04 Jul 2020, 20:52 PM

Charters to run almost every day from Ukraine to Montenegro

 During the forthcoming season, Ukrainian tourists are to be arriving in Montenegro almost every day, it was announced after the first charter flight from Kiev landed at Tivat Airport with 153 passengers on board.

The Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Ukraine, owner of tour operator ALF and leader of around 40 travel agents who today came to visit Montenegro, Olga Oleksienko, said that she hoped that there would indeed be a summer season this year, at least when it comes to Ukrainian tourists.

"‘Welcome’... we have been waiting for those words for a very long time ...I myself have fallen in love with Montenegro, and I hope that there will be flights from various Ukrainian cities at least four times a week. "Agents also love your country, and after visiting it they will offer some really great deals for tourists," Oleksienko said.

She thanked the embassies of Montenegro and Ukraine, the Airports of Montenegro and the National Tourist Organization for the positive cooperation that resulted in today's flight and the impressive welcome given to passengers and tourist representatives.

NTO Director Željka Radak Kukavičić highlighted that the organization of the first charter flight and the agreement for those to follow is an expression of trust by the people of Ukraine towards institutions in Montenegro.

"We have proven to be responsible partners and their arrival in such large numbers leads us to expect that we will have a flight almost every day," said Radak Kukavićić.

Assistant Director of Commercial Policy at Airports of Montenegro, Aleksandar Mitrović, pointed out that during the entry checks of Ukrainian passengers, all the recommendations of the National Coordination Body, ie the Institute of Public Health, were followed.

"I must stress that all passengers arrived with a negative PCR test, in line with the required health procedures. The airports in Tivat and Podgorica have all the necessary equipment, from masks to disinfectant. In this way, we are showing that we are protecting the health of employees and citizens and instilling confidence in passengers who come to Montenegro," said Mitrović.

Ukrainian dispatcher Natalija Fijalka once again thanked the Montenegrin side for organizing the flight and welcoming the passengers, emphasizing that the Ukrainian people are increasingly interested in coming to Montenegro.

Last year, over 60,000 tourists from Ukraine stayed in Montenegro, spending a total of over 460,000 nights. Almost 89 thousand passengers from a total of 543 aircraft landed at Tivat Airport from Ukraine.

04 Jul 2020, 16:29 PM

An internal investigation of the Ministry of the Interior is scrutinising actions of police officers on 24th June in Budva.

The Ministry of the Interior is suggesting that there were instances of police officers illegally exceeding their authority during the police intervention.

"The Department for Internal Police Investigation has established cases in relation to events during the police intervention on 24th June in Budva. These are based upon published recordings from electronic and other media that show cases of suspected illegal use of coercion or excess of authority by police officers against individuals," reads the response of the Ministry of the Interior submitted to Vijesti.

Several weeks of political tensions due to the change of government in Budva escalated on that day, when the police intervened on several occasions against the public and councilors of the Democrats, the Democratic Front, and the Socialist People's Party.

Several recordings were published in the media showing the excessive use of police force, especially against Đorđe Đurašević and Predrag Radetić, both from Budva.

During the police intervention, Đurašević was injured, and the footage shows the officer approaching him, and then shoving him, pulling him aside and pushing him onto a parked car. Throughout the day, the police threw tear gas at several locations, and patrols then surrounded the town and arrested individuals.

Footage shows police officers striking a man who was offering no resistance and who was standing with his hands raised; police then ran towards him and knocked him to the ground.

Police officers acted similarly in a cafe in Budva, where they attacked one individual who had been knocked to the floor.

Five days after the worrying scenes in Budva, the Minister of the Interior, Mevludin Nuhodžić, announced that certain cases of police intervention would be reviewed.

"If police officers are found to have exceeded their authority, they will be prosecuted in line with procedures," Nuhodžić said.

After the events in Budva, the opposition demanded the resignation of both the Minister of the Interior and the Director of Police, Veselin Veljović.

A session of the parliamentary Security Committee was held last Monday, and the deputies of the Democratic Front said after that that they were disappointed that the leaders of the Ministry of the Interior and the police had refused to accept responsibility for the events in Budva.

The police intervention in Budva is also the subject of an investigation by the Kotor Prosecutor's Office, to determine whether the police officers had committed abuse or other criminal offences during the intervention in Budva.

The Council for Civilian Oversight of Police also requested that the identity of those in uniform, shown in footage to be using excessive force, be clarified.

Investigations ongoing into abuse of Pljevlja citizens

The Department for Internal Police Investigation has not yet issued its verdict in the case of the use of coercive measures by police officers against Pljevlja citizen O.M. (21) in the riots on 13th May this year.

"The internal investigation into the case in question is ongoing," Vijesti was told.

