07 Oct 2019, 21:06 PM

October 7, 2019 - Montenegro and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) have concluded an Agreement under which European police officers, along with Montenegrin police, will patrol along the state border. As reported, the European Union will provide Montenegro with expert training and expert assistance in border surveillance. 

The Agreement, signed in Luxembourg by Montenegrin Interior Ministers Mevludin Nuhodzic and Finland, currently EU Presidency, Maria Ohisalo, as well as European Commissioner for Internal Affairs and Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos, regulates relations between the two sides and specified rights and obligations in dealing with security challenges, including illegal migration.
Nuhodzic said that the Agreement represents "the strengthening of successful and high-quality cooperation between Montenegro and the European Union in the field of border security."
"With this Agreement, we have opened a new chapter on border management and cross-border crime cooperation. More intensive cooperation between Montenegro and Frontex will enable us to respond more quickly and effectively to potential migration challenges. Safe and secure borders, which should remain open to the free movement of people and goods and, at the same time, protected from the activities of criminals. Such as illegal migration, organized crime, and terrorism. Only a well-protected and robust state border can guarantee the safety and security of both citizens in Montenegro and citizens across Europe," said Nuhodzic.
EU Commissioner Avramopoulos has called the conclusion of the agreement "an important achievement for both Montenegro and the EU," the Government said.
"This agreement is another step towards the full operationalization of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and marks another step forward in EU-partner cooperation with the Western Balkans. Montenegro is the second country in the region to sign such an operation after the operation launched in Albania earlier this year, which has already yielded positive results," Avramopolos said.
Ohisalo said this Agreement is further evidence of deepening and expanding cooperation (EU) with Montenegro and will bring benefits to both parties, especially in controlling migration flows, combating illegal migration and cross-border crime, including migrant smuggling, trafficking, and terrorism.
"More broadly, we are convinced that this Status Agreement will enhance cooperation with the entire Western Balkans region, which the European Union considers to be one of its priorities. The negotiations are conducted in a good cooperation spirit and in a constructive way that characterizes our relations," Ohisalo said.
07 Oct 2019, 20:38 PM
October 7, 2019 - Kotor Municipal Assembly President Jovo Sudjic (DPS) called the Democratic councilor in Kotor parliament, physician Dr. Goran Jovanovic "a monster in human form." Sudjic asked the director of Kotor General Hospital Dr. Ivan Ilic to take action against Jovanovic, who is employed by that public health care institution.
In an open letter to Ilic, sent today via Kotor's Skala Radio, Sudjic stated that "once a respected Kotor hospital, today, thanks to some doctors whose behavior can at least be called unprecedented and uneducated, it has reached the level of which Kotor is ashamed. "He accused Jovanovic, who, in addition to medicine, is also involved in artistic creation as a musician, poet and satirist, Timur Tmurni, that he "passionately" deals with Sudjic and other public figures whose politics he dislikes and that in his public appearances "satanizes and insults, continues to slander, not choosing words with the intention of belittling and insulting."
"I expected Dr. Ilic that you would come to the Kotor Municipal Assembly or, at least, as my former colleague of councilors, invite me to a meeting to try to overcome this problem. You did not do this for the reasons known to you. For this reason, I do not think that you care much about insulting doctors and self-styled satirists, who must be a humanist, not a monster in human form. Others see it, unfortunately not you, nor Minister (of Health, Kenan) Hrapovic," reads Sujić's open letter.
The head of the Kotor parliament criticizes the hospital director for allegedly failing to respond adequately to his June letter when Sudjic also complained about Jovanovic's media appearances. Sudjic stressed that Jovanovic's expertise as a physician was "questionable" for him. He believes that Ilic's earlier claim is that none of Jovanovic's colleagues or patients complained about his treatment as a doctor. Sudjic also notes that Jovanovic allegedly "verbally attacked a colleague (Bruna) Loncarevic, your associate, what was announced publicly at the College of Physicians in your presence."
"You knew it, and you had to react because it is an attack that should not be tolerated, precisely because of the reputation of the hospital, if you did not want to protect your colleague and her integrity and reputation. Listen, Dr. Ilic, to your colleagues at the hospital. Ask them what they think about Jovanovic's behavior. Not only for the brutal attacks on me, but also for other prominent citizens like your colleague, who he does not like, but also for the need to protect the reputation of the hospital you are leading from such street behavior," said Sudjic to the director of the Kotor hospital.
Bruna Loncarevic is a member of the SDP, which by a decisive seventeenth vote in the Kotor Municipal Assembly, supports the current local ruling DPS-SD-HGI-LP coalition.
In a letter to Ilic, Sudjic also abuses Jovanovic that he allegedly publicly discloses the diagnoses and therapies of the patients he receives, "making jokes on their behalf by mocking them and belittling their origins and status." He said Jovanovic is "a doctor who keeps political tirades in the hospital." Sudjic noted that he had also briefed Health Minister Kenan Hrapovic (SD) about everything, but that he "did not even respond to the letter, thus best-showing interest in the issue."
Goran Jovanovic has been in the public spotlight recently after the municipal DPS government banned him from appearing as one of the featured speakers at the Kotor Circle festival, which was financially supported by the local government. That is why all participants of the festival - prominent intellectuals and public figures from Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia, publicly protested and supported Jovanovic, and the organizers of the Kotor Circle from the NGO Hyperion decided that the festival will no longer be held in Kotor.
"After such brutal, open, and shameless censorship, there is no longer room in Kotor until Kotor becomes an oasis of freedom again, until semi-intellectuals and drunken mayors rush down the scales they have climbed. We are going from this city and carrying the festival to other, better places, if any in our homeland. If not, we will create them with the help of you all," said festival co-organizer Ksenija Rakocevic at the time.
Source: Boka News
07 Oct 2019, 16:56 PM

