17 Mar 2020, 21:27 PM

March 17, 2020 - The coronavirus has now spread to every country in Europe, with the first cases of coronavirus in Montenegro reported.

UPDATE MARCH 19, 2020 - Montenegro 13 confirmed cases

UPDATE MARCH 18, 2020 - Montenegro still with only two confirmed cases

The first cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Montenegro, said prime minister Dusko Markovic and added that there was no reason for panic. 

The patients are female - born in 1948 and 1973, from Ulcinj and Podgorica, and both came from epidemic-affected areas during in the previous period. 

Both of them are in their homes and in stable condition. 

Markovic thanked citizens for their cooperation and called for more discipline and solidarity. 

Director of the Public Health Institute, Boban Mugosa said that one patient came from Spain and the other from the US.

New nationwide coronavirus emergency measures

The National Coordination Team has adopted a new set of coronavirus measures, including domestic travel restrictions, the Government of Montenegro announced on Twitter. The public road and rail transport of passengers in the country is suspended; sports centres, swimming pools, hair and beauty salons are closed; the Ministry of Interior and the Real Estate Administration customer counters are closed as well. The government recommends Montenegrins to refrain from using public areas; take rigorous hygiene measures, especially handwashing; postpone weddings, organise funerals with close family only.

Coronavirus response team also said supermarkets and other shops will be open just for the eldest and PWDs for the first two hours after they open each morning.


For a comprehensive overview of the situation regarding the coronavirus crisis in Montenegro, check out Coronavirus in Montenegro: COVID-19 FAQs, Health & Travel Update.

16 Mar 2020, 11:42 AM

March 16, 2020 - An overview of the situation with coronavirus in Montenegro, with the latest health, travel and containment measures explained. 


UPDATE MARCH 17, 2020 - Montenegro confirms first two cases of COVID-19.

UPDATE MARCH 17, 2020 - Montenegro has announced full closure to international traffic.

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How many cases of coronavirus are there in Montenegro?

At time of writing, March 16, 2020, Montenegro reminds the only European country with no recorded cases of coronavirus infection.

What is the situation in countries neighbouring Montenegro?

There are also no reported fatalities in Montenegro's four neighbouring countries - Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo and Albania. At the moment, Serbia has 55 cases, Bosnia and Herzegovina 24, Croatia 57, Kosovo 13, and Albania 51. 

Are the borders of Montenegro open?

There are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Montenegro, but nevertheless all preventive measures have been taken, so no schools are open from today, all public gatherings are banned. Starting from today, border crossings to all countries in the region are closed - no entries to and from Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. Of course, Montenegrin citizens are welcome to come back home, but will be isolated for the next two weeks.

Are there any travel restrictions for people travelling to Montenegro?

Yes. From midnight, the Government of Montenegro introduced rigorous measures, which also include a temporary ban on entry into the country of foreigners, except for foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro and foreigners operating motor vehicles engaged in the transport of goods.

The transport of goods remains undisturbed with extraordinary measures of health and sanitary control.

For all Montenegrin citizens, as well as for foreigners who have permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro, who come from abroad, based on the decision of the sanitary inspection, the Government issued a 14-day mandatory self-isolation measure.

How badly have flights to Montenegro been affected? Have there been many flight cancellations?

 Airports of Montenegro have cancelled certain flights to seven European countries in the current month to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. As of today, the national air carrier Montenegro Airlines is temporarily suspending all flights. 
To prevent the introduction of coronavirus in Montenegro and transfer to other countries, the Ministry of Health has temporarily banned travel to the most affected countries: Italy, Spain, South Korea, Iran, China, and the province of Hubei. According to the latest order, it is also prohibited to travel to Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Austria. Passengers/returnees in international traffic from these countries will be placed under enhanced sanitary surveillance.
A ban on the landing and take-off of a Freebird Airlines air carrier was issued at Podgorica and Tivat airports until 19 March 2020. Concerning Podgorica flights, Turkish Airlines flights to Istanbul are suspended on 22 March and 25 March. Ryanair flights on the Podgorica-Bologna route are suspended, as well as the connection this company provides with Barcelona. From 15 March to 25, the flights of WizzAir Milan - Podgorica - Milan were canceled, as well as all Alitalia flights for March. 

Are schools open in Montenegro?

Schools in Montenegro, as well as kindergartens and universities, are closed from today for an initial two weeks. 

Is there panic buying in shops in Montenegro, and are there enough supplies?