The Council for Civilian Oversight of Police stated in the report that at least seven police officers used their hands, feet and batons to beat the individual, who offered no resistance, exceeding their authority and violating the rights of the 21-year-old.

Due to the abuse of the individual in question, the case is in the reconnaissance phase within the local prosecutor's office.

The twenty-one-year-old was beaten by police with equipment used for dispersing demonstrators during protests against the arrest of Bishop Ioaniki and a priest of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral.

The police actions were in this case recorded on camera.


03 Jul 2020, 21:34 PM

The laboratories of the Institute of Public Health (IJZCG) have analysed 475 samples for the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, among which 47 results were positive.

These are patients from Rožaje (17), Podgorica (16), Tivat (5), Danilovgrad (2), Budva (1), Petnjica (1), Andrijevica (1), Bar (1), Herceg Novi (1), Cetinje (1), and Nikšić (1).

Of the 47 new cases, 28 are contacts of previously-confirmed cases, whereas the source of the infection is still being traced in 17 of the patients.

One death has been recorded, of a patient from Rožaje, born 1953. This is the thirteenth death since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. From 1st June a total of 339 cases have been registered, with four deaths and therefore 335 active cases," an IJZCG report states.

Active COVID-19 cases by municipality:

Rožaje 94,

Podgorica 92, 

Berane 28, 

Bijelo Polje 19, 

Budva 16, 

Gusinje 14, 

Bar 12, 

Pljevlja 10, 

Tivat 8, 

Cetinje 8, 

Danilovgrad 8, 

Nikšić 6, 

Petnjica 6, 

Ulcinj 4, 

Herceg Novi 4, 

Kotor 3, 

Tuzi 2 

Andrijevica 1.

54 COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized

54 people with Covid-19 have been hospitalized in Montenegro, of which 18 are currently at the Clinical Center of Montenegro.

The head of the crisis medical staff, Ranko Lazović, said that four patients were on oxygen, and one in a life-threatening condition on a respirator. He said that the health system has the situation under control.

Lazovic added that 86 medics are in self-isolation due to coronavirus.

He stated at the beginning of the conference that in the first wave of the epidemic all measures were adopted well. The first cluster in the second wave, as he said, was registered in Rozaje.

"Montenegro is small, (the virus) immediately spreads to neighboring municipalities. And the second cluster has its source in the football match attended by several irresponsible individuals, "said Lazović.

Lazović assessed that a large number of individuals adhere to the measures, but that one can also see non-compliance with orders and measures on a daily basis.

"We are forced to solve the consequences, we cannot solve the cause," Lazovic said.

He reiterated that the number of patients is increasing day by day.

High Fines for Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Non-Proliferation Measures

 Legislation on Amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases was published and has entered into force, which prescribes high fines for non-compliance with measures to protect against the spread of COVID19.


€ 2,000 - 20,000 for a legal entity,

€ 200 - 2,000 for the responsible person in the legal entity and

€ 350 - 6,000 for an entrepreneur if he/she:

Does not ensure respect for maintaining distancing measures

Does not provide the required personal protective equipment - masks, etc. to employees.

Allows a person without a protective mask to enter shops, restaurants, tourism facilities, casinos, craft shops, construction sites, public transport and employee transport, state administration bodies and local self-government, etc.

Does not disinfect a facility or vehicle.

In addition to the penalty for a violation, a legal entity and an entrepreneur may be imposed a protective measure of PROHIBITION of carrying out activities for up to six months.

 Penalties for violating the counter- COVID-19 measure:

€ 100 - 2,000 for each individual if he/she:

Does not adhere to physical distance

Do not use a mask and other prescribed protective equipment

Enters the building without a protective mask, where it compulsory to do so

NKT Recommends Working from Home

The National Coordination Body recommends that public administration, companies and institutions organize work from home.

 “In accordance with the current epidemiological situation, we recommend that state and local administration, public institutions and companies and organizations organize work from home as much as possible,” the NKT announced.

 Counter-COVID-19 Measures in Sport

The National Coordination Body for the Fight against Infectious Diseases has adopted new measures in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which are related to the field of sports, the Montenegrin Football Federation (FSCG) announced.

After a long time, unfortunately, the coronavirus has caught up with sporting events, and not just football.

Basketball players, members of our national teams, who are preparing in Tivat and Bijelo Polje, have been tested for coronavirus.

The tests were also undergone by members of the professional staff of all three of the national teams - women's, men's youth and seniors, as only a few days ago they were in contact with the head of the association, who tested positive for Covid-19.

The test results are as yet unknown, although no-one has symptoms, and training is continuing as normal.

The basketball players have been on mini-summer preparations since 22nd June.

Sports competitions in Montenegro that are already underway are continuing for now, and the FSCG has announced new measures introduced by the National Coordination Body.

