10 Feb 2019, 21:42 PM

10 February 2019 - By launching the postage stamp dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Mimosa Festival, the Montenegro Post honours the tradition of this exceptional festival, of Herceg Novi and the development of tourism in the city, it was announced at the presentation of the stamp. By creating a special postage stamp, Mimosa Festival is listed among the important events in the history of Montenegro, which have earned a valuable postage stamp.

"The Mimosa Festival, by which Herceg Novi is known and recognized, is in a way the tourist ambassador of Montenegro. Therefore, it really deserves to be presented with a postage stamp, "said Aleksandra Perović, head of the Philatelic and International Relations Department of the Post of Montenegro. She invited everyone to send a letter from Herceg Novi to their loved ones, and the letters will bring a flower of mimosa on the postage stamp.

The postage stamp, apart from its primary role, has an important promotional function because "the shipment and its stamp travel the world and carry the message of the country from which they come. The postage stamp represents a symbol of culture and remains in the legacy for generations," said PR manager of Post of Montenegro Vesna Goljević Novović. As she said, the theme for the stamp is always carefully chosen because it promotes the state of Montenegro.

Postage Stamps Dedicated to Jubilee Mimosa Festival are printed on a sheet of 20 stamps. It has a stylized mimosa flower and the mark of the Jubilee 50th anniversary of the festival. The colours that are dominant on the stamp are white, green and yellow. The nominal value is 0,50 EUR.

The ceremonial promotion of the postage stamp issue "50 Years of the Mimosa Festival" was held on February 8 at 12 pm in the Park Hall in Herceg Novi.

10 Feb 2019, 21:00 PM

10 February 2019 - Lipa Cave, the first cave adventure in Montenegro offering a charming diversity of karstic features to provide visitors with a unique experience of the underground world, will open for visitors from April 1.

Located near Cetinje and visited by more than 20 thousand people per year, the cave will traditionally open its beautiful and wild system of 2.5 km of passages and halls for visitors in April.

Lipa Cave Open for Visitors from April 1st 2

The representatives of the tourist company Lipa Cave recently stated for Mina-business News Agency that they were delighted with last year's season. "As each year we noted the growth in the number of visitors, so we expect this trend to continue in the future," said the company's PR.

"We invite all readers to be informed about further activities and news on our website and social networks," the company said.

Ticket prices will, as they say, remain the same as last year. The ticket price for adults is 10.9 EUR, for children up to five years 1 EUR, and for children from 5-15 years old 6.9 EUR. The family package costs 29.9 EUR and includes two adults and two or three children up to 15 years of age. The price includes parking, a train drive to the cave and back, a tour of the cave, a guide and insurance.

Lipa Cave Open for Visitors from April 1st 3

As explained by the tourist organisation Lipa Cave, the cave was open for tours since 2015. All visitors of the cave are accompanied by local guides who are kind, helpful, and well-trained. Cave tours are easily accessible as Lipa Cave is located only 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica, and 5 km from Cetinje. Its built-in trails and modern lighting make it even more attractive and perfectly safe. The cave is preserved in line with high environmental conservation standards. Only a year later from its opening websites like Montenegro Travel, Trip Advisor, as well as many others recommended Lipa Cave as one of the best places to visit in Montenegro. All the efforts of the TO are focused on providing an unforgettable cave adventure to the cave’s visitors, which has placed it on the list of the attractions you must see in Cetinje.

10 Feb 2019, 18:57 PM

February 10, 2019 - A consortium made by Adriatic Marinas - Porto Montenegro from Tivat and Damen, a Dutch company that deals globally with the construction of ships and superyachts, launched a program for recruiting engineers in shipbuilding and overhauling yachts, who will work in the new shipyard in Bijela.