Although there are still no confirmed cases of CONVID-19 infection in Montenegro and no strict obligation for self-isolation has been declared, panic among the population is increasing. Taught by emergency shortages, which have unfortunately not been uncommon in Montenegro in the last 30 years, Montenegrin citizens have embarked on an "attack" on supermarkets. There is the most significant demand for basic foodstuffs: flour, oil, and milk, although there are no indications that there will be supply problems soon.
coronavirus in montenegro 3
Panic is increasing day by day, Source: Podgorički vremeplov FB page
coronavirus in montenegro 4
Source: Podgorički vremeplov FB page
coronavirus in montenegro 5
Source: Podgorički vremeplov FB page
Not to think that our situation is much different than in other countries - Montenegrins also make home supplies of toilet paper.
Regarding the demand for protective masks and disinfectants, shortages in Montenegrin pharmacies have been going on for weeks.

How will coronavirus affect the tourist season in Montenegro?

With no confirmed cases of CONVID-19 infection yet, Montenegro is currently one of the most desirable places to be. However, it is unrealistic to expect that a coronavirus epidemic will bypass this small Balkan country. On the other hand, given that it bases its economy primarily on tourism, these will undoubtedly be one of the states hit hardest by the economic impact of the pandemic. 

Impacts on the tourist pre-season are already evident, with the cancellation of a lot of arrangements for Montenegro. Considering the latest measures by the Government of Montenegro, which closed its borders and suspended the air traffic from seven European markets, it seems like the situation would be only more serious.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro point out that it is still unhelpful to predict what all the consequences the global epidemiological situation will have on domestic economic and economic circumstances, given that the situation is changing day by day. 

What should I do if I think I have coronavirus in Montenegro?

The recommendation of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro is that patients suspected of having coronavirus symptoms should not report in person, but only by telephone to the nearest health institution, or the Institute of Public Health itself, for instructions on how to proceed.

coronavirus who to contact

Where can I find the most current and reliable information about coronavirus in Montenegro in English?

The information on coronavirus at the Government of Montenegro webpage 

The Montenegin Institute of Public Health

Montenegrin Airlines notices regarding coronavirus- covid-19s notices regarding coronavirus- covid-19

What restrictions are in place in Montenegro due to coronavirus?

As mentioned above, schools, kindergartens and universities have been closed throughout the country, effective Monday, initially for 2 weeks. Public meetings are prohibited, as well as all sports and religious events. The authorities suggest citizens to stay at home, avoiding any indoor meetings if not necessary. The Montenegrin Health Institute launched the public campaign "Stay at Home."

ostani doma

The Ministry of Health has adopted the new provisional measures, starting from 16 March, including prohibition of entry to foreigners, compulsory self-isolation for all Montenegrin citizens who come from abroad, ban on providing catering services in hotels, the closing of disco clubs/ bars and nightclubs/ bars, closing of catering establishments - cafes, pubs, cafeterias, restaurants and bars, except catering establishments, ban on providing shopping and catering services in shopping malls, closing of children's playrooms, fitness centres, casinos, betting shops and gambling houses, limiting the number of customers in the retail outlets, markets and bazaars. The Decree for taking temporary measures to prevent the introduction into the country, suppress and prevent the transmission of new coronavirus is available in English at the Government of Montenegro website.

What is the general attitude of the Montenegrin population and government to the 2020 coronavirus crisis?

Whether we were lucky or minded, it is superfluous to speak now, but Montenegro remains the only country in Europe without cases of coronavirus infection. The fact is that we have been allowed to learn from other countries, which are severely affected by the virus, that self-isolation is the best measure to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19. The Government of Montenegro has acted responsibly from the outset, respecting the recommendations of epidemiologists and the scientific community and put in place rigorous preventative measures against the coronavirus epidemic on time, which are yielding results so far.
Although initially panic in terms of "attacks" on supermarkets far exceeded the level of personal responsibility, public awareness to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and national health authorities is increasing day by day. The "Stay Home" campaign launched by the Institute of Public Health has a growing number of supporters among celebrities, and it is bringing good results. Having in mind Montenegrins' habits, the latest Government measures, especially the closure of restaurants and bars, will help people act even more responsibly in regards to coronavirus protection. 
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Cover photo source: RT Magazine

10 Jan 2020, 12:44 PM

US Bloomberg ranked Montenegro among the top 20 destinations that will be particularly popular this year.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Damir Davidovic, said that at the same time, China Travel Agent magazine awarded Montenegro as China's most popular niche destination last year.

This, he said at a press conference organized by the National Tourism Organization (NTO), shows that the results and potential that the state has achieved have been recognized.

