17 Aug 2019, 11:39 AM

17 August 2019 - The Government of Montenegro will invest about 100 million EUR in the construction of new ski resorts, including the complete road, electricity and, utility infrastructure, by 2022, said the director of Public Works Directorate Resad Nuhodžić in an interview for Radio Montenegro.

The Public Works Administration, according to Nuhodžić, currently has over one hundred projects that include a large number of subprojects that are in the different stages of realization, mostly in northern Montenegro.

"Such a large number of projects is a direct indicator of a strategic commitment of the Government of Montenegro to invest in infrastructure development of the northern region and thus to affect the even development of the state. It is the Government’s goal to provide a higher standard of living to the inhabitants of the northern region,” says Nuhodžić.

In recent years, the Government of Montenegro has worked intensively to create conditions for the full valorisation of the tourism potential of northern municipalities, and to this end, new ski centres have been recognized as a great opportunity not only for tourism development, but also for improving the living conditions of the population and job creation.

Nuhodžić highlighted that the new Kolašin 1600 ski resort was opened in the middle of February this year, and the Government allocated 17 million EUR for that project. Another ski lift is planned at this location, which will connect the Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450 ski resorts. Also, as the representatives of the Government informed the public several times in the past, the construction of three new ski centres has been initiated.

The construction of a traffic infrastructure worth close to two million euros is underway near Hajla Mountain in Rožaje. Upon completion of this work, conditions will be created for the construction of a cable car with supporting facilities worth more than nine million euros.

“Bjelo Polje’s Cmiljača will be the real winter jewel of Montenegro in a year. The site is currently under construction, which includes ten kilometres of long-term transport infrastructure, as well as electricity networks, as a precondition for the construction of ski slopes and cable cars, which have already been contracted, for a total value of about 11 million EUR,” said Nuhodžić.

Also, preparations are underway for the construction of a ski centre on the Žarski site in Mojkovac municipality. The Public Works Administration has already contracted the development of technical documentation and the construction of a cable car and ski slopes, and the Government will allocate close to 30 million EUR for the entire project.

He added that, unfortunately, some projects included irresponsible contractors, who did not comply with the contractual obligations. "I will recall that for these reasons we have recently terminated three contracts, and I would like to take this opportunity to once again publicly announce that the Administration Public Works Office and the Government of Montenegro will not tolerate if the irresponsibility of individual companies questions the implementation of capital projects. Therefore, I can judge the dynamics of the works as satisfactory, but it can certainly be better,” Nuhodžić said.

Read more about the capital projects of the Government of Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

16 Aug 2019, 14:25 PM

"The Little Pirate" directed by Milan Karadžić and written by Aleksandra Glovacki will be played on Sunday, August 18th at Purgatorije Festival in Tivat. The show premiered last year in Tivat on December 20th in the coproduction of Culture Centre Tivat and CityTheatre Podgorica. It will be performed on Sunday at 9 pm at the Tivat Summer Stage.

The play is inspired by Ante Staničić’s novel “The Little Pirate”. The Tivat writer found inspiration for his books on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, among his countrymen whom he considered very brave. 

“Ante Staničić's novel "The Little Pirate" marked time and space that everyone gladly remembers, through projects we happily return to him. For me, it was especially inspiring to return to Tivat after many years, wanting to do a play that would be loved to watch and play.

The play "Little Pirate" is an homage to good comics, adventure scenes and lucid film directors, on the one hand, and on the other, confronting our small towns and the inhabitants, not very well-intentioned towards our heroes, those rare ones who have the courage to be different, their own. Our story puts the wind in the back of everyone who carries that grain of courage,” the director said.

This adventure story, in the form of a musical with elements of comedy and melodrama, happens in the 18th century when pirates seized the seas. The work depicts, among other things, the lives of Bokelian mariners and their customs from that time. In addition to exciting and dramatic events, the story also sends a strong message of love, both to other people and nations and to the family.

Cast: Pavle Popović, Goran Slavić, Miloš Kašćelan, Jelena Đukić, Miloš Pejović, Marija Maša Labudović, Dubravka Drakić, Pavle Ilić, Sanja Popović, Branko Ilić, Marija Đurić, Jelena Simić, Katarina Krek, Branka Femić Šćekić, Omar Bajramspahić, Ivan Kašćelan.

