Komnenovic: Tivat Health Centre Urgently Needs Help

By , 13 Nov 2020, 16:21 PM News
Komnenovic: Tivat Health Centre Urgently Needs Help Komnenovic and Petkovic with the Helath Centre Management Team, Source: Boka News

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November 13, 2020 - Mayor Komnenovic stated today that Tivat's epidemiological situation is getting worse, and officials from the National Coordination Body and the Ministry of Health are not responding to calls from the local government leaders or the local health center, which is facing a growing shortage of supplies needed to fight coronavirus.
The Mayor of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, and the President of the local parliament, Andrija Petković, visited the Tivat Health Center today and talked to the Director of the medical institution, Dr. Jasminka Andjelić, doctors and other medical staff.
Due to the growing number of infections, resulting from the increase in coronavirus infection in Tivat over the last few days, the Health Center has introduced organizational changes in its Covid Ambulance's work. Now the entire ground floor of the building is intended for COVID patients. They have a separate entrance to the building for all other users of the Health Center's services, for which the first floor of the facility is reserved as of today.
"Unfortunately, we have an increasing number of infections, and the epidemiological situation in our city is becoming more and more complicated. On my behalf and behalf of the Municipality of Tivat, I must express great dissatisfaction with the work of state institutions and competent bodies, primarily the famous National Coordination Body and the Institute for Public Health, which practically left our city and its inhabitants to themselves. Although NKT has several million euros in its account, which have been paid by numerous donors in recent months, our Health Center has been left without the most vital medical supplies and disinfectants that it needs to function in these complicated conditions. Therefore, the local government acted, providing part of the money to purchase the most necessary materials. In cooperation with the Health Center's management, we have opened an urgent intervention account to collect money to procure the most necessary items - fast tests, so that our citizens do not have to go private laboratories, as well as protective equipment and disinfectants,"- said Mayor Komnenovic.
The account has been opened with the NLB bank, and the Health Center is in charge of monitoring the intended spending of money collected from institutions, donors, and citizens. In addition to the 10,000 euros that the Municipality immediately paid into that account, yesterday, the company Luštica Development also paid 12,000 euros, and the help of other donors was announced.
"The company" Mimoza Group ", which is building a new hotel  "Mimoza" in Tivat, will allocate 30,000 euros for the purchase of a new  emergency vehicle, also needed by our Health Center. I especially thank them and Lustica Development on behalf of our citizens," Komnenovic said, calling others to join the action of the Municipality and Health Center Tivat. "So that our citizens can have quick tests, and Tivat medics the needed protective equipment and disinfectants." 
Komnenovic said that the Municipality reactivated its call center. Volunteers will start working tomorrow, who will take basic groceries and other necessities to the elderly and fellow citizens in self-isolation.
"Although the local government does not have the health system's primary competence, it will certainly help protect its citizens. I must point out the revolt and disappointment with the way the famous NKT and the Ministry of Health are posing in this whole situation - instead of dealing with some political phrases in this time of interregnum between the outgoing and the new government, they should "start intervening" and not leave Montenegrin cities and their inhabitants to themselves. I tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to contact them. Now I have to publicly call on them to start doing their job, to start paying attention to the citizens and local governments in Montenegro and to do what they were founded for." Komnenovic emphasized that "it is quite sure that the new government will disband this NKT, but we as a state and system must function in the meantime in this crisis. "
"Not all local governments can, nor do they have the authority to do the work of the medical authorities. It is certain that there is money for such purposes in the country, because the Municipality of Tivat alone paid 20 thousand euros to the account of NKT a few months ago, and Luštica Development even contributed 500,000 euros. These are really big sums, and a part of it must be returned to Tivat's citizens for what those funds are intended for - exactly what we currently lack," said Komnenovic, adding that he will do everything with the management of the Health Center to ensure that our citizens are not waiting for our medical help on the streets and that they are not wasting time that is precious for their treatment."
The President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat, Andrija Petković, called on the citizens of Tivat to be responsible and careful "if not towards themselves, then towards their loved ones who have a home." He pointed out that the entire sum of  10,000 euros, which the Municipality previously intended for the "November Days" event on November 21 - the Day of Liberation of Tivat, was transferred to the intervention account to support the Health Center.
"The invisible enemy we are dealing with now does not choose people by religion, nation, or gender. That enemy is the enemy of all of us, and that is why we all have to respond adequately. All measures taken by the Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Health Center at this time are for the good of all of us. I ask citizens to take it seriously and to understand that this facility in front of us is now our most important institution, "- Petković pointed out, thanking the medics of the Tivat Health Center.
Petković and Komnenovic announced that the local government would find ways to reward Tivat medics in particular.
The Director of the Tivat Health Center, Dr. Jasminka Anđelić, thanked the staff of the medical institution, "which in these difficult circumstances, does everything for the benefit of our patients." At the moment, they do not have a drug deficit but have a problem with consumables, protective equipment, and disinfectants, as well as covid tests.
"So far, we have managed as we knew how, but now we need the help of the Municipality and other altruistic people and companies. We are trying to procure fast tests and make them free for our citizens, so they do not have to pay for them, as in some other public health institutions in Montenegro, "Andjelic pointed out.

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