World Championship in Olive Picking Won by Bokelians!

By , 13 Oct 2019, 10:51 AM Lifestyle
World Championship in Olive Picking Won by Bokelians! Third World Championship in Olive Picking, Golden Medals for Bokelians! Copyright: Boka Olive Society
October 13, 2019 - After the hugely successful first and second editions of the World Championship in Olive Picking in 2017 and 2018, the Postira Tourist Board and the Postira Agricultural Cooperative, with the support of the Municipality of Postira, organized the third World Championship in Olive Picking. After last year's silver medal from Brač, the team of the Boka Olive Society from Montenegro secured another convincing victory this year.
The event started on Thursday, October 10th, and officially ended October 13th in Postira on the island of Brac to promote the olive growing and everything related to olive growing. Participants come from Mediterranean countries with a tradition in olive oil production, but also from countries that do not have any olive trees but have a link to olives and olive oil.
Postira last year hosted national teams from as many as eleven countries - Slovenia, Hungary, Montenegro, the Netherlands, France, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Spain and hosts Croatia (Postirani and Doljani). The absolute winner of the 2nd World Championship in Olive Picking was the Croatian national team, with 67 kg harvested. The second place was taken by Montenegrins, olive growers from the Boka Olive Society, and third by Slovenes.
The national teams of the participating countries have four members (two female members and two male members), and the categories in which the forces compete are traditional hand-picked "in sacks" and machine picking (shakers and rakes). In addition to the competitive part, socializing on Brač included workshops, tastings, excursions and fun nights to get the best experience of Postira, the eco-village of Dol, as well as the island of Brač itself, while enriching the tourist season.
Four members of the Mirkovic - Mizdrak team from Boka won a convincing first place at the Third World Championship in Olive Picking with 20 kg more than the runner-up, said Boka Olive Society President Vesna Djukic. Bokelians have won gold in stiff competition from teams from as many as 17 countries, by picking 77.6 kg of olives in 45 minutes!

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