The show “Little Pirate” is for ages 7 to 107.

16 Aug 2019, 13:10 PM

16. August 2019 - "Girl with Strings" continues the drama program of Budva Theatre City Festival on Saturday, August 17th. This modern drama opera directed by Marjan Necak will be played on stage between churches at 9 pm, as announced by the Festival Press. The play is a co-production of the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana and the Moving Music Theatre in Bitola. At the Viminacium Festival in Serbia, "Girl with Strings" was voted the best performance by the jury.

The website published:

“The modern dramatic opera by Marjan Necak, Maja Hrgovic and Ana Bunteska accompanies a young violinist traveling by train through Europe in the hope of a career as a top musician. But without a family and social foothold, from a girl who lived (for) her dream of happiness and deserved accolades, she increasingly becomes one of the many creatures who live from gigs in the streets and squares of indifferent European metros,. Consciously alluding to Andersen's Girl with Matches, Girl with Strings does not end in utter hopelessness, because on the symbolic-metaphorical plane of the violin strings they are still more powerful than everywhere threatening barbed strings. The roles are interpreted by Barbara Cerar, Uros Furst and Branko Šturbej (voice)."    

Zoran Popovic says in his review of this contemporary drama opera:

Marjan Necak is not only a composer of fantastic music drama, but instead moves with scores of light and colors, stage arrangements, collecting inspirational pictorial compositions. This is how it is located in the stage space - a small universe of the enclosed contemporary world which is also an intimate area in the wires of a girl, which can more clearly recognize her fairy tale, builds a magical, visually real ambience where the distant times and places, reality and imagination through which she spreads - searches for the reality of events. "

The directing, composition, stage design and lighting design were done by Marjan Necak, the lyrics written by Ana Bunteska, and dramaturgy by Darja Dominkus. Costume design is by Natasa Filipovic, while the editor is Tatjana Stanic, video author Marin Lukanovic and choreographer Žigan Krajnčan.

16 Aug 2019, 13:32 PM

The ten best beaches in Montenegro, recommended by Visit Montenegro, are Ploce, Trsteno, Kamenovo, Jaz, Velika plaza, Mogren, St. Stefan, Queen's Beach, Lucice and Blue Horizons.

The beach Ploce is well thought out and designed: four seawater pools, free parking, showers, cafes, restaurants, sunbeds, rescue services and ambulances, and massages, and the beach also organizes various parties.

Trsteno beach is said to be ideal for families with children offering sunbeds, restaurants, and parking.

They recall that Kamenovo has chameleon water, which changes color depending on the angle of the sun's rays from turquoise to azure. Here the sun stays for a long time and the sunsets are stunning. It offers restaurants and cafes, parties and attracts younger people.

Jaz beach has a number of restaurants and tourist facilities. It was declared as the best European beach in 2015 by Lonely planet.

At Velika plaza and Ada Bojana the beaches boast the most spectacular sunsets. These beaches attract writers, poets, actors, singers and bohemians. Ada Bojana is a nudist paradise, known for its moderate wind perfect for kite surfing, which is the number one sport here and clubs offer equipment and training.


Ulcinj - Velika plaza

Mogren Beach consists of two beautiful beaches connected by a tunnel. This beach has a blue flag, which is a symbol of high environmental standards and quality and clean water, they state. The beach is easily accessible by foot from the Old Town of Budva. The walk offers views of the old town and the skyline.

Sveti Stefan beach is a trademark of Montenegro, and on the peninsula is the luxurious resort Aman Sveti Stefan. The left side of St. Stefan beach is free, while the right side is private and 50 euros are required to enter. The Queen's Beach is part of the St. Stefan's Amman Resort and is only available to hotel guests. If you want to use the beach you have to pay 70 euros per person. It is such a combination of rich vegetation, cultivated nature and clean water.

Lucice Beach offers refreshments in cafes, by boats you can visit the islands Katic and St. Nedjelja, there are no sunbeds on half of the beach, and a water slide and playground have been made for children.

The beach Blue Horions is suitable for families with children, and visitors have beach access, sunbeds and cabins, and a seafood restaurant. For lovers of active beach holidays, there are sports fields for volleyball, basketball and tennis, one can rent a boat or water ski, jet ski or go fishing.