"All football clubs in Montenegro are obliged to organize training and competitive matches in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health and in compliance with all measures adopted at the session of the National Coordination Body," the FSCG said.

 The following measures related to sports were adopted at the NCT session:

- Training of professional, amateur and recreational athletes and sports competitions in indoor and outdoor sports facilities are organized without spectators.

- Compulsory disinfection of equipment used for training, competitions and tournaments, as well as items that are used jointly by athletes, in accordance with the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health.

- Respect for personal hygiene measures - regular hand hygiene, before and after any sporting activity.

Mobile Platform for Tracking Tourists

The government has decided to set up a mobile platform and web portal to monitor the movements of foreign tourists and the potential spread of the coronavirus in Montenegro.

The information that was adopted yesterday at the virtual session of Government states that the agreement on the establishment of the platform was signed by the representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, NTO, the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG) and the Institute of Public Health, reports Pobjeda.

The platform will cost 60,000 euros - of which the ministry will provide 40,000 euros, and ten thousand will be provided each by NTO and PKCG.

"The goal is to enable foreign tourists to feel safe and secure, isolate potential new hotspots in hotels and accommodation as soon as possible,  to maintain records of locations where foreign tourists stay - relying in part on a monitoring system that has already been developed. It will also provide the representatives of the Institute of Public Health an easy way to contact all persons suspected of being infected in the event of a new outbreak, and for foreign tourists, regardless of language barriers, a centralized channel for reporting any observed anomalies, and where needed contact with the consular mission of their country," Government information states.

03 Jul 2020, 13:03 PM
July 3, 2020 - The coronavirus pandemic first hit the tourism sector, which, on the one hand, is disastrous for economies like ours, yet it could also be a new, real development opportunity. When it comes to the development of sustainable tourism through various specific types of tourism - Montenegro has inherited considerable potential. Through its 20 years of work, the professional NGO Expeditio - Center for Sustainable Spatial Development from Kotor has been looking into this potential. Its most recent task is that of publishing five books that represent the beginning of the edition "Cultural Routes of Montenegro."
The rich and diverse cultural heritage of Montenegro is recognized as an essential factor of national identity and a long-term resource for sustainable development. Although the presentation of aspects of cultural heritage is dealt with through the activities of both institutions and the civil and private sector, the need to improve its promotion and interpretation is certainly evident, especially given the exceptional richness of Montenegrin cultural heritage, in many areas not yet identified and protected. Those were the initial premises that inspired Expeditio to design a further project based on cultural heritage - "PATHS OF HERITAGE - the potential of cultural heritage to create cultural routes in Montenegro," which the Ministry of Culture supported within the competition "Diversity of expressions in the independent cultural scene" in 2019.
The project coordinator, architect-custodian Aleksandra Kapetanović, explains:
"One of the possible and practical ways to promote cultural heritage is through cultural routes, which include thematic and spatial connection of cultural heritage sites through a joint presentation, interpretation, and tourist promotion. Cultural routes can be especially important for discovering and promoting lesser-known sites. The opportunity to reawaken various cultural pathways in Montenegro, which inherits rich and diverse cultural heritage, is still not sufficiently used.
At the European level, there are several initiatives related to cultural routes, which Montenegro currently uses only to a minor extent. It may be necessary for the inclusion of Montenegrin heritage in these more extensive networks and joining regional and European cultural routes. However, in parallel with the recognition of cultural heritage sites in Montenegro as part of European cultural routes, there is great potential for the formation of cultural routes within Montenegro, at the national, regional and local levels. Through all these activities, one can contribute to the promotion of goods with potential cultural values, ​as well as to that of diversity of expression, and finally to the creation of something really unique for tourists."
Within the project, five books have been published, representing the beginning of the edition "Cultural Routes of Montenegro". The edition includes new, redesigned versions of previously published Expeditio publications, translations, and new titles. The following books have been published:

• Palaces of Boka Kotorska

In the area of ​​the Bay of Kotor, there are a large number of palaces and other significant houses with distinct cultural-historical, artistic and architectural values ​​that represent one of the crucial segments of our cultural heritage. These houses testify in the best way to the level of social, economic, and cultural development and speak about the culture of housing and the lifestyle of an entire environment.
In the publication "Palaces of Boka Kotorska", all palaces and other famous significant residential houses in Boka are presented in one place, which is one of the potential exciting cultural routes.
vila verona
 Palace Verona, Tivat, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević

• Perast - The Outstanding Boka Kotorska

An array of quality photos accompany the engaging book Perast - The Outstanding Boka Kotorska, which presents the city's cultural and historical sights and contains information about the location and history of Perast, important buildings (churches, palaces, fortresses, etc.) and traditional events.