07 October 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Villa Gorica.

President Đukanović said the first visit of the US secretary of state is historical and an honor for Montenegro. He recalled the long tradition of relations between the two countries and highlighted the US's appreciation for continued support throughout its historical duration.

"Relations between Montenegro and the United States were particularly enriched at the end of the last century, during the Yugoslav crisis, when a strong trust was built to this day thanks to significant political and financial assistance from Washington, which has crucially contributed to maintaining peace and multiethnic harmony in Montenegro," pointed out Đukanović, adding that the trust between the two countries was also important for the implementation of reforms in Montenegro, restoration of independence, NATO membership and leadership in the negotiation process with the EU. The visit is a gesture of US support for the youngest NATO member, and a message to everyone in the region who should follow this example.

Recalling the achievements of the past 13 years, the President stressed that we had demonstrated policy-making skills, reform capacity, and a clear vision and ability to adopt European and Euro-Atlantic values, with respect for human and minority rights and democracy. Speaking about state policy priorities, he emphasized maintaining a good pace of economic growth, continuing the integration process with a strong commitment to the rule of law and media freedoms, and enhancing internal political stability, and enhancing religious freedom through drafting the Laws to the highest European standards.

He also reaffirmed Montenegro's commitment to continue to be a promoter of Europeanization in the Region, stating that the integration of the WB is a prerequisite for its stability and overcoming a deep lag. In this regard, he welcomed the increased US presence in the region, the appointment of a special envoy, and expressed his expectation that a more determined European enlargement policy would be encouraged, reported President's Office.

He particularly emphasized satisfaction with bilateral relations and valuable cooperation in defense and security, hybrid threats, and the rule of law. He conveyed to Secretary Pompeo an openness to strengthen economic cooperation and more significant presence of US investors, who will bring, above all, new standards and skills.

The US Secretary of State thanked the President and his team for their excellent cooperation and commended Montenegro for its achievements since the restoration of independence. He shared his belief that the US would remain actively engaged in Europe, the Balkans, and especially with Montenegro, especially in the context of a more dynamic enlargement process. The US will be very supportive of Montenegro's EU integration as quickly as possible.

