11 Oct 2019, 16:24 PM

11 October 2019 - Prime Minister of the Government of Montenegro Duško Marković recently paid a visit to Moračica Bridge, and on that occasion he expressed satisfaction with connecting the span structure on the largest construction project of the first section of the Motorway, highlighting that only the motorway opening will be more important than this moment. 

"I would say that this is the most important day for this entire project. Not maybe, but certainly the only moment more important from this one, is the completion of the whole motorway section and its commissioning," the Prime Minister stated. 

Prime Minister Marković took this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the largest single construction is at this phase.

"They tell me that this is the third-largest rate bridge in Europe and among the top ten in the world, you can imagine what kind of construction project it is… This is a special day for Montenegro, a special day for all of us who are committed and follow the implementation of this project; this is a confirmation of capability and credibility not only the contractors, but also the entire team involved in this project. This is a confirmation that Montenegro can tackle these project challenges to the benefit of citizens, the state and the population standard of living," pointed out PM Marković, writes his Office.

Prime Minister Marković recalled that it is an investment worth over 70 million EUR and expressed his belief that the Bridge will be fully completed until March next year to be in optimum position function with the Motorway commissioning. 

Moračica Bridge, the most massive single structure on the priority section of the Bar – Boljare motorway, is 175 m high (from the bottom bed of Morača to the roadway of 205 m), 23,4 m wide and 960 m long. 

In addition to Prime Minister Duško Marković, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković, chief engineer of the Bridge Duško Rondović, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Liu Jin and CRBS General Manager in Montenegro Hei Shiqiang also attended the visit to the Bridge Moračica.

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11 Oct 2019, 13:29 PM
October 11, 2019 - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport announced the submission of applications for pre-qualification for the Airports of Montenegro concession.
Following the Law on Concessions, the Government of Montenegro has adopted a concession act of the concessions for the Airports of Montenegro - Tivat and Podgorica International Airports to the competitively selected best bidder who will establish and register a legal entity with the seat in Montenegro for performing the concession activity. The subject of the concession is the construction, reconstruction, modernization, maintenance, and use of the Airport of Montenegro.
The public invitation states that the  Government intends to provide, through the award of the concession, the necessary valorization of the Airport of Montenegro in a long-term and sustainable manner that will be in the interest of Montenegro and its further economic development.
"The involvement of the private sector in the management of the Montenegrin Airports will result in improved passenger services, an extension of routes, increased air accessibility, and better promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination, which creates significant benefits at the national and regional level."
The selection of a private partner to carry out the reconstruction, modernization, maintenance, and use of the Airport of Montenegro will be carried out in a two-stage procedure. After the Public Notice for Prequalification announced today, the Call for Proposals will be sent to interested concessionaires who will be positively evaluated in the first phase of the tender.
The right to participate in the tender procedure, by submitting only one bid, is a domestic or foreign legal or natural person, acting as a sole bidder or in a consortium consisting of a maximum of five members.
Transport Minister Osman Nurkovic told TVCG that the interest of foreign companies is high and that the bidder is obliged to pay at least EUR 100 million in advance and to pay the state at least 10 percent of the airport's annual revenue over the next 30 years.
The expected volume of investments is at least 80 million in the first three years and, as Nurkovic adds, at least 200 million over the total duration of the investment.
The pre-qualification phase will last 45 days, after which the tender procedure is expected. The public invitation was also published in the renowned economic journal Financial times.
11 Oct 2019, 09:48 AM
October 11, 2019 - The Montenegrin government has sent a protest to Albania over the latest environmental accidents in the Bojana River watershed, which, according to the government, threaten the image of this prestigious tourist destination.
"Following good-neighborly policy, the Government of Montenegro, consistently insisting on the implementation of all international conventions, in constant communication with the Albanian side.
The protest of the Government of Montenegro came after the competent, at the invitation of concerned residents of Ulcinj, toured the ground and found that the corpses of dead hens, cows, and pigs were floating on the Bojana River.
The director of the Food, Veterinary, and Phytosanitary Affairs Directorate, Vesna Dakovic, who coordinated the action on the field, said on Wednesday that everything was a cross-border problem. That is, animals originating in neighboring Albania are dead; since in the broader area, there are no poultry farms on the Montenegrin side.
"It is evident that the problem is cross-border in nature. The results of the laboratory analyses of the samples showed that the poultry was not infected with any disease that could be transmitted to humans. Still, it was isolated Salmonella, which affects the poultry and from which the chickens were most likely killed," Dakovic said.
It was planned to start the action of collecting waste from water immediately. It is estimated that several days will be required to obtain this waste when visiting the upper stream of the river".
The protest was addressed to the Albanian side on the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System, Milutin Simovic, and Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavel Radulovic.
"Accordingly, the Montenegrin side is obliged to inform all its international partners, which will be done in an emergency official procedure," the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism said in a statement.
Recall that the first incident of this kind was officially reported on September 30, 2019. On that occasion, the inspector took samples from the field and sent for analysis to determine that the quantity found had been harmlessly removed.
11 Oct 2019, 09:36 AM
October 11, 2019 - Croatian MEP Tonino Picula has been named reporter for the European Parliament for Montenegro, which has been in the EU candidate status since 2010 and began accession negotiations in June 2012, the MEP office announced on Thursday.
"Of all the candidate countries, Montenegro has moved farthest in its negotiations with the European Union, and as a reporter for the European Parliament for Montenegro, I will advocate strengthening its ties with the Union to become a full member as soon as possible. It is of strategic interest for Croatia to have other Union members at all its borders. Our experience and know-how, which we gained as the last country to become an EU member, should be transferred to the countries in the region, and I believe that in Podgorica, we will have the right partners on their path to the Union," Picula said during the appointment.
Picula stressed that the endorsement of Joseph Borrell by the EP as a candidate for European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, who placed the Western Balkan countries at the top of his term of office, further strengthens their European perspective.
In its negotiations with Montenegro, the Union emphasizes the rule of law, an independent judiciary, freedom of the media, and a more effective fight against crime and corruption. Chapters 23 (Justice and Fundamental Rights) and 24 (Justice, Freedom, and Security) are priorities for this country. Currently, most of the 83 provisional benchmarks in Chapters 23 and 24, which relate to improving the legislative and institutional framework, have been met.
Montenegro has opened a total of 32 of the 35 negotiating chapters, and three are provisionally closed. The EC report for 2018 reveals a lack of confidence in the electoral system. Still, on the other hand, Montenegro is making moderate progress in the judiciary and is making the same progress in public administration concerning rationalization and depoliticization, where further efforts are needed, statement.
11 Oct 2019, 02:37 AM

