18 Apr 2019, 02:24 AM

17 April 2019 - It is not over yet! Budućnost VOLI has defeated Crvena zvezda mts at home in Game 3 of the 2019 ABA League Finals and has, therefore, reduced their deficit in this series to 1-2. Despite a stellar first half by KC Rivers, Budućnost turned things around and got the 80-69 win. This means that the Game 4 in the 2019 ABA League Finals will be played. That match will be played in Sports Center Morača on Friday, April 19.

With more than 5,000 fans on their side, Budućnost VOLI managed to make a big comeback in Game 3. The Blue side was down by 12 points at one moment in the first half, while they conceded 50 points in the 1st and 2nd quarters combined. Still, the reigning champions refused to surrender and they started playing a lot better defense after the break. Budućnost VOLI made a 16:1 run in the third quarter and took over the lead which they did not drop until the end of the match. It must also be mentioned that the home team conceded just 22 points for the entire 2nd half.

Norris Cole was the man of the match as he stepped up for his team in Game 3. The two-time NBA champion scored 20 points and had seven rebounds, which shows how much he wanted to win this match.

Crvena zvezda mts had more turnovers (16) than assists (11), but still their biggest problem this evening was the fact that their offense just stopped working in the 2nd half. Also, the red and whites had more attempts for 3-points than for 2-points, and that is something you do not see that often.

Game 4 will be played on Friday and if needed, a Game 5 will be played on Monday at Belgrade. The winner of the series will not only get the ABA League championship title but also a ticket to next season’s Euro League.

Source: Aba League News

17 Apr 2019, 14:20 PM

The Secretariat for Culture and Education of the Municipality Herceg Novi has presented a wall painting competition within the "Street Art Festival" to be held in September. The subject of the competition for making the art solution of the wall is "Paths, Faces, Districts". Specialists from the field of art, individuals and art groups who have at least three wall paintings are invited by the Secretariat to design a mural and send applications no later than May 15th, 2019. Particularly welcome are the works that aesthetically suit and reflect the context of the city and the local community.  


A decision-making commission composed of three experts from the field of artistic creativity will be evaluating the delivered solutions. The three best works will be awarded prize money, and the authors will be provided with wall painting material by the organizers at the anticipated locations during the Street Art Festival in September. It is intended that this year's Street Art Festival will be of an international character, says the secretary Zambelic Pistalo.


"Discussions with the organizers of similar festivals in Helsinki, Finland and Esther, Portugal are ongoing. Hopefully, we will arrange the participation, which will make the Street Art festival have an international character, quality and more creative people," said the Secretary of Culture and education Ana Zambelic Pistalo.

The aim of the Street Art Festival is to enhance the public space and promote the city as a place of pleasant living, with the simultaneous affirmation of modern forms of art.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on April 16th 2019, read more at Vijesti

17 Apr 2019, 14:06 PM

The "May Carnival Evenings", from 29th April to 5th May, marks the beginning of the summer tourist season in Budva, and a varied program will transform the squares in front of and within the Old Town into a podium for fans of good music and energy, said the organizers of the Municipality of Budva, the local Tourist organization and NGO Festadjuni.

They added that the program was designed to meet different tastes and ages and meet the expectations of all those who are happy to spend the Labor Day holidays in Budva.

During seven days at the Square of Painters in front of the Old Town and the squares in the Old Town, there will be events such as Bikers’ evening, Folklore, Zumba and Salsa nights, along with the music of various genres. The stars will perform at 10 p.m., YU group on the 30th within the Bikers’ night, Sanja Ilic and Balkanika on the 1st May within the Evening of Folklore, while Jelena Rozga will perform on 2nd May.

The last three days of the event are reserved for the 17th International Carnival and the 18th Spring Night under Masks. The carnival will begin on Friday, May 3rd when masks will traditionally with Abrum invite citizens and tourists to the feast. The fun continues inside and in front of the wall of the Old Town, where the band “The Grupa” performs at 10 p.m. The Great Carnival Parade, on May 4th, will be announced, with more than 2000 participants from fifteen countries, including Cuba, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Russia. "The Books of Knjige" will be hosts of the program on that day.