"Namely, the program will cover the "Open Doors" organisation at the shipyard, which is now in the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction, for all stakeholders involved in this activity. I am pleased to announce that the former employers of the Sava Kovacevic Repair Company - Arsenal from Tivat, the Adriatic shipyards of Bijela, as well as engineers on ships of different types - will have a priority in employment," said David Margason, Managing Director of Adriatic Marinas.
The company says that a new naval facility in Bijela, which will work within the Damen Corporation, will bring many benefits to the Montenegrin economy, as it is expected that more than 300 people will be recruited in the shipbuilding industry in Boka.
"Bijela, Herceg Novi and Boka Bay are the historical heritage of this industrial sector in Montenegro, and with this project, the region will again provide recognised services of this kind to the entire Mediterranean maritime market," announced Adriatic Marinas.
Damen's joint venture company and corporation work on hiring the initial workforce to participate in the planning and transformation of the Bijela Shipyard into a new overhaul facility. At the moment they are working for the possible early start of its preliminary operations - provision of some services at the current west wing of the shipyard, while on the eastern works on ecological rehabilitation of the site.
In the future employment fairs in this domain of business in Bijela, members of the Damen Yachting/Amels team and representatives of Damen will be present. For more detailed information about the dates, the public will soon be notified.
"Damen is a global company that deals with this industry at the highest industry standards, with a professional team of engineers and operating personnel of shipbuilding and overhaul. We believe that Boka Bay is a resource of qualified experts in all of these profiles, and we will gather a great team to revive this industry again. All of them will have the opportunity to cooperate and work under our mentorship with our global Damen yards team," said Eel Kant, representative of Damen.
10 Feb 2019, 03:09 AM

09 February 2019 - Montenegro and the Republic of Korea have common interests both at bilateral and global levels, Prime Minister Duško Marković and newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Hyoung-chan Choe noted at today's meeting.

Both sides agreed that there are numerous opportunities and a mutual interest in boosting economic cooperation, in particular in the areas of tourism, energy, agriculture, IT and improvement of the overall infrastructure.

"The goals of this Government are strong growth of the economy, sustainable development and more and better-paid jobs," said Prime Minister Marković, stressing the importance of the arrival of Korean investors in Montenegro to invest not only capital but also knowledge and skills and create new value for Montenegro.

Montenegro and Republic of Korea Strengthening Economic Cooperation1

In the context of international cooperation, as well as in terms of preserving global peace and stability, PM MarkoviĆ reiterated that Montenegro, as a NATO member, can contribute more actively to these goals, adding that Montenegro understands and supports efforts to overcome challenges on the Korean peninsula.

"We appreciate the support for the Republic of Korea in maintaining peace and stability," Ambassador of the Republic of Korea highlighted, adding that bilateral relations between Montenegro and Korea are at a high level.

Prime Minister Duško Marković also recently met with business people of Montenegro and they noted that the excellent results of the Government's economic policy and the implemented reforms provided a quality basis for further business development, job creation and improvement of the quality of life of citizens.

Business people have said that the government has done a lot to improve the business environment, but that there are still specific challenges to be addressed. Prime Minister Marković and business people agreed that an intense fight against the gray economy is necessary for the areas of tourism, construction, trade and the labor market. Prime Minister Marković also talked with business people about the necessity of increasing salaries and improving the working conditions of private sector employees and how this can be achieved. 

10 Feb 2019, 03:04 AM

09 February 2019 - The Office of the Prime Minister, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, will provide the necessary support to developing planning documentation, which is the basis for the implementation of development projects in Northern Montenegro. This was concluded at a meeting with the representatives of the municipalities of the Northern Montenegro and the Directorate of Public Works, sponsored by the Office of the Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Putting the focus on timely adoption of planning documentation, as a condition for successful implementation of development policies, is a confirmation that the Government understands the needs of cities and local communities from the Northern Montenegro, the meeting highlighted.

There have never been more funds for the infrastructure development of the Northern Montenegro and the country as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary for municipalities to contribute to the realisation of the Government's development policies.

With our support, the municipalities facing the challenges of adopting plans will in the coming period incorporate planning documentation into a valid normative framework, the Office of the Prime Minister stressed.

The Office of the Prime Minister will directly monitor the process of harmonising the missing planning documentation together with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. The lack of planning documentation should not be a restriction for the development of the North Montenegro, the meeting concluded.

The meeting was attended by presidents or representatives of the municipalities of Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Gusinje, Kolašin, Mojkovac, Petnjica, Plav, Plužine, Pljevlja, Rožaje, Šavnik and žabljak, as well as the Head of the Directorate of Public Works.

10 Feb 2019, 02:54 AM

08 February 2019 - Minister of Science of Montenegro Sanja Damjanović paid an official visit to Brussels, where she met with Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Carlos Moedas.

Minister of Science Damjanović presented the current status of activities on the regional project "Establishment of the South East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies – SEEIIST", pointing to preparatory activities for the start of the next phase of the project – the phase of the development of a detailed Design Study, which the European Commission - Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) will support with 1 million EUR.

