20 Feb 2019, 19:01 PM

February 20, 2019 - The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development today announced five public invitations to grant non-refundable support to the development of marine fisheries, sea aquaculture, and freshwater aquaculture.

The Ministry has announced three public calls for marine fisheries - for support for the modernization of a professional fishing fleet for catching demersal resources, for the modernization of a professional fishing fleet for pelagic resources and a call for the modernization of a professional fishing fleet in small fishing for vessels up to 10 meters. Also, the Ministry has also announced public calls to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the sea aquaculture sector as well as freshwater aquaculture.
Professional fishers at sea can receive non-refundable support of up to 50 percent of eligible investments for the reconstruction and equip of fishing facilities, the replacement of power generators, procurement of fishing and navigation equipment, and fish storage equipment to raise food safety standards. In addition to these eligible investments, fishers in small coastal fishing can also acquire vessel support, following specified criteria prescribed by the public call.
This measure enables our fishermen to have better safety and security at sea, as well as better fish catch efficiency.
The amount of support through public calls for catching pelagic and demersal resources is up to 50% of the total value of the invoices submitted, up to €10,000 per vessel, and for small coastal fishing up to €5,000 per ship. Maximum support through public calls for sea aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture is up to €7,000.
Through two public calls for granting support to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the sea aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture sector, the Ministry will support by up to 50 percent of the investment. Breeders can reconstruct farms, build or reconstruct food storage facilities and equipment, purchase equipment for automation of the breeding process as well as equipment to improve hygiene in terms of food safety and marketing of products for the market. Investments in network procurement and the introduction of new technologies are also supported to protect the predator farms.
With the aim of intensifying the development of the fisheries sector,  by the Agro Budget for 2019 to support this sector the Ministry provided 1.5 million euros, an increase of 49% over last year. In the area of marine fisheries and sea aquaculture, support follows the Strategy of the Fisheries of Montenegro and the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy of the EU.
In addition to the support that will be implemented through these public calls, a particular impetus for the development of marine fisheries will be the realization of the MIDAS II project with the emphasis on improving the land infrastructure for fishermen, such as procurement and installation of equipment for the first landing and construction of fishing ports, says the Ministry.
20 Feb 2019, 16:28 PM

February 20, 2019 - The Center for Civic Education (CCE) today announced that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ASK) should check where the President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic has money to cover the debt to Atlas Bank.

This NGO reported that they have today sent ASK the Initiative to launch the Inspection Process from the Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic's Revenue and Property Report.
"The Montenegrin public is acquainted by Dusko Knezevic, a businessman claimed by Montenegrin investigative organs, that President Djukanovic had a debt on a card at Atlas Bank. In Djukanovic's announcement, which he issued as President of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) on 23 January 2019 among other things, states: 'I am already in contact with a bank where I check the credibility of the debt information and ask for instructions on how to make this commitment if it stands.' After that, the public is informed by the Atlas Group that Djukanovic returned the debt of EUR 16,358.00 on 30 January 2019, which he confirmed in the issue of 'Ukrstene Rijeci' broadcast on the TV Prva on 14 February 2019," the CCE said.
The statement adds that the Anti-Corruption Law prescribes ASK's obligation to review data from public service reports by comparing this data with the collected information on the assets and revenues of the public official from the authorities and legal entities that have access to such data.
"By comparing data from the last three reports submitted by Milo Djukanovic to ASK, these publicly available data reveal contradictions, namely that Djukanovic did not report any debts or savings as well. Also, it is not possible to ascertain from the reported revenues of Djukanovic and his wife that they had at one time 16,358.86 euros to pay the debt to Atlas Bank because their official income was limited. From this, we conclude that Milo Djukanovic's reports do not contain accurate and complete information in this section, according to the Anti-Corruption Law, and it is necessary that ASK verifies these reports and determined by this and any other irregularities in the same and consequently undertaking the acts prescribed by law," said the CCE.
This NGO stated that he wanted to believe that in the annual plan of ASK, to review the data from the income statement and public officials' assets, Djukanovic's report was also planned. They want to believe that the Agency will, ex officio, and not only by this or other initiatives, initiate a misdemeanor procedure for failure to report accurate and complete data in the revenue and property records of the officials.
"The CCE hopes that ASK will urgently process this Initiative, bearing in mind the function that Djukanovic is doing and the public's interest for ASK to make its stand on the allegations," the statement concludes.
20 Feb 2019, 16:12 PM

20 February 2019 - Creating digital contents in relation to Kanli Tower is a project that will definitely improve the tourist offer of the city of Herceg Novi. Director of the Office for International Cooperation, Simonida Kordić, told News Agency Radio Jadran that the contractor has already purchased the equipment, and the production of digital content for which there is already a scenario is in progress.