On the last day, the children's carnival parade will start at 4.30 pm and later dance groups and ballet studio "Amadeus" will have their performances.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on April 16th 2019, read more at Vijesti

17 Apr 2019, 14:03 PM

Jasmin Repesa, the coach of Buducnost Voli, reported to the players immediately after the second defeat to Crvena Zvezda. "I told them immediately at dinner that I need people now, not only the players, who are willing to accept such a situation. Whoever is not ready, stay at home. No one will be upset, but the moment is such," Repesa said, ahead of the third round of the ABA League final, which will be played in Podgorica on Wednesday, at 7 p.m.

He invited fans to support the team but emphasized:

"To give support to us, but to respect our opponent, that they do not experience what we have. That's what I ask them, that's the real audience from Podgorica, a Montenegrin audience. Fan support is needed and will make it easier for the players, but it is not enough - we should be smart, aggressive, disciplined, connected," said Repesa.

The Croatian coach spoke about the atmosphere in Belgrade.

"I just said what I saw, experienced and heard. I did not expect and experienced any trauma. Still, I'm a child from the street. I'm such a man - I can take a slap, but spitting is the most cowardly act. My intentions were not bad. Also, I do not acknowledge the punishment for their inheritance," said Repesa.

He admitted that he expected more.

"I was sure we would win one game in Belgrade based on the technical-tactical preparations we made. We started the matches well, but a small drop of concentration was enough for the opponent to enter the series and gain confidence. We stopped, this team missed playing for 40 minutes. But that's how it is," Repesa said.

"Concentration must be at this level; each professional player must be focused, that is the minimum that he must have. We cannot make any mistakes we've made. If someone hit over his arm, that's fine if the open three points are missed that's fine, but if the series of shots are missed then it's a sign that something with mental preparation is wrong," he emphasized.

A reaction is expected.

"There must be reactions due to the respect for the fans, to the employers, because there are only few places in Europe, which regularly pay off and fulfill their obligations. But first of all, it is necessary to react to our image and pride. Who does not react at this moment, has no pride and cannot play anywhere in the world," he said. The situation is tough, but we should be optimistic, Repesa said. "We know where the mistakes are; everything can be eliminated. I'm confident that tomorrow we will be watching a different match. The most important thing is to restore self-confidence, which is shaken but we can go back with the atmosphere as hosts," Repesa said.

Text by Vijesti Sport, on April 16th 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 Apr 2019, 22:47 PM

16 April 2019 - The 37th Nautical Fair, an exhibition which promotes diverse nautical industry segments and continuously supports and encourages nautical tourism development, was officially opened in Budva on April 16.

From 16 to 20 April, the Fair will host 17 exhibitors from the country and abroad who will have the opportunity to present a range of products and services moulded to specific needs of the nautical business and tourism market.

The 37th Nautic Show Sport Camping Recreation Equipment Fair in Budva 2

The 37th Nautic Show - Sport, Camping & Recreation Equipment Fair was opened by the Director of the Adriatic Fair Rajko Bujković. The Director pointed out that Fair exhibitors will present vessels and other products created by the most famous world manufacturers. In the category of vessels, the new products of Bayliner, Smartliner, Sea Ray, Italboats, Ranieri will be exhibited under the roof of the Adriatic Fair. “The exhibition will also include a presentation of rubber boats by the manufacturers Zodiac, Mercury, Highfield, Yamaha and Seal. Some of the brands will be included in the exhibition program of the Nautical Fair for the first time, such as the famous Atlantic Marine brand, "said Bujković.

Visitors, sailors and fans of nautical and water sports will be able to get acquainted with the prosperous offer of outboard motors, personal watercraft – jet skis, as well as kayaks, canoes and a range of water sports equipment.

“We are pleased with the interest of renowned foreign producers to be directly presented to the growing Montenegrin market. In this context, the participation of the Austrian firm Jetfloat International is significant, because this company will present a product for which there is a high demand in the region, which are floating pontoons, “Bujković pointed out.

Exhibitors are allowed to partake in program activities which will enable them to present their offer and business activities during the event. “Improve your business results; get in direct touch with potential buyers and partners in a dynamic business environment during the nautical season opening at the Adriatic Coast. We provide a significant range of discounts, designed to support your sales effort and improve business results,” says the PR service of the Adriatic Fair, inviting all individuals and companies to visit the fair and follow the latest trends in the nautical world.