US Secretary of State also stressed that Montenegro could count on support to achieve what is good for the people and the government and what is good for Europe, with the message that the US wants Montenegro to become the youngest member of the EU, as it has become the youngest NATO member and lead the region. Pompeo thanked Montenegro for its dedicated participation in peacekeeping missions, pointing out that although the small country of Montenegro sends secure messages that it is not only a member but an active member of NATO and can set an example for larger countries.

"A small country, but an enormous contribution," rated Pompeo.

In addition, the United States has shown full confidence when it comes to reaching Montenegro's planned budget allocations for defense.

"This is not just about money; it is about demonstrating a political commitment to the common defense. In the context of resolving open issues in the region," concluded Pompeo, saying that Montenegro should be proactive in ideas that will lead to a good outcome for the WB.

The US Secretary of State also expressed interest in the presence of US investors in Montenegro.

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07 Oct 2019, 16:49 PM

07 October 2019 - Research suggests that tourists visiting Kotor mostly complain about traffic jams. However, the issue might be solved already next year if only the local government opted for the construction of an underground passage on the riva (for transferring passengers from cruise ships to the Old Town), better pedestrian traffic management and parking of cars and buses, President of the Municipality of Kotor Željko Aprcović clarified for Radio Kotor, as Cafe del Montenegro reported.

"Construction of an underground tunnel and better pedestrian traffic management will significantly contribute to smooth traffic flow next year," emphasized Aprcović.

Concerning the construction of a boulevard through Grbalj towards Budva, he said that he had a meeting with the representatives of the Transport Administration and both sides noted the project would be an added-value for the overall traffic flow from Verige to Lastva Grbaljska.

"The value of the passage investment amounts to 35 million euros. Along with a certain investment in the water supply infrastructure towards Herceg Novi, costs will rise to 50 million euros," Aprcović indicated.

When asked why no one is mentioning the construction of an overpass in Kotor anymore, he said: "it is unrealistic to expect him to tell something more about the topic."

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07 Oct 2019, 16:44 PM

07 October 2019 - At the end of 2018, the renewable energy fund totaled 2,02 million EUR, and this whole amount of money has been transferred to this year’s fund, it was suggested in the Business Report of the Montenegro Electricity Market Operator, adopted by the Government of Montenegro at the latest session.

The renewable energy fund in Montenegro was additionally increased by 129.272 EUR in 2018, reports Cafe del Montenegro.

The Business Report, among other things, says that there is an increase in the share of electricity production from renewable energy sources in total electricity production. This, according to the report, leads to the fulfillment of the national goal concerning renewable sources.

Montenegro, for the first time, produced enough electricity from renewable sources from 24 May to 2 June this year, and thus, according to the Government of Montenegro, joined a small number of cities that could claim they managed to produce all the necessary electricity from domestic renewable sources. In that period, when the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja was out of order, it produced around 82 million kWh of electricity, while 75 million kWh was spent.

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06 Oct 2019, 20:16 PM

From Monday until the 11th of June next year, the fleet of six ferries will run on the winter timetable. According to the ferry company,  this will mean a non-stop service from 6 am to midnight, running every 15 minutes.

During the night, ferries will depart from each side of the bay, on the hour from Kamenari, and on the half hour from Lepetane.

Departures from Kamenari will be at 20 past midnight, at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, 4 am, 4:50 am and 5:20 am.

Departures from Lepetane will be at 12:10 am, 12:30 am, 1:30 am, 2:30 am, 3:30 am, 4:30 am, 5:05 am and 5:40 am.

Source: Radio Jadran

04 Oct 2019, 23:04 PM

04 October 2019 - In accordance with the Government’s commitment to fulfilling the tourism potentials of the northern part of the country, the Public Work Administration has signed three new agreements that will enable the works at ski resorts Kolašin 1600 and Žarski to resume.

As the Government reported, construction of the new ski center in Žarski, on the side of Bjelasica belonging to Mojkovac, envisages the development of conceptual design, leading projects and construction of a ski slope along with "Z4" cable car.