The director of the NTO, Zeljka Radak Kukavicic, said that last year was a record year and that they can boast a good start this year.

"On New Year's Eve, we had 60,000 guests and good attendance on other days," said Radak Kukavicic at a conference organized by the NTO in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

US Bloomberg recommends 20 inspiring destinations that will be especially enticing this year. Thus, Montenegro found itself ahead of Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Bolivia, Mozambique, Jamaica and Cairo.

Bloomberg writes that the tiny Balkan country has slowly positioned itself as the new jewel of the Adriatic, with a mix of centuries-old villages, aristocratic mansions and numerous challenging locations beyond gravel beaches.


NP Durmitor - Black Lake - photo Boka News

"On your Montenegro adventure, you may encounter a brown bear, a gray wolf, a Eurasian lynx and other endangered species in Durmitor and Biogradska Gora National Parks," Bloomberg states.

After the wild beauty, they recommend going to the "sunlit" shores of the sea.

“Be sure to visit the luxury marina Portonovi in the Bay of Boka Kotorska, where the first European resort, One & Only, will open in June. Cruise the sea or fly Lufthansa to Tivat, a seaside town with an airport. Whatever you choose, you are sure to bypass the crowded Dubrovnik in neighboring Croatia," the author said.

Bloomberg also recommends when it is best to visit Montenegro and when not, with a handy overview of annual accommodation rates.

According to them, the weather in Montenegro is warm enough for bathing until October, when the prices are the most affordable.

"You will have a good time in the late spring as well, when the nights are warm but pleasant," recommends this eminent media.

Text by Boka News, on January 9th, 2020, read more at Boka News

10 Jan 2020, 12:41 PM

During 2020, 540 cruisers will sail to the Kotor Harbor.

The first arrival this year was recorded on January 3, when Costa Deliziosa sailed to the port.

"The first larger ship will sail again on April 1st. It is a cruiser - Aida Blu, and in the meantime, we have the constant arrivals of Athens and Artemis, smaller ships with a length of 58.80 m and 1,206 GRT," said Port Director Branko Kovacevic.

Last year, 529 smaller and larger cruise ships sailed to Boka Kotorska bay, with more than 600,000 tourists.

Text by Boka News (source Radio Kotor),on January 9th, 2020, read more at Boka News

09 Jan 2020, 09:57 AM

In 2019, Tivat Airport achieved a new absolute record in the physical volume of traffic, as nearly 1.37 million passengers passed through the two terminals of the airport.

Last year, Tivat Airport had 1,367,282 passengers, which is a 9.7% increase compared to 2018 when there were a total of 1,245,999 passengers.

During 2019, 7,049 aircraft landed on the Tivat airport runway, which is 234 aircraft, or 3.4% more than in 2018.


Airport Tivat photo S.L

Last year, apart from the opening of the newly built temporary facility of Terminal 2, was marked by an additional increase in the number of lines that carriers enter from the Tivat airport during the summer season, so this airport was connected with about 50 destinations in Europe and the Middle East this summer.

Among the new carriers that have established traffic with Tivat, the most significant is the German national airline Lufthansa, which first appeared on the Montenegrin market, operating from this coastal city during the summer to Frankfurt and Munich.

The announcements of air carriers for this year signal an additional increase in the volume of physical traffic in Tivat airport as new companies wanting to fly to Tivat are announced to the management of the Airports of Montenegro, and the introduction of routes from that airport to some new destinations like Milan in northern Italy has been confirmed.

Text by S.L., on January 8th 2020, read more at Boka News

04 Jan 2020, 13:23 PM

January 4, 2020 - Looking for a bargain villa in Montenegro to celebrate the New Year? Look no further that Lustica and the RE/MAX catalogue.

One of the most desirable places to live in Montenegro is without doubt the Lustica Peninsula. An area of outstanding natural beauty, it is also superbly located close to Tivat, Budva and Tivat Airport. A little off the main traffic arteries, it offers the benefit of being close to the main action without being disturbed by it. 

The huge 1.1 billion euro investment from Orascum in Lustica Bay is also transforming the area, adding some of the highest quality accommodation and facilities on the Montenegrin coast, and there really are few better places to choose for your holiday home. 