“It will be a documentary and feature film content. The scenario is complete and it's time to start shooting specific scenes. It will be an attractive, but historically correct content," Kordić explains.

A Film about Herceg Novi and Kanli Tower History to Attract Tourists 3

The film will be both entertaining and educational, for which experts engaged in the historical validity of the data are currently engaged.

The municipality of Herceg Novi hired architect and heraldry, Srđan Marlović, whose role is the historical research and development of the screenplay, that is, the consultation on the creation of scripts for the film. Marlović told Radio Jadran that he collected data from the archives in Venice, Zadar, Split, Vienna, and Trieste.

“From seven Venetian archives, I collected about 40 authentic documents related to Herceg Novi, which have never been extracted. When it comes to the history of the city, we know about the past 100 to 120 years, and no one knows anything from the time before that period, because the research was not fundamental and based on scientific principles," claims Marlović.

The goal of this project is to record a popular feature film that does not burden the viewers with information and facts, but, as Marlović says, it should be easy on the eyes and interesting. Nearly all historical cities, from Israel, through Greece, Spain or Italy, have similar digital contents.

A Film about Herceg Novi and Kanli Tower History to Attract Tourists 2

According to him, the film will be divided into several segments that will last a total of 20 minutes and will display the history of Herceg Novi's development, with an emphasis on Kanli Tower.

“The shooting will be done in the original ambient, on the tower, and in the Old Town, because the job is very demanding. Cameramen have to be careful not to have some of the modern devices or products in their shooting frame, such as air conditioners," says Simonida Kordić.

Complete digitalisation equipment for the film recording was purchased through public procurement and the contractor is responsible for everything.

For the development of innovative digital content and procurement of equipment for the fortress Kanli Tower, the Municipal Commission chose the offer of the consortium Čikom LLC and Digital dab LLC from Podgorica. The estimated value of the deal was 174,650 EUR, and the consortium Čikom - Digital dab offered 166,850 EUR.

Source: Radio Jadran

20 Feb 2019, 15:49 PM

20 February 2019 - Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković has asked the Public Works Directorate to terminate the contract on the construction of a kindergarten in Bar and to arrange the existing location by planting 90 cypresses.

Marković emphasized that at the moment of the discussion about the allocation of financial resources, the municipality has already had a defined location through a valid detailed urban plan, which did not include any objections from any party for its purpose during the public hearing. He added that it was only at the stage of preparation of the site for the commencement of works that an initiative to ban work had appeared which later resulted in civil protests.

"We believed that emotions were not above the need to invest in the future, and as a responsible Government, we wanted the best conditions for children in Bar. We were convinced that, when we are working in the interests of the generations to come in Montenegro, there can be no differences or politics involved," the Prime Minister said.

He announced that he was sorry that a number of citizens of Bar did not recognize the intention to ensure a better quality of their children and grandchildren.

"On the contrary, civil resistance to the project has grown into a political platform that has not been barred by the protests’ organisers. However, this Government will not work against the will of citizens, and especially we will not build kindergartens with police cordons. We will draw the lesson from this situation, which is that sometimes the commitment to build a kindergarten at a planned location is not a guarantee that the citizens want it," Marković emphasized.

He said that the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the creditor, will redirect the amount of two and a half million euros for the construction of facilities for the same purpose in another city, where the Government already has all the necessary documentation and the agreement on the common interest exists.

Marković pointed out that the selection of a new location in Bar requires complex and long procedures, so he asked the citizens for patience while creating planning, project and other conditions for the construction of a new kindergarten.

