13 Aug 2019, 08:16 AM

13 August 2019 - Bar's tourist offer is richer thanks to another four-star hotel, the Pearl Beach Hotel, located on the famous sandy beach in Čanj Bay, between Sutomore and Buljarica.

"We are convinced that the Pearl Beach Hotel Resort will be a strong impetus for the rapid development and revival of the Čanj area," said the representatives of the company that owns the new hotel, Šajo Group.

New Four Star Luxury Pearl Beach Hotel Opens in Bar 3

The hotel operates as part of Podgorica based company Šajo Group, which also became the majority owner of Joint Stock Company Recreatours Belgrade earlier this year, reports Vijesti daily. The JSC Recreatours owns the tourist settlement Biserna obala (English: Pearl Beach), Hotel Šumadija in Rafailovići and various hotels located at Kopaonik and near Srebrno jezero (English: Silver Lake) in Serbia.

Located in Čanj, Pearl Beach Hotel features a gorgeous garden, fitness centre, restaurant and bar, a 24-hour front desk, room service and free WiFi service. "With the aid of our business partners, in a relatively short timeframe and with extraordinary efforts, we were able to raise the level of services and accommodation significantly and put into operation 444 accommodation units of the once-neglected tourist resort Biserna obala," the representatives of Šajo Group highlighted.

New Four Star Luxury Pearl Beach Hotel Opens in Bar 2

In an interview for Vijesti daily, Director of Tourism at the Šajo Group, Petar Rakčević said that since the takeover of Pearl Coast to date, the renovation has cost two and a half million euros, and that the company plans to invest another three million by next summer.

"Together with the largest tour operators in the world, above all TUI, we are on the path of rapid rebranding and repositioning of the tourist resort Pearl Beach, into one of the best tourist complexes and clubs in Montenegro and beyond," the company representatives highlighted.

New Four Star Luxury Pearl Beach Hotel Opens in Bar 4

They added that the first guests of the hotel are very satisfied with the resort’s offer. “The room was very clean and spacious. Communication with staff was easy going, and everything was as I expected. Food in the hotel is absolutely delicious and I highly recommend Pearl Beach Hotel as a perfect location if you want to stay on the Montenegrin coast,” says a recent review of one of the hotel’s guests posted at the website.

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13 Aug 2019, 02:02 AM

12 August 2019 - The Disneyfication Map online service, which reviews overtourism, ranked Montenegro in the top 10 list of countries which are endangered by overtourism, with an estimated 3.02 tourists per capita.

Does Overtourism Pose a Threat for Montenegro

The Disneyfication Map visualizes the number of tourists visiting the countries of the world, in proportion to the local population. The map is an attempt to show where over-tourism could be hurting the local population and the visited areas.  Overtourism is a new term to describe the situation of having so many visitors in one location that it harms the locals and the environment.

The map uses data from the World Bank to show which countries have the most tourists in comparison to each country's population. The redder countries have more tourists and the greener countries have fewer tourists per capita.

As well as showing in red the countries where over-tourism might be a problem, the Disneyfication map also highlights cities which might be suffering from excessive numbers of visiting tourists.

Does Overtourism Pose a Threat for Montenegro 2

Montenegro occupies the sixth position on the list of countries endangered by overtourism, while the neighbouring Croatia is second, with an estimated share of 3.78 guests per capita.

The complete list of countries endangered by overtourism looks like this:

Iceland - 6.52 tourists / inhabitant

Croatia - 3.78 tourists / inhabitant

Bahamas - 3.64 tourists / resident

Austria - 3.34 tourists / resident

Cyprus - 1.01 tourists / resident

Montenegro - 3.02 tourists / inhabitant

Greece - 2.53 tourists / resident

Estonia - 2.47 tourists / inhabitant

Ireland - 2.15 tourists / resident

Denmark - 2.04 tourists / resident.

