, "states the remarks, experts from Boka Bay submitted yesterday to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro.

12 Jun 2019, 13:50 PM

On Sunday, September 1st, popular London hitmakers Disciples and their biggest hit "How Deep Is Your Love" will perform to Sea Dance festival.

The song originally was written and recorded with the Norwegian singer Ina Wroldsen was liked so much by the famous producer Calvin Harris, he immediately offered to release it together, and the video featuring the astonishing supermodel Gigi Hadid now counts a dazzling 1.3 billion YouTube views with two BRIT nominations and an MTV award!

Their outstanding talent was first recognized by the legendary Pete Tong on whose publishing house they released a brilliant record "Catwalk", but shortly after their first big radio hit, "They Do Not Know", which the prestigious BBC Radio 1 released day and night. The enormous success has continued today, and the status of the hit stars has been cemented by the summer house hymns "On My Mind" and "Jealousy"! Glastonbury, Leeds, Creamfields, and EXIT are just some of the world's biggest festivals where they performed, and today they host the program in Ibiza, where they perform side by side with names such as their former mentors and today's partners, Calvin Harris and David Guetta, as well as another Sea Dance star - Sven Vath!

In addition to the British stars to the Sea Dance festival, there will also be the young German producer and DJ star Lovra, who drew the attention of the great names of the world's electronic music scene starting with David Guetta, Armand van Helden, Basement Jaxx and Felix da Housecat, with whom she performed worldwide. The young artist from Berlin has played 17 shows with David Guetta in Ibiza, as well as in the club Hi that has been inherited by the former Space. At the main stage of the festival will perform one of the most popular DJs and producers from the Balkans, Macedonian genius Galoski, who also enjoys the support of David Guetta, and other greats like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Fedde Le Grande, and others. Under the alias Sand & Sense, he also released the single "Cold Night" which jumped out of the regional popularity and became one of the most listened-to songs on the famous BBC Radio 1.

DJ Wags will also perform, recognized by the energetic and unique performances that elevate the atmosphere to the flames and is considered to be one of the best house music performers. In his rich career and performances at numerous world stages, he enrolled five consecutive performances at the Ultra Festival. The talented Montenegrin duo Vill & Vash, who for a short time gained the public's sympathy throughout the region but also in Europe, is coming to Budva Riviera as well, and this year the TDI stage is preparing for a great party on the Adriatic. This stage will be home to some of the most exciting domestic and regional DJ stars, including Mark Funk, Danny Cruz, Oysha, Mirko & Meex, Divolly & Markward, Wreckage, Leo Fragogiannis, Rosske, Mario Eddie, Mr Mips and Davor Billyc.

The sixth Sea Dance will take place from Friday, August 30th, to Sunday, September 1st, on the hidden pearl of the Adriatic coast, the beach Buljarica in Budva.

So far, the shows have been confirmed by the most successful producers of the 21st century and one of the most popular performers in the world, David Guetta, the father of the Global Tech Movement and the three-time winner of the award for Best World DJ Sven Väth, one of the most prestigious electronic performers Richie Hawtin, the leading German producer and DJ Robin Schulz, French Club Sensation, Duo Ofenbach, and Famous German Producer Recondite.

There are also regional musicians such as the great Darko Rundek, powerful Senidah and popular Balkan rappers Surreal, Fox, Kuku $, Hazze and Bekfles.

Text by RTV Budva, on June 11th, 2019, read more at RTV Budva

12 Jun 2019, 13:43 PM

Podgorica will soon get the first public charging station for electric cars. The chargers will be mounted on two locations in the city: at the crossroads of Njegoseva and Vucedolska street in the center of the city, and in the Parking Service garage in the Street of Architect Milan Popovic (behind the restaurant Masa), as recently announced by the PG Bureau for the Public Relations.

"The installation of the first electric charging stations is part of the UNDP's "Low Carbon Development Tourism Project" project, in co-operation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, and with the financial support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The chargers will also be installed at the locations in Budva, Bijelo polje, Kolasin, Cetinje and Zabljak, and in the National Park "Skadarsko jezero" (Vranjina).

The use of public chargers will be free of charge for the first year, after which the service providers will individually decide on further conditions for charging electric cars.

The chargers will be free-standing, with two sockets on each of type 2: one with the minimum power of 22 kW and the other minimum power of 11.01 kW, following international standards IEC 62196, IEC 61851 and EN 62196-2. Supply of the charging apparatus is financed by UNDP, while the preparation of locations, the maintenance of charging stations and the provision of services are the obligations of local government ", says the press release. At the UNDP meeting, grantees agreed on the modalities of exchange of experiences and examples of best practice in realizing this project, aimed at supporting the development of e-mobility in Montenegro, it was said from PG Bureau.

Text by Vijesti online, on June 12th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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