Heritage as a Driver of Development- Tourists to Sample Culinary Tradition

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Heritage as a Driver of Development- Tourists to Sample Culinary Tradition Traditional Cuisine, Illustration, Source: Opstina Tivat

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October 8, 2020 - Culinary heritage - from our grannies' notebooks via high-school students and back to our dining tables as a tourist attraction is the shortest way to explain the new project starting in Tivat, dedicated to our cultural heritage, a fundamental segment of sustainable development. 
The Municipality of Tivat - Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship, has been officially approved to implement the project "Enhancing Sustainable Tourism Development through Culinary Heritage - CUHaCHA" within the second call of the Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program between Croatia, BiH, and Montenegro.
The project implementation period is from August 15, 2020, to August 14, 2022. The project's total budget is 710,946 euros, while the amount intended for the Municipality of Tivat is 173,823 euros.
The project was approved under the program priority measure: contribution to tourism development and preservation of cultural and natural heritage. The project's main activity refers to the renovation of school premises and equipping the school canteen at the "Mladost" Secondary School, which will serve students in professional fields for the practical part of teaching. About 100,000 euros in grants have been provided for this purpose. The Municipality of Tivat will also work on support to  and promotion of gastronomic heritage by organizing specialized training and networking opportunities, and promoting new tourist products that will be produced during the project. One of these products will be "gastronomic heritage trails" and work with a chef of traditional recipes.
"The central theme of this project is traditional food, which for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years has played a significant role in the tradition and folklore of the countries in the program area, representing a fundamental part of their cultural heritage. It is essential to preserve our indigenous products and dishes from oblivion brought about by the modern age. Local cuisine and local products are precisely those that can encourage innovation and improve development at the regional and global levels. Above all, it can further enhance what we can offer to tourists," said Petar Vujovic, Head of the Secretariat.

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