16 Dec 2019, 10:57 AM

Meteorologists are announcing moderate to strong south winds for the coming days, so the highest temperature will be around 18 degrees. Rain will be local and intermittent by Thursday, and heavy at the end of the week.

So, we expect at least seven days of “juzina” (typical warmer weather in Boka bay before the period of rain), that is, above-average for this part of the year.


Variable to mostly cloudy and light showers are possible in some places in the south and central regions.

In the north, in the morning or in the afternoon, in the valleys fog. Wind moderate to moderate south and south-east. Morning air temperature -3 to 10, highest daily 7 to 17 degrees.


Changeable to mostly cloudy and mostly dry. In the north, in the morning or in the afternoon, in the valleys fog. Wind occasionally moderate to high, south and southeast.

Morning air temperature 3 to 12, highest daily 8 to 18 degrees.

Text by Boka News, on December 16th, 2019, read more at Boka News

16 Dec 2019, 07:35 AM

December 16, 2019 - People released of Montenegrin citizenship mostly acquire citizenship of Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told CdM.


238 Montenegrins renounced their citizenship

From the beginning of the year to the end of Oct., 238 individuals renounced their Montenegrin citizenship. From 2006, 2,784 Montenegrins have been released from their citizenship – the majority of them got it in 2018.

Tax for renouncing the citizenship amounts to 300 euro

A citizen of MNE has to pay an administrative tax for renouncing Montenegrin citizenship amounting to 300 euro, and only one tax is paid if the decision on the release from citizenship refers to acquiring, termination or determination of citizenship for family members – a spouse and unemployed children.

Renouncing MNE citizenship costs even more if the request is submitted via diplomatic and consular networks.

Text by CDM, read more here

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15 Dec 2019, 21:05 PM

Bella Boka is introducing its winter timetable for public services from 15th December, with hybrid ferry Graciana running twice daily between the largest towns on the bay - Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor.

The first service will leave from Pine in Tivat to Herceg Novi at 9 am, returning from Škver at 10 am.

The first departure from Tivat to Perast and Kotor will be at 11 am, returning from Kotor City Park stop at 12:15 pm. The second departure of the day from Tivat towards Herceg Novi will be at 13:45, and from Herceg Novi to Tivat one hour later. The last departure from Tivat to Perast and Kotor will be at 15:45, returning from Kotor at 17:00, Bella Boka reports.

Tickets from Tivat to Herceg Novi will cost four euros, from Herceg Novi to Perast five euros, and from Kotor to Herceg Novi six euros fifty cents. Tickets from Kotor to Tivat will cost five euros. The winter timetable is also offering something special for the youngest passengers.

For the next three weekends - Saturdays and Sundays until the end of the year - to tie in with Tivat’s New Year programme, ice rink and Bazaar, all accompanied children will travel free from Herceg Novi, Perast and Kotor to Tivat.

Free travel is only offered to children travelling with their parents, whose ticket price will be the same as that for all other passengers. As reported previously, they plan to increase their fleet as of next summer from two to three new eco-boats, which will be equipped with the latest technology. They will also be offering new stops that will be identified after detailed analysis, listening to suggestions from the public.

15 Dec 2019, 09:13 AM

December 15, 2019 - During the meeting with the Montenegrin PM Duško Marković, Head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis confirmed his arrival to Montenegro next year.

Pope’s Francis visit to our country will have historical significance, the Govt of Montenegro announced.

“Head of the Catholic Church praised Montenegro’s policies referring to ecumenism, culture, ecology and humanization in all areas of social relations,” the government tweeted.

Mr Marković went to Vatican City State upon the invitation of Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

The Prime Minister’s visit to the Vatican aims to further boost the existing extraordinary political relations and continue with the dialogue at the highest possible level.

Text by CDM, read more here.