11 October 2019 - German public service Norddeutscher Rundfunk recently broadcasted a report on Montenegro entitled "Montenegro - From the Black Mountains to the sea" (Montenegro - von den schwarzen bergen zum meer).

The author of the show, Torben Schmidt, began his journey by night train on the border with Serbia. From Bijelo Polje, a small town with socialist charm, Schmidt goes on a journey through the mountains to the sea. “The railroad through the Dinaric Mountains, over serpentines and bridges to the coastal town of Bar, is considered to be the most beautiful railway in the Balkans. As the so-called Tito’s Railway, it was the pride of Yugoslavian railway architecture," says the author.

The show states that Montenegro owes its name to the Black Mountains. "In the country, you can find steep cliffs, deep gorges, picturesque lakes, Orthodox monasteries, Venetian architecture, sandy beaches and even a fjord like in Norway. Three climatic zones pass through the Adriatic, as large as the German region of Schleswig Holstein. Residents still have to find their way between the challenges of the post-socialist squad, the lavish Balkan sentiment and the chance of a still undiscovered tourist destination in Europe," says Schmidt.

Montenegro From the Black Mountains to the sea 2

After the railroad trip segment, the film presents a passionate mountaineer, Milan Radović, who, as the first Montenegrin to climb an eight thousand meters peak, still proclaims Montenegro the most beautiful country in the world.

In the rock monastery Ostrog, which was a refuge for the locals during the Ottoman siege, the author talks with a young pilgrim; and on Lake Skadar, he interviews an ornithologist who has devoted himself to the protection of the pelicans. Finally, the Schmidt reaches the Montenegrin coast and gains insight into the lives of Montenegrin fire-fighters and a local water polo coach.

The National Tourism Organization of Montenegro supported this project of the German production company Elbmotion pictures from Hamburg, whose representatives visited Montenegro last year.

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11 Oct 2019, 02:05 AM

11 October 2019 - On October 3rd, and Jet2holidays announced new direct services to Tivat in Montenegro, with flights and holidays going on sale from London Stansted and Manchester Airports.

The announcement marks the first time that has operated flights direct to Montenegro, a destination that features everything from golden beaches and cool bars to whitewashed villages and rugged national parks. Currently accessible from Dubrovnik, the launch of this brand new route now gives holidaymakers direct access to Montenegro with and Jet2holidays.

UK based Jet2 to launch flights to Tivat Montenegro in May 2020

The airline will operate up to two weekly services (Thursday and Sunday) to Tivat from each base, with services running from May through to October.

Located on the west coast of the Balkan Peninsula, Tivat opens up an array of dazzling options for holidaymakers, including resorts such as stylish Budva, chilled-out Bečići and the stunning Herceg Novi. The classy coastal town of Tivat itself is nearby, as is the jaw-dropping Kotor Bay.

This is’s third brand new route for Summer 20, in addition to Preveza (Greece) and Zadar (Croatia).