• Medieval Towns of Montenegro

The publication "Medieval Towns of Montenegro" is the first step towards the inclusion of medieval cities, as a unique thematic unit, in the cultural and tourist backdrop of Montenegro. The publication was based on the book by prof. Pavle Mijović and Mirko Kovačević "Medieval towns and fortifications in Montenegro".
Old Bar lonelyplanet
Old Bar, Source: Lonely Planet

• Godinje - Exceptional Rural Heritage of Shkodra Lake

The book "Godinje" presents the research carried out within the workshop of architecture students in the village of Godinje on Skadar Lake.
Godinje outdoorandmore
Godinje, Source:

• World War II Monuments in Montenegro

The book "World War II Monuments in Montenegro" is intended as a guide to this valuable segment of Montenegrin and regional cultural heritage. It presents 11 monuments with a particular emphasis on five that have already been recognized at local and international levels (Dola, Trebjesa, Barutana, Jasikovac, Memorial House in Kolasin). The book aims to identify monuments dedicated to World War II, their recognition and affirmation as an essential segment of the entire cultural heritage of Montenegro, and thus their promotion as a broader, regional cultural and tourist product, i.e., part of the cultural routes of Southeast Europe.
monument of fallen solders
Monument of Fallen Solders, Barutana, Podgorica Photo by Ivan Botica
"We have produced four publications in English. The idea is to be available to tourist representatives and tourists themselves in discovering the rich heritage of our country, "explained Aleksandra Kapetanović.
In addition to the printed editions, which will be partly available for free sale, these publications will soon be available online on the project website:
03 Jul 2020, 11:52 AM

July 3, 2020 - The Government of Montenegro has decided to ban all large-scale festival events planned in Montenegro for this summer. It is stated that only low epidemiological risk events will be recommended.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days, the Kotor Children's Theater Festival, and part of the Podgorica Cultural Summer will not be held, the Government of Montenegro announced.

"In planning summer cultural events, we recommend consulting the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NCT), the Ministry of Culture or the Institute of Public Health," reads the Government's Twitter account. "Everything has stopped, but the children are still growing", is the motto of the 28th Kotor Children's Theater Festival, which was supposed to open last night in the Old Town.

"The decision to postpone the festival is difficult for all of us. In addition to protecting children's health, we need to preserve both culture and freedom of expression. It is a big challenge for us who are engaged in education and pedagogical work to approach children and young people in this situation. Due to the specific situation, we decided not to ask for sponsorship this year. Still, people applied themselves, "said the Director of the Kotor Children's Theater Festival, Petar Pejakovic, at the press conference, recalling that 65 programs were prepared in nine days.

"A large part of these programs, especially those related to art or educational work, is already in place or indeed ready, so the festival will start in a certain way. In the next week, more than half of these programs will be held, by way of exhibitions, literary evenings, educational programs and installations that have already been put in place," said Pejaković.

02 Jul 2020, 21:58 PM
July 2, 2020 - The Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships was adopted yesterday in the Parliament of Montenegro. The adoption of the Draft Law on Same-Sex Partnerships required the support of 41 deputies, and 42 deputies voted in favour.
The Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships contains many rights that have been denied to such couples - the right to joint property and inheritance in the event of the death of a partner, to hospital and prison visits, to health and social insurance.
There is no enthusiasm in the LGBT community and the NGO sector, and parental rights and the adoption of children, to which this Law does not apply, will be discussed in the future.
It was a long way from the first pride in Budva, to yesterday's adoption of the Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships. After the celebratory euphoria, the application of the Law follows, which starts only in a year's time. And under the new law, same-sex couples obtain many of the rights that spouses have.
Thus, sexual partners have the right to health care and insurance, mutual support is regulated, property relations are governed, and they are also given the right to inherit and take care of the children they already have.
Same-sex partners will not be able to adopt children, but the NGO sector says it will be a topic to be discussed in the future.
The first same-sex marriages are expected next summer because before then, about 20 laws need to be changed, bylaws passed, and registrars prepared.

LGBTI Forum Progress: A Historical Step in the Struggle for Equality

The organization LGBTI Forum Progress assessed the Law's adoption as a historic step in the fight for the human rights of LGBTI people in Montenegro.
"The NGOs LGBT Forum Progress and the LGBTIQ Social Center, as well as the entire community we represent, welcome the adoption of the Life Partnership Act and congratulate all LGBTI people on this historic day," the LGBTI Forum Progress said.
"As an organization that has advocated for the legal recognition of same-sex communities for many years and as active participants in the Working Group that created this Law, we are pleased about this long-awaited outcome. Now the key remains - implementing this Law in practice - which is the next big a step in protecting the human rights of LGBTI people, "the statement said.
John M. Barac of the LGBTIQ Social Center said the feeling is indescribable, but that the path to essential equality is before us.
"I cannot say that we are completely equal from today, because the path to real and essential equality is just ahead of us. A step forward in recognizing that we, same-sex couples, exist at all. The Assembly has sided with equality and love and sent a clear message that Montenegro is moving forward. I hope that the institutions will justify the trust and consistently implement this Law, paving the way for real equality," Barac concluded.