Text by Boka News, on August 16th, 2019, read more at Boka News

16 Aug 2019, 13:29 PM

The government, in cooperation with the municipalities, should provide free textbooks for all elementary students to comply with the constitutional provision on compulsory and free primary education, according to the Center for Civic Education (CCE).

The CCE's analysis, "Why Do Student Textbooks Cause a Headache?" States that changes to the textbooks each new school year did not lead to a qualitative improvement in formal education and represented a financial burden for parents.

"And reform processes are mostly now chronically unplanned, affecting teaching staff, textbook deficiencies and huge costs," the analysis concludes.

According to CCE data, the Government has allocated a minimum of 7.3 million euros for textbooks over the past six years, of which 6.3 million for printing, about 864 thousand euros for authors' fees and 135 thousand for reviewers’ fees.

Expenditures for textbook editors should be added to this, as the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids (ZUNS) has such a systematic job vacancy, so editorial expenses are paid through monthly earnings.

Expenditures for textbook editors should be added to this, as the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Aids (ZUNS) has such a systematic post, so editorial expenses are paid through monthly earnings.

The CCE said that the prices of textbooks do not change much, and that for the last school year the kits, depending on the grade in the elementary school, were from 43.1 to 94.2 euros, and for the upcoming year betweeen 39.8 to 94,2 euros.

In gymnasiums, these prices range from 59 to 106.8 euros for the previous year, and from 50.5 to 106.8 euros for the upcoming one.

The prices of textbook kits for secondary vocational schools are unavailable because they vary depending on the school and the direction. Therefore, for analysis, the CCE took an example of the second grade of law school in the Secondary School of Economics and came to the figure of 110 euros.

"Given that textbooks are being sold, parents and several municipalities are paying for textbooks, only €4.63 million was paid for primary school kits for 2018/2019, which is significantly more than the annual cost of producing and printing of these textbooks," the analysis states.

To that, the amounts for secondary schools should be added, where it is difficult to reach the indicative figure.

The CCE said that the lack of transparency in certain segments of ZUNS's work is also something to worry about.

This NGO did not receive a list of all paid authors and reviewers that were engaged, with the explanation that ZUNS does not have such lists for the period before 2018.

"However, data for 2018 also indicate that a number of persons participating in the development of the school curriculum appear as textbook reviewers in various segments, and up to 12 times in some examples," the analysts said.

It is stated that there is no clearly defined fee for authors, but this varies considerably, as does the number of authors hired per textbook, and there are no published tenders for obtaining manuscripts for the period before 2018.

According to CCE, Obod Cetinje Printing plant has been the leader in the amount and volume of funds allocated for the last six years which is 1.5 million euros, and is the only one that has been publishing textbooks for years, while other suppliers print smaller volumes and with less allocated resources.

Allegations from that NGO state that errors and omissions in the printed textbooks were noted, but also that there was no revision of the printed copies, nor is it known that anyone was responsible for this.

In addressing these problems, the CCE also made a number of recommendations.

"First of all, the Ministry of Education needs to make an estimate of how much money is needed at the yearly level to provide free textbooks for elementary schools, and the Government, in cooperation with municipalities, to provide free textbooks for all elementary schools," the NGOs said.

Thus, according to the CCE, the constitutional provision on compulsory and free primary education would be respected, would contribute to equal status among students, but would also lead to a more rational approach of the Institute of Education, that would stop it from changing the content of textbooks for each new school year.

"Also, in the five-year period, future options for plans and programs should be strategically determined to define textbooks for primary schools, in order to avoid continuous changes to the content of the textbooks. It would also be savings for the Montenegrin budget, and would also allow for a "textbook inheritance", according to the CCE recommendations.

The NGO also believes that the procedures for selecting authors and reviewers must be regulated, so that one circle of the same people do not constantly write and review textbooks, as this can lead to corruption.

In particular, they said, responsibility should be taken for all authors found to have plagiarized textbooks or syllabuses, and they must be excluded from all further engagements.

"The Institute of Education must determine from the professional assets of secondary education institutions a list of missing literature and textbooks for secondary vocational education and hire authors to produce the missing textbooks," the CCE stated.

According to them, printing plants that make errors and mistakes in printing textbooks must bear responsibility for the mistakes made and compensate for the damage, as well as those who coordinate the process in the competent institutions.