Does Overtourism Pose a Threat for Montenegro 4

The service also made a list of ten cities that are affected by overtourism the most, and it looks like this:

Cinque Terre (Italy) - 4,800 tourists / resident

Hallstatt (Austria) - 1,283 tourists / resident

Old Town of Dubrovnik (Croatia) - 1,000 tourists / resident

Venice (Italy) - 364.64 tourists / resident

Santorini (Greece) - 128.62 tourists / resident

Salzburg (Austria) - 45.94 tourists / resident

Kyoto (Japan) - 36.39 tourists / resident

Palma de Mallorca (Spain) - 32.26 tourists / resident

Jeju Island (South Korea) - 24.8 tourists / resident

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - 22.5 tourists / resident

Some of the effects of overtourism are the unbearable crowds that bother not only the locals but also the tourists themselves, crowds in public spaces or public transportation, local traditions and institutions being lost and being replaced by souvenir shops and the negative impacts on the environment.

The country shading shows which countries have the most tourists in comparison to their population. However, overtourism isn't the same as mass tourism. Some locations can cope with millions of tourists, while others struggle to handle a small increase.

The greener a country, the more likely it is that locals surround you during peak season.

Every city or location that is marked with a red dot is either struggling with overtourism or has been repeatedly mentioned in news articles and research related to overtourism.

The map is available at the DisnificationMap's official website.

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13 Aug 2019, 01:27 AM

12 August 2019 - Ulcinj Municipality will host a handmade products fair entitled Fair Fest – Ulcinj 2019 from 16-18 of August. The grand opening of the fair, with a rich cultural and artistic program, will be held on August 16 at 8:00 pm, reports PR service of Ulcinj Municipality. Members of the local Association of Female Domestic Products Manufacturers from Ulcinj (Montenegrin: Udruženje žena proizvođača domaćih proizvoda iz Ulcinja) will exhibit their products at the fair. The slogan of the Fair Fest 2019 is “Try Local, Buy Local and Feel the Tradition”.

The fair is of great significance for the whole Ulcinj Municipality because it aims to present unique, domestic and traditional products which will appeal to all visitors and tourists. The organisers want people to gather and socialize in order to improve the tourist offer in the city.

“We invite all those interested in coming to take a look at our handmade products and have fun at our festival," states the official invitation of the PR service of Ulcinj Municipality.

Fair Fest - Ulcinj 2019 Fair is an activity implemented under the project "The Feminine Side of Quality", implemented by Ulcinj Municipality in partnership with NGO MogUL, Municipality of Mirdita - Albania and UET (European University of Tirana) Centre from Tirana. The project, which is aimed at the promotion of cross border cooperation on the enhancement of employability through the empowerment of women as wage earners and job creators, is funded by the European Union through the Montenegro-Albania Cross-Border Fund 2014-2020.

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12 August 2019 - According to the official statement of the PR service of the Government of Montenegro, the construction of the electric power infrastructure for powering the future cable cars within the ski resorts Cmiljača and Žarski have begun, and the contractor will manage to respect the deadline, which is set for early next year.

As TMN reported earlier, during the fifth session of the Bijelo Polje Municipal Assembly, the President of the Bijelo Polje Municipality, Petar Smolović, stated that the construction of the Ski Centre Cmiljača, worth 23 million EUR, should be completed by 2022. He also explained that the implementation of the Cmiljača Project consists of two phases. The first phase, which is currently being executed, includes works on the construction of road infrastructure, construction of the base station with accompanying facilities, parking space, construction of electric power network, ski lifts, hydrotechnical and telecommunication infrastructure, about 3 kilometres of ski tracks and the purchase of necessary machinery and equipment. The planned deadline for the completion of the first phase is 2020.

The construction of the electric power infrastructure to power the future cable cars within the ski resorts Cmiljača and Žarski began with the preparation for the installation of the 35/10 substation in Majstorovina in Bijelo Polje.