Especially when that holiday home is a quality villa offered at a bargain price, the latest from the mouthwatering brochure of the RE/MAX real estate catalogue. In the words of the RE/MAX original listing:

remax-lustica (13).jpg

Beautiful stone house for sale on the peninsula of Lustica. The house is an ideal base for a family who are looking for a peaceful getaway on the coast. Here you can enjoy relaxing in a tranquil environment away from crowds and traffic, dining al-fresco, entertaining your friends and family, sun bade or star gaze on the large balcony. It is spread over 200 sq meters (2150 sq feet) and arranged over 3 levels with a garden and gated parking spaces on the plot of 420 sqm. Four tastefully decorated bedrooms are spacious, filled with natural light, each with built-in wardrobes and air-conditioned.

remax-lustica (11).jpg

The bathrooms are modern with plenty of storage one on each level of the house. Comfortable, double aspect living room with two sofas and an armchair is on the ground floor. It has a wide screen TV with satellite channels available and the villa also has WIFI access. There is a large, open plan kitchen-dining room on the ground floor. The modern kitchen offers all contemporary amenities, with plenty of cupboard and work space. There are doors leading to a garden with a large table for al-fresco dining and barbecue.

remax-lustica (10).jpg

It is in an idyllic, rural location on the southern side of Lustica peninsula, peaceful and tranquil with rolling hills, olive groves and magnificent views. It’s a good base to come back to while exploring Montenegro as even the most remote parts of the country are no more than couple of hours away.

remax-lustica (9).jpg

Lustica is still one of the relatively untouched parts of Montenegrin coast and on its southern side there are beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. It is perfect for nature lovers, hikers, joggers and cyclists. The house is located within an easy reach of many beautiful beaches with their restaurants and bars. Mirista and Zanjice are the closest, accessible by bike or a car or, if you are a walking enthusiast, there is a footpath 1.2km (less than a mile).

remax-lustica (8).jpg

At the tip of the peninsula there is Rose, the fishing village with popular seafood restaurants and to the other side an unusual rocky beach of Veslo, the upmarket beach resort Oblatno and a sandy beach of Plavi horizonti. Supermarkets are within in 20 min and 30 min drive from the village. A van stops very near the house every morning with fruit, vegetables and the basics. Organic olive oil available locally.

remax-lustica (7).jpg

Sales price just 300,000 euro. For more information, photos and to book a viewing, check out the original RE/MAX listing

remax-lustica (6).jpg

remax-lustica (5).jpg

remax-lustica (4).jpgremax-lustica (3).jpgremax-lustica (1).jpg

29 Dec 2019, 23:22 PM

The high point of the “From Christmas to Christmas” event, and a great joy for the very youngest audience is of course the Children’s New Year’s Eve celebration, which will be organised on Monday, 30th December beginning at 4pm at the Arms Square in Kotor.

Santa Claus and his elf helper will be preparing various surprises and a big party, which is not to be missed. For kids, there will be a super-fun interactive show called “Love One Another - This is the Year of Love”. As with every year, an integral part of the programme is when Santa Claus comes to hand out New Year’s presents to all children gathered on the main town square.

For little ones who are too ill to attend the festivities, distribution of presents will take place at 12 noon at the children’s ward of Kotor Municipal Hospital, as a continuation of the “Fairy Tale for Health” event that has been held since 2015 as part of the From Christmas to Christmas project.

The last day of 2019 will close with a fantastic concert by the group “Perper”. The New Year will get off to a swinging start with a fundraising party.

NGO Karampan invites everyone to come down to the main town square on 2nd January at 8pm sharp and join the festivities, with the lively band “The Grupa” and the fantastic hits of the well-known Montenegrin artist Sergej Ćetković.