"Top-ranked bidder in the public procurement procedure was "Gradnja inženjering MNE" company from Podgorica. The work is worth 1,9 million EUR. The deadline for the development of conceptual design is within two months from the moment the contract is signed. The main project will be developed within two months from the adoption of the conceptual design and the construction is expected to begin within six months from the day the contractor is involved in the process," read the documents provided by the Government of Montenegro.

The preparation of technical documentation and construction of a six-seat cable car with the capacity of 2600 skiers per hour has been arranged earlier, writes Cafe del Montenegro.

"In addition, the elevation of supporting constructions on Vragodo-Vrioci-Žarski katun road, will create conditions for further construction of access road towards Žarski. The Government of Montenegro will invest nearly 1 million EUR and it has set a 90-day deadline for the completion of works," said the representatives of the Government of Montenegro.

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04 Oct 2019, 22:57 PM

04 October 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted that the first official visit of a US Secretary of State to Montenegro testifies to the fact that the two countries foster friendship and alliance.

"Following the visit of Vice President Mike Pence, this is further evidence of the excellent relations between our two countries and a sign that the United States values ​​our alliance and constructive role in the region and beyond," Prime Minister Duško Marković underscored at the joint press conference, describing the first visit of a US Secretary of State to Montenegro as historic. Secretary of State Pompeo made the same assessment.

"On behalf of the American people, I am proud to say that the United States will continue to stand with the people of Montenegro as a friend, as a partner and as an ally," the US Secretary of State told the press.

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Montenegro1

The two officials expressed satisfaction with the fact that Montenegro is a member of NATO. The Prime Minister said that the USA played an important role in Montenegro's preparations for the membership and that Montenegro already enjoys security and economic benefits from membership.

In that context, the US Secretary of State announced the most valuable agreement to equip the Montenegrin Armed Forces with US military equipment worth 36 million USD.

The US Secretary of State informed the public about Montenegro's commitment to confronting the 21st-century threats.

"Because of our direct cybersecurity cooperation with Montenegro, we have been able to develop patches against the latest Russian maneuver that now protect billions of devices worldwide," said Secretary of State Pompeo.

He also stressed that the United States will continue to support Montenegro's EU bid, and that it is of strategic importance for the USA and EU to be present in the Western Balkans so as not to leave room for those who do not share our common principles and values. Prime Minister Marković agreed on the need for the US presence in the region, emphasising that the integration process should be based on individual merit, reported the Office of the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thanked Montenegro for its support on a number of issues, noting that Montenegro fosters regional stability as a NATO member and that it also shares the US priorities across a range of foreign policy issues.

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04 Oct 2019, 20:31 PM

Montenegro still does not have a legally-regulated method of disposing of or scrapping vehicle tyres. Generally, official landfills do not have permission to store them and there are no facilities for recycling (most likely due to their unprofitability). In the meantime, tyres are dumped next to rubbish containers, are frequently thrown on the side of the road, are burned, or are reused and resold by members of the Roma community.

Although they are non-hazardous, special waste (alongside scrap vehicles, packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators), their disposal is not only the problem of the competent institutions, but also of the manufacturers and importers of tyres and ultimately, of individuals.

Herceg Novi, alongside Kotor and Podgorica, is struggling with this problem. Until the state authorities find a solution, the tyres will continue to be the main waste at Duboki Do landfill, and “Čistoća”, the Herceg Novi waste management service, has been granted a licence to use the site.

“It is currently difficult to give a figure as to how many individual tyres are at Duboki Do, but the total amount is somewhere between 80 and 90 tonnes, and that’s only tyres collected last year,” Director of “Čistoća” Vladimir Arsić told Radio Jadran.

“Unlike Tivat, Kotor and Podgorica, where tyres are burned, we received a decision from the Directorate for Waste Management and Municipal Development under the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development, and were given an additional location to where the tyres should be taken, to the existing landfill at Tisove Grede that we correctly filled and fenced off. We were still able to dispose of tyres at the latter, but given that at one point the landfill was subject to burning, we requested permission to dispose of tyres at Duboki Do,” he stated.

