19 Apr 2019, 20:13 PM

19 April 2019 - There are many tourism potentials in the Bar Municipality that need to be identified and used as soon as possible, said British Ambassador to Montenegro, Her Excellence Alison Kemp. Ms Kemp expressed her willingness to relay the experience of the UK in implementing a program to shut down plastic packaging by 2050.

On April 19, British Ambassador met with the Mayor of the Municipality of Bar Dušan Raičević. He introduced Ms Kemp to the challenges and planned activities of the local government for the summer tourist season, as well as with current and future projects in Bar.

Ambassador Kemp Bar Municipality Has Great Tourism Potentials

"Ambassador Kemp thanked the Mayor for the formal reception, pointing out that many potentials need to be recognized and used as soon as possible, with the emphasis on tourism," said the report by Bar Municipality PR Service.

During the visit, the Mayor and Ambassador also talked about protection and improvement of the environment, which will, as announced, have the special attention of the local government in the coming period.

"In relations to environmental issues, the possibility of cooperation to raise the awareness of citizens about the need and importance of environmental protection and proper disposal of waste has been considered. On this occasion, the Ambassador expressed her readiness to convey experiences in the UK in relations to the implementation of a program to discontinue the use of plastic packaging by 2050," the statement said.

According to the report, the UK is currently investing in long-term infrastructure development to facilitate waste recovery and recycling. Such a strategy will support and strengthen market engagement from both public and private sectors, while ensuring equitable coverage for all across the country.

During the meeting, it was jointly noted that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism, especially considering that with the arrival of ships owned by a British company, Bar became recognized as one of the important cruising destinations.

19 Apr 2019, 19:52 PM

19 April 2019 - Infinity Board & Paper, a Tivat-based company, is going to build three residential structures in the Kavač settlement in Kotor, using Turkish capital. The total gross area of the structure amounts 2.046 square meters, and the residential structures will have 63 apartments intended for tourists, reports Pobjeda Daily.

Current Acting Chief State Architect Dušan Vuksanović gave his consent to the preliminary design for these housing projects. The founders of the Tivat company are Buse Ozant and Semih Adikutlu, who is also the Executive Director. The designer of these facilities is Kotor-based company Enforma, whose founder and executive director is Nikola Novaković.

The planned complex will consist of three buildings, which will have a basement, ground floor, and two floors. The project includes the construction of a two-level underground garage and a plateau with swimming pool and free surfaces.

As stated in the preliminary project documentation, object A will contain 23 residential units, object B will have 16, and object C will include 24 residential units. Access to the facilities will be provided from the main parking lot, which leads to an open parking lot and the entrance to the underground garage. There will be 40 parking spaces in the garage and 22 in front of the building. The complex is formally disassembled and consists of three objects that are aligned with the fall of the terrain. There will be a warm linkage between the first level of the garage and the basement of the building A. Objects B and C are accessed by separate external stairways. Basement facilities will be covered with stone, and facade walls represent a combination of stone, wood and bavalite facade material with warm colours.

19 Apr 2019, 11:33 AM

April 19, 2019 - NGO Green Home is organizing an educational camp for the fifth time marking the day of the Drim Basin. This year's camp will be held in cooperation with NGO Green Step from Ulcinj and with the support of the GEF project "Strengthening Cross-Border Cooperation and Integral Water Resources Management in the Widened Drim River Basin."

