18 Feb 2019, 15:31 PM

17 February 2019 - Devin Williams has decided to part ways with Büyükçekmece and will continue the rest of the season with Budućnost Voli.

Basketball Club Budućnost Voli Podgorica (Erste Liga) just signed a contract with 24-year-old American international centre Devin Williams. Williams started the season at Demir İnşaat Büyükçekmece Basket in Turkish BSL league. In 17 games he had very impressive stats: 17.7ppg, 11.9rpg, 1.9apg and 1.0spg this season.

Williams arrived last night in Podgorica and in an interview for CdM, he said that his desire was for the team to defend the ABA League trophy. The former centre of Turkish Büyükçekmece was brought by Budućnost with the goal to help the current champion of the Adriatic in winning the second consecutive title.

"I just landed and all I can say is that the city is not too big, but you can feel the community, that the whole city stands behind the club, like a large family. I just want to be the best I can, find my role and work hard as always," Williams said.

To recall, 2018 was a very spectacular year in Williams’ career as he was named to Turkish League All-Star Game and League Player of the Week (2 times). Williams ended the last season at Team Fredette in U.S. semi-pro league The Basketball Tournament, as he helped them to make it to the semi-finals. But the most of that year he spent at Vaqueros (BSN) in Puerto Rican league where in 21 games he recorded 13.6ppg, 8.8rpg (#2 in the league) and 1.6apg. For him, this was a quite impressive season as he was named to All-Puerto Rican BSN Honorable Mention, All-Star Game and also here League Player of the Week.

"This is my first season in Europe and the chance to play in ABA and Euroleague is a blessing and reward for the hard work I have invested in me. I want to help the team win as many victories as possible and defend the ABA League title. I would like to thank the team, city, president of the club, coaches and everyone who gave me this opportunity, "added Williams.

The 24-year-old centre will get a chance to debut in the next game against Zadar, which is scheduled for March 4 in Podgorica.

18 Feb 2019, 15:08 PM

17 February 2019 - The reconstruction of the indoor swimming pool "Nikša Bućin" in Kotor has reached its final phase. Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović said that the Kotor pool is a symbol of Montenegrin water polo and swimming sports, and that it has huge importance for the Montenegrin sport, as well as for children and youth throughout the Bay of Kotor.

"I am one of those people who started their first career adventure in this very pool. That's why I know its significance and its potential. Part of the policies of the Government and the Ministry of Sports and Youth relate to the establishment of sports infrastructure in every city, in every place where it is possible to do so. By reconstructing this pool, water polo returns to Kotor," said Minister Janović.

Indoor Swimming Pool in Kotor Complete by 2020 4

He added that the sports facilities will be reconstructed or built throughout Montenegro and that the Ministry will continue with precise policies and measures from now on - that the sport comes to life in every Montenegrin quarter, in every settlement.

The director of the Public Works Directorate, Rešad Nuhodžić, said that the Government provided all the money needed for the next stages of the reconstruction of this pool and that the Public Works Directorate will ensure that the works will be completed within eight months, as foreseen by the planned period of development.

"As we promised during the conclusion of the contract on the start of the second phase of the reconstruction of the pool in Kotor, today Minister Janović and I visited the construction site and officially held the final meetings with both the contractor and supervision unit. Now it is time for us to finish the reconstruction in the deadlines agreed upon, which is until the end of this year, and make this pool operational," said the director of the Public Works Directorate.

Indoor Swimming Pool in Kotor Complete by 2020 3

He added that it is particularly satisfying that this is an object that, in addition to water polo players, can be used by the citizens of Kotor, which is an additional motive for completing the works in time and in full.

"What I will particularly insist from the position of Director of the Public Works Directorate is that the works are completed within the agreed time and that their quality will be in accordance with the highest standards," said the Director of Public Works.

18 Feb 2019, 15:04 PM

Djalovic cave will soon have proper lighting, and the company that will build power infrastructure - the power line Nedakusi - Bistrica and the power station in Bijelo Polje Municipality will be selected in the next couple of days. This was announced by the Public Works Directorate, announcing a tender for the selection of the contractor, estimated at 700,000 euros.

