15 Feb 2019, 17:00 PM

February 15, 2019 - The sea captain, Tomo Katuric, is the president of the Alliance of the Philatelists of Montenegro, but also a member of the Royal Philatelic Society in London and the European Philatelic Academy in Paris. His great successes recommended him also to be a member of the jury of the World Association of Philatelists FIPA.

Tomo is one of the two people from Balkans to become a member of the Royal Philatelic Society in London, sponsored by Queen Elisabeth II. The Society was founded in 1869 under the patronage of the royal family and consists of 1609 members.

“I become a member in January 2007 with the recommendation of Mr Alan Higgins, an English Lord- one of the leading persons in the world of English philately, as well as at the recommendation of the President of the Philatelists of Italy- Alessandro Agostosi. It was an honor and a pleasure because you can be recommended there only through your success, and by that time I had already had two world gold medals- from Washington and Malaga,” explains Tomo Katuric.

“The gold from Washington is very special to me because it stands as the first gold medal engraved in the culture of Montenegro - as the first gold medal coming to Montenegro after the referendum on independence,” says Tomo. The World Philatelic Exhibition, held in 2006 in Washington under the patronage of the President of the USA, was also the first public solo performance of the Montenegrin Postal Service at a philatelic exhibition after 1897. Tomo won the Gold medal among 650 exhibitioners from 70 countries presenting his unique collection “The Postal History of Boka 1809-1875.”

He is the successor to the old Captain's family from Kamenari in Boka Bay. About 50 percent of philatelic collections that he now owns with his wife and son succeeded, while the rest managed to upgrade to world auctions, thus reaching the world's largest philately class.

“The Katuric family arrived in Boka in 1697 during the Turkey-Venice wars, also known as Moreja wars. They were mainly sailors and merchants. My great grandfather Mato was a sailing ship captain, my grandfather Tomo was a merchant, inherited by my father Djuro, also inheriting the bar in Kamenari in 1906 which has been opened ever since,” explains Tomo.

He started exhibiting in 2001, but he took on philately in 1974 when his uncle Lazar “handed” his collection to Tomo to continue the tradition which had been started by his great grandfather Mato. Katuric’s collection is unique, and its big part comes from the family correspondence letters.

tomo katuric postal history of bokaFrom the collection "The Postal History of Boka 1809-1875", Copyright: Boka News"

"Today, Tomo owns up to 15 gold medals from world exhibitions. The greatest attention and acknowledgment is drawn to his main philately collecting collection from the days of Napoleon and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The collection "Postal History of Boka Bay 1809-1875" contains 250 letters, or 128 pages from the Napoleon era. It includes the first postmark issued in Austro-Hungarian 1850, as well as letters from the time Napoleon ruled over these areas. Until 1850, the letters were only sealed, qualifying as pre-philately, but in the collection, there were also letters with stamps, that is, after the founding of the Post Office of the World in Bern in 1874, when Montenegro was one of the 22 founding countries.

The family of Katurić is a collection of four collections, and besides mentioned, Tomo owns a philatelist collection "The Boka and Montenegro Occupation 1941-1945." The son Djordje has a collection of "The letters of the Bokelian Sailors 1839-1880", and his wife Jelisaveta achieves remarkable successes on the world exhibits presenting her collection "The Letters of Sailors from the Austro-Hungarian Fleet 1914-1918". According to FIPA rules, one man can exhibit a maximum of two, and a family of four collections. The Katuric family is also unique in our country and can boast of over 40 of the most significant recognitions of European and world exhibitions.

It is interesting to point out that the post office in Boka Bay, or more precisely in Herceg Novi, has been open for 70 years longer.

"The post at Herceg Novi was opened in 1804, 70 years before Cetinje. This shows us the history, culture and the mail of these regions. This kind of information cannot be praised by most of the 92 member states that are gathered by the World Philatelist Organization."

All collections of the Katuric family talk about Boka Bay and its maritime history, which is not surprising given that the love for collecting and seafaring are the inseparable segments of their members' lives for more than two hundred years.