"The Bar Municipality has a very pronounced problem of lack of space in preschool institutions. In two school years, the number of children in kindergartens increased by 50 percent. Namely, in the school year 2015/2016, 940 children were enrolled in Bar, and this school year there is already 1,391 children, "the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister recalled that recognizing the problem of insufficient spatial capacities in preschool institutions in Montenegro, the previous Government with the Council of Europe Development Bank signed in December 2013 a credit arrangement worth 10 million EUR for the construction of seven kindergartens. The total value of the projects with the participation of the state is 17 million EUR.

Source: TVCG

20 Feb 2019, 12:36 PM

At the session of the Municipal Assembly of Niksic, scheduled for February 28th, the delegates will discuss the program for encouraging youth employment for 2019.

The proposer of the Program, which plans to employ at least 70 high school students, is the Secretariat for Culture, Sports, Youth and Social Welfare. According to the report, which will be in front of the delegates, there were 345 unemployed university students in January of the current year, with the seventh degree at the Employment Biro in Niksic, not counting those currently included in the vocational training program, accounting for almost nine percent of the total number of unemployed in the city under Trebjesa, or almost 40 percent of the total number of unemployed young people.

"The goals of the program are to employ at least 20 percent of the currently registered unemployed young people with the seventh degree of education, reducing the unemployment rate of college students in the Nikšić municipality, increasing the quality of the workforce by creating long-term local partnerships in the field of youth employment, reducing the mismatch between supply and demand in the labor market, as well as the creation of conditions for acquiring new knowledge, skills and experience," reads the program proposal.

For its realization, the Municipality has allocated a budget of 250,000 euros, or 200 euros per month per employee, as a minimum required by the future employers.

"For a period of up to one year, the program beneficiaries’ profit from the program, taxes, contributions and other duties prescribed by law are not paid. The beneficiary of the program, during the engagement, enjoys the right to health insurance as an unemployed person."

All employers from the territory of the Niksic municipality, regardless of where their headquarters are located, have the right to participate in the realization of the program, and they will, on the basis of their own needs and criteria, publish job advertisements and select candidates.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on February 19th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

20 Feb 2019, 12:34 PM

In order to reward customer loyalty and trust, Montenegrin Telekom has prepared new benefits for the users of the landline and mobile network, within the Magenta 1 Light offer. All users (individuals) who have at least two services in the landline network (telephone and Internet and/or Extra TV) and Max Postpaid package can use the benefits of Magenta 1 Light.

The postpaid benefits include 2 GB of Internet traffic monthly under the Max tariff. On a landline number, the users get 500 minutes towards all networks in Montenegro for six months, as well as an internet speed enhancement add-on, which brings up to 100 Mbps on the optical, at no extra cost.

The customers receive these benefits free of charge and without contractual obligation, it is enough just to call Telekom's Contact Center or to pay a visit to a T-Center.

Within the Magenta 1 Light offer, new postpaid users who have the mentioned land line services get the opportunity to purchase attractive mobile devices that can be purchased at a price of one euro with the appropriate Max tariff. Alcatel 1x 2019 is available with the Max 1.1 package, Samsung J4 Plus with Max 2.1 package, Huawei P Smart 2019 with Max 3.1, Honor 10 with Max 6.1 and Huawei P20 with Max Pro.

More information about the new Magenta 1 Light offer is available at

Text by Promo, on February 19th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

20 Feb 2019, 12:30 PM

On behalf of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank sold these state securities in the total amount of EUR 24 million at the second auction of Treasury bills this year, while the total amount of submitted bids was EUR 27 million. The deadline for the records submission is 182 days, which is August 20th. At the first auction this year, all state bills worth 18 million euros were sold.

According to the Ministry of Finance, total state debt on the basis of government bonds is 214.13 million euros.

The Ministry of Finance with the issuance of government bills as short-term securities maintains the current liquidity of the budget, and official data shows that commercial banks are interested in investing in these state-owned securities and that their bids are higher than what the state asks for. According to data for the last year, six banks with the deadline of 182 days submitted bids in the amount of 270 million euros, while the total amount of accepted bids was 213.6 million euros.

