11 Apr 2019, 01:13 AM

10 April 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković hosted Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan Eldar Hasanov. The meeting noted that Montenegro and Azerbaijan could further enrich their excellent political bilateral relations with stronger economic cooperation and more investment in tourism, but also energy and infrastructure. 

"Montenegro has made a huge step forward in the overall progress. We have been NATO member state for two years now, we have progressed far in the negotiations with the EU, and we are strongly committed to economic growth and development issues," PM Marković stressed. 

Furthermore, he pointed to important economic parameters - a growth rate of 4.9 percent in the previous year, a steady increase in revenues, an increase in the number of employees by 12,000, a decrease in unemployment by six percent, and added that the industry grew in the previous year. 

"I sincerely congratulate you on this result," Ambassador Hasanov said, adding that Azerbaijani investors are interested in new investments in tourism resorts as well as in infrastructure strengthening projects. 

The meeting discussed the most significant investment from Azerbaijan in Montenegro - Porto Novi, which will give a new quality to the tourist offer of Montenegro. 

The Ambassador particularly appreciated stability and security in Montenegro and praised its constructive role in the region.

The two countries recently introduced that direct flight between Montenegro and Azerbaijan should be available soon. During this occasion, President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović and President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev agreed that it was essential to discuss and encourage the introduction of direct flights between Montenegro and Azerbaijan and to abolish visas between the two states.

“Successful implementation of the ‘Portonovi’ project represents the result of high level of trust that exists at the highest and all the other levels of the government,” Aliyev noted.

Montenegro is also actively cooperating with Azerbaijan in the field of culture and the latest meeting which took place in Baku in October 2018 discussed the cooperation in the field of cultural heritage, having in mind that Montenegro is interested in the candidacy of Ćilim from Bihor to the UNESCO’s Best Practice List. Considering that Baku has a Carpet Museum, on this occasion Minister Bogdanović stressed that Montenegro finds the exchange of experiences in this area critical since the tradition of Azerbaijan’s Carpet is registered on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

11 Apr 2019, 01:04 AM

10 April 2019 - Five years after the start of bailiffs' work, citizens, business people and investors in Montenegro have witnessed significantly faster and more efficient exercise of the rights and more favourable environment for business, Deputy Prime Minister of Justice Zoran Pažin pointed out at the meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Bailiffs of Montenegro.

Time has proven, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasised, that the Government's decision of 2014 to initiate a fundamental system reform of the execution of court decisions and create an independent and autonomous function for them was right and justified, thus establishing a more efficient, faster and cheaper procedure for the enforcement of judgments.

The Deputy Prime Minister underscored the significance of the bailiffs' contribution to achieving justice in Montenegro and ensuring prompt and timely fulfillment of legal obligations to creditors and holders of the property rights. This, in his words, has significantly unburdened courts, while providing more prompt and efficient exercise of the denied rights of citizens, the DPM stated.

President of the Chamber of Bailiffs Vidak Latković stressed that in the last five years in Montenegro, they had 350 000 cases to work on. He also highlighted that the number of cases reduces every year, which testifies to increased discipline in accomplishing legal requirements and a higher degree of exercise of individuals rights. He emphasised that the Chamber has established a special commission, which will conduct, in cooperation with the Ministry in Justice, standard internal control of bailiffs' work.

Deputy Prime Minister Pažin reiterated that the Ministry closely supervises the legality of the bailiffs' work. He underlined that the Ministry of Justice had established high–quality cooperation with the Chamber of Bailiffs, with which it cooperates closely on boosting bailiffs' expert capacities, as well as providing strict compliance with the ethical and professional standards of the profession. Initiating appropriate proceedings, including a small number of conscienceless they having been removed from office in the previous period, contributed to enhancing professionalism and responsibility of the profession, the DPM concluded.

11 Apr 2019, 00:57 AM

10 April 2019 - During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović met with his UAE counterpart Noura Al Kaabi. Ministers Bogdanović and Al Kaabi discussed the possibilities for cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture.

They pointed out that it is of the utmost importance to sign as quickly as possible the agreement on cooperation in the area of culture. The meeting also discussed the exchange of experience in the field of the development of creative industries, which were stressed as very important for encouraging the development of products and services based on elements of culture and art, as well as linking artists from the two countries.

