21 Apr 2019, 19:06 PM

In 2016, the Government declared as non-perspective and surplus four school-type fighters "supergaleb G-4" from the Army of Montenegro and indicated that they should be sold. The Ministry of Defense claims that there have not been any interests in them so far.

Unknown sources of "Vijesti" claim that the Croatian Ministry of Defense is allegedly interested in purchasing them.

"The Defense Ministry has so far twice announced the tender for the sale of 4 G-4 aircraft surpluses together with the associated spare parts and equipment, but there was no interest in buying from the bidders. In the coming period, the mentioned items will be offered again for sale, said Predrag Boskovic's ministry.

Montenegro currently has a total of four school-combat airplanes of this type from the former 172nd hunting-bomber aviation brigade of the Army of MNE War aircraft, which have not flown for several years. In February 2016, the Government made the decision that these four jet planes, together with three more pioneers for UTVA-75 basic flight training, with a "supergaleb G-4" flight simulator, 287,910 pieces of spare parts, equipment and tools needed for their maintenance, including 18 Rolls Royce Viper 632 jet engine motors for “supergaleb”, are offered for sale at a total price of 15.35 million euros.

The four G-4 planes were estimated at about 4.27 million euros, a G-4 simulator at one million, and 18 Viper 632 engines at 600,000 euros. According to available data, nothing has been sold until today. Nothing from a lorry airplane or aviation technique was included in the list of VCG aviation weapons and equipment that the Ministry of Defense offered to buyers on the last, confidential tender for the sale of the military surplus announced on 31st December 2018.

"Vijesti" asked MO whether, during a recent meeting of defense ministers Boskovic and Damir Krsticevic in Split, there were any talks about a possible sale of the G-4 or reciprocal "compensation" with these planes, and Croatia, in return, would give up on the request that school ship "Jadran" is returned to them.

"Minister Boskovic had bilateral talks with the Croatian Defense Minister Djukic Krsticevic during his visit to the international exhibition of arms and military equipment (Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition and Conference ASDA 2019), where the modalities of continuation of otherwise good co-operation between the two states in the field of defense, primarily relating to the education of military personnel and training of military personnel and members of the armed forces, "it was stated from the Montenegrin MO.

VCG had 17 "supergalebs" after declaring independence. During the mandate of Defense Minister Bora Vucinic, Montenegro ceded six aircraft of this type and one flight simulator for the "supergaleb" to Serbia in exchange for personal records of members of the then common army of the two states. Several years later, Montenegro sold seven more G-4 aircraft to the Croatian company "ZPZ Aerospace" from Zagreb.

Both the Montenegrin and Croatian MOs deny speculation that their representatives have recently met at the Podgorica military aerodrome "Knjaz Danilo" for the inspection of “gulls”.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on April 20th 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 Apr 2019, 19:03 PM

The public company for the management of maritime resources (“JP Morsko dobro”) will mark 22nd April, Earth Day, in Ulcinj, by organizing ecological actions in cooperation with local nongovernmental organizations, schools and other institutions.

In cooperation with NGO "RDA - UBA", the company organizes the action of cleaning the hinterland of the beach on Velika plaza from the beach "CABO" to "HAVANA".

"On that occasion, waste will be collected, and by appropriate trucks and containers will be disposed at a location for such purpose.

The action will include representatives of NGOs "Green Step", JP "Utilities" Ulcinj, JP "For the breeding and protection of game animals" Ulcinj ", as stated by “Morsko dobro”.

One and a half hours later, the officials from “Morsko dobro” will join the action of cleaning Velika plaza in Ulcinj, organized by Karisma Hotels Adriatic Montenegro, RLC Montenegro and a local non-governmental organization from Ulcinj - NGO Ecovita.

Similar actions by “Morsko dobro” will be organized tomorrow in other coastal municipalities.

Text by Samir Adrovic, on April 21st 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 Apr 2019, 19:00 PM

One of the heroes of the victory against “Red Star” in the fourth match of the play-off finals Edwin Jackson knows what the guys from Podgorica can expect in Belgrade, but also considers that such matches are something special in the career of players.

The French national was great in the last duel against the club from Belgrade.

