Agreement on the Principles of New Montenegro Government

By , 09 Sep 2020, 17:01 PM Politics
Agreement on the Principles of New Montenegro Government Dritan Abazovic, Zdravko Krivokapic and Aleksa Becic, Source: PCNEN

September 9, 2020 - The leaders of the three opposition coalitions, which won a majority in the August 30th parliamentary elections, presented today the Agreement on the principles on which the future government will rest, including cooperation with NATO, unquestionable recognition of Kosovo, and excluding changes to Montenegrin state symbols. 

The Agreement, signed by the leaders of the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro," "Peace is Our Nation" and "Black and White", Zdravko Krivokapic, Aleksa Becic, and Dritan Abazovic, announced that the new government in Montenegro:
  •     will responsibly implement all international obligations undertaken by the state, strengthen cooperation with NATO and commit to implementing all reforms necessary for Montenegro's full membership in the European Union;
  •     fully depoliticize key government institutions in an uncompromising fight against organized crime and corruption;
  •     respect the Constitution of Montenegro and will not launch initiatives to change the state flag, coat of arms, and anthem;
  •     will not initiate proceedings to withdraw recognition of Kosovo's independence;
  •     will not retaliate on political or any other grounds;
  •     will adopt and revise all laws in line with European standards, to integrate Montenegro into the EU as soon as possible,
  •     will allow minority parties to participate in government, whether they have parliamentary status or not.
According to the preliminary results of the State Election Commission, the three opposition coalitions won 41 seats. Black on White led by the United Reform Action of Dritan Abazović four, For the Future of Montenegro led by the Democratic Front 27 and Peace is Our Nation of Aleksa Bečić 10 seats. From the 81st parliamentary seat, Milo Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists won 30 seats, their coalition partner the Social Democrats three, two Albanian lists two, the Bosniak Party three, and the opposition Social Democratic Party two seats.
At the presentation of the Agreement, Krivokapić stated that the course of the three coalitions will be pro-Montenegrin.
According to the Peace is our Nation coalition leader, Aleksa Bečić, this Agreement is the best response to creating an artificial crisis. He says that the new government will be conciliatory and pro-European.
"There won't be any initiatives to change state symbols. Our objective is to reinforce civil Montenegro. We are not going back to the past. No revanchism. However, we demand responsibility, work, and order. The Constitution of a new, democratic government is ahead of us. We want our citizens to live better," Bečić said.
Dritan Abazović firmly believes that this Agreement is the most significant historical achievement in the last decade.
"The new government will urgently address the economic situation in the country. An empty cash register is what we have. A fight against corruption and crime is what lies ahead. This is a new page in the political life of Montenegro. European Montenegro has won."  
Asked to comment on the fact that some members of the coalition "For the future of Montenegro" refuse to stand during the national anthem, Krivokapić said it was quite natural. "Personal feeling cannot be dominant in any way," he pointed out.
Abazović thinks the new government will be formed before the end of October. The "salvation government", as Krivokapić called it.
Bečić remarked that cooperation with national minorities is on a good footing and that their representatives will be part of the new government. "We have reached out to national minorities. We are establishing a government of all citizens. If anyone thinks that he will manage to protect themselves from what they were doing with the governing party using small trades, they are wrong," Abazović said.
Krivokapić added they "want full transparency of state authorities" while Abazović points out that this government should be everything that DPS never was.
Instead of the government of demagogy, we will have the government of economy, Krivokapić concluded.

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