Queer Montenegro: This is a significant victory

Queer Montenegro congratulates all lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans people on this great victory!
"We will modestly celebrate today, given the overall social circumstances, in our now legally recognized communities. Tomorrow we will continue to fight for full equality and full freedom for all LGBT people in our country!" they said.
"We congratulate all MPs who have fulfilled their social obligation by supporting this Law. History will remember you. We thank those who were against this Law. Your resistance strengthens us!", Queer Montenegro said in a statement.

Alison Kemp: Congratulations to future LGBTI families in Montenegro

"It is a historic day for the LGBTI community in Montenegro. I congratulate the future LGBTIQ communities in Montenegro and the legislator on this decision. The United Kingdom will continue to support the further development of human rights, tolerance, and equality," said the British Ambassador yesterday.

Rising Reinke: A significant step forward for equality and tolerance for all

The US Ambassador to Montenegro, Judy Rising Reinke, congratulated Montenegro on the adoption of this Law on her twitter profile. She added that this is a significant step forward for equality and tolerance of all members of society.

NGO Juventas: Montenegro has eliminated one inequality, we can all be proud 

With the adoption of the Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships, a step has been made to make the position of LGBT people more comfortable, through legal regulation of relations between life partners, and Montenegro removed one inequality, of which we can all be proud.
The non-governmental organization Juventas announced this on the occasion of the adoption of the Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships in the Parliament of Montenegro.
Juventas recalled that the political and legal struggle had lasted for over eight years.
The fact that the Law was passed indicates that, as they pointed out, many legislators still consider the pluralism of identities, including sexual ones.
"This Law recognizes that our lives do not follow the same patterns and that happiness does not lie in molds, but the understanding that our needs are the same or similar, but we are all different. Based on all the parliamentary debates we have had the opportunity to listen to, we are aware that there is still a lot of room for certain things to be improved. In the first place, we mean the awareness of many parliamentarians to recognize the realities of our social context," Juventas emphasised.
"The successful completion of this process would not have been possible without the support of the civil sector, media, political parties that supported the Law, institutions, the European Union, the Council of Europe, UN systems, ILGA, ERA, numerous Western embassies, and numerous individuals who have provided unreserved support for years. Let the Law help to legally strengthen the love and the right to a happy family for people of the same sex," Juventas said.

Bjeković: I welcome the Law, respect the dignity and equality of all people

The adoption of the Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships is an important date for the LGBTIQ community in Montenegro, said the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms Siniša Bjeković.
"This is an important date for the LGBTIQ community in Montenegro. We share their satisfaction, hoping that this important democratic step will bring them all the expected benefits," Bjeković said.
"The state and society should ensure the degree of realization of rights and freedoms that will respect the dignity and equality of all people, regardless of any personal characteristics and regardless of different political public attitudes," said Bjeković.