Minister of Culture of Montenegro Aleksandar Bogdanović participated in the Culture Summit Abu Dhabi 2019, at the invitation of UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development Noura Al Kaabi. This year's Summit discussed the role of culture in global challenges and the impact of creativity and technology on positive changes in the world.

At the Summit, Minister Bogdanović talked with the representatives of the participating countries about similar experiences in the areas of development of cultural and artistic creativity and creative industries and the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. Opportunities for cooperation on joint projects of creative industries, promotion of cultural diversity, protection and conservation of cultural heritage and digitization were also discussed.

Earlier, during the December 2018, to mark ten years of diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Montenegro, the embassy of the United Arab Emirates organized UAE-MNE Cultural Evening on November 27 at the Great Hall of the Cultural and Informational Centre "Budo Tomović".

On this occasion, it was concluded that the audience in Montenegro had the opportunity to enjoy the folklore performances of the cultural, artistic associations from the UAE, in a friendly exchange with the cultural, artistic association from Montenegro for the first time.

11 Apr 2019, 00:47 AM

09 April 2019 - Works on the construction of energy infrastructure for electricity supply of Bar-Boljare motorway are planned to start in August this year. “Monteput” company is in charge of the realization of the investment that will cost 31,6 million EUR.

The public tender has not been published yet, and the representatives of the company said that they had to reach an agreement with the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System and Montenegrin Electric Transmission System regarding the regulation of rights and responsibilities on account of the buy-back of the energy infrastructure.

“Preparations for the public tender for the contractor are underway. Also, the procedures regarding the issuance of approvals for the purchase of energy infrastructure are on,” said the representatives of “Monteput”.

One of the pre-requisites for the tender is the provision of money through a loan.

“Monteput”, headed by Jonuz Mujović, is about to bring the talks about the million loan to the end.

“We are negotiating with several potential creditors over the provision of funds for the realization of this project. Right now, we are not able to give you any more details,” said the representatives of “Monteput”.

Around 160.000 EUR will be earmarked for the repayment of the loan for the highway electricity supply.

“We think that it would not be appropriate if we bid names of the interested companies. It is still very early,” said the representatives of “Monteput”.

Works are due to be completed in a period of 15 months.

The executive director of ‘Monteput’, Jonuz Mujević also stated that the Bar-Boljare motorway should be completed by September 2020.

Mujević said that the construction works performed by China’s CRBC company should be completed by May 2019 but there are delays due to “certain misunderstandings of the design, harmonization with the European documents and hydro-geological researches.”

“The negotiations on signing the Annex to the Contract are about to finish. There are certain obstacles in the implementation of the previous construction works. ‘Monteput’ expected everything would go much faster,” said Mujević at the round-table on the motorway organized by the Network of Affirmation of the NGO Sector, MANS.

Also, he stressed that having in mind the quality of the motorway, Montenegro is going to have the lowest possible maintenance costs according to European standards.

11 Apr 2019, 00:41 AM

09 April 2019 - NATO will donate a 3D radar system to Montenegro which is going to be installed on Bjelasica. The Ministry of Defense applied earlier for the abandonment of the radar which is worth around 20 million EUR.

“We can confirm the grant of the radar to Montenegrin authorities. This important step is another of our efforts that go into ensuring defense and protection of the air space of the country, together with the police air forces provided by the ally planes from Greece and Italy,” said representatives of NATO.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Dragutin Dakić, recently presented the information about the radar.

“The next step in modernization is the provision of radar. Since it is a pretty big investment, we got it in the form of a donation from NATO. We must finance it through equipment and arrangement of positioning at an annual level. That way, we will cover all the critical spots to round up the whole picture of Montenegro. However, considering its configuration and the fact that Montenegro has got many dark angles, we opted for the radar that will most likely be installed on Bjelasica. This way, our air space will be integrated into the NATO system,” said Dakić at the meeting of the Safety Committee held recently.

According to the unofficial knowledge of “Pobjeda”, Montenegro will defray expenses of transport and installation. It could cost around 4 million EUR, considerably less than if it had to cover all the expenses of the radar system by itself.

Commenting on the donation, a military analyst, Aleksandar Radić, said that it was very important, especially in financial terms.