"We expect that we will make the decision on the most favorable offer in the coming days," said the Management Board, adding that the Government of Montenegro will allocate 3.45 million euros to the project of Valorization of Djalovic Cave from the capital budget.

"Which will be aimed for publishing the tender, execution and revision of the technical documentation, expropriation costs, carrying out works on the construction of lifts, ski lifts, base stations with accompanying facilities, visitor center, electro, traffic, utility and other infrastructure costs as well as purchase of equipment and mechanization necessary for putting the ski-center in function. The complete procedure of public procurement, preparation and introducing the contractor to the work is carried out by the Public Works Directorate.

As mentioned, reconstruction of Bistrica access road - Podvrh monastery is ongoing, worth 3.2 million euros, which is in the final phase, and the completion of the works is planned in the spring.

"In order to build a tourist path through the Djalovic cliff, from the monastery Podvrh to the entrance to the cave above “Vražji firovi”, the adjustment of the conceptual solution as well as the choice of the revision committee is in progress.

The project also envisages the construction of a cable car in length of about 1.7 kilometers, with a capacity of 75 people per hour, totaling 3.888 million euros. The preliminary design has been completed and now the detailed design is under preparation, said the Management Board.

Making the Detail Interior design of the cave with the facilities at the entrance of the plateau is also ongoing, and documentation for designing the visitor's center has also been prepared.

"Tourism valorization of the Djalovic cave represents a very complex, and in the construction sense, a demanding project, which requires the utmost dedication of the Public Works Administration and all other participants. In the Government of Montenegro, it is recognized as a critical segment of the development of the north. Realization of this project, estimated at EUR 18 million, will provide conditions for improving the tourist offer, as well as for opening up new jobs and improving the quality of life of the citizens in that area."

The cave above “Vražji firovi” is the largest and most beautiful cave in Montenegro, and is located in Djalović's cliff, with whole nature, which was declared a monument of nature because of its character.

Out of the twenty kilometers explored so far, less than a kilometer will be available to tourists, but this section is among the most attractive parts of the cave.

Djalovic cave was known long ago, but the first speleologists entered it in 1987.

The study suggested that the decorated tourist section should be over 814 meters with nine halls and ten plateaus for visitors.

Text by Borko Zdero, on February 17th 2019, read more at Vijesti

18 Feb 2019, 15:02 PM

The municipality of Pljevlja intends to build an outdoor swimming pool, and the local administration plans to start the realization of this project this year. In addition, the municipality plans to start a construction project for the ski resort, estimated at around 120,000 euros, to be built at a location seven to eight kilometers distant from the city, near Pljevlja-Prijepolje.

Mirko Djacic, President of the Municipality, said that this year at the same time they will announce a tender for the design and construction of a swimming pool facility.

He said that for this purpose in the capital budget this year they have allocated 350,000 euros and the Directorate of Public Works 50,000. He said that this year the Directorate could provide more money to realize this project.

"We tried to learn from the experience in the region. We went to Rogatica where an outdoor swimming pool is currently being built. They gave us all the information about building their pool. This is a measure that can be applied, and experience will be taken not in the sense of literal rewriting of this project, but for what kind of an outdoor pool is needed in Pljevlja. There is an interesting pool in the town of Blace. They have built a swimming pool that is appropriate for the Pljevlja range and here we can draw some data in terms of the amount of everything that an outdoor pool can have," Djacic said.

Pool construction was included in the Sports Development Strategy in the Municipality of Pljevlja in the period from 2018 to 2021. For the construction of an outdoor pool, as stated in that document, it is necessary to provide 3.5 million euros, and as a possible partner in the realization of this work, the municipality has included the Coal Mine, Thermo Power Plant and the Government.

The pool would be built within the DUP "Ada" not far from the sports hall with the same name. Apart from the pool, the strategy also includes the construction of a city rink and ski resort. The skating rink would cost about 100,000 euros, which, besides obtaining necessary permits, should be included in the Municipal Plan Document and provide complete infrastructure and its sustainability. For the realization of this project, the Municipality relies on the support by the Government, Embassy and EU funds.    

