24 Sep 2019, 19:38 PM

24 September 2019 - The new six-seater cable car installation on the Cmiljača mountain ski centre in Bijelo Polje, which the Government of Montenegro financed with the 9 million EUR, is running according to plan. 

According to the statement of the Government of Montenegro, the cable car which is being installed is modern equipment manufactured by the Italian company Leitner, whose products are today present at many well-known ski centres in the world. After a public procurement procedure, the Public Works Administration entrusted the instalment works to the Podgorica - based company "Novi Volvoks". The designed capacity of the cable car is 2600 skiers per hour and its length is close to 1,4 kilometres. 

One of the most demanding segments of this project is to build the access road Ravna Rijeka – Latinska kosa – Jasikovac – Cmiljača, in a total length of nearly 16 kilometres, which will connect the mountain centre with the main road and make it more available for all lovers of the winter tourism. Currently, several contractors are engaged on the part of Jasikovac to the top of the Cmiljača. 

At the same time, the Public Works Administration engineering team is implementing the electricity infrastructure construction project in order to supply the needs of the future cable car within the ski complex Cmiljača. The first segment of this project will be completed by the end of this year. 

The contract signed with the Podgorica – based company "Eminent", specifies the construction of the 35/10 kV substation at the site Majstorovina in Bijelo Polje. The value of this investment, which the Government also financed through the capital budget amounts to more than 1,18 million EUR. 

The total investment in putting cable car and ski slopes into service, as well as the construction of the electric power, water supply infrastructure and access roads, amounts to about 23 million EUR, but only this year the Government of Montenegro will allocate more than 4 million EUR. 

In the area of Bijelo Polje Municipality, the implementation of the Đalovića Cave project valorisation is underway. This is one of the major ventures in the area of tourism, not only in this region of the country, but in the whole of Montenegro. In the next few years, the Government will allocate about 18 million EUR for furnishing and decorating of the cave, the cable car construction over the Đalovica Cave and overall traffic and other infrastructure. 

24 Sep 2019, 11:27 AM

Noise problems in the cafes in the center of Kolasin will soon be resolved, as promised from the Utility police.

The noise level will be monitored by the phonometer, Utility Police Chief Marko Matovic says that owners of catering establishments will be obliged to install limiters - devices that limit the broadcasting of music to the volume permitted by law.

He estimated that the control of working hours gave results, so that only a few misdemeanor warrants were written during the summer season.

He claims that the Utility Police conducted twice as much surveillance in comparison to the same period last year.

“Over the past 12 months, all open cases, according to citizens' reports, have been successfully resolved. Since the beginning of June this year, the work of the Utility Police has been organized in two shifts, from 7 am to 10 pm. Among other jobs, the exploitation of gravel on Tara is also successfully controlled. "

Matovic says the service, which he manages insisted on compliance with the regulations and when it comes to taxi transportation.

He also announces that an action for dog sterilization and chipping should be launched soon in cooperation with the Veterinary Administration.

Although utility police, he explains, has made great efforts, the negligent disposal of household rubbish and bulky waste next to the container remains a major problem.

During spring and summer, in agreement with the director of the Utility Company, free transport of bulky waste was organized to reduce wild landfills. We regularly visit the landfill sites and ask the citizens to help us in this activity to save the city from wild landfills. We can't get three communal police officers everywhere, and we expect citizens to help us. "

Matovic recalls that despite the legal obligation, some residential buildings in Kolasin do not yet have managing boards, which further complicates the arranging of the landscape around them.

Text by Dragana Scepanovic, on September 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Sep 2019, 11:24 AM

The international multi-day event "European Mobility Week" ended last weekend in Tivat with numerous actions promoting sustainable transport and appealing for changes in traffic behavior.

With events and programs that lasted for a week, Tivat was among nearly 3,000 cities from 50 countries marking the European Mobility Week, this year dedicated to walking and cycling.

The International “Day with no Cars”, Sunday, September 22, is marked by an international women's cycling tour and a five-kilometer recreational race. The participants of this action organized along the route Pine promenade - Donja Lastva - Pine are "Fancy Women bike ride" and the Athletic Club - Tivat Running Club Tivat.

