06 Dec 2019, 17:30 PM

December 6, 2019 - Cetinje will be a host of the first International Prosciutto Fair, which will be organized on 5 and 6 June 2020, under the auspices of the Tourist Organization of Cetinje and Montenegrin prosciutto cluster.


Mayor of Cetinje, Mr Aleksandar Kašćelan, said at the press conference that Cetinje and the surroundings were famous for its exquisite meat products even beyond Montenegro’s borders.

“Around 400.000 legs of prosciutto are produced in the territory of Cetinje every year. This product is at the same time potential for Cetinje’s development not only in the economic but also in tourism sense as prosciutto production creates new jobs and opens opportunities for further progress of the entire municipality”, said Mr Kašćelan.

According to him, Cetinje deserves to have a prosciutto fair, and personnel of the meat industry in Cetinje deserve to get respect for the results they achieve.

“We want them to showcase their skills and experience in a direct way”, said Mr Kašćelan.

The fair will promote home-made products and endorse national campaigns for the purchase of home-made products.

We think it is our duty. We do this for our families, our producers and our country”, said Mr Kašćelan.

State secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Đuro Žugić, believes that the fair will contribute to the promotion of high-quality and authentic products from Montenegro, whose specialty has been recognized and protected in accordance with the law.


In December 2018, Montenegrin prosciutto was protected with geographical indications.

“Geographical indications of the product contributes to overall rural development and enables producers to increase market value and protect them from any abuse, imitation or fraud”, said Mr Žugić.

He thinks that fair will be a great opportunity for the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Montenegro and rural development, favoring products that have a many-decade long reputation.

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Ms Ljiljana Filipović, said that the fair would “much more than just exhibition of products, and that it would be a sort of forum of bidders and partners.

According to her, the promotion of such products contributes to the recognition of the regions they come from, has a positive impact on the revenue of agriculture households and encourages agricultural producers to associate and organize the market performance.

President of the Montenegrin prosciutto cluster, Mr Jovan Kaluđerović, announced that the first quantities of certified prosciutto legs could found their place on the market in February.

Mr Kaluđerović reminded that members of the cluster had been taking part in the renowned fairs and prosciutto festivals in the European countries and countries in the region, and were awarded for their products.

Director of Tourist Organization of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje, Mr Oskar Huter, said that TO was committed to diversifying its product, while carefully tracking the needs of the contemporary tourists.

“Festivals and fairs have become the fastest-growing offer in tourism, and serve as a tool for the promotion and can change the image of the town”, said Mr Huter.

For the organization of fairs of this type, participation and support of the country and relevant national institutions is very important.

Text by CDM on December 6, 2019, read more here.

06 Dec 2019, 13:54 PM

To celebrate the holidays, Porto Montenegro is spreading the good atmosphere of giving and caring for others this winter. The international humanitarian action “Help Portrait” with the slogan “Small Town with a Big Heart” will be held today from 11 am to 3 pm, in front of the Restaurant One and at the Crush Winery in Porto Montenegro.

As every year, photographers Veri Veroza and Zoran Radonjic will take professional portraits of passers-by and guests, and the entire funds from the photos sold will go to children with disabilities, whose programming is taken care of by the NGO European Home.

The campaign “Help Portrait” is supported each year by Vlado Hair Design, whose team members will be in charge of hairstyles and makeup for anyone interested in professional portraits, and this year will host the Restaurant One and the Crush Wine Station Winery, which will serve all attendees free hot drinks and local sweets. The event was also supported by the local company “Freejack”.

Text by Sonja Stilet, on December 6th, 2019, read more at Radio Tivat

05 Dec 2019, 19:22 PM

December 5, 2019 - Montenegro is in a place where it can contribute to peace and stability, said the president of Montenegro’s Government, Mr Duško Marković, who is attending NATO Summit in London. 

Prime Minister said that meeting leaders of ally countries were a great opportunity for Montenegro to confirm its NATO membership, which is crucial to our security.

Summit in London is organized to mark NATO’s 70th anniversary.

Mr Marković says that the Summit is a confirmation of the power of union and solidarity of its members.

“Decisions made at the Summit today encourage and improve NATO policies and its ability to counter threats. NATO’s commitment when it comes to Western Balkans is clear. The attendance of North Macedonia proves it”, says Prime Minister.

Mr Marković says this was a great opportunity for Montenegro to reiterate that it supports NATO and cherishes its values.