The total length of the tracks at the planned ski resort is 485 meters, plus 25 meters for the incoming station. The ski slope is 16.5 percent. The starting station of the lifts is 1,200 meters above sea level and the altitude difference is 80 m. The project would include dismantling and overhauling of the pillars and ski lifts of the old ski resort Kosanica and the installation of pillars and overhauled parts at a new location. The ski lift in the village of Kosanica was built in the early eighties of the last century and has not long been operational. Valuable equipment is going to waste and parts of it were also stolen. At the beginning of 2002, in Popova njiva near the monastery of the Holy Trinity, a mini ski lift of 120 meters was installed, but it has not long been operational either.

The municipality plans to build a bathing resort on Lake Borovicko, but as for the previous one, it did not specify the timing for the plans to do it. Borovicko Lake is an untouched urban bath located seven kilometers from Pljevlja. It was created in 2002 as a result of coal exploitation in this area. The lake has 33 hectares in its surface. Citizens of Pljevlja are using it mostly during the summer months. The project of reclamation of Borovicko Lake was done by the coal mine.

"This space has a great capacity to be a great resort in the future for the people from Pljevlja, as well as the center of sports fishing," stated the local government.

Text by Goran Malidzan, on February 17th 2019, read more at Vijesti

18 Feb 2019, 14:56 PM

Serbia and Montenegro (SMATSA) and European Satellite Service Providers (ESSP) have signed two EGNOS work contracts, which is the first step in applying access procedures based on EGNOS service at airports in Serbia and Montenegro.

EGNOS is a European satellite system whose primary purpose is to improve the performance of global satellite navigation systems such as GPS and Galileo in the future. This is of crucial importance for the application of modern ways of aircraft navigation in the instrumental approach to landing, using the so-called PBN methods, for which the experts opted as the most visible and fastest way to launch a night start at Tivat Airport.

"Signing these agreements confirmed the compliance of SMATSA with the requirements of the European Initiative for the Unique Sky and the solution to the fulfillment of the strategic goals for the development of the future European air transport system," said SMATSA, which provides navigation and sightseeing services over Serbia and Montenegro.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on February 13th 2019, read more at Vijesti

18 Feb 2019, 14:51 PM

16 February 2019 - On Saturday evening, Rotary Club Kotor hosted a masquerade ball fundraiser for medical equipment at the business centre "Vukšić D-Event”. The collected funds will be used for the purchase of a colposcopy machine for the Public Health Institution “Health Centre Tivat”.

Thanks to the donations by the members of the Rotary Club Kotor and also by more than 120 officials, a total of 7.790 EUR was collected on this occasion.

The aim of this event by the Rotary Club Kotor was to raise money to purchase medical equipment which will help diagnose, investigate and treat patients. They stand to benefit those members of the local community who may need to use the purchased equipment. It was no surprise that Montenegrin companies and individuals decided to support this purpose, but the members of the Rotary Club were still surprised by the turnout.

Masquerade Ball Fundraiser for Medical Equipment in Kotor

The campaign was attended by numerous companies and individuals who have allocated funds for this purpose including the Municipality of Tivat, the Tourist Organisation of Tivat, the Airports of Montenegro, Rotary Club Bar, Voli Trade, the Bus Station Tivat, Rotary Club Pljevlja, Tivat Water Supply, Montefish, Ivan Stipanić from Tivat, Besix Tivat, Tea Gallery Tivat, NGO Maškarada, Kovinić Company, Komunalno Tivat, Račica, Yachting Services - Marković, Dubovina Tivat, Apoteka "Poen", Arh Ing, A Team, Object, Mansa Medica, Đurović Inženjering, Nikola Radulović, Dejo Pajovic, Larisa Company, Gani Resulbegovic, UNA, Status and Dika Saveljić.