"First of all, after two matches in Belgrade, we had to look at ourselves and admit that we played badly. Still, we managed to react and to even the score. On Monday, it is important that we play for each point and try to win and gain placement in the European league, which is our main goal and which we deserve. The “best of three” match in Belgrade is something special in our careers. The audience will be crazy, but these are the moments that you live for," said Jackson.

The tiebreaker game for the title of the ABA league will be played on Monday in Belgrade at 7 p.m.

Text by CdM/Dan, on April 21st 2019, read more at CdM

21 Apr 2019, 17:48 PM

21 April 2019 - Taking action in the field of energy efficiency, sustainable construction and sustainable transport, as well as the use of renewable energy sources, places Podgorica in the “family” of cities that have applied generally acceptable mechanisms for achieving environmental goals, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and rational use of resources, said the Deputy Mayor of Podgorica Sladjana Vujačić at the opening of the 6th Energy Days of Podgorica.

"Being encouraged by the desire to make Podgorica a modern and dynamic city, and being aware of the necessity of establishing a responsible attitude towards the needs of current and future generations, we definitely perceive the concept of sustainable development as an obligation. Podgorica is a city inhabited by a third of Montenegrin citizens, which puts it in the position of a leader with greater responsibility, but also gives it the possibility to provide a significant contribution to the overall sustainable development of the state in the process of joining the EU, "Ms Vujačić said.

She added that the success and the purpose of taking action in the field of rational use of energy as a resource open new challenges for the city, which require the involvement of various subjects and the general public in the planned activities.

"A special emphasis is placed on the need to strengthen social awareness and encourage citizens to recognize the importance of their role in the development of the city as a sustainable urban community. It is necessary to change the established ways of behaviour, accepting the fact that energy efficiency does not imply constant savings nor diminishing the quality of life, but a new and better attitude towards the environment in which we live, "Vujačić pointed out.

She recalled the series of activities that the Capital is pursuing in this field, both through the promotion of alternative forms of transport, and through the establishment of the Energy Management Office with the Info Centre, with the task of providing all relevant stakeholders with adequate information related to energy management, as well as providing practical tips on ways to save energy and effective measures and solutions that they can apply in everyday life.

"Podgorica is our own corner of the planet, and our goal is to enrich the space we live in, and to show that we can, and we want to make Podgorica a more beautiful place to live in. I am convinced that the organization of "Energy Days" will stimulate contemplation and provide a significant contribution to our further successful joint action. I want to invite our citizens to be one of the main players and our valuable partners through their active cooperation, suggestions and criticism, "Vujačić concluded.

Energy Days 2019 in Podgorica began with Critical Mass in cooperation with NGO, as well as with the measuring of carbon print of citizens and experiment on oxygen generation in the performance of the scientific section of pupils of elementary school "Vuk Karadžić".

Source: CdM

21 Apr 2019, 17:28 PM

21 April 2019 -As part of their tour, musical band Wings of Dixie will perform in the Montenegrin cities of Bar (April 21) and Kotor (April 22).

The U.S. Embassy Podgorica is excited to bring the musical band Wings of Dixie to Montenegro!

Wings of Dixie, which is part of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band, is an 8-member ensemble that epitomizes Americana with every performance.  The band’s repertoire covers the full spectrum of American music, including jazz, Dixieland, the blues, modern pop, and rock hits. 

The group provides a high-energy show that is instantly identifiable as American music.  The only ensemble of its kind representing the United States Air Forces in Europe, Wings of Dixie has been entertaining audiences for more than three decades. 

The band will perform in Bar on April 21 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Promenade of King Nikola. The second performance will take place on April 22 in Kotor at the Square of Arms from 7 pm to 9 pm. The U.S. Embassy invites all locals and tourists to come and enjoy the wonderful music created by the ensemble.

21 Apr 2019, 12:03 PM

April 21, 2019 - Several thousand people gathered in front of the Montenegrin Assembly for the 9th protest organized by the ODUPRISE movement.