The country plans to provide 190 million euros this year for the needs of financing the budget through the issuance of domestic Eurobonds. The projection is that the budget will lack €556 million this year. This amount will be provided by loans and credits from domestic and foreign sources in the amount of 370 million euros, as well as from deposits in the amount of 180 million euros. The Ministry of Finance explained that in the Economic Reform Program from this year until 2021 the country's internal debt grew during 2018 due to the issuance of government bills, in order to maintain current liquidity.

"Nevertheless, at the end of the third quarter of 2018, there was a decrease in the domestic debt in relation to the end of 2017, due to the repayment of government bonds to the level at the end of 2017, commercial loans taken with domestic banks, and the repayment of old foreign currency savings," said the ministry.

Text by Marija Mirjacic, on February 19th 2019, read more at Vijesti

19 Feb 2019, 23:38 PM

18 February 2019 - "Small countries like Montenegro and North Macedonia must act smartly since we do not have many resources and we must use the best we have. I think that is the whole logic of the Alliance. We cannot all be specialized in all issues but we can have advantages in some of them and offer them to our allies," said Minister of Defense of North Macedonia, Radmila Šekerinska, during the NATO summit held in Brussels last week.

In the conversation with Montenegrin journalists, Šekerinska said that during the entire negotiation process with NATO, official Skopje had the great support of Montenegro.

“When we got the new Government in 2017, several days later Montenegro entered the Alliance and I was invited to deliver a speech at the ceremony in Skopje organized by the Montenegrin Embassy. I said then, and I still think so, that Montenegro serves us as an inspiration and that even in the hardest of circumstances, one should think about the strategic objective. You have been through a very difficult political period, and we have even been through the violence and very deep political crisis. Despite everything, we managed to unite our state,” said Šekerinska.

She points out that her department has had very intense cooperation with the Montenegrin Ministry of Defense. They used our experience as an example. She states that the Macedonian transition will not be easy.

“Resources are required, people are necessary, we must act fast. We have been working a lot with my Montenegrin counterpart and did so many projects of bilateral cooperation and transformation of armed forces,” said Šekerinska.

Asked if North Macedonia is faced with strong Russian pressure, just like Montenegro, she said that there had been several statements made by official Moscow related to Macedonian NATO accession being an act against Russia.

“We want to be on good terms with Russia too, but our strategic objective has been defined since 1993. EU and NATO membership is our goal. We don't agree with those saying that North Macedonian NATO membership means NATO expansion towards the east. We decide about our own future but we want good relations with everyone,” concluded Šekerinska.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

19 Feb 2019, 23:34 PM

18 February 2019 - Bulgaria is willing to help Montenegro accelerate progress on the path towards the European Union in order to achieve its ambitions and become the next full member, Prime Minister Duško Marković and newly-appointed Bulgarian Ambassador Maglena Plugchieva concluded at the meeting that took place in Podgorica.

Montenegro's achievements on the road to the European Union have been assessed as positive, and Prime Minister Marković emphasised that it will continue to work hard to fulfill the European Union agenda regardless of the forthcoming European elections and other challenges the Union faces.

"During its presidency of the European Union, Bulgaria did a lot for Montenegro and the entire Western Balkans. The region has become visible in the European Union," said PM Marković.

He emphasised that excellent bilateral relations should be enriched by stronger economic cooperation and in that context, stressed Montenegro's interest in improving relations in the fields of infrastructure, energy and tourism.

The two officials underscored the need for establishing an airline between Montenegro and Bulgaria. In that context, Prime Minister Marković also pointed out the Government's commitment to the airport's valorisation.

The Ambassador of Bulgaria highlighted the support of her country for the project of establishing the Institute for Sustainable Technologies according to the CERN model. It was noted that the Institute would be of great importance for the entire region of Southeast Europe.

19 Feb 2019, 17:32 PM

February 20, 2019 - Continuing our look at the real estate opportunities in Montenegro through the RE/MAX portfolio, a visit to a slice of luxury in Budva.

Montenegro is famous for its spectacular views and wild beauty, and few vistas are more gorgeous than overlooking the old town of Budva and its picturesque bay. 