Preliminary works include construction work, to construct a structure for future power equipment.

The value of this investment, which will be financed by the Government of Montenegro through the capital budget, amounts to more than 1,18 million EUR, and the contractor committed to finishing the works within six months from the beginning of the work, i.e. early next year.

The project is part of the activities that the Government is continuously implementing in order to valorise the tourism potential of the north of the country. The installation of cable cars at ski resorts Cmiljača and Žarski has already been contracted and the estimated value of complete investments in the two sites is more than 52 million EUR.

13 Aug 2019, 00:30 AM

12 August 2019 - The Kumbor Hotel located in the Kumbor settlement near Herceg Novi recently welcomed its first group of 250 guests from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Poland.

The owner of the hotel, Čedo Popović, said that the Kumbor Hotel was built to the highest standards and with the best materials. "The construction of the hotel is not yet fully complete, but the total investment will amount to around 30 million EUR. In terms of content, this hotel could have five stars, "Popović said in an interview for Infobiro.

Kumbor Hotel Welcomes First Guests 4

He also stated that the hotel has signed contracts with tourist organisations so more guests should arrive at the hotel soon, and that and that he expects the hotel to be operational until October or November, until the end of the tourist season.

"This is the first year of operation, but we reckon that because of its location, the hotel can still operate and have guests even after the end of the tourist season," Popović added.

He said labour shortages were a key problem. "I wish that we could find quality employees whose salary would be satisfying for everyone. Still, this is not the case and we have to manage with our former employees that we transfer from the other company," Popović said.

Kumbor Hotel Welcomes First Guests 3

The Kumbor Hotel is a four-star luxurious hotel located right by the sea, in the beautiful town of Kumbor which is known as a charming, peaceful seaside settlement. The hotel has 230 rooms and suites overlooking the sea, a private beach, private parking, SPA centre, outdoor pool, indoor pool, conference room and a-la-carte restaurant. The congress hall can accommodate up to 300 people in a theatre setting.

The interior of the hotel is clean, peaceful, airy and full of light. The designers aimed at modern minimalism with natural materials (wood, stone and cotton), and they made an effort that the colours of the interior reflect the hotel’s surroundings (blue, green - pastel colours). In this way, they enabled Kumbor’s guests to be welcomed with visual and functional comfort upon their entry.

Kumbor Hotel Welcomes First Guests 2

Hotel Kumbor is located less than 5 km from the old town of Herceg Novi; UNESCO World Heritage as the town of Kotor is only 30-minute drive away. Three international airports are just 30-60 minutes away by car.

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12 Aug 2019, 19:44 PM

August 12, 2019 - A journey to the edge of the Adriatic for this week's RE/MAX property of the week in Herceg Novi.

People may talk about nature and the incredible view, but at the end of the day, nothing quite beats having that view AND being close to the sea. There is something about those relaxing waves that no other location can match. 

And if your property happens to be located in a well-equipped modern building in a desirable location, then so much the better. 

If the lessons of Porto Montenegro and Tivat are anything to go by, real estate in Herceg Novi is set for an upward spiral once the Portonovi factor sets in. 

remax-herceg-novi (1).jpg

And this week's RE/MAX Property of the Week on fashionable promenade Pet Danica is better located than most, and just 30 steps to the sea. 

According to the official RE/MAX listing:

remax-herceg-novi (4).jpg

LUX apartment of 78 sqm for sale in an exclusive location, located in Herceg Novi on the promenade Pet Danica, only thirty steps to the sea. This two-bedroom apartment is situated on the second floor of luxurious building.

remax-herceg-novi (3).jpg

A wonderful spacious ambience, a view of the sea shore, which in this part is a blend of open sea with a bokokotorska bay as well as buildings located in these incredibly beautiful areas provide you with an ideal place to stay. 

remax-herceg-novi (5).jpg

Excellent architectural combination of comfort, useful and beautiful, as well as the complete furnishing of the apartment to the smallest details of high quality will provide you with quality time with family and friends. 