The organisers of the event also prepared a lottery, and the collected money from the ticket sales will be used for the purchase of the aforementioned medical equipment. Lottery prizes were provided by members of the Rotary Club Kotor, as well as the Kotor and Tivat companies Dry Cleaner "Limili", beauty salon "Beauty", Meridian DMC, hairdresser "Isidora", dry cleaner "Polar Clean", Beauty Center "Queen" tavern "Bacchus", Caffe Sapori, beauty salon "Žana", hairdresser "Helena", perfumery "Life", hairdresser "Belami", florist "Nina", hairdresser "Miro", "City Hall", "KLM" Tivat, FBZ "Bajlo", Vlado Hair Design, "Big Ben", hotel "La Roche" and restaurant "Bevanda", DOO "Shells of Booka", "Blue Laguna", "Minjon" pastry shop, "Forza" cafe and "Organic Concept Store". NGO Karampana and Olivera-Olja Risteljić handed masks, thus traditionally contributing to the success of the donor ball.

The event was organized in the spirit of the carnival tradition presented to the guests of Kotor from the Rotary clubs of the District 2483 through the program featuring NVU Maškarada, which also responded to the humanitarian action, as well as the Mažoretke of the dance club Bellissima from Tivat.

18 Feb 2019, 13:47 PM

16 February 2019 - On Wednesday, February 20, Cultural and Information Centre "Budo Tomović" will host the exhibition “ Montenegrin Film Poster ”, which represents a segment of the collection of the author, Momir Matović. The event will take place in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Centre in Podgorica at 7 pm.

The exhibition will be opened by Jovan Nikitović, culture editor in the daily newspaper "Pobjeda" and will last until March 4.

In every film production, special attention is devoted to the creation of the concept of a film poster, which, as a propaganda-advertising medium, creates a recognizable visual indeterminacy for a potential audience. Film Poster has the mission to introduce the audience to the film work they have yet to see in the most sublime way. At the Montenegrin Film Poster exhibition, visitors will be able to see 41 film posters, chosen by the author of the exhibition, Momir Matović.

Montenegrin Film Poster Exhibition at Culture Centre Budo Tomović

Montenegrin Film Poster provides information on the level of general and commercial culture from one period of Montenegrin cultural heritage. All exhibits in this monograph are mostly a part of a unique original collection of the director Momir Matović.

The author of the exhibition, Momir Matović, is a recognized Montenegrin director, film cameraman and art photographer. He was born in Titograd in 1951. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Film Camera. He is the author of numerous short and feature-length documentaries.

He has won many national and international awards and prizes. His film creations include: Obala života, Metri života, Kao i sjutra, Crvena linija kuće Ujkić, Noć duga 68 godina, Posljednja bioskopska predstava, Ja znam kako, Žica života, (Po)rađanje jedne nacije, Prva i posljednji, Opstajanje…duh…dah, Ram za sliku moga zavičaja, Mi pravimo žive slike, Sa osmjehom već 50 godina, and many others.

Momir Matović lives and works in Podgorica.

18 Feb 2019, 12:31 PM

February 18, 2019 - The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism sent a warning to the Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Construction of the Municipality of Herceg Novi last week, because the Sea Property did not get the Municipality to respond to several requests for urban-technical conditions within the legal deadline. For this reason, they asked for the issuance of urban-technical conditions from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