The theme of this year's education camp is plastic pollution and environmental impacts. The Camp will be held from 5 to 6 May at Ada Bojana, Ulcinj.
The celebration of the Drim Basin Day aims to educate citizens about the harmful use of plastic, but also the use of alternative products. In this regard, this action encompasses a set of educational activities such as an online campaign that involves the production of infographics on the subject of plastic pollution, the creation of short video material, holding placid beach bidders with the blue flag to encourage them to cease using single-use plastic products and the promotion of alternative products.
Intending to encourage citizens to reduce the use of plastic products and to promote alternative solutions from 18 to 23 April, is the action of PlasticFreeChallenge.
"We invite all interested citizens to join the competition by sending a photo of their example of action to reduce plastic waste generation," said Green Home's NGO.
Photos should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Green Home FB site with a hashtag #PlasticFreeChallenge no later than 23 April.
Two of the most innovative responses to the competition will be awarded a two-day camp on Ada Bojana, while other participants will be awarded prizes of surprise.
During the training camp organized by NGO Green Home, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about plastic pollution, marine waste and the impact on the submarine world of life, the concept of the circular economy, as well as the techniques of resorting to nature. In addition to the lectures, there will be organized gatherings around the campfire with a presentation of films about the value of the Drim river basin, as well as cleaning the mapped location as the most problematic.
The goal of this action is to draw attention to the growing problem of plastics as one of the highest pressures on the Drim River basin. "It is known that the biggest threat to biodiversity after climate change is just plastic pollution. According to the available analyzes, the biggest problem is marine scrap and a small fraction of plastic - micro plastic which, through the chain of nutrition, also come to humans. It is known that about 50% of the waste found on the beach is just one-off plastic such as plastic straw, Q-tips, plastic cutlery, plastic bags, and cases," Green Home reminds us. More information about the Ada Bojana educational camp can be obtained by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
19 Apr 2019, 11:05 AM

April 19, 2019 - LGBT Forum Progress conducted the first comprehensive research in the LGBTIQ tourism sector in Montenegro in the form of a thematic publication of a pioneering initiative for Montenegrin tourism, reported this organization.

The paper "Analysis of Potential for the Development of LGBTIQ Tourism in Montenegro: Opinions and Recommendations" is the result of several years of work and dedication to LGBT Forum Progress and its partners. "In particular, we need to highlight the specific recommendations that the publication itself contains, including the most important domains for the detailed mapping of "gay-friendly" sites, the provision of training for tourist workers and service providers, and the strengthening of LGBTIQ tourist niches." 
Inspired by the examples of countries with highly developed LGBTIQ tourism and the need for this type of project to be implemented in Montenegro, the Forum Progress team, gathered around Bojana Jokić as the author and research leader, collected fundamental data at the level of Montenegro. Results point to specific problems and the needs that exist in certain parts of the country, as well as opportunities for the growth and development of LGBTIQ tourist niches. In addition to national research, an analysis of the LGBTIQ tourist offer was carried out at the international level, with particular focus on the narrower region.
 "LGBTIQ tourism is one of the newer forms of tourism that is experiencing a growth in recent years. More and more LGBTIQ tourists are turning to a bid that is tailored to their requirements. 
Based on the research of the European Tourism LGBT Association, LGBTIQ tourists are low-cost tourists who travel on average four times a year, out of the high season. This data of LGBTIQ makes it desirable for tourists, for whom economic calculations and projections verify the viability of adapting the country's specific tourist supply to particular needs and demand. Montenegro as a country that is internationally recognized as a desirable tourist destination has the interest to create conditions that LGBTIQ tourists can enjoy unhindered when visiting us, and enjoy the beauties of our country and all the facilities they need without fear of discrimination or violence. I can proudly say that this publication and research is based on the fact that Montenegro is essentially a "gay-friendly" country, thus significantly increasing the benefits of tourism as a business branch," said Bojana Jokić, author.
The essential next step is a fundamental and systematic approach to this field of tourism, which implies the activity of all tourist entities in Montenegro, both institutions, as well as service providers and civil society, concludes in the statement. LGBT Forum Progres will, as they say, continue with efforts to promote the LGBTIQ tourist niche offer, which will ultimately provide a sustainable trend for increasing the state budget and have a positive impact on the overall standard of our fellow citizens.
19 Apr 2019, 10:07 AM

April 19, 2019 - The new music event, notable not only for this part of the Montenegrin coast and Montenegro but also for the region - the Budva Beer Fest will be held from 14 to 16 June at the FC Mogren Stadium, the organizers said at a press conference, held yesterday, 18 April, in Budva.