The CCE believes that the ZUNS should provide a sufficient number of printed editions of textbooks for vocational courses in secondary schools for the library fund of the school, namely those textbooks that are in PDF format on ZUNS website.

In this way, they explained, they would rent the same number of textbooks to new generations every year, with the obligation to return textbooks at the end of the school year, similar to the Slovenian model.

“Finally, in order to make the process transparent, the CCE appreciates that textbooks should be published annually on the ZUNS website with precise amounts and names of the companies or authors and reviewers who were paid, indicating for what exact purpose, as well as all accompanying payments in the textbook design," the analysis concludes.

Text by MINA News, on August 14th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 Aug 2019, 13:27 PM

The event “Vakuf Olive Month”, organized by the Islamic Community (IC) Bar and the Old Bar Dzemat Committee, has started in Old Bar.

Until September 15, as part of the event, olive groves will be arranged in vakuf IC Bar - Gusta, Gvozden brijeg, Marovici, Dzidzharin and Zaljevo, which will be rejuvenated with new olive groves.

Opening the event, the vice-resident of Bar Municipality, Radomir Novakovic, expressed his satisfaction that last year's good results were achieved.

"You have done your best to show that you are taking care of what has been left to you, and that you care to leave it in a better condition to the future generations. You have accepted a great job and I wish you a happy and successful work," added Novakovic.

President of Dzmet-Vakuf Board of Stari Bar, Fahrudin Zaganjor, said that EUR 23,500 was raised last year in money and donations, that "work was done throughout the winter," and that over 90 percent of vakuf parcels had been cleared during the first event.

He added that two months ago, the cadastre registration of Vakuf plots "on which we counted all the trees" was completed.

"We have 3,145 olive roots, of which a hundred new ones were planted in 2018. Last year, the emphasis was on landscaping the plot Veliko Dabanovo, where there were about a hundred overgrown trees. We also fertilized olive groves, over two thousand roots, as well as the sanitary cutting of 300 trees. We have leased 460 olive roots for a long-term lease, with the obligation of tenants to look after them as their own, we also purchased an off-road vehicle for maintaining all olive groves in vakuf, and we also upgraded the design of a bottle of vakuf olive oil, which is a significant source of revenue for us," Zaganjor presented the results of last year's action.

He said this year would be followed by "a broad action over the next five weekends", which is opened by fencing works on the plot Gvozden brijeg, supplying water and electricity and preparing the ground for planting another 300 olives.

"We will purchase 400 olive tree seedlings of three to five years of age, which will be fruitful each year. On the plot Zaljevo, which was cleared and built last year, we will plant a hundred new seedlings on 5,000 square meters. Olive groves Gusta, Marovici and Dzidzarin will be arranged," they added. The activists of NGO “Orijent” will arrange a plot of land near Kurila, which this NGO has leased.

IC Bar has the most olive trees in Montenegro, which it received as a gift from believers in vakuf. Vakuf is one of the most important institutions of Islamic culture and the religious community, as a material good that human and noble people have extracted from their property and donated to the community for the benefit of all people.

Text by Radomir Petric, on August 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

16 Aug 2019, 01:44 AM

15 August 2019 - The goal of the Law on Restriction of Using Tobacco Products is not to punish the citizens and to collect revenues from fines, but to protect the citizens’ health, claims the Ministry of Health of Montenegro.

Prohibition of smoking in enclosed public places in Montenegro entered into force on Wednesday, August 14th, after the Law on Restriction of Tobacco Use was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro on August 7th.

The representative of the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, Slađana Pavlović said for Vijesti daily that the aim of this law, which was unanimously backed by the government and the parliament, is preserving and protecting the health of all the citizens, both those who do consume and those who do not consume tobacco products.

According to Pavlović, the main principle behind this law is the prohibition of consuming tobacco products in enclosed public spaces and in working spaces. She highlighted that smoking is strictly forbidden establishments where food and drinks are served, adding that the possibility exists to dedicate a separate part of the establishment for this purpose.

“The law clearly stipulates the conditions of insulation, surface, position and equipment of that part of the space: the room must be insulated in such a way that no tobacco smoke can flow into the rest of the space, and the surface must not be less than 10 square meters, must not occupy more than 20 per cent of the workspace or public space and should not be intended for passage to other spaces,” said Pavlović.