Minister Damjanović invited Commissioner Moedas to attend the Kick-off meeting marking the beginning of the Design Study phase, which will be held in Montenegro in mid-2019. Sanja Damjanović also presented the progress in the process of developing the Smart Specialisation Strategy, stressing Montenegro's full commitment to this important task, which is implemented with the support of the Directorate General of the Joint Research Center (JRC).

In the end, she pointed to the importance of the European Commission's Policy Support Facility (PSF), through which Montenegro is working to improve the national innovative ecosystem, with a special focus on innovative start-ups. 

Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Carlos Moedas thanked the Minister Damjanović for the detailed information on the progress of the preparatory phase of the SEEIIST project. He praised Montenegro's progress in the process of preparing the Smart Specialisation Strategy, noting in particular that Montenegro, in a very short time, managed to prepare a quality strategic document, thus gaining the conditions to become the first associated country to adopt this strategy.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas expressed satisfaction that Montenegro has made the best use of the Policy Support Facility instrument for the creation of a national framework for creating a better environment for innovative activities in the country.

10 Feb 2019, 02:47 AM

08 February 2019 - The second phase of the reconstruction of the Nikša Bućin swimming pool in Kotor, for which the Government has allocated 3.5 million EUR, will begin on 18 February, and the swimming pool will be put into operation at the end of the year, said Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović.

"Today, with particular pleasure, I can point out that the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Sport and Youth, in cooperation with the Directorate of Public Works, have created all the necessary conditions for the beginning of the reconstruction of one of the most important sports infrastructure projects in the field of capital investments. The problem of reconstructing the Nikša Bućin indoor swimming pool, which has existed since 2014, has been resolved today," Minister Nikola Janović explained.

He said that this is great news for his fellow citizens of Kotor, but also for water polo players, especially for junior water polo players and their parents.

"Kotor is a city of sport, but above all Kotor is the symbol of the biggest Montenegrin successes in water polo. Through investing in sports infrastructure and implementing this project, the Government shows that it wants to enable our youth, children and citizens to practice sports in a more adequate way," Minister Janović underlined.

Minister of Sport and Youth announced even more dynamic realisation of projects of infrastructure reconstruction and adaptation of sports fields and sports halls throughout Montenegro.

"We will now place a special focus on our less developed municipalities, namely Petnjica, Berane, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Rožaje. The Government of Montenegro wants to invest in capital sports facilities, but also in capital projects in other areas, in order to create conditions for the improvement of the living standards in these municipalities," Minister of Sports and Youth Nikola Janović concluded.

10 Feb 2019, 01:48 AM

09 February 2019 - Take a look at the programme within the Public institution Museums and Galleries of Budva during February. In addition to the permanent settings in the Museum of the City of Budva, the Memorial House "Red Commune" and the Memorial House "Reževići", there are three exhibitions available in February:

  1. Documentary exhibition "First discovery of ancient necropolises" in the Modern Gallery "Jovo Ivanović";
  2. Documentary exhibition "Ljubiša in Coastal newspapers" at Memorial House "Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša";
  3. Documentary exhibition "Budva Region in the World War I (1914-1918)" at Memorial House "Red Commune".

The documentary exhibition "The First Discovery of the Ancient Necropolises in Budva" chronologically and thematically shapes details related to the accidental, but sensational discoveries of ancient necropolises that came to light at the end of the 1930s during the construction of the Avala Hotel. The exhibition was created with the cooperation of colleagues from the museums in Split, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Boston, where the material discovered in Budva is kept. PI Museums and galleries Budva organized this exhibition on the occasion of two important jubilees - 80 years since the discovery of ancient necropolises and 15 years since the founding of the Museum of Budva.

The authors of the exhibition are Lucije Đurašković, Jovo Đurović and Dušan Medin. The exhibition will be open until the end of February at the Modern Gallery "Jovo Ivanović" (Cara Dušana 19, Old Town Budva). The gallery invites all interested to come and learn more about the discovery of ancient necropolises in Budva, as well as about the ancient past of this city.