"Budva's projects are trying to be competitive in the field of organizing economic events, as well as entertaining tourism, which today makes a significant part of the regional tourism market. Budva Beer Fest will gather people of all generations from the country and the region, quality performers of pop and rock music, some of which are world renowned names. This festival should mark the beginning of an interesting part of the tourist season," said Marko Bato Carević, president of the Budva Municipality.
"Last year around 900,000 tourists visited Budva, and every new event like this is an opportunity to promote our country, our city and attract even more tourists. Budva Beer Fest is a tourist-economic event that makes us step up with Europe, which will complete the content of our tourist offer. We expect to attract guests from the region and Europe, which will make Budva a starting point for a new Montenegrin experience. We believe that many thanks to this festival will come to Montenegro for the first time and we will try to be good hosts and organizers, to bring only beautiful impressions from our town," said Maja Liješević, director of the Budva Tourist Organization.
According to the organizers, it is expected that during the three days of the festival, the Stadium of the Football Club of Mogen will welcome some 60,000 people, who will enjoy the performances of "Plavi Orkestar", "Riblja čorba", "Zabranjeno Pušenje", "Psihomodo Pop", "Who See","Brkovi","Tropico bend","YU Grupa","Orthodox Celts."
This year's exhibitors at the Budva Beer Fest will be Carlsberg, Trebjesa, and Heineken, who will have their special positions, arranged in the way of the concept of these events demands.
The conference was attended by the highest representatives of the Budva Municipality and Budva Tourist Organization, in front of the festival organizer Ivan Maslov and one of the stars who will perform at the first Budva beer festival, Sejo Sexon, the frontman group "Zabranjeno Pušenje," as well as representatives of the beer industry.
18 Apr 2019, 22:29 PM

18 April 2019 - Budućnost VOLI vs. Crvena zvezda mts, Game 4! The main question in front of Friday’s spectacle is whether the Aba League Finals will move back to Belgrade or everything will end in Podgorica?

Budućnost VOLI will once again have the home court advantage and will once again be in a must-win situation. Recall that the Blue side trail 1-2 in the final series, so they need to win the following match in order to keep that championship dream alive. They did it on Wednesday, now they have to do it again.

On the other side, Crvena zvezda mts missed their first match point, but now they have another chance to seize the 3rd win in this series and win the ABA League title. It certainly won’t be an easy job as they will have the whole gym standing against them, but Zvezda have already defeated Budućnost VOLI in the Sports Center Morača this season. It happened in the 1st part of the regular season.

Norris Cole was brilliant in Game 3, scoring 20 points and leading the Budućnost VOLI troops toward their first win in this series. He will once again confront Filip Čović, who has been one of the best players of Crvena zvezda mts so far in this series. We are about to see who will prevail this time.

So far, head to head in the regional league in total is 18:22, while in Podgorica it is 15:4 for Budućnost.

Source: Aba League News

18 Apr 2019, 22:29 PM

18 April 2019 - KotorArt Don Branko´s Music Days are continuing to emphasize the significance of ecology after last year's festival when sustainable development and environmental protection were key themes. This year's activities will already begin in April. The goal is to raise awareness, primarily of young people, about nature and importance of its preservation.

The activities will begin by marking Earth Day on April 22 with a program entitled "Our ecological song" in cooperation with the company "Školjke Boke" (English: Shells of Boka), led by ecologist and breeder, Nevres Đerić.

KotorArt Don Brankos Music Days 22

In addition to the action of cleaning the coast from the bridge of the river Ljuta to the Orahovac water supply, a practice ecology lesson will be organized on composting activities at the eco plantation "Školjke Boka" in Orahovac, as well as a short lecture, presentation and tasting of organic sea products from the Montenegrin sea.  The action is organized by the companies "Boka Gard" and "Školjke Boka", in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gymnasium Kotor, Kotor Maritime School, Savo Ilić Primary School, Njegoš Primary School, Vida Matjan School for Primary and Secondary Music Education "And JSC Napredak.

This action is the first step of the ArtEco project, which will be organized from April to August, and involves three types of activities – “Learn! Activate! and Create!”, which contribute to the adoption of positive values ​​necessary for the sustainable development of society. The Segment "Learn!" brings interactive ecology talks through environmental lessons, while the "Activate!" segment is based on the celebration of the days of the earth, wind and sun through actions to clean the coast. The second segment also includes cultural and ecological walks and getting acquainted with the natural and cultural heritage of Kotor and Bay of Kotor. Segment "Create!" involves art workshops in which young people, through artistic recycling of collected waste, create art installations and unusual musical instruments. They will also prepare the performance "The World is Music" which will be held on August 13th, to end this year's KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music.

