21 Feb 2019, 22:26 PM

20 February 2019 - Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović recently hosted a delegation of the Western Balkans Chambers Investment Forum led by President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Čadež, the Chairman of the Forum. 

As a regional association of chambers of commerce of the Western Balkans, the Western Balkans Chambers Investment Forum was established at the Vienna Summit in 2015 with the aim of strengthening regional cooperation, through joint chamber activity, cooperation and harmonisation of activities aimed at developing the competitiveness of the economy of the region. The founding of this Forum has highlighted the initiative for the active involvement of national chambers of commerce in achieving the concrete goals of the "Berlin Process."

The Deputy Prime Minister supported the Western Balkans Chambers Investment Forum concrete approach, which, in addition to monitoring the implementation of large regional infrastructure projects, approved by the European Commission, is dedicated to the implementation of smaller-scale projects. It expects the chamber to provide feedback from the market in a timely manner, along with recommendations to indicate to governments the norms that need to be made in order to create a more attractive business and investment environment. In that regard, DPM Simović called for regular two-way communication, exchange of opinions and consultations.

He concluded by saying that the ultimate goal of the chambers, business people and governments of the Western Balkan countries need to be reaching the level of success in which it will not be necessary for us to present the region's investment potentials, but that investors, through successful projects, invite other investors to start a business in this region.

21 Feb 2019, 22:22 PM

20 February 2019 - Works on the boulevard in Donja Gorica are in full swing. The scheduled deadline for the completion of works was extended and the boulevard is now supposed to be finished by 28 March. Dušan Kokić, an engineer from the Transport Administration, said that judging the current dynamics of works, he expects for the works to be completed by the established deadline.

“Works are being carried out according to plan. Works on the installation of fecal and atmospheric sewer are currently being executed on the stretch between “Namos” and “Grand” furniture showrooms. It will be one kilometer long and the workers have already set up 500 meters of it,” said Kokić.

The remaining part of the boulevard has been formed and one layer of asphalt has already been placed.

From the starting point of the boulevard up until the roundabout next to Lješkopoljska street, the traffic moves in two ways. On the stretch where the underground installation is currently being set up, traffic is run on the right boulevard lane in both directions and with no congestion.

Property relations have been settled but during the rainy period works slowed down.

Boulevard in Donja Gorica is 3,5 kilometers long. It has four lanes (3,25 m wide), 2-meter wide median, four roundabouts and full pavements (1,5 m wide).

Value of this construction amounts to 9,6 million EUR.

Transport Administration provides 6 million EUR, whereas the remaining 3,6 million EUR is provided by the Capital City. The contractor is “TEHNOPUT MNE”.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

21 Feb 2019, 22:20 PM

19 February 2019 - Montenegro and Turkey have developed strong and friendly relations that could be further enhanced by strengthening economic cooperation, Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković and newly appointed Ambassador of Turkey Songul Ozan agreed at the meeting that recently took place in Podgorica.

Prime Minister Marković noted that Montenegro, in addition to its strategic priorities, is committed to developing the economy. He added that it is important to continue with high rates of economic growth, job creation and attracting foreign investment.

The increased interest of the Turkish investment companies in Montenegro was assessed as positive, and Ambassador Ozan said that Montenegro is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey, both in terms of its tourism and economic potential. She added that the Turkish companies are interested in investing in airports, agriculture, healthcare and the textile industry.

Both sides agreed that Montenegro has a constructive role in the region and that it always works towards reaching a compromise through dialogue. Ambassador Ozan highlighted the multi-ethnic and multireligious harmony traditionally fostered by Montenegro.

The two countries' partnership, as the Prime Minister said, will be further strengthened through activities in NATO, where, as allies, Montenegro and Turkey can contribute to the preservation of democratic attainments. PM Markovic emphasised that the mutual ties between the two countries are strengthened by the Montenegrin diaspora in Turkey.

"This is another powerful element that connects us and strengthens our ties," Marković concluded.

21 Feb 2019, 22:16 PM

19 February 2019 - Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić met with his Turkish counterpart Süleyman Soylu in Ankara, Turkey. It was assessed that the meeting is a confirmation of the high-quality bilateral relations and friendship between the two countries.

Minister Nuhodžić stressed that the successful fight against all forms of crime requires intensive and continuous cooperation and information exchange.