Arsić also stated that all tyres were collected at the Recycling Centre, with some being removed occasionally to the Tisove Grede landfill. Others were removed by the company Arabis from Nikšić. This “work” is currently subject to court proceedings, as it was carried out without agreement by “Čistoća”,” claims Arsić.

“We have sued the owner for monthly bills we received for storage at one of his premises close to a house, bills which we subsequently returned. The commercial court did not on any occasion call “Čistoća” to the hearing to explain that someone had removed the tyres without a prior, written agreement between former Director Bonić and the firm,” he claims.

Arsić further claims that they had tried to resolve the issue of waste tyres with a firm from Cetinje, whose site would be used for disposal, however:

“This was before the start of disposal at Duboki Do. The company from Cetinje at the time was the only one with a licence to dispose of tyres. However, we were asked to pay 200 euros per tonne of tyres if we were to transport them ourselves, and 250 euros for removal and disposal. We weren’t in a position to pay that money, although that was actually a good thing, as the firm later lost their licence,” Arsić recounts.

One concerned resident of Herceg Novi recently shared a photo with the Facebook group “Prezadovoljni građani” Herceg Novi, showing a line of tyres several hundred metres long. Arsić explained that the tyres are thrown from the trucks in that way so that the excavator can push the tyres back every 10-15 days to free up space.

He further stated that they did not want to remove the tyres from the recycling centre, however at one point there were so many that trucks no longer had room to manoeuvre, and so authorization was sought to remove them to the landfill site. This was the only solution, as there was no option to transport them to another country where they could be used for other purposes.

Previously, at least at a local level, there had been ideas to construct a site to recycle tyres, as advocated by the former management of the Kotor Municipal Utility Company, headed by Mladen Lučić.

Conversely, burning tyres in the open air, which inevitably happens during the May Day holidays and is practiced by many young people, is prohibited and punishable under the Waste Management Act.

Although there are no precise, official figures, according to some estimates, 200,000 car and around 13,000 truck tyres are imported to Montenegro annually.


Source: Radio Jadran

04 Oct 2019, 15:40 PM

October 4, 2019 - The Fractal Drawing Workshop will be held on October 5 from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Art Quarter premises at the Igalo Institute.

A fractal drawing method is a new form of art therapy. The therapeutic method creator is Tanzilia Poluyachtova, a clinical psychologist and family psychologist from Russia. Since 1991, Tanzilia Poluyachtova has done numerous clinical tests and studies that show that fractal drawing people have recovered faster from their illnesses.
The fractal drawing technique allows people to become healthy and solve their problems in life. The method helps people with experience of trauma, who are in stress, anxiety, depression, and other harmful psychological conditions.
The fractal drawing technique does not only positively affect the recovery from disease and various harmful conditions. It also answers questions about how to get to know yourself; how to access information hidden in the depths of our subconscious; how to recognize life goals and achieve accomplishments, and how to rise to a new level in development.
A fractal drawing is an energy drawing. Its vibration penetrates our body, thoughts, and feelings. By drawing fractals, we open ourselves to higher consciousness and release creative energy. We connect with the being that is the source of happiness, joy, contentment, and all spiritual values. In a world of abstract colors and lines, we get a place where thoughts disappear. All that remains is a spirit coupled with higher vibrations. By drawing fractals, we immerse ourselves in a meditative state in which there is only harmony and balance. As we create, we change. We are opening up new opportunities. By drawing, we create a creative approach to life and its problems.
 "Learn to help yourself and please yourself! You will get a simple, enjoyable, alluring, and many useful ways to raise your quality of life to a higher level," say the organizers of the Saturday workshop in Herceg Novi.
The fractal drawing method, which is increasingly popular in the world, can be implemented in any profession and any field of life. To do this method does not require any prior knowledge, experience in the field of art, and the like.
"It's enough to have the will and the desire to move forward and open yourself to new opportunities," they say Art Quartet, founded by Hands NGO.
The workshop will be led by Gordana Raznatovic, a Bachelor of Architecture with five years of experience in working with this method and fifteen years of experience in various self-development techniques.
Registration for the workshop is required, and the phone number is 069 026 139.
03 Oct 2019, 21:34 PM