This is not the first time that KotorArt Don Branko's Days of Music connect the theme of ecology with art. Last year, at the opening ceremony of the festival on July 13, a premiered performance of Rambo Amadeus with the topic of ecology - "Pasija po Steli" was held, followed by concert lectures "ClimateKeys". In cooperation with the Institute of Marine Biology, a first underwater exhibition was realized in cooperation with the association "Diving World", and after the action of cleaning the shore, the program ended with the performance "Boka naša nasušna".

You can follow all the ArtEco project activities on the website, or the profiles of the festival on social networks.

18 Apr 2019, 22:15 PM

18 April 2019 -The Montenegro Stock Exchange announced the public call for the sale of the government bonds via an auction. The total value of the emissions amount to 190 million EUR and the auction will be held on 22 and 23 April 2019, as said by the company representatives.

The conclusions of the transactions will be done by the members of the Montenegro Stock Exchange – brokerage companies.

“Based on this, interested business entities and citizens can buy the government bonds via brokerage houses operating on the Montenegro Stock Exchange. The conclusions of transactions may also be done by the banks that have the permit and license for custody operations on the Montenegrin capital market,“ the public call suggests.

To be able to purchase stocks, potential investors should have a signed client contract with the bank or brokerage house, and they should also confirm or sign the order for buying bonds.

The Stock Exchange of Montenegro expects that response to the purchase of state bonds will be significant. Domestic and regional commercial banks, insurance agencies and other legal entities that would like to invest with minimum risk will show the greatest interest, said the acting CEO of the Montenegrin stock exchange, Mirko Marković.

He believes that this time, even the citizens’ interest will be huge, due to the situation in the banking market.

“Lower risk and interest rate higher than the rate on time deposits or savings in banks are the reasons why citizens will choose to buy bonds instead. Another advantage is that the funds invested in bonds are not “trapped”. In case of need, citizens can sell the bonds at the secondary stock exchange and make a profit before the maturity date,” said Marković.

Ministry of Finance has announced that they will issue bonds via Stock Exchange of Montenegro on 22 and 23 April. They are worth €190 million.

Price of one bond amounts 1.000 EUR. Maturity is five or seven years and the projected interest amounts are estimated at 3 and 3,5%.

The new price is ten times lower than the one offered previously.

“This is another good reason for the citizens to choose to buy bonds since the new price of a bond is much affordable,” says Marković.

Borrowing at the domestic market will provide cheaper means of budget financing and the capital market will extend its offer by two financial instruments.

“The impact that issue of state bonds will have on the capital market and the stock exchange itself is multiple positive,” said Marković.

According to him, extending the offer of the capital market will increase the interest of investors and restore trust when it comes to not only bonds but other financial instruments as well.

18 Apr 2019, 22:07 PM

18 April 2019 - Credit rating agency Moody's confirmed in its new report the assessment of the credit rating B1 for Montenegro while retaining a "positive" outlook. The last available credit rating for Montenegro was also B1.

This credit rating is primarily due to the high GDP growth per capita, the institutional strengthening supported by the perspective of EU accession, attractiveness for foreign direct investment, as well as significant investment projects in transport, tourism, and energy. In parallel, the positive outlook with the B1 rating reflects the favourable mid-term prospects of the country, supported by adequate structural reforms, as well as the consolidation measures the Government has continuously implemented, which contribute to strengthening the fiscal position of Montenegro. Furthermore, the Government has taken adequate measures to reduce the risk of medium-term debt refinancing significantly.

The report states that the growth of GDP in 2018 of 4.9% was primarily driven by investments, but also another year of a record-breaking tourist season. In addition, positive trends in the labour market supported growth in household consumption, with an increase in employment, while the FDI inflow was slightly lower than in the previous year, but with a still high 9% of GDP.

According to the Report, the weaker global economic outlook will contribute to lower growth rates. Despite this, Montenegro foresees a healthy business cycle, with growth rates at 3.0% in 2019 and 3.2% in 2020, that is, above the 10-year historical average of 1.9%.

As a major backbone of the future development of Montenegro and further improvement of the credit rating, it is stated that strengthening of the competitive position will be achieved through the implementation of projects in the sectors of tourism and energy, as well as mitigation of external risks.