Tomo is delighted to bring the story of the culture of our region around the globe, even after the celebrated era of the Bokelian maritime affairs. “I have been to and exhibited on all the continents, except Arctic and Antarctica. Thanks to philately and sailing, I have visited more than 200 cities and have seen five out of seven world wonders, proudly representing my home place Kamenari, the town of Herceg Novi, the Boka Bay and Montenegro.”

There is no rule to the profession most commonly dealing with philately. Still, within the circle of the top world philatelist, Tomo is the only seaman. “It is interesting that I am usually not called by my real name but “Bocca di Cattaro”- after my collection,” Tomo proudly marks.

15 Feb 2019, 12:45 PM

February 15, 2019 - NGO Green Home will organise a public debate on NGOs and media on Wednesday, 20 February, focusing on the plans of four major hydropower plants in Moraca, where representatives of international organisations such as Riverwatch, WWF Adria, Bankwatch and The Nature Conservancy will take part.

The occasion for organising the public debate is the Ministerial Conference on Transition to Sustainable Energy in the Western Balkans, which will present the Draft Regional Strategy for the Development of Hydropower Plants in the Western Balkans, to be held on 21 February in Podgorica.
The Western Balkans Investment Fund developed the Strategy at the request of the Directorate General for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Projects. According to Natasa Kovacevic from NGO Green Home, this plan implies rehabilitation of existing energy facilities as well as investment opportunities in the construction of new hydropower plants.
Natasa Kovacevic explains: "What NGOs are saying is certainly improving the energy efficiency of already existing facilities because we already have ruined rivers, but we can increase the efficiency of the hydropower plants to produce more energy. What we do not agree with is the unconditional promotion of the hydroelectric power plant as unconditional ecological sources of energy."
The importance of this ministerial conference is to present solutions for sustainable development of energy, hydropower, reduced use of fossil fuels, and the approval of the Energy and Environment Ministry's Clean Energy Agreement, which mostly relies on hydropower.
"The Draft Strategy for the Development of Hydropower Plants in the Western Balkans has a list of principles that are well-composed when it comes to sustainability. However, the list of potential projects, called the Green Field List, contains 46 large hydropower plants in the Sava, Neretva, and in Montenegro, in Moraca and Komarnica basins, "explains Natasa Kovacevic.
Non-governmental organisations that will gather in the public debate believe that it is necessary to halt the promotion and financing of hydropower projects as a non-sustainable energy source and to foster an energy transition to the development of low-energy facilities considering the impact on all ecological and social aspects of importance for the society.
14 Feb 2019, 10:17 AM

February 14, 2019 - Within the jubilee 50th Mimosa Festival, the fifth Strip Weekend begins in Herceg Novi organized by the Herceg Novi Strip Festival (HSF). Strip Weekend is part of the event Days of Italian Culture, and HSF is implementing it in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Montenegro and the Public Institution of Culture Herceg Fest. Along with numerous programs, Strip Weekend includes a great fun with masks on Wild West - Saloon Masquerade Party, featured with masked guests, announced at the Peoples Beach Bar on Saturday, 16 February.