“It is necessary to sign a technical agreement which would define the model of the borrowing and if that will be a national borrowing of if NATO agency will make procurement within its possibilities,” pointed out Radić.

Long-term defense plan envisaged the procurement of 3D radar which will enable full operational capacity for generating the image of the situation in the air space of Montenegro.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

10 Apr 2019, 22:19 PM

April 10, 2019 - The delegation of the Citizens' Movement Odupri Se 97,000 expect to get a call to visit Brussels and talk to European officials, said one of the members of the organizing committee of the civil movement, Dzemal Perovic, after meeting with the head of the European Union (EU) delegation in Montenegro, Aivo Orav.

For two hours, representatives of the protest movement Odupri Se explained to Aivo Orav the details of the Agreement On the Future, which, together with Odupri Se representatives, was signed by all 39 opposition delegates in the Assembly of Montenegro ten days ago, and what their goals and intentions are.
"We have given strong evidence that it is not possible to organise fair and free elections by this government," said Dzemal Perovic, one of the leaders of the Movement "Resist 97,000".
The Head of EU Delegation in Montenegro, in particular, says Perovic was interested in the situation surrounding the unification of the opposition and its cooperation with the Movement.
"We are promised that at many addresses in Brussels, of at least twenty people and up to the highest level, will come a report from this meeting. I come out of this meeting with the conviction that we will soon receive a call for a visit to Brussels," Perovic said.
This Saturday a mass protest is not planned in Podgorica, but Odupri Se will almost daily organise actions similar to yesterday's performance in the centre of the city, where dozens of cars with sirens and megaphones circulated the buildings of the Government, Presidency, Prosecutor's Office and other institutions in the centre of Podgorica. The action started just before seven o'clock, while civil servants came to work and lasted about half an hour. You could hear the shouts of "Resist," "Leave," "Street of Freedom," "We're a State ..." and the sound of police sirens.
Two activists of the "Odupri Se-97,000" movement were injured today during the blockade of the Montenegrin Electrodesributory System (CEDIS) and the Montenegrin Electric Company (EPCG) in Podgorica. They were transferred to the Clinical Center of Montenegro after the incident.
"A group of people, including CEDIS employees, went out and physically fired on the actors who were chained together and held each other's hands through the pipes," the organisers of the action told newspapers. Citizens and activists today joined the chains and did not allow anyone to enter or exit the buildings of CEDIS and EPCG. Demir Hodzic from the organising committee of the Odupri Se Movement called on citizens to join them as much as possible in the blockade. He also urged the deputies who signed the Agreement to join them.
"There are no cosmetics and no negotiations, only resignations," Hodzic said. "With this act, the actions of civil disobedience that have been announced earlier are continuing," Hodzic said.
"To make the changes, it is essential for the opposition to be more active in the field, together with us. We want to inform the citizens that, according to their demands, we have started to radicalise these protests, we have daily actions," said Demir Hodzic of the Movement 97000".
Democrats, Demos and Montenegrin protesters will continue their protest on Saturday on Žabljak to draw attention to the attempt of usurpation of the Black Lake.
"Functionaries of the Democratic Party of Socialists are now on the brink of Žabljak, and they have tendered drafted documents, concluded a contract with a person who could not be on the tender. The protest at Žabljak was a protest against the "Koverta" affair, which moved from Zeta to Žabljak," said Momo Koprivica, vice-president of Democratic Party of Montenegro.
In the Democratic Party Republic of Montenegro, they say they have not tied up for the protest "Odupri Se", but their gatherings, as mentioned earlier, contribute to the masses of citizens' protests.
At a meeting held by opposition leaders and civic movement "Odupri Se" on Monday in a restaurant in the suburbs of Podgorica, there was also talk of who would make a three-member delegation to Brussels.
Given that Democratic Front Leaders Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević have been banned from leaving the country because of the prosecution they are facing, Nebojsa Medojevic is a potential representative of that alliance.
When it comes to the Democrats, this party will probably delegate its president, Aleksandar Bečić, as Pobjeda writes, and one of the Odupri See initiators, Džemal Perovic.
The Agreement on the Future, agreed by the representatives of all opposition parties and the movement Odupri Se, was signed on March 30, during the protest in Podgorica, of all 39 opposition deputies in the Montenegrin Assembly and the civic movement's representatives.
At two meetings of the opposition leaders and representatives of the protest organiser, it was agreed that all the decisions were made by consensus, so it can be concluded that yesterday's announcement by Džemal Perovic about the delay of civil protests was the result of a joint agreement on Saturday.
10 Apr 2019, 21:25 PM