"Our task is to send a message, through joint actions of the Montenegrin and Turkish police, that every criminal, every fugitive from justice, knows that they will not be able to find safe haven in either Montenegro or Turkey," said Minister Nuhodžić.

Expressing satisfaction with the cooperation and friendly relations between the two countries, Minister Nuhodžić thanked Turkey for the assistance it provides in the area of specialist training and education of Montenegrin police officers. He expressed confidence that the meeting will be an additional incentive for further strengthening of cooperation between the ministries of the interior of Montenegro and Turkey.

Minister Soylu said that the meeting agreed on the improvement of cooperation between the two ministries in the field of police affairs and expressed gratitude to Montenegro for its support in the fight against illegal migration, smuggling, organised crime and terrorism.

"This meeting is a crown of good cooperation and friendship between the Republic of Turkey and Montenegro. Montenegro's NATO membership is extremely important and, therefore, the intention of our two ministries is to further improve cooperation and jointly confront the common forces with all security challenges and threats," the Turkish Minister stressed.

"Stability and further development of the countries of the Western Balkans is very important for Turkey. We see Montenegro as an example of a multi-ethnic and multireligious harmony, bearing in mind that members of different faiths and nations live in Montenegro," he noted, adding that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to visit Montenegro in the near future.

Following the meeting, the two interior ministers signed an agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance in emergency situations. "This agreement is a confirmation of mutual readiness for solidarity and cooperation between our two friendly states," Minister Nuhodžić said.

21 Feb 2019, 18:30 PM

21 February 2019 - The hotel complex Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa located in Igalo, Herceg Novi has earned a high 9.0 guest rating, out of a possible 10, for a complete service in 2018, which is why the website awarded them with the Guest Review Award package.

This is a remarkable acknowledgment of the guests who evaluated the overall offer of the hotel as well as the services that the hotel offers outside the facility, which creates additional motivation for the hotel’s management. Last year's rating of the hotel on was 8.9 and the complex managed to raise that rank to 9.0, which is a great success for the entire Palmon Bay Hotel team.

Palmon Bay Hotel Receives Guest Review Award Certificate 2

The Guest Review Awards program is’s annual appreciation program that recognizes partners for their top-notch hospitality according to review scores left by guests after their stay. To become a winner of the Guest Review Awards, properties need to meet special conditions in relations to review scores and the number of reviews.

The winners of Awards receive their Guest Review Award package, which contains a letter of praise, a special certificate for positive guest reviews, and a window sticker which proves that numerous guests positively evaluated the facility.

Palmon Bay Hotel Receives Guest Review Award Certificate 3

According to the Executive Director of Palmon Bay Hotel and Spa, Bojan Ilić, the guests of the hotel are the heart of their business and making sure they have the best possible experience is what ultimately defines this facility. “Our main goal is for our guests to be satisfied, for them to leave the hotel with a smile and to raise this ranking even more in the future. In this facility, where guests are quite critical, such results point out that we are on the right track. Being harmonized with the standards and procedures and constant training of employees have all come to this result," Ilić explained for Radio Jadran.

He added that the management of the hotel constantly analyzes the guest ratings, trying to make the hotel feel like their home during their stays and to give each guest the same level of attention. “If the management does not pay attention to criticism, the service cannot be improved," Ilić assessed. The guests, according to him, are most appreciative of the staff, the property, the cleanliness, the comfort, the location, i.e. the value of everything for which they invested their money.

Palmon Bay Hotel Receives Guest Review Award Certificate

The hotel management is satisfied with the current visit, although the results can always be better, especially due to aggressive and intense campaigns and promotions at various fairs.

Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa is a modern hotel located in Igalo, Herceg Novi near the seashore. This luxurious hotel features 204 rooms and suites, private beach, Wellness and Spa Centre, lobby and pool bar, business centre and a la carte restaurant Olive Terrace located on the roof terrace. The management of the hotel has high expectations for the four-star Palmon Bay in 2019, and their predictions include improvements in the hotel’s general offer and an increase in the number of visits.


21 Feb 2019, 17:58 PM

21 February 2019 - Montenegrin Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management will officially present the special magazine "The Collection of Montenegro's Best Beaches" for the first time at the IFT 2019 in Belgrade.