This year's Strip Weekend is dedicated to the cultural strip phenomenon, Tex Willer, who celebrated 70 years of existence and was hit by his 700th edition on Thursday, 7 February. On this occasion, the guest of Herceg Novi and HSF is the eminent Italian artist Luca Tito Faraci.
From 2007 until today, he has made several dozen of numbers, as well as two maxi editions, one of the most famous strip heroes - the legendary Tex, and beside him, the guest at the strip weekend is the great Italian artist Walter Venturi. This leading artist was the guest of the 12th edition of Hercegnoski's strip festival held last year in September, and since 2012 works for the publishing house of Bonelli Editori under whose shelter also prints Tex.
strip weekend Tex Willer
The event starts today at 7 pm in the City Café, opening the exhibition "70 Years of Tex Willer", on which will present their works the Italian artists, Walter Venturi sand Pasquale Del Vecchio.
The Italian Embassy in HSF recognizes the most important promoters of contemporary Italian culture in Montenegro, which has also confirmed the significant recognition it gave to this organization in 2017. So it's no surprise that the Strip Weekend at the Mimosa Festival takes place as part of the event "Days of Italian Culture."
"The Italian Embassy, two years ago, on 2 June, within the celebration of the Italian Republic Day, gave us the prestigious Caravaggio Award for a huge contribution to the establishment of cultural links between Montenegro and Italy, as well as the promotion of the cultural scene in Montenegro. The Italian Embassy is somebody who has been in the very beginning with the Strip Festival and somebody who recognizes our entire story. They are the first institutional support behind us and are always with us," says Nebojsa Mandic, PR Herceg Novi Strip Festival.
During the following days, at the Hall of the Park, City Café and Nikola Djurkovic Square, HSF is organizing several lectures, workshops with young designers and students, all tracking the standard drawing for fans, the stock market, and excellent HSF hustle.
Under the Strip Weekend on Friday, 15 February, Italian polyvalent artist - musician and screenwriter, Tito Faraci and Walter Venturi will host a workshop and a lecture with participants of the art section of the Ivan Goran Kovačić Secondary School Center. On the same day in the afternoon at Café Kino at Nikola Djurkovic Square on the subject of Wild West in the comic strip and on his work "The Last Bound," the lecture will hold a well-known journalist, screenwriter, collector, and theoretician from Croatia, Milko Peko. 
Guests of HSF also expects a standard HSF stock market on Friday at the 28 October Steps to the main city square, where the well-known regional strip publishers Makondo, Besna Kobila, Komiko, Phoenix Press and Veseli will also be present next to the regular offer.
HSF in cooperation with cafes Got, Kino and RadioCaffe2beat will organize bar-hopping, prize-winning games for all guests on Friday as well as drawing for fans and socializing with artists Tito Faraci, Walter Venturi, Renato Vladimir Renki, Luka Cakic, and Nikola Curcin.
The daily program on Saturday, 16 February, is reserved for the City Café, which will include standard drawings for fans and drawers on the T-shirts (Venturi, Renki, Cakic, Curcin), stock exchange, and two very interesting lectures and presentations on the ground floor: Tito Faraci: "Tex Willer, 70 Years of Italian Cultural Phenomenon" and Dusan Mladenovic: "The 70 Years of Tex on the Balkans".
The weekend ends with Sunday matinee and Spaghetti Western projection at the Cafe Cinema. All programs organized by HSF are free to the public.
Thursday, February 14
7 pm – 8 pm City Café
The opening ceremony of the IV HSF Weekend
Exhibition - Tex Willer - 70 years of Italian cultural phenomenon
Friday, February 15
11 am – 12 am SC Ivan Goran Kovačić
•    Workshop and lecture by Tito Faraci, Valter Venturi, Luka Cakić and Nikola Ćurčin with students of the art section
5 pm – 1 am 28 October Steps - Striparnica - Caffe Pub Got - Cinema - Radiocaffe2beat
•    HSF comic book stairs party
•    Strip stock market
•    Drawing on shirts
•    Drawing for fans
•    Lecture by Milko Peko
•    Bar hopping - from cafe to cafe
•    Prize Games
•    HSF night party - Live music, DJ
Saturday, February 16
11 am – 7 pm City Café
•    11 am – 7 pm - Stock exchange
•    11 am – 1 pm - Drawing on shirts
•    1 pm – 2 pm - Lecture and presentation - Tito Faraci - Tex Willer - 70 years of Italian cultural phenomenon
•    2 pm – 3 pm - Lecture -70 Years of Tex in the Balkans - Dusan Mladenovic - Veseli Cetvrtak
•    Drawing for fans
•    Master class with strip artists
•    9 pm – 4 am People's Beach Bar
•    HSF Saloon masquerade party
Sunday, February 17
11 am - 3 pm Coffee bar Cinema - Projection of the Spaghetti Western Movie
14 Feb 2019, 00:36 AM

February 14, 2019 - Kamenari in Boka Bay today is known primarily as the place where daily ferries take thousands of cars and passengers to the other coast of the bay. Situated along the coast of about 400 meters, the ambiance of the Kamenari is the one of very few along our coast, which enjoys the protection as a cultural landscape of exceptional characteristics. The history of this small place is vibrant with facts that could be proud and much larger communities. Famous for educated and skillful locals, the location of the first post office and first public transport in Montenegro hires a lot of interesting details of the productive life of this small place, once proud on bakeries, theatre, but first of all, stones to be thanked for its name.