The absolute winners in the 5,000 meters race are Zeljko Dabovic, Perica Vuckovic and Milos Komnenic in the men's, and Marija Djukic, Marina Nisavic and Nina Jevtovic in the women's competition.

In the competition of boys under 13, the best were Dino Bajo, Luka Stosic, Djordje Gulic, while Tara Djurickovic won first place among girls. Aleksandar Filip, Vojislav Buzic, Marko Pravilovic were the fastest in the 14-18 category, and Mija Mijuskovic and Sara Ilic were the best in the women's competition.

The best in the 19-39 category in the men's and women's competition were: Marina Nišavic, Nina Jevtovic and Sanja Antic, and Zeljko Dabovic, Perica Vuckovic, Milos Komnenic.

Marija Djukic and Dusica Bojovic were the best in the female senior's competition, as were Stefan Bjedic, Boris Kosovic and Miroslav Slaby for the men.

The Secretary for Public Utilities, Transport, and Energy Efficiency in the Municipality Tivat Tatjana Jelic expressed her satisfaction with the quality and number of events, and the remarkable participation of citizens, especially the youngest.

"We are convinced that the action drew attention to the possibilities of using sustainable modes of transport, in particular, bicycles but also hiking and that Tivat broadly respected this year's slogan "European Mobility Week" - Take a Walk with us," Jelic said.


Tatjana Jelić (Photo: Municipality Tivat)

A special attraction was the first international “Fancy Women Bike Ride”, organized in Tivat, in which numerous ladies took part.

The movement, launched in 2013 in Turkey, has attracted the attention of women cyclists in the last seven years. One hundred fifteen cities from 14 countries have joined the movement this year. "The bike is an environmentally friendly mean of transportation, a great solution for traffic jams and practical for everyday tasks. We women from Izmir, Turkey, with our bikes, try to convey the message that it is good to replace cars and motorbikes with bicycles, that it is good to have the smell of a perfume on the street, and not of gas," said Belmin Saskwan, one of the organizers of the event.

Djordje Premovic, on behalf of the Athletic Club Running Club Tivat, as a co-organizer of the athletic race, expressed his satisfaction with the event and the number of participants and the expectation that such activities will continue in the future.


During the manifestation (Photo: Municipality Tivat)

On Saturday were organized the actions "Everybody on catamarans", i.e. free ride on solar and hybrid ships that operate regular passenger transportation from Tivat to Herceg Novi, and "Let’s hike together" where about 70 participants, among whom the youngest  is three years old, had the opportunity to pass the route Gornja Lastva - St. Vid - Gornja Lastva. Trip guide Boris Filip from the Mountaineering Club “Squirrel” led the Mountaineers to St. Vid Church where a rope haul was organized between the teams “Galioti” and “Knightsbridge” who won.

"European Mobility Week Tivat" marks the fourth consecutive year, and after the success achieved in 2017 when it was nominated among the top three in the category of European cities with up to 50,000 inhabitants, it continues this year with an even more ambitious program.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on September 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Sep 2019, 11:22 AM

By setting up video surveillance of public areas, the Capital and the Ministry of the Interior want to influence the reduction of crime, traffic safety and the general safety of all citizens, while respecting the highest standards of privacy protection.

This was announced after a meeting between the Minister of Interior Affairs Mevludin Nuhodzic and Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vukovic.

During the meeting, Nuhodzic emphasized good cooperation with the Capital’s Protection and Rescue Service.

"In partnership with the Capital, we will also work to create a National Training Center for members of the protection and rescue system," Nuhodzic announced.

According to the Ministry of Interior, Vukovic said that this cooperation would soon result in new projects aimed at improving the security situation in Podgorica.

"The most important project in this part is the establishment of video surveillance in the capital, on which the people from the Ministry of the Interior have been working hard for several years, so that in this way we get a very effective tool to combat the various negative phenomena we have in the city, which influence all of us together, Vukovic said.

It was jointly agreed that cooperation in the field of traffic safety, as well as communication with representatives of local communities, would be intensified in the coming period, in order to bring the Capital, the Ministry of Interior and the Police Directorate closer to the citizens.