Prime Minister Markovic welcomed the adoption of the Law

The Prime Minister of Montenegro Dusko Markovic welcomed the adoption of the Law on Same-Sex Life Partnerships in the Parliament of Montenegro.
"This is a big step in the right direction for Montenegrin society, its democratic maturity, and integration processes. Equality and the same rights for all are the cornerstones of human and European values. I want to thank the LGBTIQ community for dialogue and contributions. There can be no room for discrimination based on sexual orientation in a European Montenegro, "- said the Prime Minister.
Sources: Vijesti, Government of Montenegro
02 Jul 2020, 19:21 PM
July 2, 2020 - The national company Montenegro Airlines will once again be flying to Paris from July 4. At the weekend, charter flights will resume to the south of Italy, and most likely from August 1 to Israel, according to Executive Director Vlastimir Ristic, speaking to Radio Montenegro. He notes that for now, there are no indications as to when traffic with Belgrade will resume.
According to the RTCG portal, Ristic expects that the Law on Investment and Consolidation will soon enter into force. It will oblige the domestic airline to pay its debts for taxes and contributions to the state and the Airports of Montenegro, a total of 60 million euros.
"Montenegro Airlines has shown social responsibility, and by connecting the routes in complex conditions, it has connected Montenegro with Europe and the world," Ristic said.
He announced that the company's planes would fly to Paris again from July 4, but not every day as is usually the case in the earlier period for the summer months of July and August.
"That decision is limited to 14 days. That means that the epidemiological situation in our country must remain within the framework required by the EU so that after those two weeks, we will be able to continue flying," Ristic said.
This weekend, he stated, charter flights to the south of Italy-Bari and Naples will be re-established, and in the second half of July to Rome, but not with Lisbon, which was previously planned. A charter flight to Tel Aviv is also arranged.
"We have serious interest, and we can deliver on it, we hope, from August 1. This will be important for us. It is a long-distane connection that affects our operation. It is highly preferable to have charters that are so far away and are reliable partners," said Ristic.
According to Ristic, the restarting of flights to Russia is also of interest. He is optimistic that this could happen in August and then extend to the post-season.
"It is not realistic to expect Russia to be within our sights in the peak season. I hope, however, if the weather conditions help us to move the season to the post-season we will be able to benefit from the market there," stated the Head of MA.
The ban on landing Montenegro Airlines planes at Belgrade Airport is still in force. They are in communication with the Nikola Tesla Airport and with Air Serbia, but Ristic notes, there is no concrete agreement yet.
"We cannot rush into things. We must be patient and wait for the epidemiological situation to stabilize and then start moving. This is the one we're waiting for, because it is the most important regional line for us and Air Serbia," Ristic said.
For now, says Ristic, the flights, which were established with Ljubljana, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich, and Copenhagen are not profitable.
"There is a low factor of 30, 45 or 50 percent at some points. And that is not profitable, but we are now in a situation where we need to be socially responsible, so profitability takes second place," stated the Executive Director of Montenegro Airlines.
The suspension of air traffic caused severe losses to the company of up to 90 percent, although we did run some flights in March. There were also flights paid by the government in April, says Ristic. However, as he says, it is not enough for losses not to accumulate.
For now, the implementation of the Law on Investment and Consolidation of the national airline has been postponed, which provided for a state investment of 155 million over six years. Ristic hopes that, as he says, the law will be applied swiftly and that the money wil cover the obligations towards paying the taxes and contributions as well as the debt to Montenegro's Airports.
"When the two are added up, it is 60 million. And that is a large part of the package that is built into that law. However, the money must end up in the hands of the state company and the budget," said Ristic.
He also mentioned that the Law on Consolidation and Investment would enable the purchase of new planes and, as he concluded, now is the right moment for this, as the price of planes has dropped due to coronavirus.
02 Jul 2020, 19:07 PM
July 2, 2020 - The laboratories of the Institute of Public Health (IJZCG) analyzed 444 samples for the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, among which 40 patients are COVID-19 positive.
"These are patients from Podgorica (19), Berane (9), Pljevlja (4), Rožaje (2), Bijelo Polje (3), Budva (1), Tivat (1) and Gusinje (1). Out of the 40 newly-discovered cases, 21 are contacts of previously confirmed cases, two cases are imported, while 17 in patients the source of infection is as yet unknown. The total number of registered cases since the beginning of June is 292; there have been three deaths, and the number of active cases is 289," the Institute of Public Health said in a statement.

Active COVID-19 cases by municipalities:

Podgorica 79
Rozaje 78
Berane 32
Bijelo Polje 19
Budva 15
Gusinje 14
Bar 11
Pljevlja 10
Cetinje 7
Niksic 5
Ulcinj 4
Tivat 3
Herceg Novi 3
Danilovgrad 3
Kotor 3
Tuzi 2
Petnjica 1

Further COVID-19 spread expected, 40 patients hospitalized

The number of COVID-19 infected can be expected to increase in Montenegro in the coming days, which is why it is necessary to respect the authorities' recommendations, said the head of the Department of Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health (IPH) Sanja Medenica.
She announced on the morning program of RTCG that 40 COVID-19 patients have been hospitalized in Montenegro. Most of them are in Berane - 18.
The Clinical Center of Montenegro is currently treating 17 patients in whom the presence of the COVID-19 virus has been confirmed, the health institution announced.
There are 13 patients at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, four patients at the Internal Medicine Clinic, 2 of whom are in a severe condition in the Intensive Care Unit.
Five patients are being treated at Bar General Hospital.

Government: Counter- COVID-19 measures for retail outlets

The Government of Montenegro once again reminded the public of the rules that are binding in shopping malls, markets, and shops to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
"In shopping malls, individual stores and markets, you are obliged to adhere to the prescribed measures - mask, distance, hand disinfection," it is stated on the Twitter profile of the Government of Montenegro.
The current reguations are:
-Maximum consumer per 10 square meters
-In rows, a distance of at least 2 meters
-Mandatory wearing of a protective mask
-Compulsory hand disinfection at the entrance

Special counter-COVID-19 measures for Gusinje

The National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases will introduce measures in force in the Municipality of Gusinje as of tonight.
1. It is forbidden to leave residential buildings between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m.
2. Catering facilities prohibited from opening
3. Public and passenger traffic from and to the municipality is not permitted, except for emergencies and regular work activities
So far, 14 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the Municipality of Gusinje.