Kamenari, as explained our host in this Bokelian place, the world philatelists, Mr. Tomo Katurić, was placed in half in the cadastral municipality of Josica and half in the cadastral district of Djurici. In the past, these two municipalities belonged to different administrative centres, Josica to Herceg Novi and Djurici to Perast.
The name of the place, Kamenari, is not mentioned until the middle of the 19th century, and its etymology is more than pure. Kamen is a Montenegrin word for stone, and the rock from Djurici, besides building a large part of the old towns along the Bokelian coast, also managed to take the name this place down to far America.
"Thanks to the stone from Djurici, Kamenari is famous not only in these areas but also across the Atlantic. The Djurici stone is specific to its colour and quality," explains Katuric. "A part of the United Nations building in New York was built of stone from Kamenari. Before New York, part of the pavement in the Saint Mark's church in Venice was built, and these coloured red stones decorated many other palates and churches in Venice, as well as in Zadar, Trieste, Torino and Nice."
kamenari first ferryThe ferry service in Kamenari started in 1901 with the families of Milosevic and Sekulovic. Djuro Milosevic was the father of the famous bacteriologist, world expert Dr. Simo Milosevic, at which Igalo Institute today carries the name. 
Kamenari, today a village that we know first of all by ferry transport, was a significant traffic, commercial, service, and crafts center in Boka Bay in the 19th century.
It was in Kamenari that in 1899 the founding shareholders' assembly "Bokeljski Omnibus", the first company for road transport in Boka Bay, which, after obtaining a concession from the Austrian authorities, held the Kamenari-Herceg Novi line. "The stockholders were the distinguished citizens of Boka Bay, 33 of them. Transport was carried out at that time by horses. It is interesting that for this Omnibus, which could have received 25 people, horses from Pesta were procured and that such omnibus worked in Dubrovnik as well since 1899," explains Katuric.
kamenari bokelian omnibusBokeljski Omnibus, the first road transport company of Montenegro
The "Bokeljski Omnibus" and Kamenari will mark this year 120 years since its foundation, the predecessor of road transport companies, not only in Boka but also throughout Montenegro and beyond.
Like the rest of Bay Bay, and Kamenari is celebrating ecumenism as the eternal model of harmonious coexistence of peoples in this region. "In Kamenari we have five churches, two of which are Orthodox and three are Catholic. What is specific is that the Church of Saint Nedjelja was a church with two altars, where one week served a liturgy and other masses. It is an indication of the degree to which these people lived, how much they respect each other. "
kamenari r hnKamenari, Copyright: radio Herceg Novi
Tomo Katuric is a world-class philatelist who can boast of as many as 15 gold medals won in world exhibitions. The most famous of the four collections owned by the family Katuric is "Postal History of Boka Bay 1809-1875".
"The post office in Boka was opened in 1804 and Cetinje 1874, four years before the Berlin Congress. At that time, until the post office was established in Montenegro, the letters from Cetinje traveled to Kotor and then to their destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, and further to the world."
kamenari tomo katuricTomo Katuric, private photo collection
Sometimes Tomo Katuric, as well as his ancestors, who lived in Boka since 1697, carried the name of Boka Bay to the world seas, engaged as a ship captain, predominantly on the ships of the former Jugooceania Kotor. Today, the name Kamenari, Herceg Novi, Boka Bay and Montenegro he reports to all meridians as one of the most admired philatelies in the world.
The Katuric House in Kamenari stands on the ferry pier itself. For this house, there are important historical facts, attested to by a memorial plaque that can be seen by all the visitors of the cafe, who have been in this house for more than a century.
"On the facade of our house, there is a memorial plaque dedicated to the Rebellion of sailors on the Austro-Hungarian fleet on February 1, 1918. It is stated in the records that on 27 and 28 January, sailors Sisgoric, Ras, Grabar, and Bernicevic raised the rebellion making the agreements and plans in this cafe. Here they could, along with the jukebox my grandpa had brought from Vienna in 1915, calmly agree on how to bring the uprising.