“NATO is important for the security of the region and our country. Cooperation between Montenegro and NATO is very comprehensive. This was a very successful Summit that conveyed messages of unity, power and solidarity”, pointed out Mr Marković.

President of the Government confirmed that messages conveyed by the French president, Mr Emmanuel Macron, were also discussed at the Summit.

“We should work on strengthening NATO. Mr Macron himself agreed”, said Mr Mrković.


China’s progress was also one of the topics discussed at the Summit.


“China is a chance and a challenge for Montenegro and the Alliance as a whole. We should do our best to understand China as much as we can”, says PM.


Mr Marković said that Montenegro’s interest was not only to become part of some alliance, but its main interest was to develop and improve living standards.

“NATO Member States create conditions for a better life. After Montenegro became NATO member, it got a chance to develop its economy in a sustainable way and that’s why our economy has been recording enormous growth”, says Mr Marković.


Prime Minister said that the fact that North Macedonia “will become NATO member next year” was very encouraging.

“That’s important for the entire Western Balkans”, says Mr Marković.


Asked is Montenegro was really negotiating with Israel reading the purchase of armament, Mr Marković says that one of its duties is to earmark a specific amount for the defense.

“There’s no hidden agenda. By 2024, we want to reach a 2% level of funds intended for defense. We’ve already provided part. We’ve earmarked €35 million for the provision of equipment next year”, says Mr Marković.

Montenegrin soldiers will be part of the military mission in Iraq.

At the beginning of the Summit, Mr Marković met with the President of the Government of Canada, Mr Justin Trudeau and President of Latvia, Mr Egils Levits.

During the meeting with Mr Trudeau, the emphasis was put on great bilateral relations with Canada, and high-quality cooperation within NATO.

Meeting with the Latvian president was dedicated to Latvia’s support for the European integration of Montenegro and WB countries.

Mr Levits said that they appreciated Montenegro’s contribution to the goals of the Alliance.

Text by CDM on December 4, 2019, read more here

To read more about politics in Montenegro, follow TMN's dedicated page

05 Dec 2019, 10:31 AM
December 5, 2019 - "Cultural Heritage Potentials for Creating Cultural Routes of Montenegro" is the name of the roundtable to be organized on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Solidarity Gallery in the Old Town of Kotor.
The NGO EXPEDITIO is organizing the roundtable within the project "ROADS OF HERITAGE - Cultural Heritage Potentials for Creating Cultural Routes of Montenegro." The Ministry of Culture supported it as part of a public competition for the award of funds for projects and programs of NGOs within the call for proposals "The diversity of expressions of the independent cultural scene."
The HERITAGE ROADS project aims at improving the presentation of immovable cultural heritage and improving the tourist offer in Montenegro through the affirmation of cultural heritage as a potential for creating national cultural routes, as well as for joining regional and European cultural routes.
EXPEDITIO will present the results of the HERITAGE ROADS project, including the recognized potentials of cultural heritage for the creation of cultural routes, as well as publications published within the edition of the Cultural Route of Montenegro. Subsequently, representatives of relevant institutions and organizations from Montenegro and the region will present current practices, initiatives, and activities related to cultural routes at different levels. The round table will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, who will discuss the current initiatives related to cultural routes in Montenegro. On behalf of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Montenegro, Sladjana Lazarevic will speak on the topic "EuroVelo8 and the Cultural Route - Initiative of the Creative Montenegro - Economic Valorisation and Creative Industries Project." Regional Cooperation Councils (RCCs) on the topic "Activities implemented at the regional level and links to the cultural routes of the Council of Europe" will be discussed by Snježana Derviškadić and Milena Filipović, and Svetlana Vujičić from the Center for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI) will present plans for new activities at the local level: Thematic trails for Austro-Hungarian fortresses in the hinterland of Boka Kotorska.
Following presentations, a discussion is planned on the potential of cultural heritage for the creation of national cultural routes in Montenegro, as well as the next steps in this field.
05 Dec 2019, 10:30 AM

This year Kotor will enter the New Year with style, in the rock' n 'roll release as in the previous few years.

Kotor has become a traditional rock destination for New Year's Eve, where young and old names of ex-Yu regions meet. The program, which will take place in the Old Town Square, is divided into two days.

In New 2020, the public will be introduced to the concert by “Partibrejkersi”, “Lačni Franz” and “VIS Tetra”.

For the second day, January 1, organizers hired the bands “Bajaga and the Instructors” and “Hladno pivo”, and the music program begins with local rock/blues band “Light Under The Black Mountain”.