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14 Dec 2019, 12:47 PM
December 14, 2019 - At the Regent's Second Charity Ball, held last night at the officially best hotel in Montenegro, a sum of €20,520 was raised, which will be donated to the Day Care Center for Children with Special Needs in Tivat, to fully equip the sensory room and physical therapy room.
Kai Dieckmann, general manager of the hotel in a statement to the guests, said:
"Tonight's Ball and Best of the Best Awards Ceremony expresses our gratitude to our partners and the community we belong to and are honored to call home. When it comes to size and population, Tivat is certainly a small town, but the set of the diversity of microclimates, traditions and landscapes found in such a small place is also impressive. He has very quickly erased attributes such as the "smallest" and "youngest" cities in the Gulf of Boka Kotorska, and we are proud to contribute to and promote it as it is - a unique but also idyllic cultural, tourist and sailing center. We are honored to dedicate this Bal to the sensibilities of his people, in recognition of their sense of community and fundamental values. "
The event was supported by Petit Geneve Petrovic's largest single donation as a platinum sponsor and Universal Capital Bank as a bronze sponsor while valuable donations came from Adriatic Marinas - Porto Montenegro, MonteFish, Milovic Winery, Happy Garden Florist Free Jack, Print All, Zoran Radonjic Photography and Radio Television of Montenegro is a major media partner.
Attendees were also given valuable raffles as part of which they were able to purchase prizes for prizes in the form of accommodation at some of Europe's most prestigious hotels such as Regent Berlin and Kempinski Venice. Five-star experiences from the region were donated by Esplanade Zagreb, Monte Mulini, Hotel Adriatic Rovinj, Grand Park Rovinj, Intercontinental Ljubljana, Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Hilton Dubrovnik, One & Only PortoNovi, Plaza Tirana, Hotel Regent and Porto Montenegro. All funds raised through the sale of raffles are included in the total donation amount.
"I thank you for such a wonderful evening that brought us together for a noble cause. I am honored that you selected the Day Center for Children with Special Needs in Tivat for this year's edition of the ball. Day Care Center is a very important project that will provide quality services, care and work with children with disabilities, and the money raised will be used to improve the overall service and care through the complete equipping of the Day Care Center's sensory room and physical therapy space. ” said Natasa Lutovac, president of the day center's board of directors.
The evening was enhanced by the guitar duo Nikcevic & Bulatovic and the band "The Grupa" together with the dance show of 'Dancing with the Stars' from Croatia.
As part of the "Best of the Best" annual ceremony, the management of Hotel Regent awarded the best partners during 2019, with Adriatic Marinas as the best regional corporate partner, "Roche" as the category of the best international corporate partner of congress tourism. The US Embassy was selected as the best partner in the segment of governmental, non-governmental and diplomatic missions, and Talas M was selected as the best MICE partner and the Calvados agency as the holiday tourism partner. In the print media category, The Collection magazine was recognized, while MyGuide was recognized as the best electronic medium for the past year.
13 Dec 2019, 13:00 PM
December 13, 2019 - The Intergovernmental Committee on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO recognized the importance of the Boka Navy and opened the possibility for its inclusion on the Representative List of Intangible Heritage in the coming period, the Ministry of Culture reported.
The committee has been in Bogota in recent days, and the Montenegrin delegation, invited to provide further clarification on the nomination of the Boka Navy, was led by Culture Minister Aleksandar Bogdanovic.
The President of the Evaluation Body, Bak Sangmee, pointed out that the Bokelj Navy brings together a series of activities, practices, and rituals related to transporting the relics of Saint Trypun to Kotor in 809, in which seafarers played a significant role. According to her, based on the information in the dossier, the nomination fully meets criterion R5 for inclusion in Representative List.
Bak Sangmee said that the Evaluation Body confirms that the Boka Navy was included in the Register of Cultural Property of Montenegro in 2013 by the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Property, which is the responsible body for keeping the register. "However, the Evaluation Body considers that further clarification of the R1-R4 criteriums is needed to clarify the nature of the element itself," she said.
In the opinion of the Evaluation Body, many activities, practices, and rituals are mentioned in the Nomination File. Still, there is no more detailed information on their nature, social functions, and cultural significance. The dossier focuses on visibility and awareness of the importance of the element itself, highlighting the values ​​of the Boka Navy and its connection to local identity. The evaluating body has assessed that the proposed measures lack protection measures aimed at the possible risks of tourism impact.
The dossier, as he points out, does not provide precise information on the mechanisms and methodology of working with the Boka Navy and the wider local community. "For this reason, the Evaluation Body proposes to adopt a Decision to supplement the nomination of the Boka Navy," the opinion of that body states.
Minister Bogdanovic said that Montenegro highly appreciates UNESCO's views on the nomination of the Boka Navy. He emphasized that Montenegro's cultural policy is based on UNESCO conventions and other standards. "For us, therefore, intangible heritage lists are not a platform for competition, and local communities are not objects, but subjects in intensive cooperation," Bogdanovic said.
He added that Montenegro would carefully follow the recommendations of the Evaluation Body and improve the dossier so that we can submit it again in the next nomination cycle.
Representatives of the Montenegrin delegation informed the UNESCO Committee that during the first nomination process, the whole procedure was conducted transparently and that more than 300 local community approvals were collected.
"Another challenge was the fact that the Boka Navy is a complex element of the intangible heritage, so it is difficult to reduce the tradition of 12 centuries to a simple form, such as the UNESCO file," the Ministry said.
13 Dec 2019, 11:04 AM