16 Apr 2019, 22:21 PM

16 April 2019 - Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the Western Balkans Zsuzsanna Hargitai, who is on an official visit to Montenegro, met with the Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković on April 16 to discuss further cooperation regarding the development of the Capital City.

The main topic of the meeting was the progress that Podgorica has made in relations to its official entry into the EBRD Green Cities programme and EBRD Smart Cities programme. These programmes are of great importance for the Capital of Montenegro, for almost all the capitals of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are currently implementing them.

Podgorica Joins EBRD Green and Smart Cities

Mayor Vuković expressed his satisfaction with the fact that, apart from being considered as one of Montenegro's most important partners in development, today the EBRD officially becomes one of the most important partners of the Capital, in the efforts of the city administration to make Podgorica a green and smart city.

"The first step towards our goal involves the reconstruction of dozens of buildings, that is, buildings owned by the Capital City, but not only the facilities used by our administration, but also those that are in public use, which will in this way become more beautiful and more energy efficient," the Mayor explained, adding that the positive experiences of cities in the region in the implementation of similar projects will be a road sign that Podgorica will follow in the years ahead.

Mayor Vuković also emphasized that this step represents only a part of the "green package" which will be fully implemented by the administration of the Capital. "The Green Package includes a lot of projects, among others, wastewater treatment plant, reconstruction of public lighting, construction of a solar power plant, electricity generation from biogas, promotion of alternative forms of traffic, an attempt to compensate for a part of the lost green fund of Podgorica by greening numerous locations in the Capital, as well as the modernization of our public transport," Vuković said. "All of these plans imply that the City Administration has a very ambitious agenda and, quite certainly, without the help and support of partners such as the EBRD, we could not succeed in the way we have so far. With optimism, we expect a further continuation of our cooperation," the Mayor concluded.

Podgorica Joins EBRD Green and Smart Cities 2

"At the beginning of this successful cooperation, which aims to transform Podgorica into a smart and green city, we have signed a letter of commitment that will help us in the realization of projects," said EBRD Director for the Western Balkans, Zsuzsanna Hargitai.

Podgorica has joined EBRD Green Cities with first steps towards improving the energy efficiency in public buildings in the Capital of Montenegro in December 2018. Mayor Ivan Vuković and EBRD Head of Montenegro Jaap Sprey, signed a mandate letter committing the city to improve the sustainability and liveability of the Capital. The mandate letter is the first step on the path to developing a Green City Action Plan (GCAP) for Podgorica. The GCAP strategically addresses the city’s needs for sustainable and green growth. With financing from the EBRD and international donors, the plan addresses the most pressing climate change and environmental challenges, including public building energy efficiency, urban roads and lighting, urban transport, water and wastewater, and, to reduce local pollution, improve energy and resource efficiency and promote climate change adaptation.

Director Hargitai emphasized that the EBRD is a long-standing partner of Montenegro and has invested over half a billion euros in the country so far. She also expressed her satisfaction that the EBRD will support the realization of the projects above, which will contribute to improving the living conditions of all citizens of Podgorica and further development of the Capital of Montenegro.

16 Apr 2019, 21:51 PM

16 April 2019 - To promote domestic products and achieve better placement through trade and tourism offer, the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, the Capital City Podgorica and Montenegro Business Alliance have organized the Third Agricultural Fair, which will take place on Thursday, April 18 in Podgorica at the Independence Square.

The main topic of the fair is "The need for greater participation of domestic products in the supply of tourism and trade sectors". The fair starts at 11:00 am.

The Agricultural Fair is supported by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy and the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (IPER).

Third Agricultural Fair in Podgorica on Thursday 3

"This is the third Agricultural Fair organized by the Montenegro Business Alliance just before the start of the main tourist season. The goal of organizing this event is the further promotion of domestic agricultural products, with emphasis on the need to strengthen the cooperation of agricultural producers and representatives of the tourism and commercial sector," said the representatives of Podgorica.

Such manifestations are, as explained by the organizers, an excellent opportunity to strengthen the cooperation of the tourism sector and trade with agricultural producers.

"These are special activities that require continuity to achieve the desired goal. The organizers have provided space and booths where agricultural products will be exhibited, with the note that agricultural producers are not obliged to pay any compensation," the PG Biro said.