President of the Municipality of Tivat awaiting COVID-19 test results

The President of the Municipality of Tivat, Siniša Kusovac, announced today that he is under self-isolation and that he is awaiting the result of a coronavirus test.
Kusovac announced the news in a letter addressed to the staff of the Public Preschool Institution Bambi in Tivat, where a COVID-19 infection was recorded last week in one of the educators on staff.
He pointed out that he was provided with information from kindergarten "Bambi" Tivat after NKT had approved the opening of preschool institutions and acted with all prescribed measures.
"Having that insight, I hope and expect that the number of infected people in Tivat will not grow drastically, at least when it comes to the kindergarten staff. The person who is a member of your team, and who is COVID-19 positive, responsibly stated all his contacts. "At my disposal, 90 people who were identified as contacts of that person were tested on the first day," said Kusovac.
A total of 179 people were tested this week in Tivat. COVID-19 infection was detected in three patients.
02 Jul 2020, 18:24 PM
July 2, 2020 - Croatia has opened its borders to EU citizens. As of yesterday, citizens of 15 countries, including Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, can enter for business or tourist reasons, with a paid accommodation reservation, and without mandatory self-isolation, the Croatian government announced.
According to the latest decision, EU / EEA citizens and persons with permanent residence in the EU / EEA can enter Croatia without restrictions. All passengers must still fill in the ENTERCROATIA form upon arrival in order to ensure expedited border crossing and monitoring of contacts in case of infection. All other foreign nationals can enter if they meet certain conditions, or if they come for business or tourist reasons, with a paid accommodation reservation.
While there are no restrictions for EU citizens, third-country nationals can enter Croatia if they have a business or tourist reason, must travel for educational purposes, or for essential personal or medical purposes. Health workers and researchers, carriers, and passengers in transit are also exempted from the restrictions. The authorities appeal to passengers coming to Croatia to check if they meet the requirements before the trip, and to the e-mail the Border Administration of the Ministry of the Interior at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If they meet the stated conditions, these persons can apply to the application for easier and faster entry into Croatia, as specified in the decision of central government, Beta reports.
Third countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Croatia are Algeria, Australia, Montenegro, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, BiH, and Uruguay. Chinese citizens will also be able to enter, but on the condition that Beijing lifts restrictions on the entry of EU citizens.
Croatia has acted in line with the European Commission's recommendations on the gradual opening of EU borders to citizens of 15 non-EU countries as of July 1, including Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
The same rules on entering Croatia from those countries apply, as before June 24, when a measure of mandatory self-isolation lasting 14 days was introduced for passengers coming from Serbia, BiH, Northern Macedonia, and Kosovo.
The list of countries will be revised every two weeks following epidemiological criteria.
01 Jul 2020, 20:33 PM

1 July, 2020 - The Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Tivat, in cooperation with "Morsko Dobro" has, as part of the project Green Destinations, nominated Tivat for the 2020 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations. The application process comprised several key steps. Namely, through the use of the Green Destinations platform, information had to be entered and reports made on the 15 criteria required, and a good practice example had to be given. Tivat Nature Reserve “Solila” was chosen as this example from Tivat Municipality, focussing on sustainable principles, problem solving, and creating a good environment for nature, tourists and the local community.

Some of the 15 criteria are: tourism policy - the destination must have a publicly available, long-term tourism policy or strategy related to environmental, aesthetic, social, cultural and economic issues, as well as issues of quality, health and safety. Air pollution - air pollution is adequately treated,  and the effects of air pollution related to tourism are effectively controlled. Promotion of local products and services - the inclusion of local craftsmen, producers and service providers in the tourism chain in accordance with the principles of fair trade is supported; local and sustainable products that support nature, culture, local identity and the local economy are promoted. Sustainability Standards - Internationally recognized sustainability standards that comply with the GSTC criteria for tourism-related businesses are promoted by the destination or business sector.

Issues related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage, nature and landscape, waste treatment, etc are also included. The application for the 2020 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations was to be completed by 1st July, while feedback is expected on 1st September, and the official announcement of destinations on the final list will be made in October. Destinations selected for the Top 100 will also qualify for the Sustainable Destination Awards 2020, which will be presented at Global Green Days Destinations in the spring of 2021 in Bodrum, Turkey.

The Tourist Organization of Tivat would like to thank all the associates and colleagues from the following organisations and businesses who helped with the application and whose cooperation made it possible for Tivat to enter the  TOP 100 sustainable destinations for 2020: The Secretariat for Investments, Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, the Secretariat for Communal Affairs and Transport, the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship, the Secretariat for Culture and Social Affairs, and the companies DOO "Komunalno" Tivat, Brand New Tivat, as well as the Protection and Rescue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, strategic partners Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay and NGO Expeditio. 