The rebellion broke out because of poor conditions of life and the treatment of sailors on these ships, anchored in front of the Kamenari," Katuric proudly demonstrates to us the jukebox.
The wreath of stone houses in Kamenari was built in the majority of 17-19 years, at the time of the greatest glory and power of the Boka nautical.
kamenari oldKamenari in the past
"Thanks to maritime and distant journeys, people built beautiful stone houses. But the point was not just to bring money here and build. With money, something much more significant, more valuable, and more beautiful came, which is a world culture. That is why Boka still today, despite all the odds, at an excellent cultural level. I own an 1860 letter from sailing ship Ilirico. Out of 14 crew members, eleven signed with their full names, only three couldn't write. So it was not just the captain who was literate, but a sailor and almost all other members of the crew. And that was all people from Donja Lastva, Stoliv, Kamenari, Perast, Risan. People from our region have been mostly literate in the 19th century, " says Captain Tomo Katuric.
As far as education is concerned, Kamenari, as a small place, could boast of the largest share of highly educated residents at Boka Bay in the 20th century. Many well-known scientists, doctors, people in business and seafarers are right from this place.
"Besides already mentioned, a well-known bacteriologist, Dr Simo Milosevic, from Kamenari were also Dr Bosa Milosevic, who founded the National Front in Belgrade, as evidenced by the panel on the façade of the hospital building, and Dr Olga Milosevic, who was Tito's physician in three enemy offensives. We are talking about a woman who was the president of the Red Cross of Europe and the winner of one of the most important awards for humanity, named after Andrew Dinan, for the man who founded the Red Cross in Europe. We also had the first educated painter Spiro Djuranovic, followed by his son Mato Djuranovic, music professor and academic painter. Beside them, there was a large number of captains, professors, civil engineers here. Among them, Lazar Katuric and Lazar Mijailovic, who were the main designers for the construction of docks from Ulcinj to Split, were particularly experienced engineers. Their knowledge suggests that in the great earthquake that hit Montenegro in 1979, none of these swamps was damaged," Tomo Katuric told us.
If we talk about traffic, Kamenari is today one of the most frequented places in Boka. Only in the past year, the naval trains, a shareholding company that moved to Pro House's majority ownership in 2004, carried over 1.3 million vehicles.
The first carriers, the Milosevic and Sekulovic families, performed carriage on paddles. 1935 the family Aranzulo joins this job and acquires the ferries with the engines of the famous German company Daiz. For the resurgence of the predecessors on this coastal naval line, their successors, in the words of Tomo Katuric, little respected this place, failing even to meet their contractual obligations, which obliged them to allocate four percent of their income to the Municipality of Herceg Novi.
Kamenari is supposed to be a protected ambiance, but this regime of protection, unfortunately, is not respected.
The place has two hotels; more villas offer private accommodation, which can be an additional source of development for the area. But in recent years, in this part of Boka Bay, unacceptable interventions alter the coastal line, while the former natural beaches, small patches, replace the artificial baths that are being built on the sea. Also, the problem of excessive and inadequate urbanization is present here as well as in other parts of Boka Bay.
As long as it has been good for a long time, the ferry has also given Kamenari a position of transit, where people generally do not stay long. Still, those who decide to stay here will meet with friendly hosts who will surely offer some more exciting details about this small place. A place that, in comparison with other areas of Boka, may not have an unusually long, but has a very contentious history.
14 Feb 2019, 00:11 AM