In a document signed by Minister Pavle Radulovic, the Ministry “ordered” the Secretariat to resolve the requests as soon as possible and within 20 days from the date of receipt of the document, 11 February, and inform the Ministry thereof.
Namely, Sea Property asked the Secretariat to issue urban technical conditions for 11 locations to set or reconstruct the coastal infrastructure in Sutorina, Topla, Savina, Bijela, and the building of the promenade from Bijela to Kamenari.
For some of the Sea Property projects, it had asked for conditions in August, September, and December last year. In the letter to the Ministry, the Sea Property said that they did not receive answers within the "legal deadline." Among others, they are "waiting" for technical conditions for the reconstruction of the existing bathing area at Zager, and the requirements for the construction of a sidewalk from Kamenari to Bijela in the length of 1300 m.
Secretary of the Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Construction Marina Sekulic said Radio Jadran that issuing technical conditions for drafting the conceptual solution for the Zager spa reconstruction, explaining why there was a "deadlock in administration":
"The Sea Property was informed to ask for new urban-technical conditions for the restoration of the facility because based on the previous ones, issued in 2015, the technical documentation and the issued building permit have already been made. Only after obtaining new urban-technical conditions for the preparation of technical documentation for the reconstruction of the facility or bathing grounds, it is possible to make a preliminary solution submitted to the consent of the chief city architects, based on the Law on planning and the construction of the facilities. Subject to the legal provisions, the Secretariat has rejected the claim of the Sea Property as unfounded. The Sea Property has submitted a new request for issuing urban-technical conditions for the development of technical documentation for the reconstruction of the existing object - the Zager bathing resort in Bijela, based on the Spatial Plan of Special Purpose for the Coastal Area of Montenegro and the urban project for the hotel complex Zager in Bijela. After collecting all the necessary technical conditions, we will be able to issue the required urban- technical terms for this reconstruction and only after that the investor can access the design solution that will be submitted to the consent of the city's architects," Sekulic said, not mentioning when they will issue the technical conditions.
"When it comes to the construction of a sidewalk from Bijela to Kamenari, the Secretariat has issued the required conditions and submitted it to the Applicant, the Sea Property. And in this case, just after the issuance of urban- technical terms, the requirements for the creation of the Idea Solution will be obtained and submitted to the consent of the chief city architects according to the legal provisions," explained Sekulic.
Source: Radio Jadran
18 Feb 2019, 10:50 AM

February 18, 2019 - Tivat businessman Rado Gago Arsic on Friday, 15 February threatened Dragan Popadic, the director of the local Radio Tivat. Popadic reported it to the police, who met with the state prosecutor at the Basic State Prosecution in Kotor. The prosecutor pleaded not to have elements of the criminal offense in Arsic's conduct, and the police against him filed a misdemeanor complaint about the repression of public order and peace. The case sharply condemned the Union of Local Public Broadcasters of Montenegro ( ULES CG ), as well as the Union of Media and the Union of Information, Publishing and Graphic Activities.

"Returning from the City Chapel, at a nearby parking lot, Rado Arsic called Gago, stopped me wanting to talk about Radio Tivat's writing about the court case leading his family. Ironically, Radio Tivat did not even write about it, but this case was interesting for another media. I refused to talk to him and continued to walk. He followed me, grabbed my hand and began to threaten me that I will pay him when I go to retire. I said I would report it to the police, and he replied: "Just try it." I submitted it with the police who was very professional. I am sure they will handle this case professionally," Popadic said immediately after the incident.
After the announcement of Popadic, the police took a statement from Arsic. He denied that he had threatened Popadic not to dispute that he had stopped him and talked with him about reporting to Radio Tivat.
The state prosecutor in Kotor pleaded Arsic's conduct not to have any elements of the criminal offense. Accordingly, as well as facts, the Security Department Tivat will file a misdemeanor report against Arsic for misdemeanor offenses on public order and peace.
The Union of Local Public Broadcasters of Montenegro strongly condemned the attack on the vice president of the board of directors of this association and director of Radio Tivat, Dragan Popadic.
One of the founders of ULES CG, a longtime member of the Steering Committee and a director of the local public broadcaster, a prominent journalist and publicist, reported to the police that a citizen for alleged media reporting attacked him.
"We appeal to the authorities to examine allegations and protect the freedom of information and the integrity of journalists, and we expect them to react adequately," ULES said in a statement immediately after the incident.
"It is unacceptable for journalists to cross the streets and threaten them on any ground. As a result, as in all similar or more serious situations that took place in Montenegro, we stand in defense of the profession and freedom of the media. Particularly note that this is not the first time that there are pressures on members of our association, directors, and journalists, whether verbal or through disseminating and submitting disinformation, "noted ULES.
"Considering that Popadic, as a representative of the ULES CG, is a member of the Working Group for Drafting the Law on Electronic Media, we propose that part of this document should be deported to guarantee the protection of the journalist profession and personality. We have for many years demanded the protection of citizens from the misuse of the media for various purposes,” according to a statement by ULES, signed by the Chairman of the Management Board of this organization, Dragic Rabrenovic.
"The Media Union and the Union of Information, Publishing and Graphic Activities have been worried about receiving the news of Radio Tivat's director, Dragan Popadic, and most strongly condemn this event," the two unions said on Saturday.
"And this case shows that despite many years of warnings from the UN, European Commission, foreign diplomatic representations and other relevant addresses, the security of journalists in Montenegro is steadily declining. At the same time, the number of attacks on journalists exponentially increases, as evidenced by the case in Tivat, where the director of one of the most successful Montenegrin local broadcasters fighting for independence and objectivity in reporting attacked local businessman Rado Arsic. Surprisingly, the attack did not occur because of dissatisfaction with the text or the reporting of this local broadcaster, but because of the interest of a court process in which this person is intensely involved.
This is enough to tell how much the environment in Montenegro is currently safe for independent journalists. The many years of tolerance of journalist attacks and weak results in detecting and prosecuting perpetrators create a climate in which the environment for independent journalism is completely jeopardized by warnings and all international representatives when speaking of media freedom in Montenegro.
The Media Union and the Union of Information, Publishing and Graphic Industries, therefore, ask the police and judicial bodies to prove that they will not tolerate the violence against journalists. They ask the state of Montenegro will show in practice that creating a safe environment for the journalistic profession is one of the fundamental prerequisites for the development of democracy," highlighted in a joint statement the Media Union and the Union of Information, Publishing and Graphic Activities.
18 Feb 2019, 08:53 AM