Montenegrin Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management will take part in the 41st International Tourism Fair (IFT 2019) in Belgrade. The presentation of Montenegrin beaches, marinas and every aspect of Montenegrin coastal offer will be located at the stand of the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro.

Magazine The Collection of Montenegrin Best Beaches Presented in Belgrade 2

The theme of this year's presentation of the Coastal Zone Management Enterprise is the new categorisation of swimming areas and beaches from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj. According to the Enterprise’s representatives, from this season onwards, all public swimming areas will have their own theme - family swimming places, somewhat more hidden romantic and excursion swimming areas, beaches for active vacation (wind & kite surfing and diving) party beaches.

“As a special novelty, we marked pet-friendly swimming areas that are intended for all tourists and visitors who wish to spend the day on the beach with their pets. There are also special beaches, medicinal and nudist swimming areas. For the fair show, a special magazine "The Collection of Montenegrin Best Beaches" has been prepared - a catalogue of the most attractive beaches that have a prestigious ecological recognition of the Blue Flag, but also an extraordinary gastro and lifestyle offer on the beach,” the representatives of Coastal Zone Management Enterprise explained.

Magazine The Collection of Montenegrin Best Beaches Presented in Belgrade 3

During the fair, the Director of the Public Enterprise, Predrag Jelušić and his associates will meet with numerous workpeople from the tourism department and partners from Serbia and the region. Media presentations will be organized daily on which the Montenegrin coast, as the most important tourist resource, will be promoted before the auditorium of one of the most important tourism fairs.

Source: Radio Jadran

21 Feb 2019, 14:36 PM

February 21, 2019 - The Citizens' Movement  "97,000 Odupri Se" (97.000 Resist) organizes the third gathering in Podgorica on Saturday, to express the civic protest because, as stated, the dysfunctionality of all segments of the political system in Montenegro. A new gathering in front of the Prosecutor's Office building is scheduled for 23 February at 6 pm. For this occasion, we spoke with a member of the organizing committee of the protest campaign, Ilija Gajevic.