Nikola Grdinić, one of the organizers, said the protest would not stop until "we see the dictator's back."
The actor Slaviša Grubiša, also one of the organizers, "broadcast” a TV journal, as he claims it should be on public service.
"Minister of Interior Affairs Mevludin Nuhodzic has been sorry for the incident in which his son was involved and resigned. The RTCG suspended the sports journalist Nebojsa Šofranac for inappropriate statements on social networks," the news from the Grubiša’a journal was announced.
According to Džemal Perovic, the main culprit for the unfortunate situation in Montenegro is Milo Djukanovic who is shameless to live in a land where theft, thanks to him, has become a regular thing.
"Djukanovic survives thanks to division and fear. As he spread hate, we spread fraternity and love. He has done everything to deprive us of dignity and put us in the perspective of losers. Of our aspirations for a free state, Djukanovic has made a private estate. I have three sons living on three continents. We want a perspective for our youth here. In our homes, there is a fear of annihilation. It is a shame that we are afraid of electricity bills. Fear of poverty is worse than anything else, "Perovic said.
Vladan Šćepanović addressed the citizens as well, presenting himself as opposition and revolutionist, stating that it was everyone who crossed the border that the cowards did not pass.
Speech by Šćepanović caused high emotions among the assembled, and more people were crying.
"I turn to the young people we see in a growing number. Do not even think that everything started with you; never forget all the demonstrations behind us. These gray heads and the frowns of your fathers and older brothers are the same those brave warriors who have been clashing with system and have been fighting for 30 years. Never forget the protests of the Liberals, the SNP, the DF and the Workers' Party or the mothers’ protests. But, you have the history on your side. Do not miss your chance, "said Šćepanović.
Šćepanović also addressed Duško Knežević.
"Mr. Knezevic, do not complain with this people but put the cards on the table. Those cards are proofs. Do not tell us about your endangered security, because here there are people with endangered existence who pay Djukanovic every day for electricity, who pay the most expensive fuel. Do not tell us that you have always been with the people. You have never been with the people; you are the face of those we are fighting. The people’s court is waiting for you and all of them,” said Šćepanović.
"Everyone who tells you about the healthy wing of the DPS sold it, whoever tells you that he is not interested in politics at this moment- he is among those sold to this system. There is no healthy wing of DPS, "Šćepanović said.
He also addressed the Montenegrin police.
"I will never forget you when you hit my father and my brothers. I will never forget and forgive. “said Šćepanovic. 
Citizens have visited the public media service building, and, as they announced, they put the focus on one of the most vicious links in this system, "which for 30 years has been polluting and shrinking to our public ever since their war-haunt ventures. RTCG is a party media that had ignored its citizens for more than a month, even when thousands were gathered in front of their building. For the Shameful Service, the statements of corrupt officials were more important than the votes of their citizens who financed it” - they said from the organization movement.
Journalist Duško Vuković commented on the statement of the current RTCG director, Božidar Šundić, who in an interview on the citizens' request for his resignation and the RTCG Council, stated that citizens have the right to protest but that he and the management on whose head are working for the state. Vukovic referred to his 40-year long career as a journalist and the fact that such statements did not fall into the minds of media managers either in a single-party system.
"I can not believe he did not read the law defining the position of a national broadcaster. It does not state in this law that management of this public service is in the service of the state, but rather in the service of the citizen. What is the state to which he is serving? By the Constitution, Montenegro is a Republic of state organization, a civil state, a state of social justice. Sadly, Montenegro is not such a state today. We have to fight for it. When said the state, Šundić was thinking of party institutions that simulate democracy in this country. The first obligation of journalism is the truth. Journalism should be loyal to the one it addresses. Is journalism RTCG loyal to the citizens? Does journalism open up a space for dialogue that will make good decisions for all of us? "Vukovic asked. "We have allied with the future; they are in alliance with the past. Pride wins, we stand up, "concluded Vukovic.
Last week, instead of the protest in Podgorica, representatives of the movement organized a tour of Montenegrin towns in the north and the coast to meet and talk to citizens who are not able to attend protests in the capital.
"The caravan has shown that the number of dissatisfied citizens is much higher than the one who travels every Saturday with Podgorica and that we are a vast majority in our country. Let's stick to the terror of the corrupt thief minority that has devastated our society - they said from the ODUPRISE movement.
Due to the upcoming holidays, the organizers announced that there will be no protest on the next weekend and that the protest campaign will resume on 9 May, when the rally will mark the Day of Europe. The Organizing Committee had earlier announced a protest gathering on 21 May, Independence Day of Montenegro. 
Before the end of the last night gathering, organizers of the protest urged citizens to support mothers with three and more children, who will protest Monday, 22 April.
20 Apr 2019, 23:23 PM

20 April 2019 -For Earth Day, an annual event on which events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, on Monday, April 22, the entry to all five national parks of Montenegro will be free.