February 18, 2019 - The government agreed to Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurkovic to sign the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Certification and Certification of Seafarers with the Naval Administration of St. Vincent and the Grenadines at its session on Thursday, 14 February.

It is of great importance for Montenegrin sailors because Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - a small island in the Caribbean, is valid for one of the most significant so-called flags of convenience under which world shipping companies register their vessels. At present, the flag of St. Vincent and Grenadines is at the 20th place in the world by the size of the merchant fleet sailing under its banner. Among other, under this flag, there are four so-called handy size bulk cargo - "Kotor," "Dobrota," "Ljuta" and "Kamenari," the only private Bokelian Company, a company Dabinovic from Monaco who employs only our sailors.
"The Agreement between the Navy Administration of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro means that our sailors will be able to build a working relationship with ships sailing under the flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines without any problems. The Agreement confirms that the convictions that Montenegrins and St. Vincent and Grenadines are fully in line with the international STCW Convention," the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport said, adding that similar agreements our country has already signed with the maritime administrations of Portugal, Norway, Antigua, and Barbuda, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, and Japan. Such an agreement with Greece, which is also one of the most famous states on the number of merchant ships carrying its flag, is in the procedure.
It is interesting, however, that the maritime flag and register of a small Caribbean countryman Sent Vincent and the Grenadines has invented one of our man - maritime entrepreneur and ship-owner, founder of Dabinovic from Monaco, late Bozo A. Dabinovic of Dobrota Kotor.
Only one year after gaining independence from the UK, Saint Vincent was a member of the International Maritime Organization IMO in 1980. Bozo Dabinovic was in charge of maritime affairs, in practice the Minister of Maritime Affairs of that State. Maximizing his good business connections from the naval affairs, he succeeded to attract under the new and inexpensive flag of St. Vincent an increasing number of merchant ships and hitting the foundations of what is today one of the biggest fleets the world's flagships. Members of the Dabinovic family from Switzerland, Monaco, and Argentina are also very influential today and active as the naval administration of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 
17 Feb 2019, 22:12 PM

February 17, 2019 - On th second civic protest under the slogan "97,000 Odupri Se" (97,000 Resist), several thousand people gathered in Podgorica on Saturday, 16 February, and urged the resignations of President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic, Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, the Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic and Director of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption Sreten Radonjic.