Text by Vijesti online, on September 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

24 Sep 2019, 11:17 AM

The Constitutional Court instituted preliminary proceedings on the initiative of the Employers Union to assess the constitutionality and legality of the part of the Internal Trade Act that introduces non-working Sundays and public and other holidays for the majority of trade.

"In the case of reviewing the constitutionality of Article 35a of the Law on Internal Trade, a preliminary proceeding is underway to examine the procedural preconditions necessary to conduct the proceedings and obtain the necessary opinions and documentation," it was stated from the Constitutional Court to "Vijesti".

An amendment to the bill with this added article was passed in July this year, and it goes into effect from October 15, so the first non-working Sunday for traders will be October 20. The initiator of this legal solution was the Chamber of Commerce Board, while the Union of Employers launched an initiative to abolish it at the request of the shopping malls “Delta”, “Kamelija” and “Gintas”, because the proposal to make shopping malls an exception from this law was not approved.

Traders from the Chamber of Commerce committee believe that the total turnover will not be reduced but that it will shift from Sunday to other days. While the UPCG believe that such a solution is unconstitutional and violates the freedom of entrepreneurship and that it will cause a reduction in the number of employees. They state that now workers who work on Sundays are given other days off.

Text by Goran Kapor, on September 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Sep 2019, 13:58 PM

By planting 410 young trees of different conifers and broadleaf species, in multiple locations in and around the city, Berane joined the action 28 years after the adoption of the Declaration on the Ecological State of Montenegro.

The planting action entitled "Let the forest be green!", organized by the General Secretariat of the Government of Montenegro and the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro, involved the Municipality of Berane, Utility Company, Forest Administration - Berane Regional Unit, pupils of the elementary school “Radomir Mitrovic” and NVU “North Country”.

"In this way, we want to draw the attention of the citizens of Berane and point out the importance of preserving the area in which we live and our beautiful nature. I hope that the fact that Montenegro is an ecological state will not remain only on paper and I believe that this action will positively affect all people and that we will give an example to others of how we preserve and improve what we have," emphasized the Secretary for Municipal Housing, Transport and Environmental Protection, Milos Kastratovic.

The contribution to the action was provided by the Utility company Berane, and director Savo Vucetic said that this was another action in the series in which this company is participating.

The head of the environmental protection department in the municipality Berane, Rita Barjaktarovic, said that the occasion for the celebration of this day was marked by nature itself.

"With such activities, in which we have good cooperation with schools and young people, we can show citizens that only through a joint partnership of public administration, schools and NGO sectors we can do more to improve the environment, make our city better, which we did today," said Barjaktarovic.

Employees of the Montenegrin Forest Administration are engaged in afforestation and landscaping of natural areas daily, so they are pleased to join this action.

"We chose black pine for planting because it grows well at these altitudes and also spruce as one very important species that is ideal for afforestation of areas like this one on Jasikovac," said the engineer Zivko Vukanic of the Forest Administration – regional unit Berane.

In the streets of Saint Sava, Sloboda and Mir, as well as the Memorial Park, Jasikovac 150 black pine and spruce seedlings were planted, 50 thuja, 30 ash tree seedlings, 20 maples and ten wild apples.

The Montenegrin Forest Administration provided 150 black pine and spruce seedlings and per ten ash and wild apple seedlings.

Utility company Berane provided 20 maple and 20 ash seedlings, while NVU "North Country" provided 50 seedlings of thuja.

Text by Tufik Softic, on September 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Sep 2019, 13:57 PM

In the poplars beside Krupac, Ozone activists, the Coalition for Sustainable Development, the guards of Bukovica, Zeta, representatives of the EU Delegation, Podgorica-based company Direct Media and nature lovers have collected several hundred pounds of small waste.

Plastic and glass bottles, cans, glasses, bags, paper waste, were selected in 60 bags after the action organized by the NGO Zero Waste Montenegro in cooperation with the NGO Our Action and sponsored by the EU Delegation and EU Info Center on the occasion of the International Day for the Cleaning of the Coast.


During the action (Photo: OZON)

The host of the action on Krupac was the NGO Environmental Movement Ozon. The event was also attended by hikers from MSC Balkan MNE.


After the action (Photo: OZON)

The President of Ozon Aleksandar Perovic said they were pleased to host the action commemorating the International Clean Shores Day.