National parks of Montenegro invites all nature lovers and fans of active holidays to visit the national parks Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Lovćen, Skadar Lake and Prokletije. Visitors will be able to enjoy numerous activities, such as walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking, Skadar Lake cruise, observing birds and other contents offered within these protected areas.

National parks’ walking and biking trails, sightseeing areas and Visitor Centres are all ready to welcome their first visitors in the upcoming season.

National parks of Montenegro organization has recently launched a free mobile application National Parks of Montenegro, which all locals and tourists can download and explore the natural beauty of the country. All interested individuals who download the application will be able to choose one of the five national parks, and then do a search on the interactive map of more than 150 locations that are recommended. Each location has its own description, photos, and navigation within the application. Users will also be able to explore the natural beauty of Montenegro through the rich content of virtual tours, galleries, history and culture, and they will be informed about all events in the national parks.

The mobile application and website represent a digital guide through the protected natural areas of Montenegro through all five national parks. The application is available at the Google Play Store called National Parks of Montenegro. The download site can also be accessed via the web address

National parks are areas of special beauty, significant and rare natural phenomena. They constitute an ecological and geographical entity that is separated and protected by a particular part of the law that defines these issues.

The areas of the national parks of Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Skadar Lake, Lovćen and Prokletije cover 7.7% of the territory of Montenegro. Each national park is characterized by a specific natural and cultural heritage.

20 Apr 2019, 22:53 PM

20 April 2019 - The Government of the United Kingdom believes that there’s no need to change power in Montenegro, the UK Ambassador to Montenegro, Her Excellency Ms Alison Kemp, said in an interview with the CdM Portal. She emphasized that Montenegro is an ally, a partner and a friend of the United Kingdom. Ms Kemp declared that there are more British investors in Montenegro than it’s generally thought and that the British businesspeople always say that Montenegro is a great country in terms of investment. The Ambassador continuously encourages British tourists to come and visit Montenegro and get acquainted with the country’s beautiful land.

During the interview, Ambassador Kemp highlighted that as long as the UK is a member of the EU, it will constructively and actively assist Montenegro in the process of reforms, adding that even after leaving the EU, United Kingdom will continue to support Montenegro’s prosperity.

“Over the previous year, the United Kingdom invested over 1.4 million EUR in Montenegro by supporting a range of program activities. This year, we are increasing our investments besides the UK’s contribution to the European Union and the assistance programs that are being implemented in Montenegro, “said Her Excellency, ensuring that the United Kingdom will remain fully committed to improving the prosperity and security of the Western Balkans and Europe as well.

According to Ms Kemp’s words, the Government of the United Kingdom will remain committed to supporting Montenegro in implementing reforms to strengthen the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

Commenting on recent protests in Montenegro, the Ambassador emphasized that the United Kingdom supports the right to peaceful protests and that she supports the confirmation of such a statement by the Montenegrin Government, expressed during the in-country protests. “I do not think that the boycott of the parliament is the most effective way in which opposition parties can represent the interests of their voters. I consider it’s important that everyone advocating for better future and strengthening of democracy is committed to supporting meaningful reforms and strengthening independent institutions,” said Ms Kemp.

In terms of British investments in Montenegro, Her Excellency explained that the United Kingdom is fully aware of the potentials of Montenegro, which is why the UK export fund offers over 500 million EUR of export credit support to strengthen business relations between the United Kingdom and Montenegro. She also added that according to official data, over 130,000 Brits visited Montenegro last year and that she hopes that this season will be equally successful.

20 Apr 2019, 16:34 PM

April 20, 2019 - The ninth protest under the slogan ODUPRISE will be held tonight at 19:00 on the platform in front of the Assembly in Podgorica, and the protest column will be sent to the Public Service Building this weekend.

The caravan who visited the cities around the country last weekend said that the number of dissatisfied citizens was much higher than the one who runs every Saturday on the capital city, "and that we are a huge majority in our country."