remax-herceg-novi (6).jpg

Two bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, living room with dining area and kitchen and terrace make the composition of this apartment. By purchasing this apartment, the price includes a garage place, which belongs to the apartment and located in the basement of the building.

remax-herceg-novi (7).jpg

Not only the immediate vicinity of the sea, but also of the city center, as well as the Old Town of Herceg Novi, shops and restaurants make this apartment represents an excellent rental investment.

remax-herceg-novi (8).jpg

This apartment could be an excellent investment because this location is in high demand for long term rentals and monthly rent goes from 600 - 1,000 EUR for similar properties.

remax-herceg-novi (9).jpg

For more information on price, more photos and to book a viewing, visit the original RE/MAX listing.  

remax-herceg-novi (10).jpg

12 Aug 2019, 19:01 PM

Sailors from the local Yacht Club- JK Delfin gave excellent results at the regatta "Memorial of Spasić and Mašera". The regatta was organized in Tivat for the past three days, by JK Delfin and it was held in scorching weather.

Over three competing days, more than 60 sailors from four Montenegrin clubs, JK (Yacht Club) Jugole Grakalic from Herceg Novi, JK Lahor from Kotor, JK Jovo Dabovic from Baošić and host club JK Delfin, as well as from Croatian clubs JK Orsan, Dubrovnik and JK Uskok, Zadar, sailed three regattas. They should be greatly acknowledged for their patience and perseverance, as it was not easy to sail in the wind of 3 to 5 knots and extremely warm, almost tropical weather, it has been pointed out from JK Delfin.

In the Optimist class, the current state champion Pavle Music won, in second was Viktor Lesjak and in third Andrija Markovic, all from JK Delfin. The Tivat Delfin sailors won all three first places in the competition for up to 12 years. Lesjak was first, Markovic was second, while sailor Tea Celanovic won third place. Tea also won the gold in the girl's competition. Nina Strahinja won silver, Vanja Strahinja bronze, both sailors JK Lahor from Kotor.

In the Laser 4.7 class, the first place went to Nikola Golubovic, sailor JK Delfin, second to Robert Moris from JK Jugole Grakalic, and third place went to Vasilije Kurbanovic from JK Delfin. In the Laser Radial class, Danilo Joncic took gold, Stefan Andjelic silver and Luka Rocen bronze, all three from Dolphin. Ilija Markovic is the first in the Laser Standard class, second is Milos Tripovic, both Dolphin sailors.

The awards for the best sailors were given by Ivana Žurić, Director of Design Interni, then Tony Belan, Director of Yacht Hotel and Ana-Marija Žurić, on behalf of the City Bar "Majestic", who, together with the Tivat Tourism Organization and other members of the donor pool, gave Contribution to the successfully conducted donation campaign #BudiOptimist during the 13th Tivat Regatta UNA Montenegro Cup.

The Dolphin Optimists, five of them, will go to the Croatian Optimists Team Championship in Split, organized by JK Marina Kastela on August 15th, and Ilija Markovic and coach Ilko Klakor will continue to Poland, where the European Championship for the Olympic Class Laser under 21 begins on 20 August, as stated from the Tivat JK Delfin.


12 Aug 2019, 16:33 PM

The Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, in cooperation with TV “Vijesti”, is launching the PRESS TO WORK project - CLICK & (WORK) whose key purpose is to contribute to the promotion of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWD) in Montenegro.

The goals that will be achieved through the project are:

  1. Reduction of social exclusion of at least six PWDs through participation in employment preparation activities over the next five months;  
  2. Employment of at least three PWDs for at least five months during the project implementation and employment of at least one PWD during the eight months of the project implementation and after its implementation;  
  3. Create at least three new jobs for people with disabilities in the next 10 months and fill the vacancy and  
  4. Informing at least 2000 employers about the importance of employing PWDs and raising awareness of families, decision-makers and the general public about the benefits of using PWDs.