April 10, 2019 - An exhibition of art photographs, entitled "My Feeling For The Sea", by members of the Association of Adriatic Artists and the Photo Club "Marin Getaldić" from Dubrovnik, was opened on Tuesday evening in the Maritime Heritage Collection of Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

The Adriatic Artists group consists of academic painters, graphic artists, photographers, and talented amateurs from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, who gathered on the social network Facebook and thus started a creative gathering that resulted in exhibitions.
Coordinator of the Maritime Heritage Collection, Dražen Jovanovic, said this occasion is the second time that members of Adriatic Artists have exhibited at this facility, and that this setting opens the summer show season in this collection.
Different identities have been chosen for the eyes and cameras of the members of this art group - all "perfect storms", strong winds, boats and sailing boats that float, rocks and the perfectness of the sea connection in all its forms, unbreakable the relationship between man and sea and all the details of everyday life on the coast. The exhibition is of a sales character.
The "My Feeling For The Sea" setting refers best to the atmosphere and the motifs that come from exposed photos on the canvas because it literally "points" to the sea and smells of it. About fifty artists from several countries of the region will exhibit their works in Dubrovnik and Šibenik after Tivat.
The exhibition presented 53 art photos by 53 authors. "It's a personal exhibition because every one of us has a sea feeling. Our first exhibition in Tivat opened six years ago at Buća Gallery, and this is the second time we are presenting in the Maritime Heritage Collection. The locals know I'm dealing with the sea in my professional as well as my private life. I intended to gather people around me, who are close vocations like me. There is a painter, sculptor, photographer, but photography is the simplest medium when it comes to international co-operation. And then we made an exhibition of photographers," said the initiator of the Group Adriatic Artists, a well-known hyper-realistic painter Boris Dragojević, whose primary occupation is Boka Kotorska and the island of Our Lady of the Rocks.
"Adriatic Artist is a Facebook group that we have three associates of professors, artists and photographers, which brings together a wide circle of photographers and amateurs, some of whom have, in the meantime, emerged as top photographers. Thanks to this group and people from Montenegro who publish their works, we have managed to further promote some of the most beautiful motifs of Boka and our coast. Personally, and as a painter dealing with these sea motives, photography is significant because it is often a template for my artwork. Still, as long as the photograph is rich and powerful as a testimony, as an event, like an atmosphere, it can never have so many "records" as it has a living landscape, a picture of a painter with too much patina or some beautiful woman from the Tivat beach," says one of the founders and leader of the group academic painter Boris Dragojević.
Computer engineer Saša Ivanovic from Belgrade, who finds peace in Trpanj, is a photographer in spirit: "Photography is a way for me to connect with people, to live and to make a living from everyday life. Every time I take a good photo of a soul-minded catharsis, it frees me from my stress, and then I'm happy all week, to the next. There are two types of photographs I love. One is this - a marine landscape and I like to do it during the morning, or late at night when there is the best light, and the other is the so-called street photo, where I photograph people, which I cannot do in Trpanj because it is a bit of a place. When I go to a bigger town, Belgrade, Split - then I'm on the street all day long, wandering for hours, trying to catch some human moments that remain remembered. Me, in the soul."
Architect Darko Čaleta, the construction engineer, presented himself with underwater photography: "I have been three, four years in this group. I am delighted, we travel often, and we have group exhibitions, last year we also had one in Orebic. And this one will be travelling. With this same exhibition, we go to Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Orebic."
The photo exhibition "My Feeling for the Sea" can be visited every day from 9 am to 5 pm in the Maritime Heritage Collection at Porto Montenegro.
10 Apr 2019, 20:35 PM

April 10, 2019 - Tivat and Montenegro are now on the map of all the fans of the world's competitive races because this year's season of the global RC44 competition has started in this city and our country. Nine teams on modern and ultra-fast RC44 racing sailboats started the sailing regatta "RC44 Porto Montenegro", which will last from 10 to 14 April, at the seaport of Porto Montenegro and the bay of Boka Kotorska.