They say they will concentrate on the protest tonight "on one of the most vicious links of this system, which for 30 years, even since its war-haunt ventures, pollutes our public."
"The so-called Public Service that we renamed into the Shameful Service is a party newsletter that had ignored its citizens for more than a month, even when thousands were gathered in front of their building. For Shameful Service then the declarations of corrupt voice officials were much more important of its citizens who fund it, " said the ODUPRISE statement.
Organisers called on citizens to bring props "through which we will make the greatest noise that they will not be able to remain deaf."
"We remind them that we demand the resignation of their council and general manager. We remind them that it was presumed that former members of the Council and the former general director were unlawfully removed or cancelled decisions on their resignation. On what basis, do we ask then, Božidar Šundić and the present Council still in their armchairs when they have been seized illegally through political violence produced at the Montenegrin Assembly? If this country will ever react to the law? We are looking for a state that is equally applicable to all. As citizens, we do not allow those who work for us and do bad, and to make us crazy underway," say the organisers of the protest.
The 9th protest, they emphasise, like all the previous ones, should go in peace, dignity and nonviolence.
"We invite you to take care of those who are standing or walking beside you, to protect them and to preserve their dignity; please pay special attention to the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant women and the parents with the children like every Saturday, together with the security forces, to make sure everything goes as far as possible, "concludes the statement.
20 Apr 2019, 00:33 AM

19 April 2019 - Game 5 will decide who will be the 2018/19 ABA League champion! Budućnost VOLI defeated Crvena zvezda mts in Game 4 in Podgorica, which means that the score in this series is now all tied - 2:2. 

Game 5 of the 2019 ABA League Finals will be played in on April 22, while Crvena zvezda mts will have a home court advantage in that match. Whoever wins that match will clinch the championship trophy.

Once again Budućnost VOLI made a big comeback for the win. The home team was down by 10 points in the 3rd quarter, however, they managed to reduce the gap to just 1 point before the start of the 4th quarter and prevail in a thrilling ending. Crvena zvezda mts had the lead 72:70 with 3 minutes left on the game clock, but then Budućnost VOLI made the key 9:0 run and went in front – 79:72. There was simply not enough time for the visitors to get back in this match.

Norris Cole has done it again! He is once again the man of the match. This 30-year old point guard scored 31 points, had 6 rebounds and 6 assists, while his overall index rating was 36!

Jackson banked four shots from deep on his way to 23 points and Earl Clark helped him with 15 points.

For Crvena Zvezda, Billy Baron had a great night with 24 points on 5-10 shooting from behind the arc while Mouhammad Faye and Ognjen Dobric added 14 points each.

Like in the previous match, the Crvena zvezda mts crew had problems with turnovers. They made 14 of them this evening. Edwin Jackson with 12 and Billy Baron with 14 points stole the spotlight in the first half but the latter’s squad had a 38-35 lead at halftime.

Source: Aba League News

20 Apr 2019, 00:30 AM

19 April 2019 - Hotel Group Budva Riviera finished last year with 2,6 million EUR of net profit. That is by a third better performance than in 2017. Palas, Castellastva, Aleksandar, Mogren, and Piva hotels, as well as Slovenska plaža tourist settlement, that operate within the group, have has a positive financial statement. Their profit has been by 14% higher than projected.

“Looking at the past ten-year period, the number of overnights has increased from 347.673 in 2009, to 487.357 last year. Business profit increased to 21,5 million EUR. Ten years ago, it amounted 11,5 million EUR,” reads the Information on the Performance of Companies.

Modernization and adaptation of hospitality facilities of Budva Riviera have cost more than 48 million EUR. Around 85% has been financed from the budget of the hotel group. Budva Riviera is on the White paper of the Tax Administration regarding the regularity of tax payments.

There were 487.557 overnights in the hotels of Budva Riviera last year. Hotel Aleksandar had the highest percent of overnights – 29%. Mogren and Slovenska plaža recorded the fall in the number of overnights.

Around 96% of guests were foreigners mostly from the countries of Eastern, Western and Northern Europe. There was a 30% increase in the number of guests from Northern Europe.

The group doesn’t run up any debts to the country of the municipality of Budva.

As far as the loans are concerned, the debt of Budva Riviera amounted 1,4 million EUR at the end of December last year. This hotel group falls within the category of low-indebted companies.

Budva Riviera has employed 386 persons. Average net wage amounted 500 EUR.

Yesterday the Government elected new members of the Board of Directors of Budva Riviera – Saša Radović and Petar Ivković.

Budva Riviera has been included in the Government’s Privatization Plan.

The group also owns Sveti Stefan and Miločer hotels which had been leased to Adriatic Properties company.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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