The Tourism Organization of Budva Municipality, in cooperation with the Budva Caterers Association, is organizing this year's “Christmas Market” event in the square in front of the Old Town.

The Christmas and New Year holidays are a time of joy, cheerfulness and a variety of entertainment programs for children and adults, and this year, from December 25th, all visitors will find a rich cultural and entertaining program, which will feature klapa ”Harmonija”.

Budva City Music, Mićo Vujović, Toć, Perper, local DJs, and a rich program for the children has also been prepared.

Just a few steps from the sea, in Trg Slikara (Square of Painters), all skating lovers can enjoy the holiday magic, where there will be an ice surface, or an ice rink, next to which there will be a music program, with the inevitable rustic wooden houses that offer traditional Budva delicacies.

The free skating rink will be in operation from January 4 to January 26, 2020.

Text by Boka News, on December 13th, 2019, read more at Boka News

13 Dec 2019, 10:14 AM

As part of the project "Let’s Empower Agriculture - Revive the Village", implemented by the Olive Society "Boka", one of the promotional activities is the exhibition of local products in Tivat.

“Usually for our association, these exhibitions represent both the product and the manufacturer, and most of all, the Mediterranean coastal mentality.

At the promotion of local products on Saturday, December 28, 2019, from 10 am to 5 pm, visitors will be able to see and taste local products at the Pine waterfront in Tivat: olives, olive oil, cheese, meat products, honey, wine…” as announced by MD Boka.


„Bokeška maslina“

The project "Let’s Empower Agriculture - Revive the Village" is implemented by the Olive Society, "Boka" in the territory of Tivat Municipality in partnership with NGO "Nada" from Herceg Novi within the ReLOaD program. The implementation of the project, whose budget is 16,520 euros, will take eight months.

Text by Boka News, on December 12th, 2019, read more at Boka News

13 Dec 2019, 07:33 AM

December 13, 2019 - On 14 December, Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Mr Duško Marković, will be on his official visit to the Holy See, where he will hold talks with Pope Francis.

Mr Marković will also have meetings with the Secretary for Relations States, Mr Paul Gallagher. He will also visit Historical Archives and meet with its director, Mr Johan Iks.

Government representatives say that Mr Marković’s visit to the Vatican is aimed at further strengthening already stable political relations and highest-level dialogue.

“The fundamental agreement between Montenegro and the Holy See, signed in June 2011, represents a platform for deepening and improving overall inter-state relations. Two parties attach great importance to its full application and thus organize regular sessions of the Mixed Commission to discuss bilateral questions and other questions relevant to the Catholic community and the Catholic church in Montenegro”, said Government representatives.

The visit to the Vatican will enhance cooperation between the two states, especially in the domain of political dialogue. They will discuss the possibility of Pope Francis’ visit to Montenegro.


“The fundamental agreement between Montenegro and the Holy See regulates the most important segments of bilateral relations. Therefore, activities related to its implementation are expected to become more dynamic”.

Mr Marković’s official visit to the Holy See means the continuation of the highest-level talks, based on the principles of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

“At the same time, this visit is a chance to highlight how important it is for us to cooperate with the Holy See and to demonstrate our resolve to pledge support for the opening of Holy See’s nunciature in Podgorica. The visit will confirm a constructive approach to the implementation of the Fundamental agreement through regular sessions of the Mixed Commission”, concluded representatives of the Government.

The delegation of Montenegro will be headed by Mr Duško Marković.