23 Dec 2019, 12:33 PM
December 23, 2019 - Porto Montenegro Winter Games for Crew Members 2020, attractively designed sports and entertainment event will be organized in two editions: in Kolasin from February 7 to 9, and in Porto Montenegro from March 27 to 29. The program is intended for all members of the mooring crews in the marina Porto Montenegro, as well as other marinas in the Adriatic and Mediterranean, announced today the Porto Montenegro PR service.
Sports games and activities on the mountain, including skiing and snowboarding, cycling in the snow, games like the "big foot" in which the team competes in wooden skis, are just some of the contents of this tournament. All participants will enjoy a great gastronomic experience on the mountain and a party at the 1650 Ski Center Trail.
The Porto Montenegro Winter Games Agenda is a little different, focused on sailing and decathlon, with archery, miniature golf, volleyball, etc. among the disciplines.
"Porto Montenegro has always been focused on quality service and a dynamic calendar of activities for captains and crew members of our marina. Over the years, we have upgraded our Crew Club program, from licensed nautical industry courses at Warsash Superyacht Academy to fun summer barbecues on Friday afternoons, winter ski weekends, and Winter Games. These games are a winter escape for the crew from anywhere in the Mediterranean. The games provide participants with the opportunity to experience three exciting days in the stunning Montenegrin mountains and on the coast, where they can match their sporting abilities with other competing teams, said Porto Montenegro Marina Director Tony Browne.
"Get ready for an atmosphere of healthy competition, team building, fun parties, and amazing Montenegrin food. We definitely see this as an exciting winter calendar event that is completely unique in the marina industry for all crew members, as well as our friends from the surrounding area, the Montenegrin public! And don't forget the attractive prizes," Browne added.
Participation per person, for one edition, is 100 € for the whole weekend, which includes accommodation, food, sports equipment, instructors, and ski pass. The prize fund is € 5,000.
22 Dec 2019, 14:32 PM
December 22, 2019 - Based on information from the Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology, the Emergency Directorate informs citizens that the area of ​​Montenegro today will be strongly influenced by cyclone activity that will cause severely unstable weather, heavy rain, and strong south wind.
In the central and southern regions, heavy rain is expected, in the coastal and higher continental regions, especially in the mountainous areas in the north, occasional south winds will be stormy.
The Emergency Directorate calls on citizens to adapt their activities to the announced meteorological situation both on land and at sea.
The notification was sent to all entities in the protection and rescue system to raise operational readiness and operational activity.
Heavy rainfall and high tide led to the flooding of the Kotor waterfront, and numerous pontoons along the coastal road in Dobrota. The entrance to the Old Town and the main town square is flooded, so without deep rubber boots, it is not recommended to move around this part of the municipality.
Due to the unprecedented tidal wave, the water level in the port of Kalimanj in Tivat has reached such an altitude that Kalimanj street and Ribarski put is flooded. The local Emergency Team decided to close those streets for traffic, Zoran Barbić, head of the Protection and Rescue Service, told Radio Tivat. The authorities are urging citizens who have vessels in Kalimanj to head to the port as a matter of urgency to start pumping rainwater and seas, as many ships are already threatened. It is also critical in Donja Lastva, where sea level is equalized with the height of the waterfront, and waves are spreading across the promenade of Filip Milosevic.
Last night, due to heavy rainfall, there was a landslide in Brajici, which is why vehicles on the Budva-Cetinje road are moving to one lane alternately.
According to the Protection and Rescue Service, there was no need for intervention in Herceg Novi so far.
The red meteorological alarm, which was confirmed by the European Network of Meteorological Stations for southern and central Montenegro, announces heavy rainfall until 10 pm tonight. Rain tomorrow morning. The highest daily air temperature around 18 degrees.
Source: Radio Tivat, Boka News, Radio Jadran
21 Dec 2019, 19:16 PM

December 21, 2019 - The Gross domestic product (GDP) amounted to €1.63 million in the 3rd quarter of the year, according to preliminary data of MONSTAT. Head of this state body, Ms Gordana Radojević, noted that the GDP real growth rate amounted to 4.7 per cent in the 3rd quarter of 2019.


“In the absolute value, we have achieved an added value by more than €100 million compared to the same quarter last year. Positive movements in GDP in the third quarter are the result of increased production in almost all economic sectors,” Ms Radojevic told the press.

She added that the highest growth in the 3rd quarter was recorded in the construction sector.


“We’ve recorded a 31.4% growth by measuring the value of completed construction works.”

Enormous contribution to the GDP growth in the 3rd quarter has come from tourism, Ms Radojević concluded.

Text by CDM read more here

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20 Dec 2019, 17:15 PM

December 20, 2019 - Today’s session of the Defense and Security Council was dedicated to the consideration of the Decision on the Engagement of the members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro in order to support administration authority in charge of protecting state borders from illegal migrations.


The session, which was held in Cetinje, was presided over by Mr Milo Đukanović, Montenegro’s president.

“After consideration, the Decision was adopted. In 2020, the Armed Forces of Montenegro will deploy its members in seven international taskforces. The decision was adopted on the basis of the assumed NATO responsibilities, EU accession process, regional initiatives, bilateral cooperation plans and needs of the Armed Forces for specific training sessions and exercises, with the aim of further developing military capacities in 2020”, said representatives of President’s Office.

Members of the Council are familiar with the activities Montenegro undertook in countering hybrid threats in 2019 and the Information on the cyber activity performed by Montenegro in 2018 and 2019.


The Council concluded that competent ministries should continue to develop protection capacities to respond adequately to cyber and hybrid threats.

Text by CDM, read more here.

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