These objectives will be achieved through the implementation of the following activities:

1. Basic Computer Training (Microsoft Office, Internet, Computer Network) - This means basic knowledge of the programs: Microsoft Office, Internet and computer network. Bearing in mind that PWDs involved in the project will master basic computer skills, this training will include 24 lessons, which involves systematizing computer skills and preparing for advanced levels. All six PWDs involved in the project will be involved in this activity, although the person doesn't need to be employed under the Employment Service.

2. Advanced computer training (Word Press, Joomla, image and video preparation and processing programs) - implies advanced computer training with a special focus on advanced Word options, and programs for image and visual design and editing, graphics, symbols and illustrations, as well as print preparation, as well as work on the Internet, primarily Wordpress and Joomla, where most websites and portals are created. So, training involves preparing, editing and administering text and images, then visualizing, preparing for print and updating web content. All six people with disabilities will be included in this activity, which will cover 50 lessons. The activity involves being trained to work in specific workplaces. After this training, the job description of each PWI who will be hired after the training will be determined.

3. Public relations training - involves the introduction of communication and information media, the importance of information and communication channels, and consists of the following main topics: Public relations concept, Public relations functions, Public relations activities, Public relations planning, and Relations with the media, within which the following topics will be covered: press statement, media appearances, press releases and the like. The training will include 15 lessons and is intended for all participants in the project. The training will be conducted in the first months of employment of the PWD.

4. Marketing training - primarily involves training for internet marketing, but also marketing, that is, "selling" other services. It will be conducted in parallel with public relations training. It implies 10 lessons with the obligation of attendance of all participants in the project. The training will be conducted in the first months of employment of the PWD.

5. Employment of persons with disabilities - involves the selection of at least three project participants to be employed in the positions of editors, that is, administrators and technicians of graphic preparation for a minimum duration of five months during the implementation of the project. The employees will sign the contract with the UMHCG and will work in the main premises of the UMHCG, and the premises where the UMHCG printing house is located. The PWD employees will be accompanied by a mentor throughout their employment.

6.Implementation of the Employment Service; Employment service is, in fact, a recent activity that involves informing, liaising with employers and providing them with opportunities for practical work and employment in conjunction with them. It also includes the provision of legal advice in the field of work and employment, consultation and guidance on the exercise and protection of rights in this field. This Service will last throughout the project, and within the same, we expect the employment of one PWD.

7. Monitoring employees of PWDs and promoting the importance of employment of PWDs; This activity includes tracking the work and performance of PWD employees and will be carried out every five months after their employment. The Coordinator of the Employment Service and the mentor of the PWD employees will monitor the work of the PWD, i.e., the work process, will be available to deal with different situations. At the same time, the activity implies the promotion of the activities of PWD employees as well as the importance of employment, i.e., work engagement of PWD in general, not only participants in this project.

8. Media Campaign (social networks, portal, partner media: TV shows, written and video content) - will cover the preparation and broadcasting of shows, other TV content, texts, then the campaign on social networks, and all in order to inform as many employers and citizens as possible about the right to work of persons with disabilities and the importance of their employment.

The target group of the project is the unemployed PWD, who will be involved in the activities of preparation for employment, the process of employment and work, and monitoring during the employment and promotion of the importance of employment of PWD.

The project will be implemented by UMHCG in partnership with TV “Vijesti” for a period of 10 months, starting on July 23, 2019, in the territory of Podgorica and will include PWDs from all over Montenegro.

The Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro invites interested persons with disabilities who are on the register of ZZZGG, who are not participants in other projects and who were not involved in projects under Public Invitation no. 11-896 dated 22.01.2018 and no. 11-11463 dated 31.07.2018 to apply for participation in the activities above.