Text by Boka News, on December 5th, 2019, read more at Boka News

05 Dec 2019, 10:28 AM

The beginning of works on the first of three roundabouts on the route of the future main boulevard on the Adriatic highway through Tivat will be marked on Thursday, December 5, at 10.30 am in the settlement Kukuljina, at the exit from the city towards the airport.

On that occasion, the roundabout will be visited by the Mayor of Tivat, Dr Siniša Kusovac, with his associates, and Radenko Čvorović, the executive director of the company „Mehanizacija i programat“, i.e. the main contractor.

The contracted value of the works is 535,000 euros and the deadline for completion is 65 days from the date of commencement.

The roundabout - the intersection on the Adriatic highway in the center of Tivat, near the old Tivat Municipality building will be realized by the company “Vukotic Trade” from Podgorica, for EUR 306 thousand, and the procedure for the implementation of the third roundabout at the building “Dom vojske” is under preparation.

The planning documents previously envisaged two roundabouts, but a third roundabout was included during the project implementation and considering all the facts - traffic flow, local and transit population requirements.

With the construction of roundabouts, the Municipality of Tivat has started the implementation of a demanding project for the construction of the main boulevard, which will improve traffic efficiency and provide better connectivity to suburban settlements.

The main feature of the future boulevard is the width of the corridor of 19 meters with two traffic lanes per direction and the dividing island. According to the terms of reference, five phases of the project are foreseen, namely the construction of three roundabouts and an open lane connecting these roundabouts.

Text by Boka News, on December 4th, 2019, read more at Boka News

04 Dec 2019, 14:05 PM

In order to promote local products and traditional crafts and better placement on the market through trade and tourism, the Municipality of Herceg Novi is organizing the New Year's Bazaar through the Secretariat for Tourism, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship from December 20, 2019, to December 28, 2019, in the pedestrian zone outside “Adicco Bank” in the Old Town.

The participants of the New Year's Bazaar will be provided with free booths and the bazaar is not only promotional but also includes sales. We invite all interested entities (companies and individuals) to take part and present their offer, show their products and thus promote their business, products, ideas, and creations.

In addition to personal information, exhibitors need to indicate the type of products and merchandise they want to present at the bazaar, with preference given to local products and traditional crafts and handicrafts. Resale is not allowed.

The Secretariat for Tourism, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship emphasizes that the completed application should be submitted no later than 16.12.2019. until 3 pm, in electronic form at the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or in person at the Municipality premises, Marsal Tito Square 2, second floor, office number 59. Contact number: 032 321 052.