It is the first of a total of five RC44 Cup races that will run until November when this year's champion team will be known. A total of nine teams are involved in the competition.
For all of them, except for the Tavatuy Sailing Team from Russia, who for the first time appeared in the RC44 Cup, Boka Kotorska is a complete unknown and challenge from a sailing point because of its particular geographic configuration, surrounded by high hills - and with specific and variable local winds, it is very challenging for every sailor. Only the Russian debutant team was in a position to run a week of test sailing in Tivat Bay, and skipper Sergei Filativs said they were delighted with the capabilities of marina Porto Montenegro, which hosted the competition but also the great bumps that they experienced during the trial February sail in Boka Bay.
"The RC44 Cup is a sailing spectacle that has awakened great interest, both for sailing professionals, but also for our VIP clients who enjoy regattas and who are active participants. With this event, we begin the summer season at the nautical settlement of Porto Montenegro, as well as in the town of Tivat," said Marina Montenegro's director, Tony Browne, at today's press conference.
The Porto Montenegro and Montenegro Sailing Club are the focus of the world sailing public at the moment, and this regatta is a great opportunity for all guests of Porto Montenegro, and the local people are watching the race at the highest competitive level in the world.
"This is the 13th edition of the RC44 Cup, which since then has been revolutionary in the world of sailing, and has preserved its specifics. Although the owners of these sailboats and competitors are private friends, all of them are oriented on the sea just as fast as reaching the goal and winning. It is a pleasure to sail in Montenegro," said Bertrand Favre, manager 44Cup. The race, which will be held for the first time in Porto Montenegro, will be the first race in the 2019 season at the RC44Cup, which promises to be long, uncertain and demanding because there are some famous names such as Nicko Poons from Holland, Igor Lah from Slovenia, Vladimir Prošikin from Russia, and Tom Slingsby from Australia.
They sail on identical RC44 class ships, whose conceptual creator is a famous sailor, winner of America's Cup Russell Coutts. These boats are 13.35 meters long, lightweight constructions, made entirely of carbonic carbon, with a sail construction designed for strong winds. So far, they have made about 30 pieces and are very popular among competing sailors around the world.
"The sporty specification of the RC44 class sailor is such that it is adaptable to professionals and amateurs. Everyone has their role in adrenaline sports as well as lifestyle racing," said Cameron Appleton, a member of the Aqua team who won the RC44 Cup five times.
"Every regatta carries its special challenge, depending on the geographic features of the location where we sail and the wind, but also team combinations. Tactics carry one of the main roles - we combine everybody in the crew using their maximum on the sailboat and achieve the best result," said Ed Baird, a tactician on Peninsula Petroleum.
The regatta’s sponsors are the Regent Porto Montenegro, where all the competitors and VIP clients will stay, and the Tivat Tourism Organization, Riana Group and VideoWorks. It has attracted over 160 people from abroad to Tivat in the past days. Organisers made sure the bidding of the RC 44 Cup participants in the Tivat Bay could also be attended from the vessels from the main town promenade Pine. 
10 Apr 2019, 13:05 PM

From April 15th to April 25th, at the 24th edition of the Herceg Novi April Theater Festival (HAPS), under the motto "HAPS as a Challenge", seven theater performances from the country and the region will be shown, as well as the film "Perfetti Sconcsciuti" (Perfect Strangers). According to the selector of the festival, Milina Kovacevic, the concept of this year's HAPS was designed as a comparison of artistic thoughts and challenges for the audience.

"The concept aims to compare the film "Perfect Strangers" according to the original script with the theater adaptation of the play "Black Box", by Niksic Theater. The aim is to compare two versions of the same text - to notice the differences in direction, character interpretation, space projection and other solutions in the play "Ice Cream" – by the Croatian playwright Miro Gavran, in the performance of a private theater from Zagreb and the recent exhibition of the National Theater from Nis. The goal is to compare two readings of the same template in the "Empire's New Clothes", i.e., the drama play for adults and children," says, among others, Kovacevic, explaining that the concept of comparisons leaves the audience to compare what the artists think about capitalism and how they put it before different age groups".

Kovacevic further explains that they simply imagined the situation in which the viewer is ambitious and as such wants to look at both proposed versions.