As TMN reported previously, the new law also prohibits the sale of tobacco products that are not labelled with printed warnings covering 65% of the front and rear end of a pack.

Violation of the Law on Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products will lead to strict penalties going up to 20.000 EUR.

Still, Pavlović emphasized that the goal of the Ministry of Health, as the institution which will supervise the implementation of the law, is not punishing and collecting revenues from fines. She highlighted that tobacco, “a silent killer”, is a fundamental cause of death among the global, and thus also among the Montenegrin population.

16 Aug 2019, 01:19 AM

15 August 2019 - Ulcinj, a city in Montenegro located at the very south of the country, is recognisable by its gorgeous long, sandy beaches. Enchanting waters of the Adriatic in Montenegro offer breathtaking sunsets, crystal clear blue water, stunning landscapes and the nicest sunny days ideal for swimming and sunbathing. TMN brings you some of the best beaches in the city of Ulcinj that prove that Ulcinj is truly a sandy beach paradise, and it is up to you, the readers, to visit the city and have the best summer holiday.

Ada Bojana

Ada Bojana Beach

Ada Bojana has got a 3-km long sandy beach, and the hotel swimming area can offer you a rich content for an active day: from water sports through sand volleyball, mini football, to just sunbathing and relaxing under the parasol, or having a cocktail or some domestic-made wine at a beach bar or a restaurant…

Most of the people first think about nudists once Ada gets mentioned; however, years backward Ada has been a synonym for extreme water sports. Due to its openness and wind flow, Ada Bojana has been the leading place for the surfers on the Adriatic and it can stand next to the Canarias, Portugal or Egypt, where this sport is most popular. Ada Bojana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro due to its beautiful sandy beach, the most beautiful sunsets and a lot of fish restaurants which catch the fish and prepare it according to traditional recipes.

Far away from the city noise and the bustling streets, decorated by the Mediterranean growth, the beach Ada Bojana continues to charm all its visitors, from the country and abroad.

The Miami Beach

The Miami Beach

The Miami Beach is 2 km away from the complex Velika Plaža, and it is 240 m long. It has a restaurant, a beach bar and a service place. In the restaurant, you can find specialties of the national and international cuisine and at the service place, you can get refreshments and ice cream.

The sports facilities consist of 4 volleyball grounds, a mini football pitch, small children playground, canoes and pedal boats area and other facilities. There is the possibility to make an excursion to the river Bojana, the Valdanos bay and Old Ulcinj.

The beach has been awarded the blue flag for many years, and in 2006 it was chosen as the best beach in Montenegro by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro and the National Tourist Organization.

Kite Surf Beach Pr

The Kite Surf Beach

The Kite Surf Club Dolcinium is located ten kilometres away from the complex Velika Plaža. This club received the recognition as “the most attractive tourist offer” in 2011 in Montenegro by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro and the National Tourist Organization WILD BEATUY AWARD. The club Dolcinium is the first Montenegrin kite club, and it was founded in 2008. It gives service in kite surfing training, which lasts from 12 to 15 hours.

The kite surfing training is only available on days when the wind called “Maestral” blows. If you do not enjoy kite surfing, then you can rest on one of the sunbeds where you can relax tasting different summer cocktails and listen to the sounds of Lounge, Deep, House, Funky and Latino music coming from the bar where there is a party organized every day.  New York Times (January 13, 2010) described Velika Plaža – Long Beach as one of the 30 destinations in the world which should be visited by kite surfers. The wind Maestral blows from the sea towards the land for 90 days in a year, making this sandy beach one of the safest and most attractive kite surfing destinations in Europe.

MCM Beach

The MCM Beach

The MCM Beach was opened six years ago. Due to its professional and kind staff, quality and all the new beach equipment, it succeeded in raising its offer to a very high level and in becoming one of the most known beaches not only in Ulcinj, Montenegro but also in the region and further. In 2009 the Beach MCM received the prestigious award entitled WILD BEAUTY AWARD as the best beach in Montenegro. It is situated on Velika Plaža on the third kilometre of the road which is taking you to Ada Bojana.