The Top 100 Sustainable Destinations competition is being held for the sixth time in a row and aims to present tourism stories and examples of good sustainable development practice from local and regional destinations as inspiring examples to others, both travel organizers and tourists.

Through reporting on a variety of Green Destinations criteria and also using their internet platform, destinations can work on strengthening tourism sustainability, avoiding mass tourism, and also help promote tourism, warning destinations of hidden dangers associated with tourism development.

By publishing an annual list and sharing good practices and success stories of destinations, Green Destinations aims to identify initiatives that make tourist destinations more sustainable, responsible and attractive from the point of view of the tourist experience.

Source: Radio Tivat, Zora Krstovic

01 Jul 2020, 19:25 PM

July 1, 2020 - 28 new COVID-19 patients in Montenegro, 249 active cases

In the last 24 hours, the Institute of Public Health laboratories completed the analysis of 190 samples for the new coronavirus, among which 28 results were positive. These are patients from Gusinje (12), Podgorica (10), Bar (4), Cetinje, and Bijelo Polje 1 each.

Of the 28 newly discovered, 18 were contacts of previously confirmed cases, while in ten patients the source of the infection is as yet unknown.

Active COVID-19 cases by municipalities:

Rožaje 76
Podgorica 61
Berane 23
Bijelo Polje 16
Budva 14
Gusinje 13
Bar 11
Cetinje 7
Pljevlja 6
Ulcinj 4
Nikšić 4
Herceg Novi 3
Danilovgrad 3
Kotor 3
Tuzi 2
Tivat 2
Petnjica 1

Thirty-nine COVID-19 patients in hospitals

Director of the Clinical Center of MNE, Dr. Jevto Erakovic, said that 39 COVID-19 patients had been admitted to hospital.

"There are 14 patients in the Clinical Center. Two of them are in critical condition. Seven patients are in Bar hospital. There are 18 patients in Berane, 2 of whom are in critical condition. This data should be a warning. Compared to the same day in the previous wave of infection, the number of patients is much higher now, and transmission is faster," says Dr. Eraković. He pointed out that the healthcare system is fully prepared.

Borders with Serbia to be open when conditions allow, set of measures for tourists prepared

Director of the Institute for Public Health, Dr. Boban Mugoša, warned that measures to curb the COVID-19 spread "must be obeyed."

"Persons in self-isolation must stay in isolation. We have provided so many recommendations, instructions, orders. If we adhere to that, our response to the infection will be effective. We are opening in line with European standards. Some European countries have not opened their borders to us, and that's fine, they can do whatever they think is correct. I was asked why we haven't opened borders to Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The answer is clear- every country assesses its capacities, its system, and how many tourists are allowed to come from every individual country," Dr. Mugoša said.

Dr. Mugoša recalled that events that carry a high epidemic risk had been banned. "Due to events that represented an epidemic explosion, we had to take such measures," Dr. Mugoša says. For now, sporting events will be banned.

Dr. Mugoša recalled they had prepared a set of measures for tourists who come to visit Montenegro. "Software to which a tourist will be connected will allow us to track them when they arrive in our country," he pointed out.

Speaking about measures, he said that health comes first. "We have two forms of risk - contagious disease and poverty. The lockdown we had previously cannot be applied anywhere. Under the present circumstances, we are using effective and well-planned measures and these will produce results only if we adhere to them, "Dr. Mugoša pointed out.

Borders of not all EU countries are open for the citizens of Montenegro

Although the EU Council decided yesterday to open the borders for the citizens of 14 countries outside the Union, each of the member states was allowed to decide on the issue independently. Austria remains closed to citizens of the Western Balkans, while Germany has decided to exclude four countries from the EU list, including Serbia.

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexandar Schallenberg (OVP) said today that they were worried about the first steps towards opening borders to the Western Balkans and that the planned opening of borders was being withdrawn for Serbia, Montenegro, BiH, Kosovo, Albania, and Northern Macedonia. He also advised Austrian citizens not to travel to these countries and issued the highest warning, urging them to leave these countries if they had already arrived.

From today, the citizens of Montenegro can go to Germany, the citizens of Serbia cannot

Germany announced today that it is easing the restrictions for the arrival of passengers from 11 countries that are not members of the European Union (EU), including Montenegro, the Associated Press agency reported.

Yesterday, the EU Council adopted recommendations on the gradual opening of EU borders for citizens of 14 countries from July 1, including Montenegro and Serbia. Still, Germany did not accept the complete list.

Montenegro remained on the list, whereas Serbia, Algeria, Morocco, and Rwanda were left out.

Sources: Institute of Public Health, Government of Montenegro,

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