"We have designed a version where parents and children share a ticket package for two versions of one piece. We imagined that the viewer would present the ticket for a performance by HAPS to a friend, as an invitation to meet and talk," explains the selector of the festival, Milina Kovacevic.

HAPS will be opened with the play "Black Box" by Niksic Theater on Monday, April 15th at 8.30 pm, according to the text by Ana Đordjevic, referring to the film "Perfect Strangers". Directed by Goran Bulajic, and cast is: Simo Trebjesanin, Gordana Micunovic, Jovan Krivokapic, Anja Drljevic, Omar Bajramspahic, Marija Djuric, Nikola Vasiljevic, while on the second night of HAPS, thanks to the Embassy of Italy in Montenegro and Stars Media International Belgrade, the film "Perfetti Sconcsciuti" by Paolo Genovese, will be shown, and the entrance is free.

On Wednesday, April 17th, on the repertoire will be the play "Ice Cream" by the Theater "Gavran" from Zagreb, according to Miro Gavran's text and directed by Boris Svrtan, which features Mladen Gavran and Ana Vilenica, and on April 19th the audience will be able to see the play "Capital" of the Royal Theater "Zetski dom" Cetinje, the dramatization of the work by Karl Marx, signed by Vedrana Bozinovic, directed by Andras Urban. The cast is Jelena Laban, Jelena Sestovic, Pavle Prelevic, Stevan Vukovic while the musicians are Milivoje Picuric piano, Jovan Bjelica guitar, Blazo Tatar drums, and Vedran Zekovic bass guitar.

Already on Saturday, April 20th, in the morning from 10 a.m., "Kapital" will be played by the children of the Royal Theater "Zetski dom "Cetinje", which is the author's project by Petar Pejakovic and Dusan Muric. In this performance is Aleksandar Popovic, Marija Jovicevic, Aleksandra Sovran, Marija Pobor, Anastasija Sovran, Ivana Popović, Anita Jankovic, Vasilije Djukanovic, David Vukovic, Prorokovic Djordjije, Milica Andric, Filip Ivanovic, Andrej Lipovina, Radovic Milica, Marija Andric, Doroteja Buskovic, Dorotea Roganović, Nikoleta Tatar, Kristijan Kadija and Maja Marković. On the same day, at 7 pm, Bitef Theater Belgrade will play "Carevo novo odelo", a dance performance by Bitef dance company. The text and direction are signed by Jelena Kajgo, music by Aleksandra Djokic and choreography by Dejan Volarev. The cast includes Slaven Doslo, Sara Tasic, Una Vujosevic, Jaksa Filipovac, Helena Celap, Una Djuricic, Anja Milosavljevic, Nikola Zivkovic and Natalija Djecevic.

The theater audience will once again have a chance to see the play "Ice cream" by Miro Gavran on April 23rd at 8.30 p.m., but this time in the performance of the National Theater from Nis. The director is Spasoje Z. Milovanovic and Ivana Nedovic and Nadja Nedovic Tekinder are the main acts. HAPS will be closed on April 25th with the performance of the Herceg Novi Theater and JUK Herceg Festival "Carevo novo odelo" in the dramatization of Djordje Stanojlovic, Petar Pejakovic, Goran Slavic, Dejan Djonovic, Milos Pejovic, and Vladimir Milosevic and directed by Petar Pejakovic. The main acts are Dejan Djonović, Milos Pejovic, Goran Slavic, Slavisa Grubisa. Since the start date of the festival coincides with the date of the great earthquake that hit Montenegro and Herceg Novi 40 years ago, one segment of the accompanying program will be dedicated to this event, primarily through the project by Dr Vuk Vukovic. HAPS whose programs, like in the previous years, will be organized in the Hall Park and this year is the result of the cooperation between JUK Herceg Festival and Herceg Novi Theater, supported by Herceg Novi Municipality and sponsors.

Text by D.Djonovic, on April 9th, 2019, read more at CdM

10 Apr 2019, 13:02 PM

Local people in Baosici and NGO Eko Boka appealed to the authorities to protect palastura (Pinna Nobilis) the biggest Mediterranean shell that "returned" to the coastal area on the Herceg Novi Riviera.