Read more about places you should visit during your holiday in Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

15 Aug 2019, 23:52 PM

"Honey and Olive Days in Grbalj", the promotion of home honey and olive oil will be organized by Beekeepers’ Society Grbalj, in cooperation with the Olive Society “Boka” on Saturday, 17 August. The event will take place at PC VUKSIC in Radanovici (roundabout at Kotor intersection) from 8 AM until 8 PM, bringing different exhibitors and their products.

One of the beekeepers is a great nature lover from Radanovići, Donja Sutvara, otherwise a medical technician by profession, Petar Cimbaljevic. Peter grew up in the north of Montenegro, Berane, where he discovered his love for nature, and besides beekeeping, he also practices pigeonry.

“I have been involved in beekeeping since 1995. with my father and independently from 2007, says Petar for TMN. “I have been a member of the Grbalj Beekeepers Society since its inception and have participated in many events in most cities in Montenegro. I currently have over 30 beehives. The apiary is located in 2 locations. The wintering of bees is in Grbalj-Radanovica, and from May to mid-September I move them to Mount Lovcen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              inside                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

We currently have 4 types of honey: wormwood, heather, forest and bramble and I also hope for 5 types of magina product, it blooms in the month of October so that the honey crop should be in November.

According to the number of beehives and the types of honey I have, I claim to be unique in this region, primarily because of the quality and even for the amount of product per beehive. In addition to high quality home-made honey, our property also offers: propolis drops, Honey brandy, honey in honeycomb, pure beeswax, apple cider vinegar. I am a manufacturer of both nuts and swarms, both for my own needs and for sale.”

Inviting fans of bee products to come to the event in Radanovici on Saturday, Cimbaljevic, as a real host, invites them to visit him: “I invite all goodwill people to come to my apiary to try my products and hang out”.

Surely, there is a lot to see and try at the Cimbaljević estate, but apart the busy bee's sweet side, don't forget the pigeons!

15 Aug 2019, 21:13 PM

Seniors cards are likely to be in use in Tivat soon, as announced by the municipality secretary for Youth, Sports and Social Affairs. “The Strategy for the Elderly is being drafted and, following some examples from practice, I think we will soon have Senior Cards, in addition to Youth Cards. These cards will help the elderly population in the city in the best possible way. They will have discounts at certain institutions, retail chains and the like, which will at least make their age a little easier,” MSc Darka Ognjanovic, secretary of the Secretariat for Youth, Sports and Social Affairs of the municipality of Tivat said.

Senior cards have an age limit, which is prescribed by law, meaning that all residents of the city over 64 will be able to obtain it. According to her, entrepreneurs need to recognize their interest in humanity and thus be the bearer of social responsibility towards the eldest.

She also highlighted the great success with the Youth card, which is in use in Tivat. Graduates are now at an advantage as they will be entitled to discounts in the cities where the excursion takes place for the first time, namely in Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

Ognjanovic pointed out that the municipality of Tivat may be the first to draft legal acts that serve as an example to other municipalities. The Decision for Alternative Accommodation for Persons in Social Need is in preparation, the first such model. Otherwise, the Social Housing Programme, one of the first in Montenegro came to life.

"After five years, the Commission for Reduction of Social Rights in Housing for Social Category started to work, so we expect that in the spring we will have a new Public Call for the allocation of apartments to people in social need. Some people have outdated rights, some have lost them and some have changed status. This is an entire area that has been covering only three people from the Secretariat for three months now," explained Darka Ognjanovic, announcing the idea of ​​joining a major project next year - building a Day Care Centre for the elderly.

These centres are different from nursing homes, she pointed out, giving an example of a Center of this kind in Maribor, which she has seen. The institution looks completely different from the nursing home - various educational and entertaining courses fill the time in a quality way for the users.

Source Radio Tivat

15 Aug 2019, 15:11 PM

After several days when the temperature in Podgorica was 40 degrees, a refreshment arrived.

Podgorica was hit by storm at 2 pm, followed by heavy rain and hail.


Hail in Podgorica (Photo: Reader of "Vijesti")

The Bureau of Hydrometeorology and Seismology has previously announced that from mid-day the weather will be variable and unstable, sometimes with rain or thunderstorms.

Take a look at what happened in Podgorica thanks to the photos of “Vijesti” reporter Luka Zekovic.

Text by Vijesti  online, on August 14th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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