"Ozon is striving to mark as many important dates as possible from the Ecological Calendar, and we are particularly pleased when we have the opportunity to do so in Niksic. Since the Topola area is used as the shore of Krupac Lake, we feel that we have fully met the essence of today's important international date." said Perovic.


 After the action (Photo: OZON)

He thanked the local government, which provided the containers and garbage collection, Elektroptivreda, which supported the action, and colleagues from KOR who cleaned the coast with them.

Text by Vijesti online, on September 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Sep 2019, 13:51 PM

The International Day of Cleaning the Coast in Ulcinj was celebrated at several sites organized by civil sector activists as part of a joint action by the NGO “Zero Waste Montenegro” and the Public Company for the Management of Marine Good and self-organized groups of citizens. Large quantities of waste have been removed from Solana Canal, from the mouth of Port Milena, from the beach Velika plaza and from the shores of Bojana.

"We got a little active today, this day inspired us. Although, we often do it ourselves, without much fuss, said a tourist and lover of Ada Bojana. Morsko dobro has previously announced that for the third year in a row it will actively participate in the coastal clean-up action organized by the NGO “Zero Waste Montenegro”.

The NGO Dr Martin Schneider Jacoby Associations, the NGO RDA-UBA and the NGO Zeleni korak also participated in the coordinating action.

Text by Samir Adrovic, on September 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Sep 2019, 13:48 PM

For the first time since 2005, the Tara river was cleared from Zugic to Radovan Luka, said the Citizens' Initiative “Dalje nećeš moći” (You won’t be able to go any further) from Zabljak.

rijeka Tara1.jpgCleanup action (Photo: Private archive)

In the cleanup action, led by Dane Novosel, Veljko Ostojic, Darko Sljivancanin, Goran Lekovic, and their rafters, removed more than 200 tires.

Text by Jelena Jovanovic, on September 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Sep 2019, 13:37 PM

The seventh Montenegro Pride" was held in Podgorica under the slogan "Not over our backs".

Pride was carried out with a good mood of those gathered and without incident, and the celebration, the organizers said, continued with a concert by the Croatian band "Nipplepeople" at 9 pm in Bokeska Street, organized in cooperation with Podgorica Art Festival.

"Happiest, biggest Pride so far," Hana Konatar greeted the present and opened the seventh Montenegro Pride.

Danijel Kalezic of Queer Montenegro said they had gathered to say that they would not bow their heads and demand that the Law on Life Partnership to be adopted.

"I stand here once again as a gay man, proud of who I am, because I do not allow political battles to be fought over my back. I am here to fight every feeling of shame, with raised head, proud of who we are. Today, we are here to say out loud that we will not bow our heads and that we have equal rights, demand the adoption of the Law on Life Partnership, and those in the Assembly not to fight their battles over our backs. See you next year in the Pride," Kalezic said.


Kalezić (Photo: Luka Zeković)

"We are all made the same, we want love, and acceptance, we all have to do the same, but we do not have the same, so we demand laws, dignity, freedom. When we seek love from families, protection from violence... no one hears us, neither do our deputies hear when we ask for laws, that is why we have to claim our rights. For 50 years, the struggle for our fundamental rights has been going on in the world, and people are dying in this fight ... We will not allow to give up, we are here," said Marija Jovanovic.


Jovanović (Photo:

"I stand proudly with you today. I remember the first day I came into the community, when I said I would never come to the Pride. Today I understand the gravity of these steps, you all give weight to this fight, all the violence that has gone over our backs has made us to be brave today," said Nikola Ilic.


Ilić (Photo: Luka Zeković)

Jovan Ulicevic from Spectra said that "our backs are not a station for other people's dissatisfaction".

"I stand here to show that they did not break me. That one day, the walk becomes a festival, that once everyone sees what we see today - a fight that has succeeded. First time I realized I was different was in the elementary when my school-mate’s mother picked me up from school." Look at you, you are masculine. I was both a "freak "and a "lesbian", I became afraid to go to the market, I was hiding in my house... When I finished the transition, I got new descriptions - he is the one who changed gender, so how he has intercourses now... until someone told me "drag queen." That is why I say today - not through mine and the backs of everyone with whom I have the honor to stand today. Our backs are not a station for other people's discontent. Our backs have outlined everything I speak about, and we have the right to love, to move freely, not to remove organs so that M or F can be written in the documents ... I have the right that people's representatives do not use my identity to offend one another, the right to live my life genuinely, everyone to get off my back and that I live freely in the community I belong to," Ulicevic said.