Interested candidates are required to submit a short CV and motivation letter by Tuesday, August 20, 2019, by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the FB page of the Association (

Any additional questions can be forwarded by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and the Association's FB page (, by Thursday, August 15, 2019, indicating that the inquiry is related to the participation in the “Press to work” project - Click and work. 

The project was supported by the Employment Service of Montenegro.

Text by Promo, on August 12th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

12 Aug 2019, 16:30 PM

The Ministry of Economy is launching a new phase of the Energy Efficient Home program aimed at reducing heating costs and increasing household comfort, achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions, as well as developing a market for heating systems for modern biomass in Montenegro, as announced from the ministry.

The program entails an attractive and sustainable financial mechanism for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in households. For the purpose of this program, the Ministry of Economy has provided EUR 100,000 for subsidizing interest and fees for processing of loans to households in Montenegro that can be used to purchase and install heating systems for modern forms of biomass (pellets, briquettes), which include boilers/furnaces , piping and/or radiators, for the installation of thermal insulation on the facade of a residential building and for the installation of energy-efficient facade joinery.

Within the Program, citizens will be able to apply for interest-free loans up to a maximum amount of 10,000, with a repayment period of up to six (6) years, for the implementation of the above energy efficiency measures in their households, while the Ministry of Economy will subsidize interest and processing costs of loans for the entire loan repayment period. The Ministry of Economy stated that they are implementing this program in cooperation with partner companies that are the leading contractors Mikromont Bijelo Polje, Home Systems Podgorica, Plam Engineering Podgorica, Veneta Plamen Podgorica, Energos Podgorica and the consortium "LD gradnja-Cerovo" Niksic, as well as partner banks Hipotekarna and Lovcen Bank.“ The program foresees that a citizen should contact a qualified contractor to obtain more detailed information on an offer under the Energy Efficient Home program. Upon receiving the offer to perform the works, the citizen applies to the Ministry of Economy, with a request for confirmation that he or she is eligible to participate in the program, with supporting documentation proving that the object on which the works will be performed is legal, that is, in the process of legalization.

The request and supporting documentation can be submitted to the archives of the Ministry of Economy (Rimski trg 46, 81000 Podgorica) in person or by mail or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ”, the Ministry of Economy said.

If the request is approved, the Ministry issues a certificate that the citizen is eligible to participate in the program, after which the citizen applies to the bank for a loan.

Procedures for the implementation of the program "Energy Efficient Home", contacts of partner companies and banks, unit prices of materials, equipment and services offered within the program, application form for obtaining a certificate for participation in the program can be downloaded at

In the previous phase of the “Energy Efficient Home” program, energy efficiency measures were implemented in 93 households in Montenegro.

This program is a continuation of the earlier “Energy Wood” program, implemented by the Ministry of Economy through three phases since 2013, which has installed around 1,010 pellet and briquette heating systems throughout Montenegro.

Interested citizens can obtain all information regarding the said program by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 020 482 186.

Information on the dynamics of program implementation will be regularly published on the website

Text by Goran Kapor, on August 7th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

12 Aug 2019, 16:28 PM

The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs requested the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism to issue urban-technical conditions for the preparation of technical documentation for the construction of Virpazar border crossing for international lake passenger traffic.

The document states that this represents the first phase of realization of the Port of Virpazar. “North of Hotel '13. July 'and 120 meters from the river Oraoštica waterway, a border crossing point for international passenger lake traffic is planned. The realization of the port with an international crossing requires significant manipulation space and area for facilities with appropriate conditions in accordance with the Decree on the conditions that must be met by ports classified according to the type of maritime traffic and the purpose and requirements of future users of the port," states the State Study of Virpazar from 2014. 

For adequate service, it is added that the Port should be equipped with appropriate traffic surfaces - roads, parking spaces, roundabouts, sidewalks, footpaths and the like.

The deadline for the construction of the port Virpazar is June 2022, as announced at the end of May by the Ministry headed by Osman Nurkovic.