Palastura, which is noticed near the swimming pool, is a Mediterranean endemic and is highly endangered due to pollution of the sea, anchored ships, shoreline modification, marina construction, and it often happens that people who dive carry the shells home as a souvenir.

Eco Boka (Ecological Society of Boka Kotorska) addressed a letter to the Institute of Biology of the Sea in Kotor, dr Vesna Macic, who deals with the undersea flora, to visit the location in Baosici where the palastures were observed, and that in order to protect this marine sessile community (which firmly gathers at one place), initiates the necessary procedure for registering the community and its mapping.

They explain that due to the "increasing usurpation of the shore and the formation of artificial beaches, irreparable damage is inflicted to the submarine flora and fauna" and that therefore we should protect a rare, legally endangered species, which completely disappeared from the Herceg Novi Bay area and then re-formed in Baosici, but also in other parts of the coast.

Dr Macic noted that the existence of palastura (Pinna Nobilis) species protected by national legislation was established several meters from the coast - a decision on placing them under the protection of specific plant and animal species, as well as according to Barcelona Convention.

Dr Macic found that the seabed near the small pebble beach has unfavorable conditions for vagile (mobile) organisms that no longer find suitable ecological conditions for their nutrition, propagation and hiding from predators in such locations.

Also, in this part of the aquatorium, she encountered exotic plant submarine species, some of which, besides palastura, are still protected by law. She also noted a relatively dense settlement of brown algae Cystoseira barbata which is protected according to Barcelona Convention.

"This species is protected because it is a builder of coastal biocoenoses that can be compared to forests on land. In the spring and summer period, when it is the maximum growth of this algae, its talus can be as long as more than a dozen centimeters, in addition to creating organic substance and enriching water with oxygen, they are also a favorable habitat for many other organisms, especially for young crabs and fish. Unfortunately, this species (like many others) is endangered because it inhabits small depths and is therefore often under the direct influence of man due to the construction of infrastructure on the coast or the wastewater discharges," Dr Macic said.

She also warned that all works near this location should be carefully carried out as this alga is located very close to the coast.

According to the same legal documents, there is also a sea cucumber (Holothuria tubulosa) that is found on this site.

"With a more detailed survey of the subject location it is possible to determine the presence of some other protected species, but it certainly can be concluded that this is one of the few locations in the Herceg Novi municipality which is still not significantly degraded (dredged or paved), and it should remain as such," Dr Macic said.

Text by Slavica Kosic, on April 9th 2019, read more at Vijesti

10 Apr 2019, 11:43 AM

April 10, 2019 - Turkish TAV could be a company that will take long-term leases at the airports in Podgorica and Tivat, CdM says.

For the time being, TAV has shown the most significant interest in long-term leasing of airports in Montenegro. This Turkish company manages the airports in Skopje and Ohrid, and in cooperation with the French companies, the "Franjo Tuđman" airport in Zagreb.
The TAV airport in Skopje took over a concession in 2012 for a 30-year investment in this airport of 110 million euros and 10 million euros in Ohrid.
However, not even seven months after the public hearing, the Montenegrin Government has not yet considered the concession act, because it was returned due to the defect. It was announced several times that this document would be found in front of the prime minister and ministers, but this has not happened until today.
One of the reasons is that SD Social Democrats demanded to remove a few, as they claim, significant deficiencies that still exist in concessionary documents. As CdM says unknowingly, the SD may differ with specific coalition partners about certain solutions, but differences in the context of legality must not be, as it is not a zone where co can be made.
The TAV company build the airport in Tunis in two years and manages it. Also owned by the same companies are airports in Turkey (Istanbul Ataturk, Ankara, Izmir, Gazipsa near Alanya), Georgia (Tbilisi) and Tunisia (Monastir). TAV is managed by Macedonian airports (Skopje and Ohrid) as well as the airport in Riga (Latvia).
The airport concession is not news in the region. It was done by Albania in 2005 with the airport in Tirana and Croatia with the airport in Zagreb. The list of airports in the surroundings, which are under concessions, extends to Ljubljana, Pristina, Skopje, and the Bulgarian Varnas and Burgas. Last spring, this was done by Serbia with the Nikola Tesla aerodrome in Belgrade - a contract with the Vancy Airports corporation was signed for 25 years.
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