In this year's report, Moody's has highlighted that Montenegro is the forerunner in the process of EU accession among the Balkan countries, which represents a further impetus for the improvement of the rule of law and institutional capacities in the coming years. Since the start of EU accession talks in June 2012, Montenegro has opened 32 out of the 33 negotiating chapters and has three temporarily closed chapters.

18 Apr 2019, 22:05 PM

18 April 2019 - Numerous environmental campaigns, with an emphasis on climate change and environmental protection, will be held in Montenegro on April 22 - Earth Day.

On this occasion, Montenegrin Olympic Committee (MOC), Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and representatives of the United Nations Development Programme will sign a Cooperation Agreement on the realization of the Games of the Small States of Europe, which will be hosted by Montenegro from May 27 to June 1.

As announced by UNDP, with the slogan “Be fair by nature”, Montenegro 2019 is part of the Programme “Green Games”, supported by Olympic Solidarity, whose goal is to create a sustainable sport event. It consists of 3 phases: the creation of the environmental standards related to the organisation of sporting events, education, and promotion.

The project of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee "Not just a field game – be fair by nature", which promoted sport and its role in environmental protection was rated as one of the best projects in this area within the Olympic solidarity of the International Olympic Committee.

For the organization of Games MNE2019, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, as the leading carrier of this project, will employ more than 500 volunteers, over 250 members of associations and clubs as well as 50 employees from five Montenegrin municipalities working in sports, that will all undergo training which integral part will be a GREEN aspect of the MNE2019 Games.

The goal of education, but the complete project as well, is that all national associations and their technical staff pass training and adopt these solutions and recommendations, and implement them when organizing all future events in Montenegro.

"More than five thousand people from all over the world have applied to participate as one of 450 volunteers who will contribute to the organization of Games and help the organizers to present Montenegro as a good host," the statement said.

The UNDP said that Montenegro would host competitors from Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Iceland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta and San Marino.

After the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation, as announced, a tree planting project is planned in front of the Morača Sports Centre in Podgorica, with the participation of the Mayor and officials of UNDP, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the MOC.

"The tree planting will be organized simultaneously in Budva, Tivat and Cetinje in the presence of the city’s Mayors and representatives of the organizers of the Games of Small European Countries - Montenegro 2019," said the official announcement.

18 Apr 2019, 21:59 PM

18 April 2019 - During the past week, President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the President of the Parliament of Iceland Steingrimur Sigfusson, who was on an official visit to Montenegro.

The President of Montenegro expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Icelandic Parliament President, which represents an opportunity for further improvement of relations between the two countries.

"With the exceptionally positive emotion and the relationship that Montenegro has towards Iceland, the country that first recognized our independence and ratified the NATO accession protocol, the dynamics of the meeting at the high and highest level opens up the impression that the relations of the two countries will continue to go only as an upward line," said the President of Montenegro.

He particularly pointed out the possibilities of cooperation in the field of agriculture and fisheries, as well as the exchange of experiences in tourism, investment, and trade. Referring to the achievements of Montenegro in the period since the renewal of independence, Đukanović briefed the interlocutor on the priorities of state policy after joining NATO, integration into the EU and the continuation of dynamic economic growth.

"The date of admission to the EU does not burden us; we are committed to this process primarily because we want to be part of the European value system. That is why we are strongly committed to implementing institutional and structural reforms and creating a stable investment environment," he said.

The President recalled the reasons for the decades-long lag of the Western Balkans for a developed Europe that warns that there is no alternative for this region and that it is important to catch the connection with European development and thus strengthen the stability of the Western Balkans. 

The President of the Icelandic Parliament highly assessed the relations of the two countries with excellent predispositions for strengthening cooperation. In addition to fishing and trade tourism, he pointed out the possibility of joint action in the field of energy. President Sigfusson expressed full support for Montenegro's integration aspirations, recognizing that integration is an optimal framework for improving the quality of life of citizens in this region. European relations for Montenegro can only bring good, he stressed.

"It is jointly estimated that Montenegro and Iceland as small countries through intensive dialogue and cooperation can further affirm their positions on the international scene and through the principles of multilateralism. We must work as small countries together, and this is why we are more and more wondering among big players," said the Parliament President in Iceland, adding that international cooperation of small countries is vital.

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