TMN: You have made it clear that the first caption for the launch of civil protests "97000 Odupri Se" is the conduct of the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office and the Special State Prosecutor's Office in the affair of the Koverta (Envelope). But, at the same time, you point out that the reasons for the citizen's revolt are unmistakably more, referring to the many affairs that have been shaking Montenegro for years. Why is this case more delicate than any previous scandal you apply?
Ilija Gajevic: This case is different because we have never before seen the malfunctioning of our legal institutions openly like this. After the "Envelope" affair, it was tragic to watch the officials as they tried to convince the citizens that what they saw did not see. And if it is true, what they saw, they would have nothing to do with it, because what they saw remains irrelevant in our legal system. At the same time, the Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić the deaf of the affair, a high official of DPS Slavoljub Stijepovic, heard only once. After that he attended the session of the Presidency of the ruling party like nothing was going on.
At the same time, this case is not much more convincing than many previous affairs when the inefficiency of the system was also in place. We have always been for the sake of efficiency, and they have a "perfection", exclusively to the credible members of the ruling party for which the laws of this state do not apply in the way and to the extent that it refers to all of us gathering in the only free institution of this state - the Street.
TMN: At the second round of protests, you stressed the urgent resignation of the president of the state, Milo Djukanovic, Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic, and Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Sreten Radonjic. Do you think it is possible to reach such goals institutionally?
Ilija Gajevic: No. Our requirements are directed to the unification of all progressive elements of society. They call for dialogue and the realization of the broadest possible consensus between all the progressive elements of the society. We do not trust the institutions, and we do not expect any of them. However, these same demands can also exert pressure within the institutions because, we believe, the regime officials themselves will begin to cancel obedience when they inspect finally that they are on the other side of the law and that it entails consequences for them.
TMN: One of the main issues present in public is who is behind the protest organization. Are you trying to input, control, and manage from some foreign power addresses? Who is behind the protest organization? Who are these citizens?
Ilija Gajevic: Behind the protest is now a broad, horizontal group of over thirty free citizens. Likewise, behind the demonstrations are all those who feel like second-rate citizens and become micro-leaders in their circles, writing support statuses, motivating family members, colleagues, and friends to come out and find a free walk in the streets of the capital. Behind the protest are all those who, with their photographs, video footage, and words overwhelm the media campaign run from the media addresses close to Milo Dukanovic.
TMN: Among other things, in the press, we could find out that the NGO Atlantic Association will be involved in monitoring the protest to find out who is behind them. How do you comment?
Ilija Gajevic: That's their legitimate right. We expect them to find what our answer was to the previous question. We hope that knowledge when they come to it during the monitoring process will be shared with the public.
TMN: There are several well-known civilian activists in the organizing committee. In some media, some of them are trying to show up as dangerous elements?
Ilija Gajevic: This is an expected move by the regime media. We believe that to expose these types of manipulation requires minimal mental effort, so in the vast majority of citizens, it is just the counterfeit of the desired. It strengthens confidence in our team and intent.
TMN: What, for now, are the reactions of the international community to the situation in Montenegro? Does the perception of external factors depend on the courage of Montenegrin citizens to go out into the streets and express their dissatisfaction with the political and legal situation? Is the international community also wondering "who is behind the protest in Montenegro"?
Ilija Gajevic: First of all, we are delighted with the fact that a significant number of regional and international media have conveyed the news of a peaceful gathering of over 10,000 free citizens in the streets of Podgorica. We do not think that Montenegrin citizens expect too much from the international community, bearing in mind the same international community of all the previous elections that it oversaw, despite the apparent irregularities, has been declared free, democratic and valid. The message that we have sent to Europe is that they, as far as values are concerned, have much better associates in us than in the existing regime. However, besides these positive messages, we have also asked whether they feel the responsibility for the long, unbearable DPS rule that brought us into a legal and political situation where the only independent institution in Montenegro remains the street.
TMN: Journalist Esad Kočan wrote for Vijesti a commentary on the political situation in Montenegro and the potential scenarios that might follow. What he said was that in the event of a ruling outfit, the opposition would be on a test that would show their capacity to establish a healthier and more functional system in Montenegro than the existing one. Do you see the political strengths having an ability for that?
Ilija Gajevic: Absolutely yes. First of all, we see the power of the citizen as the bearer of the sovereignty of each community. The citizen finally got his space. We also know the existence of sincere intent and willingness to work together to change and build the new system. Our organizational team is not interested in party interests. We are concerned only with cooperation with citizens, which will focus on the common goal. The prerequisite is to make a consensus about fundamental humanistic values. For now, we believe that this agreement has been reached.
TMN: In inviting citizens to join you on the "Odupri Se" Movement, you ask them to ignore all differences and disagreements among themselves, and concentrate on jointly fighting, as you say, a dysfunctional system inherent in the ruling party and its president and the President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic. Montenegrin history was marked by polarised in all times and all critical historical moments. Why should we believe that this moment could be different?
Ilija Gajevic: We need to believe because all the elements necessary for this process have long since been present and mature. We think that public consciousness was activated. It is the consciousness that understands why it is essential to be free, which recognizes that we have an influence on the world around us and why it is vital that we can decide what this impact will be. We began to understand that we should not accept the decisions that others make on our behalf for their benefit, ignoring the destructive influence on society and lacking a sense of responsibility for their actions. We have to believe it, because all the messages, comments, calls we have received from fellow citizens convince that. 
We felt that there was a vast number of fellow citizens who shared our values but found no way to channel their voice, which turned out to be true. 97 000 Odupri Se is an opportunity for all of us to be citizens. The response to the protests is that this need has overcome all the differences, which are an integral part of every civilized community and ours. We will have the opportunity to bring our opinions and interests into line. But, the first goal of this movement is to create a healthy social climate, which will not resort to manipulation of differences among the citizens of this country.
21 Feb 2019, 11:09 AM

To the public competition for the selection of the most successful managers and entrepreneurs in the past year published by the Association of Montenegrin Managers (AMM), 249 proposals arrived, out of which 82 were accepted.

The AMM announced that such a large number of nominations, but also accepted candidates, showed that the business community recognized the importance of affirmation of the results and provided a prominent prestige to the business prize awarded by the profession.

The public competition was officially closed on Monday.

The support of awarding the most successful managers and entrepreneurs is granted by the Government, the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG), the Council of Foreign Investors (SSICG), the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro, the Human Resources Management Board, the Economic and Faculty for Mediterranean Studies and the Fund for Active Citizenship (FAKT).