Danijela Kapa, on behalf of the Directorate for International Cooperation and EU Funds and Project Manager, said that the realization of the Port of Vripazar will contribute to the valorization of the economic, commercial and tourist resources of Lake Skadar.

Kapa also recalled on the agreement between the Montenegrin and Albanian authorities to open a joint border crossing of Ckla (Montenegro) for international road and lake and passenger traffic, signed in Skadar on July 3, 2018, according to a statement after a working group meeting in for the purpose of preparatory activities for the implementation of the construction project of the Port Virpazar.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on August 9th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

12 Aug 2019, 15:25 PM

Danijel Cerović, one of the leading Montenegrin performers in the domain of classical music, a touring musician and pedagogue, signed a contract recently with the prestigious publishing house Les Productions D'OZ of Canada, which will soon issue two books of his transcription of music by Silvius Leopold Weiss (London the manuscript). The release will contain a CD program for Naxos Music Group which he has recently recorded. Danijel started performing his “Only Weiss” programme this spring in Tivat. It marked the Early Music Day (March 21) on the small scene of the Culture Centre Tivat and he continued playing this programme in Trebinje, Bosnia, Cetinje and Sudbury, Canada. His project is dedicated to the composer and lutenist of the late Baroque, Sylvius Leopold Weiss.  

Danijel Cerović speaks for TMN about his musical voyage and career.  

- Four years ago, you held a concert "Only Bach" in the Summerhouse Buća in Tivat with Goran Krivokapić, also in honour of the Early Music Day. This spring you performed in DTV Partizan, turning your attention to Weiss. How do you find this new, small scene of the Culture Centre?

"Thank you for linking these two concerts. I just remembered about that concert, which was in 2015, time passes so quickly. As a result of circumstances, I played for the same anniversary then, and the “Only Weiss” programme is the backbone of my new project, that is, I had to record music and perform this programme. It was a great pleasure for me to share it with dear people and the audience in Tivat in the new hall, which is very comfortable. I was very comfortable and I hope that the audience felt the same. I know it's difficult to gather people out of season, especially when talking about classical audience and classical guitar, so I'm glad it worked out well."

- What about the program itself? Sylvius Leopold Weiss was a great lutenist, who lived at the end of 17th century, until the mid-eighteenth. You have transcribed his music for guitar and what else would you say about your interest in his music?

"He was a contemporary of Bach and there are indications that they were socializing, and perhaps they also had some joint projects, which is very interesting. It is a rich opus, from which only a few works are played. I'm glad that I have and that I had the opportunity to deal with his opus, researching and trying to transcribe it for classical guitar. This is the music of uncovered beauty, richness and harmony for me, of counterpoint and various kinds of atmospheres. It's probably more receptive than Bach's, or Telemann's music, and at times intimate, as well as rich in different characters, all of which are features of this baroque style, ornaments and various procedures." 

- You have recorded 2 CDs with 6 transcribed Bach's English Suites for Naxos before and you have also recorded Weiss's compositions for Naxos now. Your concert in Tivat was actually the first among your performances dedicated to just Waiss’s music?

"That was the beginning. Such concerts are, of course, a holiday for me, and I'm using them to have a better look at that music outside of my exercise area, where I keep repeating some details, trying to get to some perfection. Concerts are a real challenge for me each time, as it was also in Tivat and I'm glad to get some feedback from the audience and after all from that sound, which I make out of myself, I can listen to it in some space, which is brand new and challenging, like that one. I'm glad that the theme of this project is what it is and that I continue to explore this music, which takes a special place in my art, not to say in my biography, for the sake of not being too formal, but it makes the backbone of my music, especially in the last few years. I am very glad that I have continued in a similar direction after Bach. It's like when you discover Rembrandt, and since he has an incredible opus, you begin to discover his contemporaries, who may not be so familiar and you discover new microcosmos that you enjoy equally. In this case, Weiss was a part of that great Dresden art scene. There is a pleiad of great composers - for that era, who are out of the mainstream and those historical textbooks we deal with today, they are not on the playlists of radio stations playing classical music, yet their music is really fantastic. In the bombing of Dresden in the Second World War, together with the Dresden Library, a bunch of papers and proofs of their creation, as well as the notes themselves, went unchallenged. All in all, I'm glad that we can still find this art, which is really worth it." 