Prijava (.pdf) – application form

Text by Boka News, on December 3rd, 2019, read more at Boka News

04 Dec 2019, 10:53 AM
December 4, 2019 - Once a small town of artisans and fishers, who spent their days with a song and a glass of wine, Tivat today writes a new history of its life by the sea. It is attracting expensive and modern boats, while small fishing and family boats are still rocking in the port of Kalimanj, hoping that there will be room for them. Among these boats, three belong to Filip. What do they have to say to us?
Filip Maslovaric would not be an unusual 20-year-old if he were not a registered commercial fisherman, a successful sports fisherman, a skilled craftsman, and a proud member of the Music Society of Tivat for ten years. While the people of Tivat are less and less living with the sea, and the skills of our old people mostly go with them, Filip manages to capture something new from that ancient knowledge every day, believing that he has chosen the right professional path. For him, it was not just a job but a lifestyle he felt like a boy and wished as his own.
Filip has been playing music and fishing since he was little. A student of Tivat Primary Music School, at the age of 11, he took up the trumpet and joined the city orchestra. Fishing equipment has been part of his daily life since he knew about himself. Filip spends a lot of time at sea, practicing traditional as well as modern fishing techniques. And he developed the skills of handicrafts out of need, taking care of his boat. Today he is often hired to help others, mending and remodeling both small and larger ships.
TMN: All this would not be unusual if we were talking about a young man from Tivat from a past time when our city was a completely different environment. How it came for you to choose your wet pants in the boat while your peers mostly drink coffee, hoping for managerial positions?
Filip Maslovaric: I started as a kid playing sports with the ball. I started with football, but soon realized it wasn't for me. But even before that, I was playing in Kalimanj, fishing for cuttlefish. I also tried basketball, but even that didn't appeal to me enough. More and more, I stayed by the sea and became more interested in fishing. In a couple of years, I managed to buy my first boat and set off for the open sea. Apart from playing, I started fishing early as a sports angler, a member of Fishing Club Pagar. I have a lot of national and international competitions behind me, so that played an essential role in getting me into this whole story.
TMN: It also seems very important that you are living in Kalimanj, that you have been surrounded by boats and fishers since you were a kid.
Filip Maslovaric: Of course, all these people whom I had the honor of hanging out with as a young child contributed to my active involvement in the fishing world. I met daily with fishers, those engaged, and those who used to do this before. Through the stories of their own experiences and the experiences of other people, I was able to capture the knowledge of some old fishing techniques. These techniques are now coming back a bit. Again, people enjoy sharp-edged fishing, live-barking for sea bass. I mostly heard about those old techniques from stories, trying, and getting into it over time.
TMN: Fishing from the game, then sport fishing. Today, at the age of only 20, you are a registered commercial fisherman.
Filip Maslovaric: True. In May this year, I took out a fishing license for coastal fishing. That license is valid for the tools that I chose to use. The biggest challenge is still illegal competition. Better control of offshore activity began but not enough, which is my conclusion as someone who is at sea every day. I believe this will be put in order. For the time being, the big problem is the lack of vessels and the personnel to control it. Still, the number of illegal fishers and using forbidden tools and not respecting the hunting area is an even bigger problem. Our awareness of the sea is the biggest problem, though.
TMN: Knowing all the challenges you will face, you still decided to turn your hobby into a business, you signed up for commercial fishing.
Filip Maslovaric: I wanted to deal with this business correctly. I registered to avoid paying penalties. Stricter controls have been announced, and I am at sea every day. And it probably would happen to me not once, but often to get caught in the wrong by the authorities. The process of obtaining a permit is no small business, but in the long run, you can only benefit from legal w. This kind of license does not mean people who do not spend as much time at sea as I do, but it does. I am pleased to say that I am one of the legal fishermen of Tivat and Boka.
TMN: In the process of accession to the European Union, Montenegro has also opened a chapter on fisheries, which strictly prescribes both catch quotas and the number of commercial fishing licenses that the state can issue to interested fishers. How many of those who live offshore choose a path like yours?
Filip Maslovaric: There indeed are many more that do not hold licenses at sea. But, even those who enter this business with uncertainty accept this role of fishers. It is a job that does not promise safe earnings. He lives and works from day to day, month to month, and every year has something of his own. Some fish appear, let them almost disappear, have them in minimal quantities. Therefore, no one can promise you a safe catch. And the tools cost a lot; the ships need to be registered. Ship maintenance and maintenance are costly. Therefore, many fishers are insecure. I believe that many people think deeply and with fear that it is a better path for them - to be legal or to continue the illegal route, waiting to be punished. But for all these reasons, it should not surprise us.
TMN: You are very thorough when it comes to your job. Although very young, you already have a small fleet of vessels adapted to the various fishing techniques you practice.
Filip Maslovaric: I have three vessels, each with its purpose. To fish in shallow waters, I have a boat that doesn't have a high draft so I can get as close as possible to the shore. The fish sometimes need to reach only 30-40 cm deep when riding under the axes. Therefore, not every vessel fits that purpose. I also have a cabin with a cabin, which can also go to the open sea, sleep as needed, getaway, and we can get away from the winter. I also have a third, slightly larger wooden vessel. If I develop the business as I imagined, it will serve as a vessel for something.
TMN: You also have experience in tourism, if we are talking about fishing. During the summer months, you sometimes take guests to fish.
Filip Maslovaric: Not so often, but I had the opportunity to host some people on my boat and take them to fish. There is not much of this interest. Usually older couples, or some older gentlemen who had the opportunity to go fishing in some other countries in a similar way, so they wanted to enjoy our gulf from the experiences of those experiences, and spend one morning or one evening at sea. I believe they enjoyed the barge with me. There's always music, a glass of wine for them, they're happy to get off the ship. It doesn't have to be too many fish, but also one fish they catch with the opportunity to be a part of our thick sea - I am sure that all these experiences remain in good memory. The very activity that I do leads me as an individual to such an attitude towards the people who come to us - to show them how we do it, to take them to some places, to bring them closer to our local, authentic way of life.
TMN: We won't ask you to give us your fishing positions, but in the end, we can ask - which fish works best this time of year? What tools do you currently use to get her head?
Filip Maslovaric: In this period, we are fishing less for longlines. We equip the boat for scavenging. The fish are coming to the shore, there may be a gilthead, a sea bass, maybe a tuft, even though it's too early for them. This year the sea is much warmer than usual in this stall. As you can see, the weather is such that it did not allow the sea temperature to drop. To cool the sea a little more, the fish comes to shore. And we're waiting for it with the lights on!
Source: Radio Tivat
03 Dec 2019, 22:48 PM

The opening of the documentary exhibition “Intangible Cultural Property of Montenegro” on 5 December at 18:00 at Kotor’s Solidarity Gallery marks the start of an international conference entitled “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Boka Kotorska” to be held from 5 to 7 December 2019.