The AMM said that before the committee, which will hold its first plenary session tomorrow and a final one on Monday in the hotel Hilton, there will be no easy task due to the great competition and interest of the business community.

Text by MINA Business, on February 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 Feb 2019, 11:03 AM

The project "100 Greatest in Montenegro 2019" is intended for companies that, despite numerous limitations, objective and subjective barriers in business, continuously achieve excellent results and as such deserve the recognition and respect of the wider community. This was announced at the press conference on the occasion of the start of the project "100 Greatest in Montenegro", which is being held this year for the second time, initiated by the company “BI Consulting”, as the leading agency in the field of business and credit information in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy, with the support of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and with the general sponsorship of the Société Générale Bank Montenegro.

The founder of BI Consulting, a provider of business information, Ratko Nikolic, reminded that the goal of the project is to promote positive business practice in Montenegro, to make it visible to the most important Montenegrin companies, the major taxpayers and the largest employers.

"Despite numerous limitations, objective and subjective barriers in business, it should be noted that in Montenegro there is a significant number of companies that continuously achieve excellent results. Such companies deserve recognition and respect of the wider community, which is why this Project is dedicated to them," Nikolic said.

On the basis of clear parameters from the financial statements for the business year 2018, he said that 100 major companies from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as all large companies will be selected.

"We will rank all of them according to clear and publicly available parameters from their duly submitted financial statements, based on total revenues, realized net profit and number of employees. We will also distinguish and rate 20 companies as per 12 key business activities and publish them all in a special annual publication, an exclusive, collector's edition, in which all the significant business achievements in the previous financial year will find its place," Nikolic said.

According to him, the criteria and parameters for ranking are public, clear and precise, and companies, as explained, are ranked by automation, depending on the results achieved, reported in the balance sheets.

"Only companies that submitted correct financial statements for 2018 will be on the lists, that were not blocked in the last 12 months, that regularly carry out tax obligations or regularly execute their commitments from the reprograms, operate for at least three years, have a capital higher than 100 thousand euros and more than three employees," Nikolic said.

He added that the first-ranked companies in these categories and one for the fastest growing company per the same parameters will be awarded at the ceremony at the end of May. CEO of the Directorate for Investments, Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Management of EU Funds in the Ministry of Economy, Radosav Babic, said that in Montenegro there are about 26 thousand registered companies, which will be in the competition for the selection of the greatest and most profitable ones.

"Such a project will show existing and potential investors that in Montenegro they can find credible business opportunities and partners. It will additionally inspire and encourage start-up projects, especially in the category of micro and small enterprises. It is up to us as a government and the state to create entrepreneurs with a favorable business environment and support for growth and development," Babić explained.

He announced that the Ministry of Economy will implement the Program for improving the competitiveness of the economy this year, through ten different Program lines for improving the innovativeness, introduction of international standards, modernization of the processing industry, cluster development, support for the development of crafts, provision of mentoring services and entrepreneurship development.

"I am convinced that this kind of project is an additional incentive for domestic businessmen to use the Government's available support in order to continuously improve their business in the future and contribute to their efforts to find themselves on the list of the 100 greatest in Montenegro," Babic said.

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Nemanja Katnic, said that the participation of this sector, that is, the Government in the project will be very significant and that it will be an additional stimulus for domestic companies that want to achieve even better business results.

"This project also highlights the major taxpayers, which also shows how important financial reporting is for both businessmen and the state," Katnic said.

The 100 Greatest project, he explained, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, in the previous year, singled out and awarded the best Montenegrin companies in different categories, which, as he added, is a guarantee that Montenegro has quality business entities.

"We hope that the forthcoming period will produce new names on the Montenegrin market, which will contribute to the development of the economic sector, which will result in new jobs and increased export, as well as the development of entrepreneurship, which is ultimately one of the main goals of the Government," Katnic said.

Executive Director of the Business department and Vice president of the Société Générale Bank Montenegro, Samo Jovićević, said that, given the results and organization of the "100 Greatest in Montenegro" last year, that bank decided to be part of the project this year, which will additionally highlight and reward the largest, best and most successful Montenegrin companies.

"We at the Société Générale Montenegro believe that rewarding and highlighting companies that have made an outstanding contribution to the Montenegrin economy and the development of small and medium business is very important, primarily because it should  an example and show that along with persistent and committed work it is possible to achieve good results and contribute to the further development of the business environment and the economy as a whole," Jovicevic said.