Ulićević (Photo:

Judy Kuo from the US Embassy in Podgorica said that diversity is the essence of life.

"We need to respect the differences, whether they are sexual minorities or belonging to a particular nation, race ... and no one should be the victim of an attack because of their orientation," Kuo said.

That is why, she added, the US Embassy strongly condemns the attack on the trans person in Kolasin.

"We hope that the offenders will be punished. We are concerned about the recent hate speech that could recently be heard from the Parliament at the expense of LGBT people and we hope that Parliament will play a significant role in improving the equality of all citizens," she said.


During the Pride (Photo: Damira Kalač)

Pride parade was also attended by the representatives of Montenegrin institutions and political parties.

Police: The rally went without incidents

The seventh Pride Parade was held without incident, the Police Directorate said.

"Preventive police activities contributed to this rally being held in a peaceful atmosphere, in accordance with the organizers' plan. Police officers carried out planning activities that provided conditions for the safe conduct of this public gathering.  Based on the estimates and analysis of the parades held in the past, a smaller number of police officers were engaged in providing the Pride Parade than in the previous years. However, the optimal number of police officers was hired to respond to police tasks to indicate any need for intervention," the police said.

Officers of the Police Directorate will continue to contribute to the activities within their jurisdiction to ensure the implementation and respect of human rights and freedoms, especially vulnerable groups, including, as they said, the LGBT community.

Pride parades, he said, were attended by Assistant Director for the General Police Sector, Nikola Janjusevic, Chief of the Podgorica Security Center, Milovan Pavicevic, and police representatives at the Police Directorate's Trust Team and the LGBT Community.

The slogan of the seventh Montenegro Pride "Not over our backs" was inspired, as reported earlier, by abuse of the human rights of LGBT people for daily political purposes and spreading hatred against that population by political parties and members of the Parliament of Montenegro.

The Pride Parade route this year has been longer than ever and covers more than one kilometer of the capital's central streets.

At the end of July, the Parliament of Montenegro did not adopt the Law on Life Partnership of Persons of the Same Sex, because there was no majority in the parliament.

Thirty-eight voted in favor, and four deputies opposed.

Minority parties’ deputies Ervin Ibrahimovic (BS), Nedzad Dresevic (BS), Adrijan Vuksanovic (HGI) and Genci Nimanbegu (Forca) voted against. Opposition MPs were not in the hall during the vote.

The proposed law allows same-sex couples in Montenegro to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples, only without the possibility of adopting children.

Text by Damira Kalac, on September 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