13 February 2019 - On the occasion of the official opening of the Kolašin 1600 Ski Resort on Saturday, February 16, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro (NTO) will organise free transport to this ski centre as well as an entertainment program.

"The Ministry and the NTO have provided free ski pass, food, and drink tasting, as well as a rich entertainment program for all visitors to the ski centre on the day of its official opening," the NTO said in a statement. Free transport, in cooperation with local tourist organisations and the Capital City, will be organized from Podgorica, Bar, Budva and Herceg Novi. All interested citizens can obtain transport information by dialling 0 8000 1300 – Call Centre of Montenegro (all calls to this number are free of charge).

Official Opening of the Kolašin 1600 Ski Resort on February 16

The representatives of the NTO also stated that the special attraction of the event will be the preparation and tasting of Montenegrin traditional meal – kačamak.

The event will include a giant slalom race at 600 meters, which will be opened by the celebrated Yugoslav skier and world champion, Bojan Križaj.

Dj MR Jools and DJ Shar will be in charge of the atmosphere at the ski resort, and the event will also include concerts of the local band Crveno i Crno and the singer Sergej Cetković.

"The entertainment will continue on the city square with concerts, defile majorettes and fireworks. Music stars Anita Popović and Danijel Alibabić will hold concerts at the city square, "the statement concludes.

The completion of the ski centre in Kolašin will turn this city into a serious winter destination in Europe. Since the project is complete, Mount Bjelasica now has 250 km of ski slopes! The infrastructure of the Kolašin 1600 Ski Centre, with accompanying equipment, includes a total of 4,6 kilometres of ski slopes, with one six-seater lift installed. The contractor for the cableway at the Kolašin 1600 site is the Austrian company - Doppelmayr, the world's leading manufacturer of ropeways, cable cars, and ski lifts.

With the completion of works on the 1600 location, Montenegro got a new ski resort owned by the state. By building the access road, infrastructure and cableway, the state has created conditions for attracting investors who will build more accommodation capacities and further develop the ski centre.

13 Feb 2019, 23:43 PM

13 February 2019 - The Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City and the Sport for All Association from Podgorica are organising a sports and recreational event Citizens of Podgorica on the Snow. The event begins on Saturday, February 16, when the official opening of the ski resort Kolašin 1600 on Mount Bjelasica is planned. Ski pass for all resort visitors will be free on that day.

Although earlier this winter the Capital of Montenegro welcomed white snowflakes, the locals from Podgorica still have to turn to ski resorts in the cities of the North to enjoy an adventure on the snow. The event Citizens of Podgorica on the Snow provides people from Podgorica a favourable opportunity to visit ski resort Kolašin 1600 and experience the winter magic.

Podgorica on the Snow 2

The Association Sport for All is planning for the manifestation to last through February and March, every Saturday, depending on weather conditions. For this weekend, they provided free transportation by bus from Podgorica to ski resort Kolašin 1600 on Bjelasica and back, while the ski pass will be free because of the official opening of the resort. In the future weekends, the transport will still be free, and the locals from Podgorica will enjoy discounts related to ski pass and equipment rental.

The Association Sport for All Podgorica is a member of the Montenegrin Association Sport for All. The local association includes over twenty sports associations from the territory of the Capital City and the city municipalities of Tuzi and Golubovci. The program goals of the association are realised with the cooperation of the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of the Capital City.

Program cooperation within the Capital city has been established with: Association of Pensioners of Podgorica, Children's Association of Podgorica, PI Elementary Schools in Podgorica, Union for School Sports of Montenegro and many sports and business organisations.

The Association is a participant and organizer of sports and recreational events in the Capital City, the State and international events in the field of sports recreation.

13 Feb 2019, 17:21 PM

13 February 2019 - North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, in Brussels said it is encouraging the Alliance has members such as Montenegro is, and emphasized that NATO enlargement within the Western Balkans has strengthened the Alliance.

“North Atlantic Treaty Organization enlargement within the Western Balkans strengthened the Alliance, and I am glad to see that. Also, NATO enlargement enabled stabilization of the Western Balkans and encouraged many countries to join the Alliance, such as Montenegro did, as well as North Macedonia which is to join NATO soon,” noted Jens Stoltenberg.