Text by CDM, read more here

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12 Dec 2019, 12:54 PM
December 12, 2019 - The sixth Regent Christmas Bazaar will be held on two weekends in December (14th and 15th | 21st and 22nd December) from noon to 4 pm under the arcades of the Murano Restaurant.
"Regent Porto Montenegro begins with a celebration of the Christmas Bazaar, which is already a tradition of our hotel. During the two weekends, the bazaar will be an event where visitors will enjoy delicacies and a rich offer of unique handicrafts.
At the special booth of our hotel, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique gastronomic offer. In addition to our mulled wine, which delighted many who previously had a chance to visit the bazaar, the stand will feature a variety of cakes, pizzas, hot chocolate, coffee, and teas of many and unusual aromas and flavors. Handmade Santa Claus and Chocolate Snow White can be a lovely gift to loved ones.
The first day of the Christmas Bazaar will be marked by the live music of the band "Kyra," so besides the gastronomy, we have an excellent music program at the beginning of the festive season," said Željko Knezović, Food and Beverage Manager at Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro.
The stands of this year's Christmas Bazaar will feature organic produce of various types.  The Duljevo Monastery will present their products. There will be a plentiful supply of virgin olive oil by Olcinium Oil. Multiple interpretations of jams, candied fruits, and juices produced by Milina Kovacevic and Sanja Knezevic, holiday treats in the form of biscuits and gingerbread cookies by Suzana Fodor Jovanovic will round the gastro offer. Handicrafts by Melita Ciko and Funda Sen; unique souvenirs made by Natasa Minic, Jelena Krvavac and Tatiana Argal; Olga Fedotova's handmade jewelry and clay by Đurđo Milatović; home decor art by Olivera Miskovic, natural cosmetics, and soaps by Dragan Beljić and the Igalo Day Center- there will be plenty of unique products to present Montenegro also to foreign guests coming to Tivat Riviera for winter holidays.
The Christmas Bazaar is an ideal opportunity to socialize to celebrate the holidays, Regent said, pointing out that everyone who wants it here can find a unique and exciting gift for their loved ones.
12 Dec 2019, 10:34 AM
December 12, 2019 - A round table entitled "Potentials of Cultural Heritage for Creating Cultural Routes of Montenegro" was held yesterday, December 11, at the Solidarity Gallery in Kotor.
The event organized NGO EXPEDITIO within the project "ROADS OF HERITAGE - Cultural Heritage Potentials for Creating Cultural Routes of Montenegro," which was supported by the Ministry of Culture as part of a public call for proposals for NGO projects under the Diversity of Independent Expressions Program cultural scenes".
EXPEDITIO's expert Aleksandra Kapetanovic emphasized the HERITAGE ROADS project aims at improving the presentation of immovable cultural heritage. Its goal is also to improve the tourist offer in Montenegro through the affirmation of cultural heritage as a potential for creating national cultural routes, but also for joining regional and European cultural routes.
Cultural routes related to cultural heritage and tourism are themed tourist routes that may be physically linked but often serve as a network of similar tourist sites.
"For many years now, they have been engaged internationally by organizations active in the field of cultural heritage and tourism. ICOMOS, the International Council for Monuments and Monuments, even has a charter on cultural routes, which was adopted in 2008, which clearly defines the criteria for cultural routes," explained Kapetanović.
Ministry of Culture representative Tijana Vujovic spoke about initiatives related to this area in Montenegro.
"The cultural diversity and identity diversity of Montenegro are initially visible in local communities that have their history and tradition of heritage in rural areas. Different rural communities also have different cultural specificities, which in particular necessitate access to their tourist valorisation. The largest number of sites supported through the Council of Europe's Cultural Routes program is located in our area, which, through the international protection and promotion mechanisms offered by this program, have been able to enhance the tourist offer. The Ministry of Culture, through cooperation with partners at the local and international level, has recognized that local communities in Montenegro have the most potential for inclusion in olive tree routes and wine routes," Vujovic said.
NGO EXPEDITIO presented the results of the ROUTES OF THE HERITAGE project, including the recognized potentials of cultural heritage for the creation of cultural routes, as well as publications published within the edition of the Cultural Route of Montenegro.
Apart from the representative of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro Tijana Vujovic, Snežana Derviškadić and Milena Filipović - representatives of the Regional Cooperation Council and Svetlana Vujačić from the Center for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives spoke at the roundtable.
These presentations were followed by a discussion on the potential of cultural heritage for the creation of national cultural routes in Montenegro. There was also a discussion on further steps in this field.
Source: Radio Kotor
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