At the Agricultural Fair 2018, around 60 participants presented their products at the Independence Square – individual producers, processing companies and their clusters. The organizers noted that this manifestation presents only a small part of what Montenegrin producers can offer when it comes to agricultural products.

“It is imperative that we all understand that choosing a domestic product means contributing to the development of the domestic economy, creation of new jobs, which will eventually raise the standard of living for all of us and development of the entire society. Thus, to reach our goal of better placement of domestic products, all sectors must make new steps, working together to achieve this goal,” the organisers explained, inviting all citizens to visit the fair and support domestic producers by purchasing organic products.

16 Apr 2019, 21:24 PM

16 April 2019 - On April 16, Prime Minister Duško Marković hosted the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Sir Suma Chakrabarti who is on an official visit to Montenegro. During the meeting, it was noted that Montenegro has achieved excellent results in economic policy, has a good development prospect and numerous opportunities for progress and investments with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

"My compliments for the accession of Montenegro to NATO as well as for the progress made in relations to the accession to the EU. Our job is to help, to invest in the region, to bring it closer. Montenegro is ahead of other countries in these aspects," said Sir Chakrabarti. The EBRD President also pointed out that in many projects the EBRD partners with the EU as well as in policy reform and the improvement of the investment climate.

ebrd president visits montenegro 3

He congratulated Prime Minister Marković on the results in economic policy - achieved growth, revenue growth, and pointed out that foreign financial markets look positively at the developments in Montenegro, which was shown when the Eurobonds were issued last year.

Sir Chakrabarti said that Montenegro plays a special role in the Western Balkans and it has a special place within the EBRD as a whole, for it is in Montenegro that the EBRD has its highest per capita investment.

"And we have a good reason for this - we have good investment conditions," Chakrabarti said, adding that there are fantastic opportunities for new investments in Montenegro and support from the EBRD.

ebrd president visits montenegro 2

PM Marković said that the Government is focused on the economy, creation of new jobs and providing a better standard of living. He pointed to the importance of previous EBRD support to state institutions and enterprises, as well as the private sector. The meeting discussed further strengthening of cooperation in the field of tourism, energy and infrastructure, without whose improvement there is no dynamic development.

Both sides agreed that it is important to continue structural reforms, reducing the grey economy, strengthening competitiveness and the business environment.

16 Apr 2019, 15:17 PM

With the multi-media program "Bar in April 1979" in the Castle of King Nikola last night, the Municipality of Bar paid respects to the victims of the catastrophic April Earthquake in 1979 and to all the heroes of the city's renewal that began right after the main impact on 15th April, precisely 40 years ago.

Moderator of the panel "Memories that Warn", journalist and publicist Zeljko Milovic pointed out that it was a time when "fear was the primary human emotion" in this area, but also the time of the heroism in which Bar "recovered incredibly fast, with the solidarity of the whole Yugoslavia".

"Josip Broz Tito visited the coastal zone on the same day, urged the people in Yugoslavia to help reconstruct the demolished, and no one could refuse him. While I was watching the video recordings from that time, two sentences were specially imprinted in my memory: then five-year-old Dragana Ostojic described the earthquake moments by saying she thought the day was collapsing, while an older lady in Crmnica, who lost her family, said that the one who grieves only for their house after the earthquake is a happy man," Milovic said.

Stressing that "today it is impossible for us to see what we have experienced", the vice-president of the Bar Parliament assembly at the time and the Commander of Civil Protection Staff Jusuf Kalamperovic said that the greatest loss in the earthquake was human lives, "and in Bar there were exactly 49 killed, the dead were laid on the grass".

"The mountains were shaking, and in this area, most people were killed, there was a huge distrust in the countryside stone houses. The city did not have water and electricity, there was no bakery or petrol station open, only five liters of petrol were given to the hospital and bakeries as per a written approval. The municipality could not be visited, so we left Krajina and Crmnica to Titograd. In such a situation, organizing life was extremely difficult, but the behavior of the entire population was unbelievable, we did not have any theft, no crime for months, and all the shops were wrecked, then there was unseen solidarity, the bus companies made the decision to work for a month free of charge," Kalamperovic said.