- You have an extraordinary international career, which has stretched over three continents - Europe, America and Asia. You perform as a solo musician, as well as Danijel Cerović and Goran Krivokapić make Montenegrin Guitar Duo, you also collaborate with the chamber and other ensembles…What would you say about your career? You are also a lecturer, jury member, even a founder of festivals?dc

"I had been lucky and privileged that my career has been developing in this particular direction in recent years, not only planned, but also unplanned, where this Weiss story also belongs. So with music, before any business and formal career and success, which is measurable, both with money and social networks, there should be some kind of relationship between the artist and what he is dealing with. A deeper connection should exist for something to happen necessarily and to succeed. I am pleased because I have had and I still have the opportunity to constantly keep in touch with top music, which I am trying to transfer to my instrument and to what I am skilled for. That's why I am also particularly pleased that in the last few years I have exclusively performed my own arrangements of that music, which has not been written in the original for guitar. Even the lute, which is the precursor to this instrument and which should have some touchpoints, believe me, that this is not the case. Then it takes a lot of work to make that music sound on that instrument as it should. So I get to know the possibilities of the instrument and I can look at this performance issue in a non-traditional way. For me, it is the process which I enjoy, which I look forward to day by day."

- An important part of your work is dedicated to students, young generations. You are one of the founders of Montenegro International Guitar Competition, what would you say about it? 

"I am incidentally one of the organizers and founders of this event and I am glad that Tivat has recognized the value of the project and that it has given its support. I mean, above all, the people in the Culture Centre, who are unselfishly in this and in many other projects. The lucky circumstance is that Tivat has become one centre, which has the means, enough financial and sufficient conditions, spatial and organizational, and that people who live in Tivat and who are only visitors have the opportunity to see some of the best productions, especially in theatre, which, I suppose, is the main cultural offer in Tivat, because it is recognized for it. Of course, there are others, including the Guitar Festival, which is a part of EuroStrings. I am always happy when I can be in Tivat, because I have in mind that this is a wonderful place with wonderful people, where things work like anything that goes beyond the borders of Montenegro, in more developed areas. Tivat has its cover face in the form of art projects and I am happy about it!"

The Montenegro International Guitar Contest 2019 was especially successful, bringing great guitar names such as Aniello Desiderio, Juan Canizares. Was it difficult to organize all and what are the plans for next year?

"It was a great pleasure to organize this event in Tivat. We agreed with Culture Centre Tivat and Music Centre of Montenegro to participate in this great collaboration between festivals all around Europe – Eurostrings (European Guitar Festival Collaborative)... There are more than 17 festivals that are collaborating, exchanging artists and the prize winners of the competitions. Besides the great responsibility and challenge that we experienced organizing the event, it is a great pleasure to do it and it means a lot to me personally and to our organization. I am not in a position to discuss programmes for next year, but I can assure you that it is going to be yet another great event that will include classical guitar world masters, as well as the young upcoming musicians from all around the world, that are the winners of the festivals that we are collaborating with."

Danijel Cerovic is continuing his musical voyage with his one and only guitar. The next stop will be in Berlin on September 13th, 20.00hrs, where he will perform together with Goran Krivokapic (Montenegrin Guitar Duo) at Michael Batell's guitars gallery. This December in Miami, Danijel Cerović and Goran Krivokapić will record a CD with Astor Piazzcolla’s music, with the producer Norbert Kraft, marking 100 years of Piazzolla’s birth, which will be celebrated next year.

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