“There are numerous challenges and issues, but it’s encouraging to have Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and soon north Macedonia as our member states,” concluded NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg is looking forward to meeting NATO defense ministers tomorrow, including Montenegro defense minister, Predrag Bošković.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović is currently on his visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, and he also spoke at the Aspen Institute in Berlin on the topic of Montenegro's European Union and NATO integration.

"The past year was very successful for the Western Balkans in terms of integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures," the Minister said, pointing out that the only stable and safe Western Balkans contributes to the sustainability of Europe's development and security architecture. 

He pointed to the need and importance of a strong presence of the European Union and the Alliance in the region as key drivers of reform processes. 

Furthermore, Minister Darmanović met in the Bundestag with Chairman of the Committee of EU Affairs Gunther Krichbaum, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Norbert Röttgen, as well as members of the Parliamentary Group for South East Europe. 

13 Feb 2019, 17:15 PM

13 February 2019 - On the second day of his visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović spoke at the Aspen Institute in Berlin on the topic of Montenegro's European Union and NATO integration.

"The past year was very successful for the Western Balkans in terms of integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures," the Minister said, pointing out that the only stable and safe Western Balkans contributes to the sustainability of Europe's development and security architecture. 

He pointed to the need and importance of a strong presence of the European Union and the Alliance in the region as key drivers of reform processes. 

Furthermore, Minister Darmanović met in the Bundestag with Chairman of the Committee of EU Affairs Gunther Krichbaum, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Norbert Röttgen, as well as members of the Parliamentary Group for South East Europe. 

The meetings expressed interest in continuing cooperation with the Bundestag. The Minister also pointed to a full commitment to reforms in key areas. 

Minister Darmanović encouraged further intensification of parliamentary cooperation between the two countries.

We remind you that during the first day of his visit, Minister Darmanović met with his German counterpart Heiko Maas.

"Montenegro is grateful to the Federal Republic of Germany for continuing assistance to the fulfillment of our strategic foreign policy priorities - full membership in NATO and progress in the process of EU accession," Minister Darmanović said, adding that Montenegro's commitment to meeting the Alliance's key tasks and the criteria for membership in the EU is unquestionable.

Minister Darmanović also talked with Foreign Policy Adviser to the Federal Chancellor Jan Hecker. The Minister expressed his belief that the future of the Western Balkans is in the EU, and stressed that the success of the enlargement policy is the basis of the long-term stability and security of the region. Both sides pointed out the importance of the European integration process for the further development of the countries of the Western Balkans.

13 Feb 2019, 17:06 PM

12 February 2019 - Taking part in this year’s European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) programme in Geneva will be a great honor, pleasure, but also children’s dreams coming true, said the students who went through the selection of the Ministry of Science. Although there is still one more step, the selection of the Commission of CERN, the students are not worried at all, having in mind the so far experience of Montenegrin candidates.

Four Montenegrin students, chosen by the Commission of the Ministry of Science, will have the opportunity to take part in this year’s summer program of the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, intended for the students of physics and engineering sciences.

Dragan Krstajić, Tamara Ninković, Katarina Milačić and Miloš Manojlović had that honor to take part in the everyday work of CERN during the summer camp and visit the labs and facilities.

Manojlović, who is in his fourth year of studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, says he did not expect that he will be selected.

“Honestly, I did not expect it. The competition was strong and I was aware of that. Of course, I was very happy and honored to find out that I was among the four selected candidates,” said Manojlović.

In 2018, he went to international school for nuclear methods for environment and natural sciences in Budva.  He feels so honored to be able to visit laboratories of CERN.

“The fact that you are a physician is an advantage right at the beginning. CERN lab is intended primarily for the research in the domain of physics of elementary particles. My engagement outside the lectures, was directly related to this field and other fields that are subject of interest of CERN”, says Manojlović.

However, one more obstacle stands on their way to Geneva. It s the final selection, organized by the representatives of this prestigious science and research institution. Manojlović believes that all four candidates will be successful. If that happens, Manojlović will focus on learning and improving, but he will also meet new people and make new friendships.