The exhibition will be opened by the Director of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture Aleksandar Dajković, with Mayor of Kotor Željko Aprcović, Acting Director of Municipal Public Institution “Museums” (OJU „Muzeji”) Slađana Mijanović and ethnologist-anthropologist Danijela Đukić also speaking at the event. The exhibition’s curators are Anastazija Miranović, Branko Banović, Mileva Pejaković-Vujošević, Tanja Vujović and Tanja Rajković.

The musical segment will feature Kotor Klapa ensemble “Pearls of Boka” (“Bisernice Boke”), celebrating their 40th year.

The multidisciplinary scientific conference “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Boka Kotorska:  Status, Challenges, Potential” (5-7th December 2019) is being organised by MPI “Museums” Kotor, with the support of the Secretariat for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Kotor. webp to jpg 25

Bokelian Navy dance Kolo - Photo Boka News

Events, festivals, customs of both local and national importance, skills and traditional crafts are recognised by the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage adopted in 2003. The Parliament of Montenegro ratified the Convention in 2009, and with the subsequent adoption of a series of legislative acts, intangible cultural heritage was recognised in 2010 (Law on the Protection of Cultural Property). With the conference, MPI “Museums” is marking ten years since the ratification of the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage.

With their addition onto the UNESCO Representative List of Natural and Cultural Heritage precisely 40 years ago, and after the devastating 1979 earthquake, Kotor and Boka Bay through their unique blend of different cultural and natural influences and heritage of universal values, became renowned worldwide as areas with values belonging to the whole of humanity.

03 Dec 2019, 09:57 AM

The new development and investment phase of Porto Montenegro is presented to clients and business partners in Moscow in the splendid interior of the prestigious Louis Vuitton brand.

New partnerships and business meetings with representatives of the Russian clientele in the real estate and yachting industry have been confirmed over the past few days at this and other events, as the Porto Montenegro delegation had a dynamic agenda during their stay in Russia. Once again, the project Citizen by Investment of the Government of Montenegro was presented, highlighting the benefits of buying real estate in Porto Montenegro and the economic framework, and much attention was paid to the announcement of the new edition of the Polo Tournament in 2020.


Sailor of the Year 2019 Moscow

Sales Manager Katie Smirnina presented the project’s development plans at a prestigious Global Real Estate Forum conference that brings together business and investment group representatives. Montenegro has a favorable economic framework for investors, above all when it comes to tax rates, after the greatest natural resource - beauty, nautical history and potential for the development of the luxury yachting industry and tourism product. This kind of convenience is a significant incentive for boat and yacht owners, who choose the marina and Porto Montenegro as a destination for real estate purchases, Smirnina said.

Porto Montenegro ambassadors attended the prestigious 2019 Man of the Year Award in Moscow, as one of the leading sponsors of this globally recognized nautical event in Russia, organized by Proyachting - one of the most important events in Moscow when it comes to amateur sailing that brings together business sailing enthusiasts. Of particular interest was the rich calendar of international regattas of the Porto Montenegro Yachting Club.

Text by Boka News, on December 2nd, 2019, read more at Boka News

03 Dec 2019, 09:31 AM

December 3, 2019 - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has earmarked considerable funds for the implementation of new projects in the domain of water management through which Montenegro will receive first plans for managing risks from floods. This project will contribute to strengthening capacities in the domain of water management and environment protection.


The project is implemented by the Public Works Administration.

Director-General of the Directorate for Water Management, Mr Momčilo Blagojević, pointed out that Montenegro had adopted important legislative and strategic documents in the domain of water management and that implementation of numerous projects aimed at better management of underground and surface waters was underway.


Mr Blagojević said that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism in cooperation with competent institutions, put efforts to improve the situation in water management.

Research on underground waters will be continued through this project. Part of the project is also the development of preliminary flood risk assessment and hydrological and hydraulic model of the River Bojana and the Skadar Lake, which is a priority for Montenegro.

Text by CDM on December 2, 2019, read more here.

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