The Budva real estate scene is busy, and there is a real diversity in terms of quality and location, but the new Como project - a RE/MAX exclusive - is superbly located and offers a real touch of luxury and exclusivity in this hugely popular seaside town.

budva-4-remax (9).jpg

Como is a new and exclusive development of just 18 high-quality units, all of which are either 3-bedroom apartments or 3-bedroom penthouses with roof terraces. In addition to the top quality design, materials and finish, Como has a 24-hour reception, concierge, security, and both maintenance and rental management. Both garages and outdoor parking spaces are available. The roof terraces include spa and relax decks with jacuzzi, showers and sauna on one side, and an open kitchen on the other. All apartments have the Smart Home system, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, floor heating and CCTV.

budva-4-remax (6).jpg

Each of the 18 units is listed separately, and to give you a flavour of what is on offer, here is the official RE/MAX description of this 123m2 apartment: 

budva-4-remax (3).jpg

Located in the hills above Budva, in a secure gated community this beautiful 3 bedroom apartment enjoying the use of a large communal swimming pool and deck area, offers incredible sea views and an amazing view of the island St. Nicholas. The location, luxury unique design meets the standards of the most demanding clients. 

budva-4-remax (7).jpg

The development is located on the east side of the settlement therefore one can enjoy the spectacular sunrise. Carefully designed residential units and external landscaping provide to the residents comfort, luxury and peaceful atmosphere. Modern design with a functional layout with an emphasis on the enjoyment of the living room and the terrace with a large surface area with the amazing overview of the sea, the old city and mountains.

budva-4-remax (8).jpg

The apartment meets the highest standards, including a smart and modern system of regulating air temperature, fitted kitchen and bathrooms are included in the standard equipment being proposed by the developers. Having a total area of 123 sqm the property comprises of a large living room / kitchen / dining room, 3 spacious bedrooms, bathroom, guest toilet and laundry room as well as spacious terrace of 20 sqm with magnificent views. Further complimenting this apartment is an underlying garage. Price 469,000 euro.

budva-4-remax (1).jpg

For more photos, information and to book a viewing on this or the other 17 luxury homes, visit the RE/MAX listing here

budva-4-remax (4).jpg

19 Feb 2019, 15:31 PM

19 February 2019 - According to the investment and business plan of the company "Luka Kotor" A.D. (English: “Port of Kotor”) which is majority owned by the Municipality of Kotor, in the next five years the development of port infrastructure foresees investments of 4.678.440,00 EUR while the construction of pylons is the main and most expensive project worth 1,5 million EUR, the realization of which is planned in 2019.

According to the executive director of the company, marine captain Branko Kovačević, the implementation of the five-year investment plan will provide an amount of 1,1 million euros from the loan, and the rest will be the company’s own funds.

Port of Montenegro to Invest in Infrastructure in order to Receive Mega Cruisers 2

“The most important project is the construction of pylons, that is, the extension of the operational coast, which involves the construction of four pylons with a concrete block at about 80 to 100 metres from the beginning of the operational coast. This would create the conditions for the 330-meter-long mega cruiser to be connected to this site because boats up to 300 metres long can be connected, but with a limited bow that should not exceed eight metres," said Kovačević for Daily Newspapers Dan.

He emphasized that the realisation of this project is crucial because more and more boats are being built for the transport of tourists, and within the next year, 22 mega cruisers with a length of 330 metres will appear on the world market.

Port of Montenegro to Invest in Infrastructure in order to Receive Mega Cruisers

“The construction and putting into operation the pylons is one of the priority conditions for Kotor Port to be competitive for unlimited quantities of ships and to be operational throughout the year for mega cruisers. This investment is significant not only for Kotor but also for the entire state because the Port of Kotor is a gateway to Montenegro. Tourists from cruisers visit all interesting destinations, starting from Cetinje, Skadar Lake, Žabljak, Bay of Kotor, and this is a unique promotion of Montenegro in the world. We already have an announcement from one agency for the next year that, if we finish everything according to the plan regarding the construction of the pylon, one such Kotor mega cruiser will be the starting port for its first journey,” emphasized Kovačević.

Kotor is a cruising destination which is continuously gaining more popularity, which is confirmed with the reservations for the current year for the arrival of 530 cruisers. There are already positive predictions regarding the Port for the year 2020, and it is currently confirmed that the “Ancient City of Boka” will be visited by 478 boats next year.

Source: Boka News

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