23 Sep 2019, 13:25 PM
September 23, 2019 - Almost a year ago, oil and gas exploration began in the Montenegrin part of the Adriatic Sea. Next year we will know if there are oil and gas in Montenegrin waters. The search for "black gold" is accompanied by protests by environmentalists who say it will destroy tourism and fisheries.
Montenegro's oil and gas exploration, which officially began last year, is set to show its first results next year. Namely, in the first quarter of 2020, it will be known whether there are oil and gas in that part of the Adriatic Sea, and what are the reserves. Montenegro has granted foreign companies concessions to seek oil, thus joining other countries in the Adriatic region that have oil platforms earlier.
The director of the Montenegrin Hydrocarbon Authority, Vladan Dubljevic, told DW that the concessionaires, the Italian-Russian consortium Eni-Novatek and the Greek company Energean, have so far performed the so-called 3D geophysical imaging of the submarine. 
During that exploration, at least one geological formation was discovered in an offshore oil and gas field, and drilling will begin there.
"The first exploration well will be outside the territorial waters of Montenegro, about 22 kilometers from the coast," Dubljevic says.
Offshore oil and gas exploration is a precarious business that can generate enormous profits, but it may also be that oil is not found in sufficient quantities. So far, Eni and Novatek have invested as much as six million euros in the underwater shooting, and Energean 3.5 million. However, it is after the first geological structure is drilled that one will know the perspective of this whole story.
Mirsad Kurgas of the SOS for Montenegro network for DW claims that the entire job of searching for oil and gas is wrapped up in a body of secrecy. "Most of the documentation related to the oil and gas exploration has been declared a state secret. You have government institutions that have job descriptions that are not advertised, but even favorably viewed. For example, the Institute of Marine Biology, as the only scientific institution of its kind, was against it in 2003 when identical research was conducted. Now they support it, so they are one of the most responsible for this situation," Kurgas said.
He argues that other countries are slowly abandoning their search for oil in this way and recalls the catastrophic consequences of the oil spill in Patagonia this and the Gulf of Mexico eight years ago. He adds that Norway has decided to make a radical turn in this area this year and will give up oil mining.
"There is no example in the world that concessions are made as close to the coast as is the case here," Kurgas claims, recalling that Montenegro is susceptible to earthquakes and that offshore oil drilling would only intensify it.
On the other hand, Vladan Dubljevic says that there are as many as 1,500 exploratory wells in the Adriatic Sea, with the highest in Italy and Croatia and Albania.
Kurgas, however, points out that oil platforms have not benefited Italy. "Their northern submarine was killed, and in the south, they had to impose research restrictions," says an environmental activist. Kurgas insists that oil platforms will destroy Montenegrin tourism, otherwise the main economic branch in the country, because tourists will not want to swim on the beaches from which the platforms can be seen.
Dubljevic, however, points out that Montenegro is the only country on the Adriatic that has tourism and no oil industry, and that there are no problems in Italy, Croatia, and Albania. "In Greece, too, we have an example where the oil industry is successfully coexisting with tourism. Just five kilometers from Thassos Island, which is a well-known tourist destination, there has been an oil platform for almost 40 years," Dubljevic reminds.
He also reveals that any platforms in Montenegrin territorial waters will not even be installed for at least another three years, but they may not be installed at all. "Oil and gas production is not only done through platforms and is increasingly being used by so-called. factory-ships for the storage, manufacturing, and transshipment of oil and gas, as well as underground installations that are not even visible from the shore," explains Dubljevic.
Environmentalists also claim that this research is devastating not only to the wildlife but also to the general population. "We have no results on how this research has affected marine life in the sea. However, the experiences of our fishermen say that these surveys, the so-called seismic bombing, are very damaging because they break the food chain in the sea. By destroying small organisms in the sea, such as plankton and shrimp, you also destroy the food chain," warns Kurgas.
Dubljevic, on the other hand, cites the example of Norway, which is the fifth oil producer in the world, and its primary industry is fishing. "This shows that the oil industry can coexist with other industries. Although the risks of this type of research are minimal, all precautions have been taken. Environmental protection is our absolute priority," emphasizes Dubljevic.
He explains that during the survey, experts were present on the ships who monitored the environmental parameters, and the concessionaires are obliged to pay any potential damage, through insurance. "No research has been recorded to date that could indicate a negative impact of 3D imaging on marine biodiversity," concludes Dubljevic.
If oil and gas are found in the Montenegrin submarine, the state will ultimately take between 62 and 68 percent of net profits. The formation of an oil fund is also planned, modeled on Norway's most abundant in the world and serving as a cash reserve for future generations. The Norwegian fund hit a record high of $2 billion two years ago, controlling 1.3 percent of all stocks in the world.
The Montenegrin oil fund would flow most of the potential revenue from oil and gas production, up to 85 percent, and the money would, as in the case of Norway, be further "fertilized" by investing in stocks and saving.
"The goal is to ensure that, through the existence of the oil fund, the money from potential production of scarce resources such as oil and gas is available to future generations," Dubljevic said, adding that Montenegro does not yet have an estimate of how much it can earn annually.
Despite all this, environmentalists say they will continue to rebel. "We have a drastic silence on the system globally, as we have been talking about this since 2003, but no one is listening to us. The media do not often write about this, and even some NGOs have become silent. We will continue protests, and there is no giving up," says Kurgas.
The protesters also carry a pirate flag that sends a clear message: "If we are unable to resist lawlessness through the institutions of the system, then we are left with only alternative ways of fighting."
Source: Deutsche Welle 
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