The documentary exhibition "Ljubiša in the Coastal newspapers" is an expression of the need to emphasize the excellence of Stefan Mitrović Ljubiša (1822-1878) and the role of the local community in protecting his character and works by recalling the existence of "Coastal newspapers" (Montenegrin: Primorske novine) and their significance for Budva. "Primorske novine" was a local paper and was published from 1972 to 2003. The authors of the exhibition are Marijana Martinović and Đorđije Bato Boljević. All interested visitors can views the exhibition at the Memorial House "Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša" (Cara Dušana 13, Old Town, Budva) by the middle of February.

The documentary exhibition "Budva Region in the First World War (1914-1918)" will be set up in the Memorial House "Red Commune" (Obala 111, Petrovac) during February 2019. The authors of the exhibition are Marko Janketić and Goran Bubanja.

10 Feb 2019, 01:10 AM

09 February 2019 - D-moll Band will represent Montenegro at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, after winning the TVCG selection programme Montevision. The six-member band D-mol entered and won the competition with a ballad in the English language named "Heaven".

On Saturday night, the expert jury and Montenegrin Eurovision fans up and down the country had the power to pick the next Montenegrin entrant for the annual competition.

D moll to Present Montenegro at Eurovision Song Contest in Israel 2

The winner was decided by votes in the Montevision music show, hosted and broadcasted by the public service broadcaster of Montenegro, TVCG. "D-moll" band performed the song in the English language named "Heaven", which was evaluated by the expert jury with members from the country and abroad and the audience, and the ballad had the highest number of votes.

In addition to "D-moll", four Montenegrin performers - Andrea Demirović, Monika Knezović, Ivana Popović Martinović and Nina Petković also presented their songs in Montevision.

Radio and Television of Montenegro organized and broadcasted this great music show, and through cable operators, the Public Service enabled the transfer of Montevision in HD resolution on a special channel.

On February 9, for the first time in the region, during this music competition, TVCG organised a prize for voters, a travel ticket for two people to Tel Aviv, for five days with tickets for Eurosong competition! The winner of the prize, a man from Podgorica, was delighted to receive the reward. The guest of the evening was the regional star Hari Mata Hari, who was invited to perform during the Montevision.

D moll to Present Montenegro at Eurovision Song Contest in Israel 3

Montevision was opened by the group "D-moll" with an emotional ballad in the English language called "Heaven". Andrea Demirović performed the second song called "Ja sam ti san". Monika Knezović performed third with the composition "Nepogrješivo", which speaks of the power of love. Ivana Popovic Martinović performed fourth with the song "Nevinost", which tells a tale of people whom Ivana considers heroes of today. Nina Petković was the last to present to the audience with the song "Uzmi ili ostavi", which, as Nina said, is more daring than last year, and it carries a strong message. The International Jury of Montevision was comprised of Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta, Sweden and Ukraine. The president of the jury was Ruslana, winner of Eurosong 2004.

After being crowned victorious, D-moll performed their song Heaven again for the crowd. They will now head to the semi-finals of the Eurovision.

The 64th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel from May 14-18. The Contest, organized by the EBU and Israeli public broadcaster KAN, will take place at Tel Aviv’s Expo Centre in May next year. As announced by EBU, a total of 42 countries will “Dare to Dream” (Eurovision 2019 slogan) as they head to Israel’s self-defined non-stop city in May next year, with the Semi-Finals taking place at Tel Aviv’s Expo Centre on the 14 and 16 of May, and the Grand Final on 18 May.

09 Feb 2019, 21:40 PM

February 9, 2019 - The municipality of Tivat stays in favor of using Ponta Seljanovo beach as a public city beach and a well-appointed swimming area accessible to everyone, the Municipality announced. 