He said that the Société Générale Bank Montenegro continued with strong credit support to the Montenegrin companies last year, which, as he added, is witnessed by the dynamic growth of the bank's loan portfolio in this segment of about ten percent.

"We are sure that many Montenegrin companies, with our many years of continuous support, achieved record results in 2018 and will deserve to be part of the club of the best and most successful Montenegrin companies," Jovicevic said.

More detailed information about conditions, criteria and categories is available on the site 

Text by Promo, on February 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti 

21 Feb 2019, 11:00 AM

The Municipality of Budva hosts the second meeting of project partners realized within the project implementation of #DynaMob 2.0 - Dynamic mobility. The project is funded by EU funds through the INTERREG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program for Italy, Albania and Montenegro 2014-2020.

The #DynaMob 2.0 project aims to promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport with a focus on car sharing and bike sharing. The Municipality of Budva will, for the first time, through the #DynaMob 2.0 project, provide the opportunity for its citizens and tourists for an alternative, healthier and more economical transportation in the city, through the purchase of electric bikes, the installation of a filling station for eco cars, in combination with the appropriate application.

The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Marko Markovic, vice-president of the Municipality Budva. During the meeting, the partners of the project will discuss the implementation of the project activities so far, will present the latest technologies and results related to the Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility, #Dynamob 2.0 Paths and Investments. The meeting was attended by the representatives of partner institutions: Copertino Municipality (Italy), Ulisse Training Center (Italy), Campobasso (Italy), Tirana Chamber of Commerce, Skrapar Municipality (Albania) and Tirana Municipality (Albania). The Municipality of Budva was represented by the Secretariat for Municipal Utility Affairs and the Office for European Integration and Cooperation. The total budget of the project #DynaMob 2.0 is 839.500 euros, and the implementation of the project will last until April 2020.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on February 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 Feb 2019, 10:27 AM

February 21, 2019 - The two-day presentation of vacancies in the Lustica Development company in Tivat and the Chedi Hotel Lustica Bay for all interested candidates will be held on Friday and Saturday, 22 February and 23 February.

There are about 100 vacancies in the hotel and 15 in Lustica Development, which is developing a project for the construction of a tourist town Lustica Bay. These are operational and administrative engagements in the field of tourism and catering, and the highest percentage of seasonal character.

Negotiations with potential candidates will take place from 1 pm to 5 pm on Friday, or 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Organizers suggest applicants bring more copies of the resume, as personal interviews with the members of the companies are also expected. There will be organized free transport, in a limited number of places, from Tivat, Kotor, and Budva for interested candidates.
Friday, 22 February
TIVAT / KOTOR (Bus station - Franca Tivat / Bus station at the Pavgord gas station in Kotor)
Tivat/ Kotor - the Chedi:
12.15 pm/12.30 pm - 12.45 pm
1 pm/1.15 pm - 1.25 pm
1.45 pm/2 pm - 2.15 pm
The Chedi - Kotor/Tivat
3.30pm - 3.40 pm/ 4 pm
4.25 pm - 4.35 pm/ 4.50 pm
5.15 pm - 5.25 pm/ 5.40 pm
BUDVA (parking space by the “Akademija Znanja” at the detour)
Budva - the Chedi
12.10 pm - 12.40 pm
1 pm - 1.30 pm
The Chedi - Budva
4 pm - 4.30 pm
5 pm - 5.30 pm
Saturday, 23 February 
TIVAT / KOTOR (Bus station - Franca Tivat / Bus station at the Pavgord gas station in Kotor)
Tivat/ Kotor - the Chedi
9.15 am/9.30 am- 9.45 am
10 am/10.15 am- 10.25 am
10.45 am/11 am- 11.15 am
The Chedi - Kotor/Tivat
12.30 pm- 12.40 pm/1 pm
1.25 pm - 1.35 pm/1.50 pm
2.15 pm - 2.25 pm/2.40 pm
BUDVA (Academy of Knowledge at the Forwarders)
Budva - the Chedi
9.10 am - 9.40 am
10 am - 10.30 am
The Chedi - Budva
1 pm - 1.30 pm
2 pm - 2.30 pm
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