Tamara Ninković thinks that her average grades during the studies determined her selection. She is the student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica. This opportunity was her childhood dream. She believes that this program will enable her to acquaint with the most recent achievements in science. She also wants to be involved in tackling the scientific challenges of the 21st century.

13 Feb 2019, 17:03 PM

12 February 2019 - By the end of the next year, Podgorica will be richer for an exclusive condo hotel and residential complex, Le Grand Hotel Podgorica, with a total of 348 residential units.

As published on the web pages of the Turkish Company Erka Group, which is leading this project, their daughter-company, Erka Invest Montenegro, in cooperation with the Montenegrin architecture company Ing-invest, started the construction of the hotel in Zabjelo on 10 January. The hotel has five stars and a total area of 27.000 square meters. The hotel itself will have 270 residential units, 72 apartments, and 12 exclusive apartments. In addition, premier apartments and presidential apartments are in the offer.

“Design of the Le Grand Hotel is mainly inspired by French architecture, especially by Opera House in Paris. Even the tiniest details were taken into account so that this hotel completely satisfies the standards of a five-star hotel. The hotel will have a world-class spa enter, fitness center, shopping zone and a night club,” reads the project documentation.

As the former ambassador of Turkey said last year, our state has very favorable investment conditions and, therefore, Turkish investors have shown the interest in building the aqua park, a mall and a sports center in Podgorica.

The key people in the Board of Directors of Erka Group are Mehmet Veysi Erdoğan, the president, and Murat Erdoğan, the deputy president. They have been into construction for more than 20 years and they own 10 companies that operate in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Turkey. So far, they have completed 65 projects in five states.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

13 Feb 2019, 13:20 PM

In the month of three defeats in four games (two in the European and one in the ABA league), Buducnost Voli basketball players have the chance to qualify for the first trophy of the season.

They are the hosts of the final tournament of the Cup of Montenegro, and will play against the main competitor, Mornar, in the semi-finals.

"The Cup is such a competition that always carries more uncertainty than any other competition, simply because it is to be or not to be in one game. Our commitment as a club and me as a coach is to confirm that we are, at this moment, the best club in Montenegro, which has to be confirmed on the court as well. We need to play well and appropriate to such a competition, to give our best to get to the trophy," coach Jasmin Repesa said. In addition to playing at home, in Buducnost’s favor is their quality.  Since only three foreigners can play, Repesa will have to decide by Friday whom he will send to the stands out of the Americans Norris Cole, Earl and Coty Clarke, James Bel, the Frenchman Edwin Jackson and Nemanja Gordic (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

If there are no unexpected events, the Croatian expert will not be able to count on Georgian Goga Bitadze, who hurt his ankle against Partizan. Repesa, therefore, has at his disposal a number of high-quality Montenegrin players, Suad and Sead Sehovic, Filip Barovic, Petar Popovic, Danilo Nikolic.

"Bitadze's injury is such that it will be difficult for him to play the Cup. I think it would be inappropriate to force it because of the great obligations that are waiting for us later. However, I am still waiting for official confirmation regarding his current state of fitness, recovery length and all that that can affect such an injury. In the last period, we had a lot of problems with the flu, many players missed one or two days of training, and the drop in the quality was visible. A stabilization program is in progress, hopefully, by Friday we will succeed to put each player in their places," added Repesa.

Specialized basketball website Sportando yesterday sent Blagota Sekulic to Buducnost Voli, but the Montenegrin representative rejected that option. Now, supposedly, as Sportando reports, the wish of the team from Podgorica is Milko Bjelica, the wing center, but the final word still needs to be given.

The final deadline for the registration is Friday. "As for new players, we have not signed a contract at this point, and I think the timing is too short for a player to get in the game system and adjust to playing in the Cup, no matter who he is," concluded Repesa. The match Buducnost - Mornar is on Friday night at 8 p.m. Lovcen and Sutjeska will play at 5 p.m. The final in "Moraca" is scheduled on Saturday at 7 p.m.

Text by Sasa Joncic, on February 13th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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