He added that the peasants were then much more courageous than the people in the city "where the panic spread," and recalled the story of the volcano in Lisinje, when a fire broke out on the top of the mountain "and I knew someone burned the grass to escape".

"Tito, who was then in Igalo, went to the Shipyard Bijela and said only one sentence in his style, 'Our people and folk will repair this'. Nothing else was needed; the whole Yugoslavia rose to their feet. We saw the first help on April 15th from Dubrovnik, the boat brought us drinking water, and four days later the Italian warship delivered 800 tents, the law was approved in the Assembly of SFRJ on providing the assistance to all the republics," said Kalamperovic.

Dr Ljubo Zivkovic, Executive Director of the General Hospital in that time, said that the day before the earthquake in Bar came the famous GINA - the General Inspection of the National Army - to test that this city would function in war conditions, and in faked conditions of war sanitation, and the hospital staff received a high rating from GINA.

"The next day, when the earthquake struck, Rumija and Lisinje on fire, the hospital was severely damaged. The Saturday training now was supposed to play live. In record time, all of our workers were there, there was no call when I got to the hospital, there was already Dr. Anto Martinovic, and we sent all the moving patients home, the non-moving ones to Mala Mirovica, hundreds of beds and hundreds of patients under the blue sky. Triage was executed by the most experienced surgeon Dr. Danilo Malic, and the most difficult cases were sent by helicopter to Titograd. The graduates from Kragujevac who were on the excursion in Canj came to give blood, a medical team from Maribor and Ljubljana brought a Polish hospital, the Red Cross from the Federal Republic of Germany built us a prefabricated 20 objects assembled by the Germans and opened at the end of May by their Ambassador, four doctors from Sabac have come to assist us. The Medical Center of Bar was officially declared the best of all in the earthquake affected area, we got six medals for merits of the people," said Dr. Zivkovic.

He stressed that it is nice for young people to hear that even before them there were worthy people whose efforts should not be undermined.

"Bar was lucky enough to have Blazo Orlandic, a visionary who despised superficiality and improvisation, who knew what he wants. In his memoirs, I dedicate my aforementioned memory," Dr. Zivković concluded, whose inspirational speech was greeted by a long applause.

The then vice-chairman of Municipal Assembly of Bar responsible for reconstruction and construction, Milos Suster pointed out that the restoration of Bar was helped by the famous Polish architect Ciborovski who gave advice to approach the restoration without fear, according to the plans. In Bar, five urban plans were made in 42 days; they were made on paper, corrections were resolved with a razor, and plans were made day-and-night by urban planners from Skoplje led by great Krste Todorovski.

"Already in July, construction of solid building materials had begun, in November the first buildings were completed. In awkward conditions exceptional results were achieved because people who were doing such knew what they were doing and what they could do. We were able to restore 700 apartments and brought back the people from the tents by February 1980, and the whole Bar was a large construction site. Hundreds of prefabricated buildings for socially endangered were built, hundreds of households for elderly people were built, followed by renovations of schools and health facilities, and then business facilities, so in 1984, then federal Prime Minister Milka Planinc opened the renovated Port of Bar," said Suster.

He stressed that Bar made the most in rebuilding after the earthquake consequences from all other cities because it "had a powerful state behind it, and municipalities had greater autonomy and better human resources".

"All the functions were covered by quality people. Hotel Sozina in Sutomore was the first new one built after the earthquake on the coast. Among the people who were most crucial in making Bar do the most, are unfortunately now deceased, Blazo Orlandic, Cedo Cejovic and Krsto Todorovski," said Suster.

Prof. Dr Srdjan Jankovic from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Montenegro reminded visitors and participants that Montenegro was an extremely earthquake-prone area and that there would be "more earthquakes", and therefore it is very useful to develop awareness of the reduction of seismic risk.

Remembering the April Days in 1979 was evoked by Irina Dabovic, then Zonjic, who was a member of the four-member journalist section of the Gymnasium, who assisted the team from Radio Bar, radio amateur Goran Dragovic, who pointed out that the world's first news of destruction was broadcast by radio amateurs of the club "Volujica" Rajko Radulovic and Goran Sekulovic. Vojo Banovic, the then President of the Youth in Bar, said he had formed a youth center in the elementary school "Mexico", which received six work brigades "and was proclaimed the best on the coast of six such settlements." Igor Gojnić has talked about the participation of the selection of Bar at the then very polar inter-national TV “Game without borders” in Chioggia in Italy. "We sent a message to the world that Bar is alive."