03 October 2019 - Unicaja Malaga showed its character by downing Buducnost VOLI Podgorica 83-70 at home in EuroCup Group D on Wednesday. Volodymyr Herun paced the winners with 19 points in less than 19 minutes and Josh Adams added 15 on 5-of-7 three-point shots for Unicaja. Scott Bamforth led Buducnost with 19 points and Justin Cobbs added 16. Bamforth had 11 first-quarter points to lead Buducnost to an 18-25 lead after 10 minutes. Carlos Suarez and Jaime Fernandez rescued Unicaja and Adams allowed the hosts to get a 48-42 margin at halftime. Unicaja led throughout the second half and took off midway through the fourth quarter to seal the outcome.

Suad Sehovic got Buducnost going with a three-pointer and a layup by Bamforth soon gave his team a 2-5 lead. Unicaja found a go-to guy in Herun, who singlehandedly gave the hosts their first lead, 9-7. Herun kept pacing Unicaja, scoring 12 points in the opening 6 minutes for a 14-9 margin. Bamforth struck from downtown, igniting a 0-12 run in which Cobbs had 7 points, good for a 14-21 lead. Bamforth remained unstoppable, leading the visitors to an 18-25 margin after 10 minutes. Carlos Suarez and Alberto Diaz each nailed a triple to make it 24-27 early in the second quarter. Nikola Ivanovic and Hassan Martin stepped up for Buducnost, but Frank Elegar, Fernandez and Suarez fueled an 11-0 run that put Unicaja in charge, 35-31. Aleksa Avramovic took over with a backdoor layup and Adams did better with back-to-back three-pointers for a 43-35 Unicaja cushion.

Budućnost VOLI Kicks Off EuroCup with Loss against Unicaja Malaga1

Ivanovic and Cobbs tried to change things for Buducnost, but Fernandez and an unstoppable Adams kept Unicaja in charge, 48-42, at halftime. Herun and Fernandez scored around the basket soon after the break and another triple by Adams made it a double-digit game, 55-45. Adams hit his fifth shot, getting help from Deon Thompson and Diaz to keep Unicaja way ahead, 63-51. Martin and Bamforth brought Buducnost a bit closer, 67-59, after 30 minutes. A three-pointer by Danilo Nikolic gave the visitors hope at 69-62 with 7 minutes left. Waczynski answered from downtown, igniting a game-breaking 12-0 run which Herun capped with a layup that sealed the outcome, 81-62, long before the final buzzer.

Adams blew up the game with his shots from downtown; he hit 3 of them late in the first half to put Unicaja ahead for good and added 2 more after the break to ignite the crowd. Adams finished the game with 15 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 fouls drawn and a performance index rating of 15 - all in his first-ever EuroCup game.

Buducnost managed to get within 69-62 with 7 minutes left and Unicaja was struggling on offense. Waczynski and Diaz each hit a three-pointer in a 12-0 run that helped the hosts put the victory on ice. The great fourth-quarter defense made it possible, too - Unicaja allowed 11 points in the final 10 minutes.

Three-point shots and its overall aggressiveness allowed Unicaja to win the game. Unicaja hit 10 of 29 three-pointers (34.5%) and limited Buducnost to just 4 of 17 (23.5%). Unicaja won in offensive rebounds (12-9), steals (7-3) and blocks (3-2). The game went to the team that wanted it more.

For the second time in three EuroCup campaigns, Unicaja opened the regular season against Buducnost. Back on October 19, 2016, Unicaja downed Buducnost 62-86 in Podgorica behind 19 points from Jamar Smith. Unicaja went on to win the EuroCup title that season. Suarez, Waczynski and Diaz played that game and are still with the team.

Both teams return to EuroCup action on Wednesday, October 9. Unicaja visits Adecco Arka Gdynia in what will be a very special game for Polish swingman Adam Waczynski. Later that evening, Buducnost hosts Dolomiti Energia Trento.

Source: EuroCup 7Days News

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