The Secretary for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Tamara Furtula reminded that the Municipality of Tivat, on several occasions, delivered an opinion to the Sea Property Public Company (Morsko Dobro) about the status of Ponta Seljanovo.
"Taking into account the interest of the citizens of Tivat, the attitude of the Municipality is to complete the project together with the Sea Property on the realization of the arrangement of Ponta Seljanovo, modeled on the realization of the project of the Pine promenade. Considering that this is one of the most visited beaches in the summer and that it is the only natural beach with all the benefits, we remain in the position that it should remind a public area and a well-appointed swimming area available to everyone," Furtula pointed out.
The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism submitted to the Municipality of Tivat the opinion of the Proposal of the Atlas of Montenegrin beaches and bathing places. According to this document, Ponta Seljanovo consists of two parts, which include bars with terraces, and areas with deck chairs. It is one location divided into two areas - 5A and 5B area of 105m2 each. The part named 5A is the area around the lighthouse, and the area 5B is a space that extends from cypress trees to the ramp for impaired movement and wheelchair users.
At the 5A, Sea Property planned a beach bar area of 30 square meters with a terrace of 50 square meters, and a space for setting up mobile, which would fill half of the 5A area. At the 5B beach, Sea Property planned to set up a bar object of 10 square meters with a terrace of 30 square meters and 50% of the space for setting up deck chairs and parasols.
"The Tivat Municipality's attitude towards the 5A beach is such that this swimming area remains as a public city beach without setting up beach equipment and the planned beach facility with a terrace. Also, the attitude of the Municipality regarding this location is that in the next five years, the current Atlas, it will be accessible to all citizens and will not be subject to any lease, including investment. The municipality also asked for the bathing area 5B to change the mode so that the part closer to the 5A beach is without equipment and the other part with it. Also, we asked to exclude the setting up of a beach bar with a terrace because there is a restaurant in the background of the object," Furtula said.
The President of the Municipality of Tivat, Dr. Sinisa Kusovac organized a meeting with the representatives of the Sea Property on the theme of Ponta Seljanovo.
"At the meeting, we requested changes to the Atlas of Montenegrin beaches and swimming areas, and the observations of the Municipality of Tivat will be respected. This meeting concluded that our Communal Company would take over the management of the 5A beach area and that it would be a public beach without planned beach bars with a terrace. We insist on this, and we hope that the Sea Property will meet the Municipality of Tivat demands," concluded Furtula.
Before the deadline, the Municipality of Tivat submitted to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the Sea Property the opinion on the Atlas of Montenegrin Beaches, Furtula said.
Last year in May, there was a civil protest against privatization of Ponta Seljanovo, organized by the informal civic initiative Bokobran, which gathered a few hundred citizens of Tivat and other Bokelian cities. At that moment, the Municipality of Tivat was conducting the public hearing on Environmental Impact Assessment for the project of the beach resort the company Sea Trade planned to build at Ponta Seljanovo. That project was not designed following the spacial and technical demands the Municipality delivered in advance. 
09 Feb 2019, 20:59 PM

February 9, 2019 - Olive, Wine and Healthy Food Fair within the Great Bokelian Fiesta, part of the official program of the 50th Mimosa Festival, officially began in front of the House of Culture in Bijela. Guests had the opportunity to visit stalls with local products and handicrafts and enjoy a cultural and entertainment program.

The program began with a play of Captain Petar Zelalic's arrival, who "underlined Europe" and celebrated his homeland. The program participants were the dancing club Lili, the Igalo Cultural and Art Society, their colleagues from Niksic, the Cultural Network of Bijela, and the Sveti Stefan Knights Society. On behalf of organizers, the non-government organization the Great Bokelian Fiesta, Nikola Svilanovic welcomed the participants and thanked them for being a part of a fiesta dedicated to the maritime, olive growing and culture of domestic food production and plant breeding. He expressed the pleasure of having this fiesta in the jubilee program of the 50th Mimosa Festival.
Svilanovic pointed out that he was satisfied with the number of exhibitors representing their quality products from these areas, promoting such a small environment and domestic production.
The Great Bokelian Fiesta started yesterday at the Academy of Bjeleske Krusevice on the occasion of 140 years since the foundation of the first school in the village. The gathering was about famous citizens, naval captains, who were in one moment 36, which confirms that this village with a rich tradition deserves special attention, says Svilanovic.
The Bijela Fair will also take place tomorrow with the first children's masquerade organized within the Great Bokelian Fiesta, from 5 pm at the Bijela House of Culture. On Monday, 11 February, the program continues with the book presentation of the well-known local herbalist Branislav Popovic and the literary evening of Vinko Perisic Sarenac with associates, at 6 pm in the restaurant "Bijela".
Svilanovic invites all friends, citizens, and guests to visit the programs in Bijela, with the promise that good hosts will be there to welcome them.
In addition to the NGO Great Bokelian Fiesta, the Boka Olive Society, the Bijela Community, the Women's Association "Riza" and the NGO "Wind Rose" from Bijela, the NGO "Steps", participated in the realization of this year's event, and the program supported by the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Tourist Organization.
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