Mugosa: Total Quarantine Would Not Lead To A Better Epidemiological Situation

By , 21 Nov 2020, 20:04 PM News
Mugosa: Total Quarantine Would Not Lead To A Better Epidemiological Situation Aleksandar Mugoša, Source: Vijesti

November 21, 2020 - Total quarantine would not lead to a better epidemiological situation in Montenegro in the long run, believes the president of the Medical Chamber, Aleksandar Mugosa. He said that the citizens of Montenegro must prepare for a slightly longer fight.

"I am not sure that "total quarantine" would bring a better situation in the long run. And I am sure that it would further aggravate the difficult situation for many families who do not have enough money to live on," Mugosa told the MINA agency.

He believes that the measures that are currently in force will give results in the short term, but also the long run.

"Of course, if we learn to live with them, if we all strictly respect them, without exception. I don't think that closing schools, parks, playgrounds, sports fields, communication between cities would bring a much better situation, and it would lead to bad things for sure," Mugosa said.

He said that due to the situation we are in today, he understands the reasons why colleagues from the Institute of Public Health proposed "total quarantine" - complete closure in the coming months.

"Except for public health concerns, because they are primarily doctors, I believe that in this way they are trying to remove the burden of responsibility for everything that will happen in the coming period," Mugoša believes.

As he stated, the whole concept that some propose, others bring, and still others control the implementation of measures proved to be wrong, among other things because two key things are missing - trust and responsibility.

"The Norwegian Minister of Health recently stated, 'Everyone who has been in close contact with an infected person must go into self-isolation.' Everyone, without exception. "The first time we break that rule, people won't believe we're doing the right thing. That's the key," Mugosa said.

He stated that the "key" is the issue of trust, which has long been lost among all Montenegrin citizens, who are "victims" of these measures.

"We no longer believe that the National Coordination Body is doing the right thing. It is superfluous to talk about responsibility, considering what we have witnessed in recent months," said Mugosa.

He said that the citizens of Montenegro must understand that human lives are at stake.

"Not just one life, but the lives of a large number of Montenegrin citizens. Such a moment has no price. We must do everything to keep the number of cases and deaths as low as possible over the next few months, if not the whole of next year," concluded Mugosa.

Currently 11090 active COVID-19 cases in Montenegro

Laboratories of the Institute of Public Health, other public and private laboratories dealing with the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection completed analysis of 1821 samples in the last 24 hours. The total of newly discovered cases of COVID-19 was 574. 
Since yesterday's cross-section, five deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported to the Institute. The total number of deaths from coronavirus since the beginning of June is 425. Since the beginning of the year 434.
The number of currently active COVID-19 cases in Montenegro is 11090.
Since the beginning of the year, the total number of registered cases of new coronavirus infection in our country is 30653.


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