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said: “The introduction of services to Tivat means that we are operating direct flights to Montenegro for the first time. With stunning scenery, a wonderful climate, and fantastic resorts such as Budva and Bečići on offer, we are expecting this destination to be hugely popular with holidaymakers. Yet again, and Jet2holidays are giving holidaymakers and independent travel agents even more choice and flexibility when it comes to booking our award-winning flights and holidays.”

Low-cost carrier Jet2 will enter the Montenegrin market in 2020 with the launch of two new routes to Tivat. The airline will inaugurate two weekly flights from Manchester and London Stansted starting May 21. Both will be operated with a 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The announcement marks the first time the leisure airline and package holiday specialist has operated flights to Montenegro.

"The Balkan beauty of Montenegro sits beside neighbours Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Majestic mountains stand proud against brilliant beaches, with terracotta-topped towns in between. You’ll find laid-back rural areas alongside upmarket marinas too. Sound up your street? Let us show you more…," says the open invitation of the Jet2 company to all interested travellers to visit Montenegro and its beauty.

Tickets are already available for purchase on the airline's website.

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11 Oct 2019, 01:50 AM

11 October 2019 - The Stadium of little sports (Montenegrin: Stadion malih sportova) in Podgorica, to the satisfaction of all citizens and sports enthusiasts, will soon get a completely new look. Reconstruction of the stadium is in progress and, as the representatives of the government of the Capital City announce, it will be completed by the end of the year.

Sneak Preview into Reconstruction Project Stadium of Little Sports in Podgorica

Podgorica's Construction and Development Agency launched a tender for the reconstruction of The Stadium of little sports, worth 550,000, EUR two days ago, announced the PR Office of the Mayor of Podgorica. The construction works, they explain, will include the reconstruction of a football and basketball playground, construction of a grandstand with a storage room for equipment and props, and the construction of an access path from the main gate to the playgrounds and grandstands. The works also include the necessary greening of the space.

Sneak Preview into Reconstruction Project Stadium of Little Sports in Podgorica 3

In addition to the funds earmarked by the Capital, the Football Federation of Montenegro will invest in the reconstruction of the Stadium of Small Sports in the amount of about 50,000 EUR.

Following the Detailed Urban Plan “Nova Varoš 2” from 2008, the plan of The Stadium of little sports in this area envisaged an urban plot for the construction of residential buildings. However, in May 2015, the Capital issued a Decision on drafting amendments to the planning document, with a guideline from the Spatial Urban Plan, as a higher-level plan, to convert the collective housing area into sports and recreation areas in the mentioned area. In this way, the Capital's position was clearly expressed that the premises of The Stadium of little sports do not have collective housing facilities, but that this space is treated as a sports and recreation zone.

Sneak Preview into Reconstruction Project Stadium of Little Sports in Podgorica 4

The Stadium of Little Sports is a multi-purpose stadium in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. It is located under the Gorica Hill, near the city centre. The stadium's total area is 6.686 square meters, and the municipality of Podgorica owns it. It serves as one of the leading concert venues in the city.

Sneak Preview into Reconstruction Project Stadium of Little Sports in Podgorica 2

The citizens of Podgorica, as well as the citizens of the country, hope that with this reconstruction, the stadium will regain its original purpose – hosting sports events and gathering people of all generations. They are looking forward to seeing children and adults playing handball and mini football like they used to in the past.

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11 Oct 2019, 01:29 AM

11 October 2019 - Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković recently hosted the representatives of the Italian company Leitner, one of the world's leading manufacturers of products and equipment for ropeways, snow groomers, urban transportation systems, and wind energy. Following the successful launch of the cable car project in Cmiljača and the Monastery Podvrh - Đalovića Cave, the company expressed its intention to start a project to build a gondola cable car from Kotor to Njeguši by financing, according to initial estimates, around 20 million EUR.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with Leitner's business operations in Montenegro so far, assessing that the two cable cars projects, as strategic projects financed by the Government and built by Leitner, are successfully implemented due to the seriousness and commitment of the parent company, as well as the choice of a high-quality local partner.

"It is important for the Government of Montenegro, which allocates a large amount of money from the capital budget for strategic development projects, to have credible partners like Leitner who bring new quality and knowledge. The successful start of the previous two projects recommends you for this one as well. That is why I was delighted by your interest in the Kotor – Njeguši cable car project that you would build on the principle of concession or public-private partnership," Prime Minister Marković noted.

Sales director and member of the Leitner Board of Directors Martin Leitner presented a preliminary design of the cable car to the Prime Minister, saying, among other things, that they plan to build Pininfarina cabins similar to the ones they recently built in Zermatt in Switzerland on the Matterhorn Glacier.

The meeting assessed that the project has a tourist, but also ecological and cultural dimension as it enriches the tourist offer of Montenegro, improves the tourist position of Cetinje and Lovćen National Park, but also creates preconditions for reducing the volume of traffic from Kotor to Njeguši.