"The main cause for organized crime is the loud silence of state institutions on the occasion of the current scandal - the "Koverta" affair, which represents the paradigm of the situation in our society, which is only one of many that shake Montenegro," the organizers of the protest said.
In front of the building of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office and the Special State Prosecutor's Office, thousands of gathered citizens responded to the organizer's appeal and did not emphasize any national and party features. Instead, they carried the transparencies "We are a state," "Without freedom, there is no state," "Freedom to the people - stop crime," "Milo, does your family know you are a starlet?", "Bunt”...
Before the start of the protest, there was a minute of silence, followed by a whirling siren, which has been posted to all victims of the regime for the past 30 years. The actor Slavisa Grubisa as a free citizen said that "our freedom has no price and not being sold in the envelopes."
"We demand that the Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić and Agency for Prevention of Corruption Director Sreten Radnjić urgently resign. We demand the resignation of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and President of the State Milo Djukanovic," Grubisa submitted initial protest requests.
Citizens embarked on a protest walk from the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office and then continued to institutions, to which the protest addressed - the buildings of the Central Bank of Montenegro, the Assembly, the President and the Central Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). During the protest walks, citizens screamed "Milo, Thief," "Everyone on the Street," "DPS Thieves," "Resignations," "Milo, Liar," "We Want Justice," "Rise, People, Street of Liberty."
Former Liberal Alliance officer Dzemal Perovic said there was no "healthy tissue" in the government, claiming that the only healthy tissue in the Montenegrin society was in protest.
"Is it necessary to explain here tonight why we should resist? Do we have to say that they came as hooligans of a policy, led Montenegro into war, committed war crimes, smuggling, robbery privatization and all that we know in these 30 years," Perovic said.
He told the government representatives to "hate their bests" as they robbed us, cheat, sell and buy and "what's the most hurt, present us in the world."
"It is important to say Europe feels this shame, to know that normal people live here. We do not expect them to exploit European values. We have those values; we are demonstrating them here tonight. We are fighting for human rights, freedom, security, and dignity. From today, we are committed as Europe's partners," Perovic said, calling for unity:" Since we have set ourselves this magnificent goal, to free Montenegro from them (the ruling DPS and partner parties) and begin to root the system change, there is no difference between us tonight, or in the next gatherings. There are differences, we will articulate them when we build democratic institutions of the systems, which are not in Montenegro," said Dzemal Perovic, one of the members of the Organizing Committee.
One of the organizers of the protest, Jovan Gajevic, addressing the participants in front of the President's office, said: "It is time to act."
"We're normal, not them. It's the government who have no sense of responsibility and public interest, not us. They are who have no idea what they are doing, not us. They are those who lie, cheat and scorn themselves and the country they are kneeling, not us. They are the ones who steal us, not us, "Gajevic said. “They deserve to disappear from our public life," he said.
The protest walk continued to the DPS Headquarters in the Jovan Tomasevic Street. Miloš Krivokapić stated “We have to fight for freedom because we have a feudal system in the face. We are fighting for achievements the French bourgeois revolution in 1789."
"Have you forgotten that Svetozar Marovic has admitted that he is the leader of a criminal organization, and is now "under treatments" in Belgrade cafes? Crash in Montenegro is the best remedy for a guilty plea. Is that a proof that the reality of the wrongs is understandable and that the judiciary is going to fall?" Krivokapic said.
He pointed out that there are over 700 employees in RTCG, Railways, hundreds of employees at the Central Bank, Waterworks, Cleaners, Airports of Montenegro, Electricity Services ... Krivokapic emphasized that there were more than 97,000 reasons why power has to go and why a fundamental change of system is needed, with the change of government.
The protest march went back to the prosecutor's office via the Millennium Bridge.
After returning to the Prosecutor's Office, Denis Mekic said the regime led to the collapse of northern Montenegro, whereby DPS "satellites" - representatives of the Bosniak Party and other "satellite parties" helped them.
"Let's not forget why we do this. Today there are 10,000 citizens here. We will be persistent. As long as necessary, we will return to our Street of Freedom," Mekić said.
"We call on citizens and all progressive forces of society to actively engage in formulating and designing specific demands and actions to root the changes of the system. We are investigating the achievement of our goal, all available forms of nonviolence and civil disobedience," one of the organizers, actor Slavisa Grubisa, said.
The protest has gone smoothly and in a positive atmosphere. The organizers announced the demonstration every Saturday until meeting the requirements.
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