Before the panel, President of Bar Dusan Raicevic opened a photo exhibition on the Earthquake, in the Castle, and reminded that 240 apartments and 300 houses were built in only three months in Bar in 1979 and 400 apartments were renovated. Raicevic emphasized the importance of the late Blazo Orlandic and Cedo Cejovic in the reconstruction of Bar. The documentary film "Memories" by Dejan Senic was also presented.

Text by Radomir Petric, on April 16th 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 Apr 2019, 15:14 PM

The sixth-grade students from elementary school "Marsal Tito" in Ulcinj, Ylies Rama and Milos Blagojevic, and a pupil of ninth grade of "Jagos Kontic" from Niksic, will represent Montenegro at the final competition for English language knowledge "Hippo Competition", which will be held in May in the Italian town of Lido di Jesolo near Venice.

They showed the best results at the preliminaries held in Ulcinj and Niksic.

Coordinator and project organizer, English language professor Medina Coba said that the placement in the finals of Rama and Blagojevic is already a great success.

"Elementary school “Marsal Tito” in continuity has winners and finalists in competitions from English and German languages throughout the country and Europe. Winning in this competition is really a great success, but our ambitions are bigger," said Coba.

She stated that this is the sixth time in the last seven years that the school “Marsal Tito” represents Montenegro in prestigious English language competitions.

Text by Samir Adrovic, on April 15th 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 Apr 2019, 15:12 PM

Managing Director of “Sava osiguranje”, Nebojsa Scekic and co-owner of Montenegro Stars Hotel Group, Zarko Radulovic, are the winners of the Association of Managers of Montenegro (AMM) for the most successful managers in large companies and joint stock companies.

At the award ceremony, sponsored by the Government, the chairmen of the board of directors of companies "Celebić" and “Zetagradnja”, Tomislav Celebic and Blagota Radovic were elected for entrepreneurs of the year.

The manager of the year in the category of medium-sized enterprises is the commercial director and founder of the company Simsic Montmilk, Milutin Djuranovic.

The Minister of Economy, Dragica Sekulic, said that AMM managed to become a quality partner to the Government and its ministries, and its mission, goals and activities have made it become an important partner to the state.

The government invests constant effort to make the business environment even more attractive. It seems that in the past two years we have contributed to high economic growth and I hope that through a partnership with the economy, we will do the same in the years ahead," Sekulic said.


She recalled that the Ministry supported 102 companies last year, which is 40 percent more than in 2017.

AMM President Budimir Raickovic said last year was characterized by a high five-percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth, but concerns remain about the accentuated trade deficit.

"We also hope that a high budget deficit will not cause further tax and other burdens to increase, which would harm domestic and foreign investment and economic growth," Raickovic said

The business environment, as he said, is generally upgraded, but remains a major part of his further alignment with the needs of the real sector.

Executive Director of M:tel-a, Vladimir Lucic, said that every winner deserved to be one.

"I would like to thank the Government for its excellent business environment, which contributes to our investment. Our owners have invested an additional 60 million euros in our company this year, with the desire to expand into Montenegro," Lucic said.

The AMM prize in the category of small businesses has been awarded to the co-founder and strategic leader of Logate, Ivica Tatar.

The manager of the year in micro-companies for the last year is the Executive Director of “Fashion and Beauty House Zoran”. Nikola Kovacevic, Mezon's CEO, was declared the young manager of the year.



The project manager of the year is the program director of the conference, Vladimir Vulic. The title of the most successful female manager in public institutions, institutions and local administrations was given to the Director of staff management, Svetlana Vukovic.

AMM's award for life achievements was awarded to Slavko Drljevic and Vladimir M. Vukmirovic.

Special recognition for Management and Entrepreneurship contributions last year was presented to the founder and executive director of “Comp Comerc”, and for the area of digitization to Cikom's general manager, Vladan Tabas.

Graduates in the past year earned a total revenue of 114.3 million euros, net profit of 17.3 million euros, a total investment of 70.5 million, and run with nearly 1.6 thousand employees.

Text by MINA Business, on April 15th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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