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović and Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović also attended the meeting.

10 Oct 2019, 12:00 PM
October 10, 2019 - The Joint Advisory Committee of the European Committee of the Regions - CoR and Montenegro will hold its 13th session on Monday, 15 October, in Tivat.
The CoR is an assembly of local and regional representatives in the European Union. It is an EU political organization comprising 350 members and 350 alternate members from all EU Member States. The members are elected at the local or regional level (e.g., mayors, mayors, mayors, city board members, assemblies). The members were assembled into political groups (European political parties; there are now five). CoR is headed by President, now Karl-Heinz Lambertz (Socialist from Belgium).
The European Committee of the Regions is the voice of EU cities, municipalities, and regions. Advises EU legislatures (EU Council, European Parliament) on legislation, which is implemented at the local and regional levels in 70%. It meets full six times a year in Brussels / Brussels, and also acts on six thematic committees.
As a permanent form of cooperation with EU candidate countries - including Montenegro - CoR maintains joint advisory committees. These are parity bodies, meaning that they have an equal number of members from the CoR and the partner country, in this case, eight. JCC ME has two co-chairs; from the EU (CoR), it is Jelena Drenjanin (Sweden, European People's Party - EPP), and from Montenegro is Aleksandar Kašćelan, Mayor of Cetinje. On the European side, the CoR General Secretariat prepares the session of the Committee, and on the Montenegrin Union of Municipalities.
There will be two crucial topics on the agenda of the 13th session of the JCC ME: the system of financing and maintenance of municipal infrastructure and "Should we still work with our hands?" - The role of industry in economic development at the local level. Speakers from Montenegro (host, Tivat Mayor Dr Sinisa Kusovac; Montenegrin Chief EU Negotiator Aleksandar Drljevic; Sanja Zivkovic, Secretary of the Spatial Planning Committee of the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro; Ranko Misnic, Mayor of Mojkovac and others), guests from the EU will also speak : Aivo Orav, Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Montenegro; Jaroslav Hlinka, CoR rapporteur for the 2019 Enlargement Package (Slovakia, Socialist); Sonja Polonijo, Crikvenica City Hall, waste management expert, and Dr. Velibor Mackic, professor at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb.
09 Oct 2019, 16:35 PM

09 October 2019 - Economic activity is slowing in the Western Balkans, alongside investments and exports in the six countries of the region. According to the latest Western Balkans Economic Report called ‘Rising Uncertainties’, growth is estimated at 3,2 per cent in 2019, which is by 3,9 per cent lower than in 2018.

Growth in North Macedonia has continued following a major slowdown in 2019, while Kosovo is expected to record strong growth at 4 per cent. Most economies in the region are seeing slower growth compared to one year ago. Even though the regional economy is foreseen to grow in 2020 and 2021, it will remain slightly below the ten year high of 2018.

"Continuing growth in the region will help to create jobs, bring more women into the labor market and help to curb emigration," says Linda Van Gelder, World Bank Director for the Western Balkans, writes Cafe del Montenegro.

She also added that the economic clouds on the horizon point out to a need for policymakers to reinforce competitiveness, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending, and resolve rising fiscal imbalances in order to build on these successes and encourage sustainable growth.

Despite the economic slowdown, the unemployment rate in the region continued to decline, reaching historic lows.

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09 Oct 2019, 16:29 PM

09 October 2019 - At the invitation of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ivan Brajović, a delegation of the Parliament of Georgia, headed by president Archil Talakvadze, is making its official visit to Montenegro, CdM reports.

Brajović pointed out in the meeting with the delegation that the visit was an additional impulse for strengthening ties and enhancing political dialogue at high and the highest level.

"Montenegro-Georgia relations are friendly. We share European values and the vision of the future in the European Union. Montenegro supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. As NATO members, we will continue to support Euro-Atlantic ambitions this country cherishes," said President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ivan Brajović.

While expressing special satisfaction about the meeting with President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ivan Brajović, Georgian president of the Parliament Archil Talakvadze pointed out that the visit to Montenegro was his priority.

"I congratulate Montenegro on everything it has achieved so far. From the political and economic point of view, Montenegro can serve as an example to other countries in the region. Citizens of Georgia were very happy about Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic success," said Archil Talavadze.

Interlocutors agreed that parliaments had a very responsible role in the further democratization of countries.

Georgian president of the Parliament also thanked Montenegro for the support it pledges to his country in the process of democratic transition, Euro-Atlantic and European path.

They also discussed political and economic priorities in the development of Montenegro and Georgia, as well as economic cooperation that can be improved in many areas.

Presidents of Parliaments of Montenegro and Georgia laid a wreath at the monument of the Partisan soldier in Gorica. Tonight at 7 PM in Bar, the Honorary Consulate of Georgia in Montenegro will be officially opened.

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